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Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus personal finance advice, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.

Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus personal finance advice, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.


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Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus personal finance advice, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.




How to Stay Invested Today, Tomorrow, and for the Long-Term

In this week’s podcast, Beth Foos highlights how the coronavirus has affected the municipal-bond market, Dan Lefkovitz discusses the sustainability of dividend-paying stocks, Mike Hodel gives an update on telecom stocks, Ben Johnson and Colin Plunkett breakdown the effects that electronic-only trading will have on the New York Stock Exchange and investors, Christine Benz explains how bucketing during times of turmoil can help investors both old and new, and lastly, Johannes Faul predicts...


How to Invest in Times of Volatility, and Opportunities in the Markets

In this week’s podcast, we continue to cover movements in the market and how you should invest amid times of volatility. First, Daniel Needham discusses the importance of staying invested. Then, Karen Andersen and Preston Caldwell discuss the implications of the coronavirus for the economy and the market. Next, we highlight sectors that are the most undervalued. Then, Russ Kinnel highlights funds that saw improvement in ratings after leadership changes. Lastly, Christine Benz shares the...


Managing Investments Amid Volatility and Virus Concerns

In this week’s podcast, we continue to cover market volatility and coronavirus concerns with Ben Johnson exploring how ETFs might behave and affect the broader market. Then, equity analyst Kevin Brown provides insights into buying opportunities in hotel REITs. Next, how investors in Asia are reacting in the ETF space. Andrew Lill looks at our take on the market; and finally, where we see value in travel firms.


Navigating Market Downturns and Medicare Choices

In this week’s podcast, market volatility continues to dominate the news; Christine Benz discusses how to turn a down market to your advantage, followed by Russ Kinnel’s fund picks that provide safety in times of uncertainty. Alex Bryan investigates how low-volatility funds are faring during market downturns; in this low interest rate environment, our equity analysts share two picks for stocks with burly dividends. Then, Mark Miller breaks down the differences between traditional Medicare...


All About IRA Picks and Market Volatility

In this week’s podcast, as market volatility dominates the news, we discuss the persistence of turbulence and get some ideas from Christine Benz on what investors should do. It was Tax and IRA week on and we have a series of reports on fund picks and tips from Russ Kinnel, Christine Benz, Jeff Stafford, Karin Anderson.


Dividend Growth Stocks and Funds with High People Ratings

In this week’s podcast, our analysts share three dividend growth stocks for your radar, Russ Kinnel highlights funds with exceptional People ratings, Julie Bhusal Sharma explains why we raised Intuit’s fair value estimate, Katie Reichart uncovers reasons for Oakmark’s success, and Damien Conover shares key takeaways from pharma earnings.


Fund Picks for IRAs and Why Foreign Stocks Are Lagging

In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz shares some investment ideas for your IRA, Damien Conover takes a look at valuation within the healthcare sector through an ESG lens, Dan Sotiroff discusses why international stocks have lagged behind the U.S. market, Connor Young highlights 11 up-and-coming or under-the-radar managers, and Kristoffer Inton unpacks why opportunities in gold are limited.


February Tax Prep and Fund Upgrades

In this week’s podcast, analyst Kevin Brown highlights dividend opportunities in the real estate sector, Christine Benz discusses some steps to take to prepare for tax day, Russ Kinnel provides insight into recent fund upgrades and downgrades, Brian Colello reviews tech stocks’ valuation trends, Dan Lefkovitz compares the pros and cons of dividends versus buybacks, and Greggory Warren uncovers practices of successful asset managers and which players are best positioned for the next decade.


Dividend Opportunities and Lessons from Experts Forecasts

In this week’s podcast, Michael Hodel highlights two new dividend opportunities for 2020, equity analyst Eric Compton provides insight on how the current economic cycle might affect banks, manager research analyst Linda Abu Mushrefova shows how investors can diversify with mid-cap funds, Karen Andersen explains how ESG issues impact Big Pharma and biotech companies, and Christine Benz with key takeaways from annual projections issued by several investment firms.


3 Foreign Stock Funds and Where to Go Active

In this week’s podcast, our fund analysts share their foreign-stock favorites to increase your international-equity exposure, Christine Benz discusses her model retirement saver and bucket portfolios, director of passive strategies Alex Bryan on which parts of the market are more ideal for an active approach, equity analyst Dan Romanoff highlights why wide-moat Aspen is well positioned for an oil and gas rebound, and analyst Emory Zink recommends how to pick a short-term bond fund.


Mutual Funds in 2019 and Financial To-Do List

In this week’s podcast, Russel Kinnel reviews changes in the mutual funds industry in 2019, Christine Benz provides a tidy way to tackle your financial to-do list over the year, Robby Greengold discusses Fidelity’s highs and lows in the past year, equity analyst Erin Lash shares why Kraft Heinz is worth considering, and our equity analysts examine the utilities, integrated oils, and midstream industries through the lens of ESG.


Bond Fund Picks and Vanguard’s Evolution

In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz picks three bond-fund favorites for New Year’s rebalancing, Alec Lucas reviews Vanguard’s evolution in 2019, Charles Gross forecasts a favorable outlook for the housing market, Christine Benz highlights items that should be on investors’ radars in 2020, and Travis Miller sheds light on why renewable energy will be one of the biggest growth drivers in utilities sector.


Contenders to Amazon, SECURE Act, and Enbridge

In this week’s podcast, equity analyst Joe Gemino highlights Enbridge as a dividend opportunity, Christine Benz invites Vanguard's Maria Bruno to talk about strategies for young investors, equity analyst Zain Akbari analyzes which brick-and-mortars can contend with Amazon, Daniel Sotiroff shares insights on the evolution of foreign stock index funds, and Christine Benz discusses what SECURE Act means for retirement.


ESG Portfolios, Inflation Protection, and AbbVie

In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz discusses her newest ESG model portfolios; Damien Conover on AbbVie’s dividend potential; Alex Bryan with TIPS ETFs to consider; our view on standout boutique Diamond Hill; and a look into our new factor profile tool.


Equity Funds for Retirement and Dividends in Tobacco

In this week’s podcast; Russ Kinnel shares his favorite equity funds for retirement; analyst Philip Gorham highlights dividend opportunities in big tobacco; Christine Benz invites Vanguard’s head of ETF product management, Rich Powers, to discuss trends in bond index investing; Jon Hale breaks down the update to our sustainability rating methodology; Christine Benz explains how charitable giving can improve your portfolio; and analyst Julie Bhusal Sharma spell out how Accenture keeps it...


Morningstar Insights Everyday with Alexa

Welcome to the Investing Insights Podcast from We’re taking a brief holiday hiatus and will return to publishing on Friday, December 6th. In the meantime, listen to Morningstar’s flash briefing on your Alexa-enabled device. Six days a week we deliver the latest news for investors. Just say, “Alexa, enable the Morningstar skill,” or visit From everyone here at Morningstar, thanks for listening.


Underspending in Retirement and Value Standouts

In this week’s podcast, Robby Greengold highlights three stand-out value funds, Michael Hodel shares dividend opportunities in telecom, Vanguard's Joel Dickson discusses spending enough in retirement, Charles Gross explains why Sherwin-Williams is overvalued, and Christine Benz shares lessons learned from portfolio makeover week.


Bank Dividend Stocks and Choosing Target-Date Funds

In this week’s podcast, equity analyst Eric Compton highlights bank dividends, Vanguard’sRich Powers discusses what drives fund flows into ETFs, equity analyst Scott Pope explains what makes United Rentals attractive, Jeff Holt provides guidance on choosing the right target-date fund, and analyst Eric Jacobson shares our favorite core plus bond fonds.


Year-End Financial Planning and Vanguard Dividend Funds

In this week’s podcast, Vanguard's Maria Bruno offers some fourth-quarter portfolio strategies to prepare retirees for next year's tax season, Travis Miller discusses dividend opportunities in the utilities sector, Eric Jacobson breaks down high-yield municipal bonds, Alec Lucas explores dividend fund options offered by Vanguard, and Soo Romanoff sheds light on Teva’s valuation against the backdrop of the politically charged opioid epidemic.


Dividend Opportunities, Medicare, and Balanced Funds

In this week’s podcast, opportunities for dividend-focused investors in the integrated oil group; the many moving parts of Medicare; generating cash flows from your portfolio; our picks around electric vehicles; and Russ Kinnel's Favorite Balanced Funds.