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An insightful and lively podcast that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.(Intended for Advisor Use Only)


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An insightful and lively podcast that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.(Intended for Advisor Use Only)






Episode 81: All that glisters is not gold—why bonds may be better than GICs

To bond or not to bond? That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to invest in bonds or guaranteed interest certificates (GICs) preoccupies many investors. Where would William Shakespeare put his money and why? Who knows? But we have reasons for believing bonds may be the better option for today’s investors: • Looking back over past performance of Canadian bonds, they usually outperform GICs. • Historically, the outperformance of Canadian bonds is sizably higher than GICs per...


Episode 80: 2023 market outlook—what the signals are telling us

A new year has arrived. Many investors are breathing a collective sigh of relief that 2022 is done and are looking for indicators of better investment opportunities and returns in 2023. Financial needles point toward shifting economic conditions, but what types of changes will we see? • What are we looking at to help determine what the coming year may bring? • Will a recession happen? How bad could it be? • Where is inflation going? And what will central banks do in response? • Does it look...


Episode 79: Out of the hospital—three opportunities for fixed-income investors

Cold and flu season struck and early and hard in 2022. It has also been a somewhat sick time in the markets this past year. Could 2023 give investors a chance to start easing the sniffles, coughs, aches, and pains of the volatility we’ve experienced? Let’s use our stethoscopes and thermometers to examine three phases of potential opportunity in bonds moving forward: • the sweet spot—bond yields • duration is your friend—longer-duration and higher-quality fixed-income instruments • take on...


Episode 78: Lessons learned—a conversation with Dan Janis

This special episode features a discussion with our soon-retiring colleague and friend, Dan Janis, Co-Head of Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income at Manulife Investment Management. We get insights into Danny’s life, career, and team, and what he’s discovered about being a good advisor and sound money manager. • What has Dan learned about managing investments during his professional career? • Is there something Dan wishes he could tell his 10-year-old self, given the opportunity? • Which key...


Episode 77: Eyeing the bond markets

Episode 77: Eyeing the bond markets Unusually painful performance in fixed-income investments this past year seems to be blurring investors’ vision. We see potential opportunity in current and future economic conditions. Is fixed income worth a second look? Let’s turn our sight to some financial factors related to bonds: • how a recession can affect the fixed-income market • where we are in the current bear market cycle • U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest-rate cycle to combat inflation •...


Episode 76: Back to (still in) investment school

For children, school has begun again. For investors, school is never really out. What subjects should you pay attention to? Will the bell ring to end to the unexpected market volatility of 2022? Our resident Capital Markets Strategy instructors have written some relevant topics on their chalkboard. They cover: • rising inflation and interest rates • economic slowdown • earnings being priced into the markets • possibility of a recession • investing over the coming months And in this episode,...


Episode 75: On the road again, and answering some top-of-mind questions

With in-person interactions once again becoming the norm, this summer, the Capital Markets Strategy team has been criss-crossing the country, meeting with advisors and clients, and speaking at events. We’re truly enjoying the face-to-face interaction and responding to inquiries from people we meet. Wherever we go, some common questions are popping up—questions like: • Has weak market performance already been priced in? • How does the second half of 2022 look when compared to historical...


Episode 74: Bears come in two sizes: big bears and baby bears

Bear markets aren’t new—15 have happened since 1950—and some have been worse than others. What’s happening with the current economy and market volatility, and when will it change? Previous selloffs and downturns may hold a clue to what we can expect for the rest of 2022. We take a look at: • what we can learn from past bear markets • the chance of a recession • effects of inflation and central bank actions • bond yields and opportunities • options investors may have to rebalance their...


Episode 73: The bumpy bond road

Fixed-income markets have been going down a rocky road so far in 2022. Are we in for a continued rough ride? Or will the dirt path become a smoother highway for bonds in the near future? Roshan Thiru, Head of Canadian Fixed Income at Manulife Investment Management, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to discuss: • bond activity and yields • what to look for with fixed-income investments • record-high inflation and its effects • maintaining a balanced portfolio … and more. Buckle up.


Episode 72: When bears attack—rules of survival

When camping in the woods, the last thing you want to run into is a bear—but if you do, there are things you can do that can help you live through such an encounter. Similarly, when investors face a bear market or the potential for one, there are ways to help protect yourself from being ravaged by a downturn: • Try to overcome your natural panic and fear; don’t run. • Be familiar with the environment. • Take advantage of opportunities. • Don’t be afraid of what goes bump in the night—if...


Episode 71: Mid caps—the misunderstood middle child

Despite the lack of evidence, people tend to believe a middle child has certain personality traits and can be difficult to deal with. Investors may think of mid caps in similar ways. Jeff Mo, Portfolio Manager, U.S. Mid Cap Equity at Mawer Investment Management, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to talk about the benefits that mid caps may provide for your investment portfolio. They cover topics like: • short-term vs long-term market trends • how market volatility can create...


Episode 70: Seven key indicators of an oncoming recession

Seven is often considered a lucky number. But luck doesn’t usually factor into it when talking about recession indicators. The Capital Markets Strategy team discusses whether we’re headed for a recession in the near future by looking closely at seven economic indicators they pay attention to: • 10-2 inverted yield curve • ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index • positive inflationary trends • tighter financial conditions. Wait, that’s only four! … Not to worry, just listen in and you’ll...


Episode 69: The Fed raised interest rates—is this the start of a rate-tightening climb?

Up … up … up—inflation has been rising, towering like Mount Everest over the economy. In response to this high inflation, on March 16, the U.S. Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the first time in about three years. Our Capital Markets Strategy mountaineers take a look at the path the Fed announcement may be climbing, hiking over areas like: Take your pitons, ropes, and harnesses—we’re about to ascend some interesting topics.


Episode 68: History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes

This month seems to be ending with a bang—literally. The tension between Ukraine and Russia has escalated, which has been affecting market volatility. The Capital Markets Strategy team looks at the global state of affairs through the lenses of historical, political, and investment data, covering topics like: • short-term and long-term effects of geopolitical and military situations • disruptive vs destructive events • the impact on commodities, especially oil prices • risk to investment...


Episode 67: Is fixed income dead? No, but you may want to look under the hood.

Maybe it’s time to take that fixed-income vehicle into the shop for a tune-up? Ace investment mechanics Dan Janis and Tom Goggins, from Manulife Investment Management’s Strategic Income team, join the Capital Markets Strategy team to answer questions around what’s happening in fixed-income markets, including: • Are fixed-income investments still worth holding? • What will the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve do to combat rising inflation? • How do emerging markets fit into the...


Episode 66: Did you lock the door? … An unexpected pit stop!

Our 2022 road trip has barely gotten underway and equity market volatility already has some investors wondering if they’ve secured their homes before leaving. What does the Capital Markets Strategy team think this recent short-term market weakness is likely being caused by? One word: uncertainty. In this episode, they discuss: • the recent market selloff • what the U.S. Federal Reserve may do with interest rates • the geopolitical scene — in particular, tension around Russia and Ukraine •...


Episode 65: 2022 outlook — mapping the road ahead

The investment journey over the next year may likely include a number of stops along the way, but the Capital Markets Strategy team sees the potential for it to be a scenic and enjoyable route. In this episode, the team looks at a number of important questions to prepare for the coming trip, including: • Is inflation going to rise or fall? • What do historical trends say about growth? • Equities and fixed income — should portfolio positioning change? • How do the effects of the COVID-19...


Episode 64: We’re making a list, checking it twice

The holiday season is finally here after a year that has had more twists than candy cane stripes. The busy elves in the Capital Markets Strategy workshop take a look back at some of the investment and economic themes of 2021 — some naughty, some nice. They wrap up the year end and tie a ribbon around topics like: • fixed-income returns and the 10-year Treasury yield • equities and credit • inflation and the cost of living • portfolio protection and asset allocation • the COVID-19 pandemic....


Episode 63: This isn’t the 1970s stagflation. Keep those bell-bottoms in the closet.

Stagflation — sputtering economic growth coupled with rising inflation. Groovy … okay, not really that groovy. Just what is stagflation and how does it affect the investment world? The Capital Markets Strategy team takes a closer look at this idea and the impact it has, covering things like: • how current stagflation differs from past stagflation • employment and wages • the price of oil as a consumption driver • interest rates and the U.S. Federal Reserve • the current inflation model. Can...


Episode 62: Charting a course for 2022 — reading past the headlines

“Extra! Extra! Economy causing unease for investors!” The media has covered many stories about how economic activity has been less than anticipated to some degree or other. When we look beyond the headings and captions, what do we see? The Capital Markets Strategy team discusses some indicators to consider when trying to read the current markets: • oil and real estate prices • 10-year Treasury bond yields • inflation tapering and interest rates • debt and credit conditions … and many more....