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Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall sharing ideas and interviewing world-class entrepreneurs and influencers. Invest in You is about investments, entrepreneurship personal development and doing fun things. They hope to inspire you to take action, helping others and yourself plus enjoying the journey we call life.

Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall sharing ideas and interviewing world-class entrepreneurs and influencers. Invest in You is about investments, entrepreneurship personal development and doing fun things. They hope to inspire you to take action, helping others and yourself plus enjoying the journey we call life.


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Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall sharing ideas and interviewing world-class entrepreneurs and influencers. Invest in You is about investments, entrepreneurship personal development and doing fun things. They hope to inspire you to take action, helping others and yourself plus enjoying the journey we call life.




Have a Gong Fu Tea & Relax With Entrepreneur Eric Turnnessen

In today's podcast Fredrick, Ivan and Charlie are joined by the founder of MemberMouse and owner of, Eric Turnnessen. Together, they discuss why it is important for people to have a personal practice which enables them to learn about themselves, the law of attraction as well as discussing how the things you invest your time in, is what will become of you. KEY TAKEAWAYS With a 9-5 job you get certain dependability and a certain level of security but you also do not have any...


How To Use Your Time & Myth Busters

We all have access to the same amount of time during the day, but how we use our time is completely different, if you often find yourself wondering where your time has gone, then join Fredrik and Charlie as they discuss time management skills and debunk some myths. Today they discuss ways to make your work into a vacation, choosing wisely who to spend your time and energy on and the importance of creating a schedule rather than an ever-growing ‘to-do list’. KEY TAKEAWAYS We pretty much have...


Johny Pach

Discover the importance of marketing your business today as Fredrik is joined by Johnathan Pach, an award-winning entrepreneur, and the current CEO of ‘NXT Generation’ in London with future plans to relocate to LA. Together they discuss the uprising of video marketing, utilising social media to educate and gain future clients as well as the importance of creating a good work-life balance. KEY TAKEAWAYS Video marketing is the way forward. Gone are the days of creating 4 minute Youtube videos...


Kevin Aires Interview

In today’s podcast, Fredrick is joined by entrepreneur Kevin Aries, who discusses his new business venture ‘September ready go’ an online summer camp built to get teens “September-Ready” both mentally and physically, armed with the tools they’ll need to close any gaps in their learning. Together they discuss popular memory techniques, how to integrate yourself within business communities and why this is crucial as well as the problems with mass education and how you can help your teenager...


Invest In You: Health, Wealth and Corona.

Are you wondering just how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the global markets and you personally? Today Fredrik discusses the Coronavirus and how it has taken hold of the world, from a decrease in oil prices in the Middle East by over 50%, to a dramatic decrease in interest rates in the USA and UK and how this will impact the economy, as well as which industries are most likely to be affected. Key Takeaways - There is going to be a huge change in the consumption of goods and services, with...


High Achievers and Imposter Syndrome

In this episode of the Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik and Charlie talk to Tara Halliday, Director of Complete Success, about the significant correlation of being a high achiever and having impostor syndrome. Tara herself is a big dreamer and has been a ‘go-getter’ since childhood. But when presented with extra challenges, she goes back to her comfort zone because of her doubts and fears. Sound familiar? Well, you might have symptoms of impostor syndrome. Tune in today to know what it is, its...


Health, Wealth and Corona - Tough Decision Time.

Fredrik is flying solo for this episode as he reflects on the current worldwide situation and the changes it has already brought to daily life for everyone. Fredrik has experience as a medical officer in the special forces and considerable experience and expertise as a leader considering both others and his own welfare in extreme situations. He shares his thoughts on what’s important and how being prepared can be the best way to move forward in a world that is changing the way it operates...


Location-Independent Business; Is It For You?

Location-Independent Businesses are currently a hot trend in the business world. But what are they exactly? Who are the people operating them? And most importantly, could a Location Independent Business be a fit for you? Fredrik and Charlie take a look at this growing phenomenon, and give you a complete guide to working out if you could benefit from being location-independent. KEY TAKEAWAYS A Location-Independent Business is a business that can operate from anywhere in the world at any time....


How to Start a Business

Fredrik and Charlie have an event upcoming on the 14th march 2020 for teenagers and parents of teenagers to help them build a business. In this episode they both discuss what their event will include and give you some tips for how you can start your own business too! KEY TAKEAWAYS Humans can change what you want and your life, we all have free will. The power of why and how is so important to remember because it’s hard to do something if you don’t know how you’re going to do it....


Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Journey – with Daniel Priestley

This week, Charlie and Fredrik talk to Daniel Priestley, one of the stars of the entrepreneurial world, whose incredible journey so far has seen him at the helm of numerous start-ups that have quickly become multi-million dollar ventures. Daniel talks about his recipe for success in business, how to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey, and how to stand out, scale-up and make a positive impact on the world. KEY TAKEAWAYS Daniel’s rise through business was rapid, thanks to aid from his...


Fit as a Navy Seal – Interview with Mark Devine former Navy Seal Command, Founder of Sealfit & Best Selling Author

‘It’s about the ability to keep going even when the suffering sets in, you get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ Fredrik, Ivan and Charlie are talking with former Navy Seal command, Founder of Sealfit and best-selling author Mark Devine. As someone who understands exactly what it takes to push yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to the extremes Mark shares some great advice and experiences in this episode. Its ultimately not about going it alone but being part of a team, being...


From Senior Police Officer to Finding her Genius With Juliana Johan From Singapore

In this episode, Fredrik and Charlie are with Jules Johan who is the co-founder of The Affirmative People and international best-selling author who helps individuals to find their Genius. Her focus is on finding others power through self-mastery, inner peace and purpose. They discuss in detail the work that Jules does, helping others understand their emotions and how they can master them so they can be a vital tool in decision making. In this positive podcast, you will find out more about...


Legacy and Heritage - Interview with Luke Carter about family office

‘I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but I know it’s going to be good’ Fredrik is talking with Luke Carter from ‘The Carter Family Office. They discuss their experiences in business and what really matters. Luke and Fredrik share a passion about legacy and heritage, what you instil in the future generations they discuss how leaving opportunities and the right mindset are vital legacy elements as if you have the right mindset and know-how to open yourself to opportunities you...


Building Your Personal Brand Early - Interview with James Sinclair, The Millionaire Clown

‘Being an entrepreneur is hard not everyone can do it’ In this episode James Sinclair, serial entrepreneur who has multiple bricks and mortar businesses including children’s day nursery’s, entertainment parks and commercial property Talks to Charlie and Fredrik about how he started out, why it’s important to recognise not everyone can be an entrepreneur and the why YouTube is the winner in social media engagement. James offers an insight into his books and shares some business advice that...


Invest In Your Health Goals 2019-2020 – The Hosts Sharing Crazy Things And Inspirations

2020 is upon us and New Year’s resolutions are flying around! In this episode, the team talk about their goals and aspirations for their health in 2020, and share with you the ways in which they hope to optimise their wellbeing as well as the activities and techniques they’ve used to get them to the new year. KEY TAKEAWAYS Health is the first keystone of a happy life, and affords us the opportunity to be better in everything we do. Therefore it is a paramount cornerstone of any successful...


Anger Management & Control your Inner Self with Dr John Schinnerer from The Evolved Caveman Podcast

Men and emotions… these are things that you don’t go quite often. Men are the worst when it comes to acknowledging and managing their emotions. Why are they so afraid of expressing and feeling so deeply? In this episode of the Invest In You Podcast, the Sandvalls are joined by Dr John Schinnerer to talk about how he helps take down into pieces the good-for-nothing traditional ways and upgrade to a more boundless belief system. He focuses on how one can get out of the so-called ‘man box’ with...


Risking It All On High-Value Stocks

A simple glance in the newspaper will tell you that stocks and shares are the lifeblood of the financial institutions of the world. Fortunes are made and lost on the whims of the market. For some, the stock market is the quickest way to make money, but what are the pitfalls to look out for? And how can you tell when stock prices are at an all-time high? In this week’s show, we talk about the risks and potential benefits of rolling the dice on the stock market, and use the now defunct


How Young Hustlers with Passion make Money – Interview with Jarrod Glandt, President at Cardone Enterprises and Co-Host of the ‘Young Hustlers’ podcast.

Fredrik and Charlie are in conversation with Jarrod Glandt, President at Cardone Enterprises and Co-Host of the ‘Young Hustlers’ podcast. He has worked with Grant Cardone for a number of years, orchestrating and moving the chess pieces around on the board, making sure all the businesses are integrated and effectively represent Grant and who they are. This episode has something for everyone and is packed with value as Charlie, Fredrik and Jarrod discuss the journey, mindset, the meaning of...


Black Friday, Sales, & Marketing and The Tesla Cybertruck

Fredrik and Charlie explore the different angles on 2 very different things this week, Black Friday discounting and the launch of the Tesla cyber truck. Fredrik and Charlie both love the truck design but some of Charlie’s friends don’t, this reflects the effect this reimagining of truck design has had – people either love it or hate it! The launch was close to Black Friday a time when everyone was at their computers and looking to buy was this a deliberate move? Find out more about Charlie...


A Conversation With “Contrepreneur” Mike Winnet

Mike Winnet is THE self-appointed, uninspirational, backwards thinking "leader" currently influencing thousands of, below average, people on LinkedIn and YouTube. Through his “Contrepreneur” series, Mike has amassed over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, and has led others to success, by successfully investing in himself. Mike joins the show this week to talk about the formula that’s led him to success, the experiences he’s gained along the way, and how they can actively benefit you. KEY...