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Create Raving Fans with a Deliberate Customer Experience, Ep 135

Have you ever seen something at a store, thought about buying it, but ended up leaving with nothing? There are a few factors that come into play when we’re making purchasing decisions. For example, we might not buy if the salesperson doesn’t explain the product clearly, or the packaging isn’t appealing enough. Today’s episode is inspired by a meeting with a client who was wondering how to improve customer experiences. Having the idea of what makes people buy your product or service will...


E-commerce in the 21st Century, Ep 134

For a while now, listeners have been asking James and Dean for updates on what they’ve been up to. Most of the time, they have guests who discuss their businesses. In this episode, your hosts share more about their own companies and what they’re doing when they aren’t recording the show. E-commerce has become a prevalent option for consumers, and the industry is still growing. People don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes when they want to purchase things, whether they’re shopping...


Meditation 101, Ep 133

Meditation is a practice where one uses a method to train attention and awareness in one’s self to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable condition. Successful people like Oprah Winfrey and Ray Dalio, among others, have been known to practice meditation and can create amazing results in their business and own lives. In today’s episode, James and Dean talk about their own experiences in trying their hand at meditation. Dean has a less fascinating encounter with mediation...


How To Protect Your Online Information with Brian Gill, Ep 132

Do you have ideas that you think would make a great start-up business, or are you already in the early stages but still unsure of how to go about it? Today’s guest, Brian Gill, will give you a few pointers on how you can set yourself up for success. Brian is the founder and CEO of Gillware Inc., and for the past 15 years, his company has helped over 100,000 consumers and companies in resolving data-related disasters. For the last 3 years, Gillware has been primarily focused on assisting...


How To Grow Your Business, Ep 131

Most of us want to be our own bosses so we don’t have to take orders from anyone. Many people try their luck in owning their own business, but only some come out as successful business owners. In today’s episode, Dean and James talk about a certain topic that every business owner should know, especially if they want to grow their business productively. James combines two sets of principles that will set you up for success. By the end of this episode, you will know how you can establish a...


Rehumanizing Your Business with Steve Pacinelli, Ep 130

Have you ever tried selling a product to someone face to face? Almost half the time, that person will most likely buy or at least be interested in whatever you’re trying to sell to him. But with the technology that we have today, most businesses have gone through the automated route and are sending out texts or emails to potential customers. Steve Pacinelli talks about the impact of making and sending videos to your potential clients. He discusses the importance of the making, timing, and...


Reflecting on the Past Leads to GREAT Planning, Ep 129

Reflecting on the past is one of the best ways to plan for the future. Dean and I always take the time after Christmas to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the next. There are four questions we use to reflect, that drive the upcoming week, month, quarter, and year. To learn our strategy (and how we feel 2019 fared) listen to this episode of Just the Tips! Outline of This Episode Why an annual plan is unrealistic I’ll be honest, there needs to be a little give and take when...


What’s your Superpower? With Joe Trodden, Ep 128

What’s your superpower? What makes you tick as an entrepreneur and a human being? Entrepreneur’s in the early stages of building a business reach a “no man’s land” where they struggle to move forward and gain traction. Joe Trodden joins us in this episode of Just the Tips to talk about changing your mindset—and finding your superpower. After following a traditional path and getting a degree in Law, Joe Trodden changed his life and studied Psychology. Joe is now the CEO of Mindset Experts...


How to Launch a Business with THE Shopify Guy, Kurt Elster, Ep 127

Are you trying to launch a business or sell a product, and need some tips to help you launch successfully? Are you wondering if you should engage in email marketing? What about offering subscriptions? Kurt Elster joins us to cover how to launch a business successfully and how to engage with and grow your customer base. Don’t miss this great episode of Just the Tips! Kurt is known in the industry as “The Shopify Guy”. Before he became the preeminent Shopify expert he spent years building...


How to Create and Cultivate an Online Community, with Lori Kennedy, Ep 126

Creating an online community sounds easy in theory—but what does it take to build a thriving community? How do you interact with your group? What are some of the best ways to add value? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, Lori Kennedy is here to answer them. Lori is the founder of the Wellness Business Hub, a business consultant, and host of ‘The Business of Becoming’ podcast. She’s been in the health and wellness industry since 1999 and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs...


Diving Into the World of Professional Coaching, with Lucas Rubix, Ep. 125

Are you interested in professional coaching, but worried you don’t have the necessary experience? Is it something you are passionate about, but you just don’t know how to market yourself? Lucas Rubix, a coach to the coaches, joins us to talk about coaching, how to get started, and mistakes to avoid. Lucas Rubix started his career working on oil rigs. After a dangerous bout of depression and self-medication, he hit a breaking point that almost led to suicide. But he stopped himself, and the...


How to Develop Mental Toughness, Ep. 124

Mental toughness is something that can benefit every entrepreneur, but how do you develop it? Why is it important? Having the right mindset can be the difference between success and failure. To develop mental toughness, you must be prepared to focus on personal development. You have to remember that the foundation that your business is built on is you. Outline of This Episode The life of an entrepreneur is not easy When you run your own business, everything begins and ends with you. You...


Creating a Collaborative Culture in the Workplace, with Jason Treu, Ep. 123

A collaborative culture in the workplace is becoming a foreign concept. We all strive for innovation and creation, right? But we forget that building relationships with coworkers is an essential piece of a business's success. Jason Treu joins us to discuss the importance of building relationships within your team—and how to do it efficiently. Jason Treu has worked with some of the biggest names in business, from Mark Cuban to Steve Jobs. He has been a coach for over a decade, helping...


Master Customer Engagement Through a Personalized Content Experience, with Randy Frisch, Ep. 122

What is a content experience? How does it apply to entrepreneurs? Customer engagement is a driving force that leads to sales and our marketing needs to be on-point to remain competitive. So how do we focus on customer engagement through the content we create? Randy Frisch joins us in this episode of Just the Tips to educate us on creating customer experiences through content. Randy is the CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip and a best-selling author. He is an expert in content experience and...


Data-Driven Decision-Making: Implement it Now, Ep. 121

Data-driven decision-making is something many entrepreneurs struggle with. Many of us aren’t adequately tracking and analyzing data. But If Shark Tank has taught us anything, it’s that you need to know your numbers. In this episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I discuss tracking the steps in your process, analyzing data, and taking action steps to solve problems. Don’t miss this solution-packed episode! Outline of This Episode Why do you need to start tracking? Dean has operated for the...


The Psychology of Creative Design, with Ross Johnson, Ep. 120

When you think of creative design, what comes to mind? Something visual? A design show on HGTV? What people don’t often realize is the depth of psychology and science that’s behind every aspect of design. Our guest today, Ross Johnson, turns everything you think you know about design upside down. Ross is the owner and CEO of 3.7 Designs, a full-service digital marketing company. His goal is to provide innovative solutions that incorporate his 6 layers of design. He’s an expert on web...


The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon, Ep.119

Dean and I are strong advocates of attending events for entrepreneurs. It could be a mastermind group, a yearly conference, or any sort of entrepreneurial live event. You need to get out and mingle with some of the greatest minds in the business world—and learn from those who are next level businessmen and women. This episode of Just the Tips is dedicated to what we learned from the event we recently attended. Outline of This Episode Why attending events for entrepreneurs can be so...


You Must Know Your Audience to Solve Their Problems, with Spencer Lum, Ep. 118

To offer people something of value that solves a problem, you must know your audience. You can’t market correctly, offer the right solution, or adequately gauge how customers will react if you don’t know them. So what does that learning process look like? Listen in as Dean and I chat with Spencer Lum—The Big Vision Guy at ExtraBold—all about your audience. After years of being unable to hold down a steady job, Spencer found himself building websites. This morphed into helping people with...


Protect Your Brand with These Simple Tips, with Andrei Mincov, Ep. 117

You know you need to protect your brand as you’re building a business—but where do you start? As an entrepreneur you need to protect your intellectual property and what you’re working so hard to build. It begins with choosing a brandable name and getting it trademarked. The process is lengthy and daunting, but Andrei Mincov is here to make it easier. In this episode of Just the Tips, we interview Andrei Mincov, founder of the Trademark Factory®. He began his career in Russia and had the...


Hiring Like a Boss, Ep. 116

Are you ready to start hiring like a boss? Are you ready to grow your business but unsure what the process should look like? In this episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I unpack the hiring process. We cover what not to do, clarifying the position you’re hiring for, and asking the right kind of questions. This is one you don’t want to miss! Outline of This Episode know Don’t wait until you’re desperate to start hiring How much will it cost you to hire the wrong person? Too often,...