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Guiding shoppers to smart jewelry choices.


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Guiding shoppers to smart jewelry choices.




Horsetails and Ant Hills - The Hidden Secrets of Garnets

Horse Tails & Ant Hills - The Hidden Secrets of Garnets FYI: Gemstones keep secrets, and it all starts with Horse Tails and Ant Hills! Find out just what these cryptic clues mean in this week’s brand new, and the FIRST episode of Jewelry Navigator Podcast of 2022! It’s the Year of the Tiger! Are you ready to POUNCE on more gem facts and jewelry stories?! Listen to Jewelry Navigator Podcast on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podbean.


Holiday Gift Guide Talk Through LIVESTREAM

As part of celebrating 20,000 downloads of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, I'm featuring former podcast guests in the Jewelry Navigator™ Gift Guide. I’m so excited for many of the designers I’ve featured on the podcast who are having record sales this year through their perseverance and collaborative efforts with markets, niche shows, and boutiques. The Holiday Gift Guide is a celebration of the guests who have made Jewelry Navigator Podcast fun and interesting for 20,000 downloads, Below...


Costume Jewelry Treasures With Veronica Staudt of Vintage Meet Modern

About Jewelry Navigator Podcast: Listen to Jewelry Navigator Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and Google Podcasts. Brenna Pakes is the creative force behind Jewelry Navigator LLC, a collective platform to guide consumers to smart jewelry choices. As a GIA Graduate Gemologist with an undergraduate degree in geology, Brenna has enjoyed nearly twenty years of retail jewelry experience as a gemologist and jewelry consultant. Through Jewelry Navigator, she shares an...


What‘s in Your Jewelry Box Graveyard?

How many times have you visited your jewelry box to discover twisted, tangled chains, orphaned, earrings, or rings missing gemstones? Much of our forgotten jewelry is abandoned due to disrepair, but how can you tell what is worth keeping? What looks like junk may be forgotten treasures! In this episode of Jewelry Navigator Podcast, I share a few helpful tips on what to look for to easily identify jewelry of value in your Jewelry Box Graveyard using clues from the metals with which fine...


Nan Fusco’s Versatile Jewelry Designs Redefine Luxury Jewelry

Nan Fusco’s Versatile Jewelry Designs Redefine Luxury Jewelry Like many artists, Nan Fusco didn’t start her jewelry career in gem or design courses. Nan’s former career and formal training are in graphic design. Skilled with reading a client’s style and needs, Nan’s ability to design around a concept beautifully highlight the fossils and stones she selects as the focal points of her jewelry. Making jewelry versatile through aspects of changeability and movement is one of Nan’s...


Celebrating Women as Jewelry Designers with Azra Mehdi, Founder of Au Xchange

Azra Mehdi is a practicing attorney and balances her family life with her passion for fine jewelry as a designer of timeless gold jewelry. Azra founded Au Xchange, a platform for sharing fine jewelry created by women designers. In spite of pandemic obstacles, Azra took advantage of the time during lockdowns to apply for the Zales Designer Spotlight Showcase and won as the only woman designer of color for the showcase. Originally from India, Azra shares how gold jewelry influenced...


Relaunch of Jewelry Navigator Podcast is HERE!

HHi! Welcome to Jewelry Navigator! I’m your host, Graduate Gemologist, Brenna Pakes. Here on Jewelry Navigator, and as a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, and a jewelry professional, I’m in a unique position to share jewelry tips and stories. More than ever, it’s important to support small, independent jewelry designers and businesses. It’s my pleasure to guide consumers to smart jewelry choices through an informative and entertaining platform. For sneak peeks...


Jewelry Navigator Explores What Inspires Jeweler and Artist, Christina Grace, Founder of Tin Haus

On a recent Jewelry Navigator Podcast, “Here's to the Men in Our Lives - Jewelry to Celebrate Men and Dads”, I featured jewelry for men. One of the rings selected is Tin Haus' Andromeda ring, designed and created by today's guest, Christina Grace, founder of Tin Haus, an eclectic collection of jewelry art. Christina is a Graduate Jeweler from the Gemological Institute of America, an artist, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. What inspires me the most about...


Here's to the Men in Our Lives - Jewelry to Celebrate Men and Dads

Men tend to get overlooked with jewelry - Watches and wedding bands are the staples for most men, while signet, diamond and gemstone statement rings as signature statements. Educating consumers with unique selections of gemstones and jewelry has always been a primary focus for Jewelry Navigator. In this Jewelry Navigator Podcast episode, I'm highlighting designers who've been featured on the podcast, as well as one who will be very soon with jewelry designed to enhance and celebrate the...


Questions to Move Forward

This is a brief episode today. I didn't include my normal introduction, so if this is your first episode, welcome. To understand what my platform is, please listen to any other episode, and you'll understand. After feeling paralyzed, not knowing how to move forward with the current chaos, I felt it appropriate to encourage my listeners, and everyone, to ask questions. Questions of how to move forward with compassion and understanding. Questions of what to do next, and how to help....


Missy Graff Ballone of Wellness for Makers Shares How Artists Can Move to Stay Healthy

Missy Graff Ballone of Wellness for Makers Shares How Artists Can Move to Stay Healthy While the COVID-19 crisis and resulting quarantine have challenged many aspects of our lives, finding positive ways to guide us through to the other side have been inspiring. While scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across Missy Graff Ballone’s feed, Wellness for Makers. A metalsmith, alignment based yoga instructor, and licensed massage therapist, Missy shares how makers can work more...


Retail Survival - Supporting Small Businesses & Indie Jewelry Designers

I hope you’re staying safe and well, and I’m looking forward to when we can return to our places of work, get our hair cut, nails done, and get back to all those services and shops that are part of regular routines. Part of the normal routine this time of year is shopping for the seasonal celebrations, like Mother’s Day and graduations. But, shopping from our favorite stores doesn’t have to stop. This podcast is dedicated to all the small businesses who’ve been doing what they can to...


Alain Simic Shares His Story and Insights on Successful Jewelry Branding Narratives

My guest in this Jewelry Navigator Podcast episode is Alain Simic, founder of Alain Simic (pronounced Ah-lawn Si-mich) whose specialty is portraying images of jewelry, fashion, fine art, and portraiture. Alain’s photography speaks through images, allowing his subject’s voice to share stories and impact the lives of those who see his work. Alain serves his clients and collaborates with his professional community through a unique background based on his perspective gained through...


Special Edition Podcast - Celebrating Faith With Seraphima McClean of Gallery Byzantium (Portion re-cap from 12/2019)

This weekend, I chose to share segments of my podcast interview with Seraphima McLean of Gallery Byzantium. . Her formal background in art history, cast her in the unique role to carry on her family’s Byzantine art jewelry business. Gallery Byzantium integrates art and history inspired by one of the most influential cultures, the Byzantine Empire. Creating Christian themed jewelry, like crosses and religious medals, their jewelry designs are often replicated from ancient coins,...


Karin Jacobson’s Jewelry Journey and How Origami Plays a Significant Role in Her Designs

Karin Jacobson is a talented jeweler and artist whose open mind and fabrication techniques allows her to interpret visions into beautiful, wearable jewelry art. Her journey and aesthetic have revealed a unique style that has become unquestionably recognizable as Karin Jacobson Jewelry. I’ve been a fan of her jewelry for a few years now, and the evolution of her aesthetic has been a joy to watch. Karin’s stand-out signature aesthetics are hybrid origami halos that bloom from ring wraps,...


Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis Using Self-Care Strategies With Dr. Dana Busch

Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis Using Self-Care Strategies With Dr. Dana Busch Stress. Anxiety. Uncertainty. These are all dark places that become natural responses to stressful and uncertain times, like the COVID-19 health crisis we’re currently experiencing. The reason for this podcast is to invite you to take a step back and use internal cognitive tools and rational thought processes to view this time as opportunity, and how to disarm stress and anxiety. Today, I’m joined by...


Noor Shamma Combines Beautiful Detail and Sustainable Practices For Universally Appealing Jewelry

As we wrap up Women’s History Month in a couple days, today, I share my visit with Noor Shamma, jewelry designer, single mother, and driven career woman. Noor is the epitome of self motivation and drive. She gracefully achieves balance and peace through her persona, jewelry designs, and practices compassion through it all with sustainable practices in the sources she chooses for her jewelry. While managing a full time career in marketing and communications with motherhood, Noor stays...


My Jewelry Discoveries from the Tucson, New York, and Baltimore Shows

Welcome back to Jewelry Navigator Podcast! It's been a few weeks since I last published a podcast episode and the last one was the pre-departure for my Tucson trip and that was in February. We're rolling into the second week of March, and I wanted to catch you up on what and who I saw in Tucson. You can follow along with my Instagram feed as I’ve posted support content that will coordinate with the podcast. Another thing I want to mention that I'm creating, I'm really excited...


Gem Show Pre-Departure Lounge 2020

Gem Show Pre-Departure Lounge 2020 Welcome to the first Jewelry Navigator Podcast episode of 2020! It’s been a while since you heard from me. I took some time off during the holidays, and now that everyone’s settled back into school and work, it’s time to get down to jewelry business! Trade shows have been centralized events for various industries to learn about and share the latest resources, network, and celebrate. The Tucson Gem Show just kicked the jewelry industry trade...


How to be Your Own Elegant Rebel With Sue Oster, Founder of Feral Jewelry

Sue Oster is the fearless force behind Feral Jewelry. She shares an interpretation of life’s strength and vulnerabilities using her signature collections created with sustainable and ethically sourced precious materials, combining design elements to celebrate who we are and what makes us unique. She IS the Elegant Rebel, and her MO of highlighting anomalies and unexpected elements are the thread with which she shares her creative vision and inspirations, defined by her philosophy of, “If a...