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A weekly look at business and economics from an Irish perspective hosted by Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock. Produced in association with Davy Group. 955340

A weekly look at business and economics from an Irish perspective hosted by Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock. Produced in association with Davy Group. 955340




A weekly look at business and economics from an Irish perspective hosted by Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock. Produced in association with Davy Group. 955340




Is a post-Covid economic boom on the way? - with Chris Johns

Perhaps sensing we all need a bit of a lift, Irish Times columnist Chris Johns explains why he feels conditions are ripe for robust economic growth in 2021, and outlines things the government should and shouldn't do to help that become a reality. This podcast is sponsored by Davy.


Focus on pharma as vaccines offer hope for 2021 / Brexit decision time

With good news on the Covid-19 vaccine front, we look at the companies who have developed vaccines so far, what they mean for the pharma industry and what they mean for the economy. Ciaran talks to Ian Hunter, equity analyst with Canton Fitzgerald and Dominic Coyle of The Irish Times. Plus: Naomi O'Leary on Brexit talks. What are the barriers to a last-minute deal?


What Biden's win means for the global economy / Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine

US president-elect Joe Biden is expected to restore a calmer US trade and foreign policy when he takes office in January, but after four years of Donald Trump in the White House a lot of work needs to be done to repair transatlantic relations. What impact will the Biden administration have on global trade? What will it mean for Ireland? Will it bring an end to Trump’s damaging trade wars with the EU and China? And, how will it influence Brexit? To tease out these issues, Ciarán is joined by...


“At some point this terrible virus will end, we have to believe this” - Dalata’s Pat McCann

In today’s episode, Ciaran Hancock is joined by Pat McCann, Chief Executive of Dalata Hotel Group. McCann last spoke to us on the podcast back in April, as the hotel industry came to terms with the lockdown. So how have things progressed in the seven months since, as restrictions continue and an uncertain year of trading lies ahead. With an average occupancy of just 25% across the group, they discuss the impact of the current level 5 restrictions, how the group is dealing with cases of Covid...


Consumer sentiment falls again / How the US election will affect the stock market

Irish consumer sentiment has fallen again amid concerns of how the latest Covid-19 restrictions will impact income and employment prospects over the next 12 months. How will this play out in the run up to Christmas and how are advertisers responding to the fragile mood? Austin Hughes, chief economist of KBC Bank and Charley Stoney, CEO of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) join Laura Slattery to discuss. Also on today’s episode, Proinsias O’Mahony of The Irish...


Closing the shutters: Ireland moves to level 5 restrictions

From midnight tonight the entire country will move to Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions, resulting in the closure of many businesses, including all non-essential retail. In today’s episode, Cliff Taylor speaks to Arnold Dillon, Director of Retail Ireland about the impact on trading in the run up to Christmas and how the sector will survive further lockdowns. We also hear from Michael Cronin, the owner of Cronin’s menswear in Cork city centre, who will be closing his shutters this evening until...


Budget 2021: “unprecedented in size and scale”

Budget 2021 is here. A budget like no other, drawn up on the assumptions of a no-deal Brexit and another year without a Covid-19 vaccine. It was delivered today by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohue and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Michael McGrath. The package, worth a staggering €17.75 billion euro, is the biggest in the history of the state. In this episode, Irish Times political reporter Jennifer Bray outlines the key points of today’s budget, while Cliff Taylor and Liam...


What's it like right now for investors? / A restaurant business expands

Even before the impact of Covid-19, low interest rates and uncertain markets were making it difficult for investors to find a good place to put their cash. So what impact has months of Covid-19 had on the markets, and what are the best options now for those looking to invest or close to retirement? Ciarán talks to Donough Kilmurray, chief investment officer with Davy. But first he talks to entrepreneur Greg Gormley, owner of Little Ass burrito restaurant in Rathmines, Dublin. Greg's plans to...


Business of Sport: Covid-19 impact on Leinster Rugby and Kerry GAA

This week it’s the business of sport with Ciaran Hancock and Mick O’Keefe of Teneo. Together, they speak with Mick Dawson, CEO of Leinster Rugby and Peter Twiss, Secretary of the Kerry County Board to gain an insight into how Covid-19 has impacted their respective organisations both on and off the pitch.


Starting a business in a pandemic

"Some people called it brave. A lot of people called it stupid too!" That's what coffee shop owner Ger O'Donohoe tells Ciaran on this week's podcast about his decision to open a second business in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ciaran also talks to entrepreneur Connor Keppel, who is launching a tech startup. Why did they decide to talk the plunge in these uncertain times, and how is it going for them?


Dublin city centre suffers as more stringent Covid-19 measures loom

Dublin city centre faces a unique threat to its business ecosystem. Retail and hospitality are suffering, tourists are absent, office workers are absent, and new lockdown measures look increasingly likely. To add insult to injury, its wet pubs face yet another delay before being allowed to reopen. Ciaran talks to Mark Paul, business affairs correspondent with The Irish Times, and to Ronan Lynch, proprietor of The Swan pub on Aungier Street and chairman of the Licensed Vintner's Association,...


Ireland in recession / Google’s change of mind

Ireland is officially in recession. Recent figures from the CSO, show the economy contracted by 6.1% between April and June, the sharpest decline ever recorded. In today’s episode, Laura Slattery speaks to Irish Times business journalist Eoin Burke-Kennedy about the path the economy might take from here, how we compare to our European counterparts and what challenges lie ahead for Finance Minister Paschal O’Donohoe. Later on, Irish Times technology journalist Ciara O’Brien joins Laura to...


Irish aviation struggles / Economic forecasts with Sebastian Barnes

First up in today’s episode, Cliff Taylor is joined by Dee Ryan, Chief Executive of Limerick Chamber of Commerce and Irish Times reporter Barry O’Halloran to discuss another bleak week in Irish aviation. With reports that Aer Lingus is to move two aircraft from Shannon to the UK, what will this mean for regional connectivity and the industry as a whole? Later on, we’ll hear from Sebastian Barnes, Chair of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, who takes a look back at the economic impact of...


Will Covid-19 spell the end of the traditional office environment?

One of the many ways that Covid-19 has impacted daily life, is the complete overhaul of the office working environment. Since March, many Irish people have adapted their professional lives to working from home, while others have returned to the office on a staggered basis . In today's episode, we examine what the future holds for the traditional office. Is remote working the way of the future and what will happen to the empty office blocks in our towns and cities? Joining Ciaran to discuss...


"It's still precarious" - revisiting Covid-hit entrepreneurs

Over the past few months we've spoken to many businesspeople in different sectors about their struggles to adapt and survive in the Covid-19 economy. Today we revisit some of them a few months after we first heard from them, to see how things are going. They are: restauranteur JP McMahon, hotelier Des O'Dowd and travel agent Mary McKenna.


Pat Rigney from The Shed Distillery Drumshanbo

The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, County Leitrim was set up in 2014. In just under six years, the young business has proved a success at home and in international markets, with it’s famous Gunpowder Irish Gin rated amongst the top five premium gins in the US. The distillery is also due to expand with the construction of a €3 million visitor centre in the small town of Drumshanbo. In today’s episode, managing director and founder Pat Rigney speaks to Ciaran Hancock about how the industry is...


These covid-stricken business sectors could be on the brink of failure

Certain parts of the economy remain almost completely shuttered, either as a result of restrictions or changed consumer behaviour. Can these stricken sectors survive? Cliff Taylor talks to two entrepreneurs, in events and tourism, who say the government must do more or their small businesses will go to the wall. And Eoin Burke Kennedy analyses the news that the reopening of "wet pubs" has been delayed again until August 31st - and probably beyond.


Can Irish aviation survive the pandemic? / Ann Chapman from Stonechat Jewellers

This week the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 heard from representatives of Ryanair, Aer Lingus, the DAA and Shannon Group on how Irish aviation has been affected by the pandemic. Irish Times journalist, Barry O’Halloran has the latest. Also, Ann Chapman from Stonechat Jewellers speaks to Ciaran Hancock about expanding her premises in Dublin city centre in March, only to close down the shutters the very same week.


EU recovery fund: what's in it for Ireland?

This week EU leaders agreed a 750 billion euro recovery fund to help member states deal with the economic damage caused by the pandemic. So who were the winners and losers of this deal and what's in it for Ireland? Naomi O'Leary and Cliff Taylor join Ciarán Hancock to discuss.


Apple Tax: inside Ireland's victory in landmark case

"No-one expected as unequivocal a ruling as this": Ireland has prevailed in its case against the EU Commission, who claimed that billions in corporation tax were owed by Apple to the Irish exchequer due to its operations here. Europe's second highest court decided that none of the money was taxable here. But why was the case taken in the first place, and what will the EU's next move be in its attempts to shut down tax avoidance? Joe Brennan and Cliff Taylor explain.