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How Storyselling is the Future of Marketing with Yara Golden, Ep. 71

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, we “celebrate” Dean turning 34, and give a shout-out to our one true fan who bought him a Bond license plate for his birthday. And we celebrate having Yara Golden on the show. Yara is a storytelling expert who helps businesses up their communications game, build effective product launches and tell the right stories that will click with the right people. And speaking of clicking, she’s writing the entire indoctrination sequence for ClickFunnels. Yara knows...


Why Hiring is the Entrepreneur’s Achilles Heel, Ep. 70

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean finally comes clean, months into our contest, that he’s just not going to get his book written. But that’s okay! I’m still in a groove with mine, and on today’s episode we dig into the subject of the chapter I’m currently writing, which also happens to be one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. As you’ve probably heard me say on this show, systems are all about people, process and tools. So today we’re digging into people, how to recruit...


Saving Your Financial Hide with Noura Salman, Ep. 69

Today’s episode of Just the Tips starts off a little testy as Dean does his best to drive a wedge between me and today’s guest. But luckily, Dean’s best is still kind of the worst, and he’s unable to create any tension between me and Noura Salman, my former neighbor down in Miami and a woman who has arrived at entrepreneurship via an unusual path. Noura began her career as a CPA, but then transitioned to creating her own businesses, and now she’s bringing those sorely needed accounting...


How Time Chunking Can Make You More Productive, Ep. 68

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, it’s Dean and I flying solo again, and we start off by acknowledging Dean’s, um, contributions to the show, before discussing how I, for once in my life, am all talked out, having just made six months worth of video content. So on today’s episode, we check in on what we’re both working on, take note that Dean is still way behind on our book-writing contest, and discuss such matters as how to be more productive and how to send Dean subliminal messages. And...


Solve the Problem in Front of You with Stackify’s Matt Watson, Ep. 67

On today’s Just the Tips, we talk with Matt Watson, who had enormous success early in life as co-founder of Vinsolutions, and after selling that company for $150 million, started Stackify to solve the biggest problems he had at Vinsolutions. Matt tells us about his early days, how he sort of fell into work on Vinsolutions and how it went from side hustle to major hustle. And he shares his unique insights as a developer and an entrepreneur, and how his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit inspired...


What if you’re selling to the wrong customer?, Ep. 66

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, I’m in a much better mood, having adjusted to the keto diet, though Dean’s fitness advice could put me back over the edge. But in the meantime, Dean and I dive into something that has come up numerous times on the show, but we haven’t quite been able to take our time with the topic. It’s a question that nearly every business owner confronts at some point: What if I’m selling to the wrong customer? And if the answer is “no,” it’s a real turning point for...


Artificial intelligence marketing for small businesses with Magnus Unemyr, Ep. 65

As listeners to Just the Tips know, I am all about systems. You put a system in place and get it running smoothly and you open up hectares of time for high-value work. On today’s episode, we have a guest who puts my love of automation to shame. Magnus Unemyr has worked in software development and the Internet of Things for 25 years, and has really dedicated himself to marketing automation and marketing with artificial intelligence and the internet-of-things. Specifically, he’s figured out...


The Three False Beliefs Holding Entrepreneurs Back, Ep. 64

Longtime listeners of Just the Tips know that Dean and I are in an epic race to see who can finish their book first. It was a challenge set by Ken Dunn, our guest on episode 44, and as of this recording, there’s no real easy way to put this, I’m mopping the floor with Dean. I may even be able to finish my book and come back and write his. But aside from the friendly competition (which isn’t that friendly and which I am winning), putting my thoughts down in a book has been great for me to...


How to Not Be a Donkey with Alex Dee, Ep. 63

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, we have a bit of a wildcard, who jumped into the show before I could introduce him, and then served as a Don King-style hype man for Dean and myself. But that’s Alex Dee, a man who brings enormous energy to everything he does. The origins of this episode may have come from an evening in a hot tub, but Alex actually has an amazing story of triumphing over adversity as he came to America, triumphing again when his life hit the skids, and then turning...


The Early Entrepreneurial Bug, Ep. 62

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I are reunited over the Internet after being together in person for Dean’s wedding! After admitting the entire ceremony was a ruse just to get me to the U.K., Dean and I talk about a little cake controversy after the wedding, and all of the podcast fodder that Dean’s groomsmen bestowed upon me during their speeches. So today’s episode is all about war stories from jobs and companies past. And of course, we kick it all off with Dean selling...


Keep the Money You Make with Bradley Gibb, Ep. 61

For all of the many skills an entrepreneur applies to their work and life, often taking care of their financial well-being isn’t one of them. Planning for retirement and making sure you are “financially healthy” can be intimidating to think about. But on today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I talk with a guy who knows how to talk with entrepreneurs about money. Bradley Gibb is the co-founder of Atlas Wealth Solutions and CashFlow Tactics, and as he told us in this week’s episode,...


Why You Need to Take a Break, Ep. 60

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I chat about the importance of taking breaks, going on vacation, leaving the grind behind and resetting. This is a really important episode for anyone who is feeling the burnout, or who is eyeing an upcoming vacation with anxiety because they feel like they just can’t step away. Dean talks about how he sometimes realizes he’s a bottleneck in his business that’s unplugged once he’s unplugged, and I tell a story about an epic vacation decision that...


The Internet’s Legal Minefield with Richard Chapo, Ep. 59

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I punch above our weight a bit by having Richard Chapo, a lawyer specializing in internet law for businesses, on the show. Richard is a business lawyer in San Diego who has been practicing for 25 years and advises small and large online businesses on how best to comply with laws applicable to conducting business online. We dig into some pretty gnarly legal stuff this week, including GDPR, collecting sales tax, and what's up with Apple and its...


How to Tell a Story with Your Marketing with Erik Stafford, Ep. 58

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I welcome one of the best copywriters around, an award-winning designer, and a guy who knows his way around conversion rates and online marketing. Erik Stafford has won several AAF-ADDY Awards and ARDA Awards for his work, and now heads up Stafford Marketing, where he helps businesses define their brand, their tone of voice and all of the personality attributes a company needs to connect with their audience. This is a great episode of Just the...


Forget Funnel Hacking with Shawn Lynam, Ep. 57

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean grants me a new nickname that I actually earned back in the day when I worked in London, The Loud American, but I quiet down a bit to listen to a good friend of mine, Shawn Lynam, tell his story of how he went from the corporate world, to the real estate world, to internet marketing. Shawn really knows his stuff, and in this episode we talk about how to not complicate matters, how to model your success on others, and how to position your offer to...


Everything You Know About Conversion is Wrong with Chris Dayley, Ep. 56

Today’s episode of Just the Tips finds me recovering from an accidental 22-mile walk, but that doesn’t stop me from getting excited about our guest, Chris Dayley. Chris is a mastermind at conversion, having done more than 1,000 split tests in his time, and applying psychology to marketing to really help businesses dig into what makes customers convert. On today’s show we talk about the assumptions people make about websites, how most of them are wrong, and how to run a proper test to grow...


Strengthen the Offer Until They Can't Say No, Ep. 55

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean comes through with the promise of something he teased in an earlier episode, which is a hugely successful marketing strategy that he’s implemented for his own business. In the last episode, Dean said he was working on the strategy that had been crushing it, but then he turned it into an episode of Zero Tips and wouldn’t tell us what it actually was. Well, today the wait is over, and we can now hear about what Dean has been up to and how he’s been...


The Coolest Webinar Success Story (Seriously) with Mike Schmidt, Ep. 54

Today’s episode of Just the Tips has me welcoming two guests to the show, one being former co-host Dean Holland whom I have summarily downgraded to recurring guest. The other is a guy who knows a thing or two about digital marketing, the amazing Mike Schmidt. MIKE is the CEO and Founder of a digital marketing agency based in Tucson, Arizona, and using his experience building a team of 20 in-house web professionals, Mike founded Agency Mastermind to share his craft and nurture and encourage...


The Five Pillars of Your Business, Ep. 53

Today’s episode of Just the Tips is just Dean and me, and it starts off with two interesting premises: 1) I’m nice to Dean and 2) Dean doesn’t like podcasts. What better way to start a podcast off than that? But actually, we use the dull podcast that Dean listened to make a larger point about how brands that are connecting with their audiences and customers are the ones who show personality. Riffing on a Wendy’s Twitter takedown of Chick-Fil-A, we make the point that we’re not attracted to...


Demystifying Cryptocurrency with Brian Keith Noonan, Ep. 52

Today’s episode of Just the Tips dives into a topic that everyone is talking about but few understand: cryptocurrency. Our guest is Brian Keith Noonan, a guy I’ve known for several years as a top marketer, but in the last couple years he’s really become a leader in the world of cryptocurrency, running The Official CryptoDynamics™ Investment Club and helping people wade into the world of Bitcoin and more. On this episode, we talk about how Brian went from internet marketing to cryptocurrency,...