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JJRR Ep47 Podcasting at Harvard - Community building - Founding PodFest - with Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos is an event producer, speaker and expert communicator who's developed a passion for building community. Listen to Ep47 as Chris, founder of international podcast / mulit-media conference PodFest, describe how he starting building community with Tampa Bay Business Owners; which led to founding many groups such as the Florida youtube and podcasters association. Now finding the national spotlight, Chris was Invited recently to speak on podcasting at Harvard...


JJRR Ep46 Supply chain on blockchain - Engagement solutions with Labelchain.io - with Cory Finding

Cory Finding is a serial entrepreneur, tech developer and ultramarathon runner who enjoys developing customer focused engagement solutions. Listen to Ep45 as Cory describes how by chance he recently entered the supply chain space founding Labelchain.io, a blockchain based Software as a Service (Saas) offering that is providing transparency and traceability to all aspects of supply chain. His tech team has described Labelchain.io as "the first time there's a real reason to deploy blockchain."...


JJRR Ep45 Utilities on blockchain - Customer engagement through gamification - with Laura Steinbrink and Fran DiDonato

Serial entrepreneur Laura Steinbrink and lawyer turned operations director Fran DiDonato, have a new vision for engaging with utilities. Listen to Ep45 as Laura shares how the Northeast blackout of 2003 was the spark she needed to found Brilliency, a web portal and mobile platform that is aggregating gas, electric and water data for customers and service providers. And now partnering with Swytch.io, Brilliency is bringing utilities management to the blockchain providing visibility and...


JJRR Ep44 Female entrepreneurship - Contempo Communications - FES investment fund - with Renee DeLuca Dolan

Renee DeLuca Dolan is the founder of Contempo Communications and the visionary behind the Female Entrepreneurship Summit (FES) held annually in Northeast Ohio. Listen to Ep44 as Renee describes why she started FES and how it's fostering the local female business community. Digging into her own entrepreneurial journey, Renee shares why she quit her corporate job to start her own design and communications firm and why now she's created the new FES Investment...


JJRR Ep43 Merch by Amazon - Baller on a budget - Spontaneously Speaking - with RJ Macalanda

RJ Macalanda is a Merch by Amazon expert who's been able to ditch corporate life and live out his travel dreams while building a self sustaining t-shirt business online. Listen to Ep43 as RJ describes how he went from 0 to $7000 a month in 3 months leveraging Amazon's eco-system and how spontaneously he found himself presenting with CJ Johnson at this year's Nomad Summit - Las Vegas. A self described "baller on a budget", RJ is now building a MbyA lifestyle community while nomading around...


JJRR Ep42 Radar for driverless vehicles - Technology scene in Tel Aviv, Israel - with Bill Latino

Bill Latino is a business development guru who's latest reinvention has placed him in the rapidly evolving driverless vehicle industry and has connected him to Israel's tech startup community in Tel Aviv. Listen to Ep42 as Bill shares his insights on the market and how new radar technology will enable fully autonomous level 5 driving. Hear Bill's thoughts on the startup scene in Tel Aviv and how Arbe Robotics (an iAngels.co portfolio company) is providing 4D, high resolution, real-time...


JJRR Ep41 Traditional Thai massage - Same same but different - with Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch is a masterful masseur and student of body work whose love of Thai style massage has benefitted clients worldwide. Listen to Ep 41 as Kevin describes how after a time in construction a friend encouraged him to follow his early inclinations and pursue massage therapy. Founding Traditional Thai Massage Cleveland, Kevin splits his time between Thailand, the States and wherever his clients take him. And now, opportunities are leading to his latest reinvention as teacher and...


JJRR Ep40 Health and wellness on Blockchain - Being opportunistic - with Anthony Hancovsky

Anthony Hancovsky is a champion martial artist who's sold loans and rehabbed houses but his latest project has unleashed a passion for blockchain technology. Listen to episode 40 as Anthony describes how he first discovered Bitcoin and how he developed part of his opportunistic life philosophy while getting a tattoo. Now the CEO of EMP.FITNESS, a blockchain based company, Anthony and his team are focused on reinventing the health and wellness experience so people can take better care of...


JJRR Ep39 Finding FIRE as a physician - Discovering new talents through blogging - with Leif

Leif is an anesthesiologist on FIRE (financially independent / retired early) who's found a passion for personal finance and blogging. Listen to Ep39 as Leif describes how he first discovered the FIRE concept and at age 39 realized he had attained financial independence. Now at 42, discovering his new writing skills, Leif is transitioning from his medical career to spend time traveling with his family and sharing his passion for FIRE with other medical professionals through his blog...


JJRR Ep38 Software product management - Building an INDUSTRY conference and community - with Mike Belsito

Mike Belsito is a product guy who's passionate about building the Product Collective community, and is co-founder of INDUSTRY the product conference where product managers from around the world can learn to build, launch and scale world-class software products. Now a top influencer, listen to Ep38 as Mike describes how his early career in sports management and entrepreneurship unknowingly prepared him with the multi-faceted skills required for product and now conference...


JJRR Ep37 Re-inventing medical school education - Augmented reality applications for HoloLens - with Jeff Mlakar

Jeff Mlakar is a technologist who's found his dream job developing cutting edge applications in augmented reality. Listen to Ep37 as Jeff describes how he first discovered Microsoft's HoloLens and how now he's helping Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic reinvent medical school education. Through the Interactive Commons at CWRU, Jeff and his team are eliminating the need for a physical cadaver lab for the new med school and replacing it with a shared augmented reality...


JJRR Ep36 Facts on Facebook groups - Keep on jumping - with business coach and speaker Bella Vasta

Bella Vasta is a business coach, consultant and speaker who's always jumping in her pursuit to help her clients build business and community. A National Pet Sitting Business of the Year award winner (at age 25!), Listen to Ep36 as Bella describes how online dating led to a skydiving experience where her motto of "always keep jumping" was born. Now jumping fully into today's digital marketing, she's speaking out about the power of Facebook Groups to build business, authority and community....


JJRR Ep35 Pioneering a neighborhood cafe - Sparking community - Riding the lion of entrepreneurship - with Nicole Gillota-Brichacek

Nicole Gillota-Brichacek is a barista and baker who's been "riding the lion" of entrepreneurship since opening Gypsy Beans, a full service euro style bakery café 12 years ago. Listen to Ep35 as she describes how, as an inexperienced entrepreneur, she opened in a developing neighborhood on the westside of Cleveland, OH. Working with local development partners, Nicole has taken Gypsy Beans from a spark to a catalyst for community, where it's arguably ground zero for the growing...


JJRR Ep34 Going All The Way Up with ecommerce - Building a lifestyle brand - with J Keitsu

So did you ever read that one book cover to cover in one sitting at your local bookstore that changed your life? J Keitsu is an entrepreneur / digital marketer who loves music and fashion, and is a real deal b-boy that can break and dance hip hop. Listen to Ep 34 to hear J Keitsu describe how reading one key book started his journey into 8 figure success in ecommerce and how he's now going All the Way Up building a lifestyle brand; opening a dance / fitness studio and releasing a new line of...


JJRR Ep33 Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland - Developing a top 10 crypto index fund - with Corey Cottrell

Corey Cottrell is a musician and former Forex trader who's recently pivoted into the world of cryptocurrency where he and his partners provide full service cryptocurrency consulting and have developed a top 10 crypto index fund. Listen to episode 33 as Corey describes his recent trip to Iceland to visit the second largest cryptocurrency mining operation outside of China and how his move to Tucson, AZ paused his music career and got him on the investing...


JJRR Ep32 Visual communication design - User experience development for online education - with Rachel Clingman

Rachel Clingman is a visual communication designer developing user experiences for online education but just a few years ago was living in a different city working in a career that was "killing her soul." Listen to Episode 32 to hear Rachel describe why a Florida hurricane was the impetus for finally quitting her job in financial services and diving into her new tech based design career. Listen to the end of the episode to find out what she's going back to school for now how she continues to...


JJRR Ep31 From business consulting to exploring mindset - Developing Mindset Performance Training - with Reza Rezz

Have you ever wanted to move to a pine forest in Arizona to work on your mindset? Reza Rezz is a long time entrepreneur and consultant that realized it was mindset that was limiting his clients from taking action and benefitting from his recommendations. Listen to Ep31 where Reza describes how after finding his own "brain wizard," licensed therapist Victoria Larson, the two co-founded Mindset Performance Training and now train folks worldwide all from their home office in the Northern...


JJRR Ep30 Taking business online - Pioneering business coaching for personal trainers - with Chris and Eric Martinez

Chris and Eric Martinez are certified personal trainers, authors, podcasters and business men that are now pioneering business coaching for personal trainers. Listen to Ep30 to hear these identical twins describe how they overcame personal tragedy of losing a parent when they were just 17 years old and how a mentor relationship helped them form their future. Embracing training clients worldwide online early on, Chris and Eric are now helping trainers like themselves develop their own online...


JJRR Ep29 Financial Engineering - Derivatives - Creating the future of content creation on blockchain - with AC3 co-founder John Fields

John Fields, co-founder of AC3.io, is a builder and creative financial thinker who's latest passion is creating the future of content creation on the blockchain with a new digital wallet / coin application that's driving a curated platform. Listen to Ep29 as John describes his early days on the pacific options floor trading derivatives and how now, with AC3, is helping today's content creators get paid fairly, consistently and adequately, without exposing content to unauthorized replication....


JJRR Ep28 Running your business from a boat - Ditching autopilot and building your dream life - with Dream Business Coach Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a business coach and marketing guru who's been enjoying his new lifestyle this past year living and running his businesses from his new 50 ft boat. No surpise as Jim is known as the Dream Business Coach and routinely helps his clients navigate their waters on the way to 6 and 7 figure businesses. Now a master digital marketer, Jim has grown from his early days as the Newsletter Guru to a Dream Business Coach helping others create their dream life; all while enjoying his life on...