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JJRR 59 Technical sales to success coaching - Body language training - Mobile security - with Jason Frazell

Jason Frazell had been a technical sales professional and mobile security expert who despite having a successful career and beautiful family desired to be more aligned with his creative core. Listen to Ep59 as Jason describes how his love of improv comedy spawned a new entrepreneurial career in the coaching business. Pivoting into success coaching full time, Jason's client list is growing as he's now helping other professionals around the world uncover their own true cores and paths to...


JJRR 58 Leaving film school - Video game development - E sports - with Davionne Gooden

Davionne Gooden is a filmmaker and game developer who, after attending just one semester of film school, left to pursue development of his surreal adventure RPG about dreams and their mirrored reality. Listen to Ep59 as Davionne, founder of Studio Zevere, shares his reasons for leaving school and how the gaming world is already noticing his surreal, hip hop infused game though yet to be released, spawning recent invitations to speak at GameDevs of Color Expo and to showcase at Micosoft's...


JJRR 57 Process engineer to Entrepreneur - Proactive wine and spirits decanting - with Tom Belcher

Tom Belcher is a process engineer and physicist who's always loved data and drinking wine. Listen to Ep57 as Tom describes the lightbulb moment when his engineering and wine drinking careers collided to spawn a new proactive process for wine and spirits decanting. Now founder of WinePrO2, Tom is embracing entrepreneurship and exciting wine and spirits drinkers with a proactive decanting system that can saturate wine or spirits with oxygen in a matter of seconds, all inspired by a...


JJRR 56 Dropshipping as a lifestyle - Discovering ecommerce community in Chiang Mai - with Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly is the founder of Dropship Lifestyle and Ecommerce Lifestyle, companies offering online business training and transforming the lives of those interested in entrepreneurship, location independence and lifestyle design. Listen to Ep56 as Anton describes how reading a singular book back in 2007 inspired his ecommerce journey and how finding a community of entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand led to a first DSL retreat in 2014, jumpstarting the company and fostering the robust DSL...


JJRR 55 Artistry vs Entrepreneurship - Re:Invented - Creative music at Kent State University - Bobby Selvaggio

Bobby Selvaggio is a recording artist and jazz saxophonist of the highest caliber and is on the verge of releasing his 11th album: Re:Invented - Live at the Bop Stop. Listen to Ep55 as Bobby shares how reinvention, paramount in his life right now, is shaping his original music and impacting the jazz and creative music programs he's directing at Kent State University. Hear his thoughts on the artist as entrepreneur in the digital world, dealing with jazz labels, and how success is...


JJRR 54 Starting a cryptocurrency hedge fund - Innovation Consulting - Starting up in CLE - with Ari Lewis

Ari Lewis is an entrepreneur who at age 12 began selling forks and knives on the streets of NYC's Chinatown. Listen to Ep54 as Ari describes how he soon discovered Bitcoin in 2009 and how he and a partner turned an initial $18K into $1.4 Million. Moving to Cleveland, OH for college, Ari was then able to start a crypto-currency hedge fund using his new CLE connections. Now starting a fund focused on blockchain ventures, Ari is using his experience to consult and tout the value of CLE's...


JJRR Ep53 Cannabidiol (CBD), THC and chocolate edibles - Innovative wine and chocolate pairings - with Joel Fink

Joel Fink, founder of Fantasy Candies, is a longtime chocolate, candy and wine purveyor who's recent quest to develop a chocolate bar to help children with autism led him to cannabidiol (CBD). Listen to Ep53 as he describes how recent changes in law and his high coco dark chocolate, approved by Cleveland Clinic's 360 program, inspired a new line of CBD infused chocolate. Spurred on by the positive health impact he's seeing on customers, Joel is now researching formulations with both CBD...


JJRR Ep52 Life coaching with a PhD - Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India - with Casey Onder

Casey Onder is achievement oriented by nature. But with a PhD in Industrial organizational psychology and Master's in Counseling psychology, working in the corporate world left her wanting. Listen to Ep52 as she shares how in 2018 she dropped everything to travel the world for 7 months, fan her love of yoga and start a coaching practice. Now a life and career coach, Casey is helping those committed to pivoting their own careers transform their lives and achieve professional and personal...


JJRR Ep51 Closing notes - Virtual workshops - Baseball and serendipity - with Scott Carson

Scott Carson is a huge baseball fan and real estate entrepreneur who started buying distressed debt in 2005. Listen to Ep51 as Scott describes how the 2008 mortgage crisis and personal circumstances prompted a road trip to visit all MLB parks, which serendipitously helped him become a nationally known speaker and educator in the notes niche. After 3 years on the road, Scott is back in Austin, TX where he is using virtual workshops and podcasting to develop a new generation of note...


JJRR Ep50 Reinventing language education online - Nomad Summit Chiang Mai Review - with polyglot Ly ́dia Machova ́

Ly ́dia Machová is an interpreter, a polyglot and language mentor that is reinventing language education. Listen to Ep50 as she describes her journey from interpreting and teaching English in her native Slovakia to developing her own language mentoring system and bringing it online. Recently a featured speaker at Nomad Summit 2019 Chiang Mai, Lydia, who speaks 8 languages, shares her thoughts on becoming an entrepreneur and embracing her new digital nomad...


JJRR Ep49 Live music club management in Bangkok - Producing tracks - Leaving Ireland for Oz and SE Asia - with Keith Nolan

Keith Nolan is a musician, singer and music producer who's recently pivoted into live music club management. Listen to Ep49 as Keith shares insights on reinventing the historic Checkinn99 as GM and gives his take on the Bangkok scene. Hear why he left Ireland for Australia where he became a full time musician and how he got a taste of club management in Vietnam while developing his production skills in the advertising industry. Continuing to perform and produce, Keith is relishing his new...


JJRR Ep48 Offshoreing homecare - Leaving Hollywood for the Philippines - with Laurice Chiongbian

Laurice Chiongbian is a new entrepreneur whose 3 year old homecare BPO (outsourcing) business is bringing efficient home health business processes to the States. Listen to Ep48 as Laurice describes how quitting her job in fashion and leaving Hollywood for the Philippines was the spark she needed to create her new reality. Deciding to stay in Cebu and now married with children, the founder of Qavalo has already created 60 jobs and is creating new career paths for local...


JJRR Ep47 Podcasting at Harvard - Community building - Founding PodFest - with Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos is an event producer, speaker and expert communicator who's developed a passion for building community. Listen to Ep47 as Chris, founder of international podcast / mulit-media conference PodFest, describe how he starting building community with Tampa Bay Business Owners; which led to founding many groups such as the Florida youtube and podcasters association. Now finding the national spotlight, Chris was Invited recently to speak on podcasting at Harvard...


JJRR Ep46 Supply chain on blockchain - Engagement solutions with Labelchain.io - with Cory Finding

Cory Finding is a serial entrepreneur, tech developer and ultramarathon runner who enjoys developing customer focused engagement solutions. Listen to Ep45 as Cory describes how by chance he recently entered the supply chain space founding Labelchain.io, a blockchain based Software as a Service (Saas) offering that is providing transparency and traceability to all aspects of supply chain. His tech team has described Labelchain.io as "the first time there's a real reason to deploy...


JJRR Ep45 Utilities on blockchain - Customer engagement through gamification - with Laura Steinbrink and Fran DiDonato

Serial entrepreneur Laura Steinbrink and lawyer turned operations director Fran DiDonato, have a new vision for engaging with utilities. Listen to Ep45 as Laura shares how the Northeast blackout of 2003 was the spark she needed to found Brilliency, a web portal and mobile platform that is aggregating gas, electric and water data for customers and service providers. And now partnering with Swytch.io, Brilliency is bringing utilities management to the blockchain providing visibility and...


JJRR Ep44 Female entrepreneurship - Contempo Communications - FES investment fund - with Renee DeLuca Dolan

Renee DeLuca Dolan is the founder of Contempo Communications and the visionary behind the Female Entrepreneurship Summit (FES) held annually in Northeast Ohio. Listen to Ep44 as Renee describes why she started FES and how it's fostering the local female business community. Digging into her own entrepreneurial journey, Renee shares why she quit her corporate job to start her own design and communications firm and why now she's created the new FES Investment...


JJRR Ep43 Merch by Amazon - Baller on a budget - Spontaneously Speaking - with RJ Macalanda

RJ Macalanda is a Merch by Amazon expert who's been able to ditch corporate life and live out his travel dreams while building a self sustaining t-shirt business online. Listen to Ep43 as RJ describes how he went from 0 to $7000 a month in 3 months leveraging Amazon's eco-system and how spontaneously he found himself presenting with CJ Johnson at this year's Nomad Summit - Las Vegas. A self described "baller on a budget", RJ is now building a MbyA lifestyle community while nomading around...


JJRR Ep42 Radar for driverless vehicles - Technology scene in Tel Aviv, Israel - with Bill Latino

Bill Latino is a business development guru who's latest reinvention has placed him in the rapidly evolving driverless vehicle industry and has connected him to Israel's tech startup community in Tel Aviv. Listen to Ep42 as Bill shares his insights on the market and how new radar technology will enable fully autonomous level 5 driving. Hear Bill's thoughts on the startup scene in Tel Aviv and how Arbe Robotics (an iAngels.co portfolio company) is providing 4D, high resolution, real-time...


JJRR Ep41 Traditional Thai massage - Same same but different - with Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch is a masterful masseur and student of body work whose love of Thai style massage has benefitted clients worldwide. Listen to Ep 41 as Kevin describes how after a time in construction a friend encouraged him to follow his early inclinations and pursue massage therapy. Founding Traditional Thai Massage Cleveland, Kevin splits his time between Thailand, the States and wherever his clients take him. And now, opportunities are leading to his latest reinvention as teacher and...


JJRR Ep40 Health and wellness on Blockchain - Being opportunistic - with Anthony Hancovsky

Anthony Hancovsky is a champion martial artist who's sold loans and rehabbed houses but his latest project has unleashed a passion for blockchain technology. Listen to episode 40 as Anthony describes how he first discovered Bitcoin and how he developed part of his opportunistic life philosophy while getting a tattoo. Now the CEO of EMP.FITNESS, a blockchain based company, Anthony and his team are focused on reinventing the health and wellness experience so people can take better care of...