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Graduate Gemologist, and former Flight Attendant, Brenna Pakes, guides shoppers with tips on how to shop and care for jewelry, with resources for unique jewelry with stories of those who create it.

Graduate Gemologist, and former Flight Attendant, Brenna Pakes, guides shoppers with tips on how to shop and care for jewelry, with resources for unique jewelry with stories of those who create it.
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Graduate Gemologist, and former Flight Attendant, Brenna Pakes, guides shoppers with tips on how to shop and care for jewelry, with resources for unique jewelry with stories of those who create it.




Pam Waill of Petite Baleine Jewelry Shares Her Jewelry Business Journey and Tips on Trade Shows

Today, I’m sharing my visit with Pam Waill, of Petite Baleine Jewelry, She’ll be showing at the New York Now Show next month, August 10-14 at the Javits Center in booth 1442. Pam’s jewelry design business precipitated from her marketing background and an affinity for artistic creativity. A serendipitous visit to a local boutique in her hometown of Katonah, NY, was the springboard for Petite Baleine Jewelry. As a mother of teen and adult children, she works her jewelry business...


Asia Nail, of iRock Gems, Rocks Jewelry With a Passion for Diversity & Inclusion

This week, my guest on Jewelry Navigator Podcast Guest is Asia Nail of iRock Gems! . She’s an active advocate for diversity and inclusion, and shares how it’s become her passion project. . After celebrating our independence, focusing on diversity is perfect timing. . As a working mom of two littles under 3, Asia is gracious, generous, and beautiful, and I’m looking forward to sharing her story this week! 💋 #womensupportingwomen #workingmoms Mentioned in this Podcast: Women's...


Melissa Dusenberry Shares Her Gem Brilliance About Pearls

Melissa Dusenberry presents informative gem and jewelry information in welcoming and interesting formats on her website and Instagram Feed, All the Brilliants. Her Gem Information Series on pearl caught my attention on her Instagram Feed. With the help of Eve Streiker, or Original Eve Designs, Melissa shared how pearls form, what makes them unique, and their many varieties. While Melissa’s mission of All the Brilliants is to educate consumers, her platform also serves women in the jewelry...


Part 2-Debra Navarro's Leap of Faith Into an Award Winning Jewelry Design Career

In this second of a two part episode, “Debra Navarro's Leap of Faith Into an Award Winning Designer", Debra continues from how her Barefoot Collection ties in to the theme of her Watu Collection. Debra Navarro LInks Arms With Gem Legacy In this second part of my visit, Debra shared her connection with Gem Legacy, and how her East African gem excursions with Roger Dery, his wife, Ginger, and daughter, Rachel Dery revealed ties that paralleled her career path with lives within the mining...


Debra Navarro's Leap of Faith Into an Award Winning Jewelry Design Career

I usually publish new episodes on Thursday. This week, my guest is Debra Navarro. In February, 2019, she earned JCK’s Industry Choice Award for her Vincent Ring - a rough, but elegant statement ring set with a green berylj, sprinkled with natural color diamonds from her signature Watu collection. Then, just recently, this Spring, InStore Magazine announced their In Store Design Awards, DEbra earned first place for her Hinged Jackson earrings set with over 23 carats of beaming...


Gigi Ferranti, Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer: How Fashion, Architecture, & Italian Heritage Influence Gigi Ferranti Jewelry

Gigi Ferranti, Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer: How Fashion, Architecture, & Italian Heritage Influence Gigi Ferranti Jewelry From an early age, Gigi has been influenced by Italian architecture and jewelry design. As a fashion marketing and business major, Gigi began her career in management within a large retail clothing chain. She owned and ran her own high end boutique for twenty years, dressing and supplying her clients for special events and personal styling. After...


Inside Jewelry Trade Shows & Marketing With Liz Kantner, Curator & Designer Consultant for the Premier Show

Inside Jewelry Trade Shows & Marketing With Liz Kantner, Curator & Designer Consultant for the Premier Show Liz Kantner is the designer consultant to rising, independent designers for Emerald Exposition’s jewelry trade shows, JA New York, and is heading up their debut Premier Show in Las Vegas, May 30 through June 3rd, 2019. A few of the designers attending the show have been guests on Jewelry Navigator Podcast, like Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry, and Kate Hubley of...


William Travis Kukovich - Innovative Jeweler and Designer

Jewelry designer, William Travis Kukovich, of William Travis Jewelry is my guest on the Podcast today. He’s earned over twenty industry awards for his designs using colored gemstones, unique design elements, and metal combinations. His jewelry is unique on its own, and is difficult to pin down with a description, and appeals to both men and women alike. From his studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Travis creates custom designs for clients looking to define their own style. He...


Paul Bierker - Renaissance Jeweler & Founder of Geek Jewelry

Paul Bierker - Renaissance Jeweler & Founder of Geek Jewelry -featured image Paul Bierker is the founder of Paul Michael Jewelry in Pittsburgh, as well as Geek Jewelry, a line of super hero and science fiction inspired jewelry. A kind of modern day renaissance jeweler, with equal parts inventor and anthropologist, Paul shares his insight on how he merges new design and maker methods with traditional bench skills and a genuine interest to create jewelry treasures based on what’s most...


Spring Fling Jewelry & Accessory Gift Guide

Besides Mother's Day and Father's Day, spring often brings many other reasons to celebrate, like graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and the birth or adoption of a baby. When given or received as a gift, or purchased for ourselves, jewelry allows us to reflect on our life celebrations long after the cake is gone, and streamers are torn down. Do you have a special anniversary or birthday this year? Is something worth celebrating happening soon? Is someone close to you graduating from high...


How Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

This podcast shares how you can save thousands of dollar with jewelry that’s been abandoned or forgotten in your jewelry box, as well as the jewelry items you wear on a regular basis. Spring is the time of year we start fresh by cleaning inside and out, and clearing out old, worn out items. The same should go with then contents of your jewelry box. How many rings, earrings, chains and bracelets have been left to tarnish in the shadows of your jewelry box and drawers? Did you know you...


The Amazing Jewelry Talents of Gemologist and Jeweler, Mary van der Aa

Custom design jewelers, like Mary van der Aa, create jewelry to reflect your unique style characteristics, with your gem, and metal specifications. . The beauty of working with jewelers like Mary, is that not only does she do all the casting, setting and finishing work herself, but she also has access to custom-cut gemstones by her partner, Todd Wacks, of Tucson Todd Gems. . As a woman designing and making jewelry, she shares a common perspective we have for beauty, style and...


Bridal Jewelry and Industry Trends With 3rd Generation Jeweler, & Designer, Sarah Hodson of Sarah Michiko Designs

Sarah Hodson of Sarah Michiko Designs, and CADs by Sarah Michiko shares how she brings fresh perspective to her family’s 3rd generation jewelry business. At the time of this podcast, bridal season in full swing, she also shares rising trends with engagement rings, changes for men’s wedding bands, and advice for women starting out in the jewelry industry. Her command and expertise in design and jewelry manufacturing allows her to see complex and custom jewelry requests through to happy and...


Travel Safety Tips For Jewelry and Personal Belongings

Spring vacation is here, and part of enjoying your travels includes knowing your belongings will be safe. Making sure your jewelry and valuables are safe while traveling is as necessary as having your passport and credit cards. In this episode, I share tips from a few of my travel and safety professional friends and crew members on how you can stay safe and keep your personal belongings, like jewelry and identifications safe while on travel or holiday.


Blooming Jewelry With Bella Campbell of Campbellian Collection

Bella Campbell overcame the challenges of language barriers when she arrived in the States over thirty years ago. Originally from Georgia, the former republic of Russia, she arrived with a degree in physics, and transitioned into the fashion and jewelry career stream, starting as a buyer for Macy’s jewelry department, then a buyer for a major gemstone company. Now, she has her own line, and creates one of a kind jewelry with enchanting color combinations of bright gemstones and precious...


Celebrating International Women's Day With Women From Jewlery Navigator Podcast Stories

This month is the one year anniversary since the start of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast. Jewelry Navigator remains on a course to connect shoppers to unique jewelry and share the stories of the designers who create it. The episode explorations and destinations have been: Jewelry made from luxury cars, like Ferraris and Maseratis, with Christi Schimpke of CRASH Jewelry. The story of an architect who sees buildings as jewelry, with Emily Minton of MINTON with premium architecturally...


Episode 32: The Intrigue of K8 Jewelry With Kate Hubley

Kate Hubley is the designer and goldsmith behind K8 Jewelry. Based in Montreal, Canada, Kate holds the prestigious FGA gemmology designation from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Originally a professional within advertising, Kate began taking courses in design and jewelry gold smithing. Kate is a delight to visit with, and she creates jewelry using captivating concepts with a twist of light hearted whimsy. With collection names like Precious Time, Lumina, Carnival, and...


Treasures of 2019 Tucson Gem Show

Jewelry Navigator’s Adventure at the 2019 Tucson Gem Show Every year in February, thousands of rockhounds, jewelers, gemologists, and artists attend gem shows in Tucson. Since its beginning, the show has grown to over 40 separate shows. For jewelers and fine gemstone buyers, the shows are in venues, like the AGTA Gemfair, in the Tucson Convention Center. Other shows are inside mazes of large white tents along roadsides, others take over complete hotels, using guest rooms as...


Episode 30 Gem Legacy Making a Difference One Gem at a Time With Roger and Rachel Dery

Whether you love jewelry and gems as much as I do, you may wonder sometimes about where the gems are found. Knowing where gems are found is traceable Knowing who finds the gem crystals, and exactly where to look is harder, and has been more difficult to trace - until now, and unless you make that your mission. Today, I’m very excited and honored to be sharing my visit with Roger and Rachel Dery. Their gem story goes so much deeper than the depths from which the gems they feature...


Episode 29 Jewelry Appraisals With Fred Van Doren, Graduate Gemologist and Certified Jewelry Appraiser

Is your jewelry covered by accurate and legitimate appraisals? If you lost your engagement ring tomorrow, would it be adequately covered by your insurance for it to be replaced as close to the original? These are questions that are answered with a proper appraisal that is current and accurate. Part of why I share the information related to jewelry is so you don’t feel intimidated by shopping for and caring for your jewelry. You should always feel comfortable with the jewelry...