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#23 - Sam Galsworthy of Sipsmith Gin, On Changing the Law to Make Gin Cool Again

Sam Galsworthy is co-founder of Sipsmith, producers of classic London dry gin. In order to do so, though, he and he co-founder Fairfax first had to change a 200-year-old law. They did reverse it, and therefore gave life to the beverage landscape in the UK. In this episode, Sam and I talk about what’s behind making things by hand/small batch, how Sipsmith changed the gin game -- a 'ginaissance,' as he calls it -- the different phases of entrepreneurialism, and not riding the trends, but...


#22 - Siobhan Ferguson, ‘Pretty City London’ - From Banker to Social Media Baller

Siobhan Ferguson used to be a banker. Now, she's a huge presence on Instagram with her feed @siobhaise and founder/curator of @prettycitylondon and @prettycities, as well as author of the newly published book "Pretty City London." Her whole ethos is encouraging people to experience the beauty of a place and to discover hidden gems. In today's interview, you'll hear why and how she made the transition from a banker (hint: life circumstances helped, motherhood in particular). We hear how the...


#21 - Personalized, Shoppable & Guided: Recipes Are Not Dead - Smart Kitchen Summit Panel [LIVE]

Today’s episode is a little different than the norm: it’s the panel I moderated in Dublin, Ireland a few weeks ago at the Smart Kitchen Summit Europe. The Smart Kitchen Summit is a conference that looks at the food + technology Venn diagram. What is the evolving role technology plays in our kitchens, and what are the implications of that? This panel that I moderated had the panelists Lulu Grimes of BBC Good Food, Kishan Visani of DishQ, and Jon Jenkins of Hestan Cue. The title of our panel...


#20 - Yasmin Kahn, ‘Zaitoun’ - On Having More to Unite Us than to Divide Us

"Food is a bit like music, theater, or good literature — it connects you to your heart. It drops into empathy." -Yasmin Khan Yasmin Khan is the best-selling author of "The Saffron Tales," and her newest book "Zaitoun," will be released the day after this episode publishes, on July 12! (Go get it, it's incredible). She has a background of campaigning for human rights and transitioned into food writing and sharing stories from cultures around the world 5 years ago. In this episode, we talk...


#19 - Kylee Newton of Newton & Pott - On Evolving from Artist to Businesswoman

Today’s episode is a conversation with Kylee Newton, owner and founder of Newton & Pott, making homemade chutneys, jams & preserves. We talk about preserving food AND preserving your sanity! Kylee's slogan could be the well-known saying, "Waste not, want not." She embodies these values, and she has a fascinating path to her success as a food businesswoman! After going to university for Fine Arts in New Zealand (she's a Kiwi!), she moved to London and worked for a famous photographer for a...


#18 - Sorted Food's Ben Ebbrell & Barry Taylor - On Having a United Vision

Sorted Food is a group friends who make recipe videos together. With nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and a massively loyal community of eaters all around the world, the Sorted Food guys are creative entrepreneurs who are succeeding and constantly innovating. Their videos are accessible, inclusive and usually a riot! They source a lot of recipes from their global audience. As Ben points out in the episode, "Everyone has a story to tell around food." Now with over 1500 videos and a...


#17 - Martha Collison - On Imposter Syndrome & Baking Your Butt Off

This episode features cookbook author and recipe writer Martha Collison, whose career launched years ago on Great British Bake Off and who continues to be a baking rockstar. There's also a cameo by the wonderful Rachel Khoo at the top of the episode! Martha was recommended to me by one of YOU (hi!) to be a guest during my author series of interviews. Martha is awesome. At 17 years old, she was the youngest person ever to compete on the Great British Bake Off - and not only compete, but she...


#16 - Izy Hossack, 'The Savvy Cook' - On Timing, Technology & Food

Izy Hossack is a twice-published cookbook author, her blog (Top With Cinnamon) was groundbreaking in the UK, and she's killin' it on Instagram (with over 220k followers!)- @izyhossack - redefining what the intersection of food, social media and nutrition can look like into the future. Izy first gained international attention with her blog Top With Cinnamon when she was just 15 years old! Now, just about to graduate from university with a Food Science and Nutrition degree, she’s poised to...


#15 - Emma Gannon - On Embracing the Multi-Hyphenated Career Path & Listening to Your Gut

Emma Gannon is my definition of a rockstar. She’s a writer and broadcaster, and each of those descriptors are umbrellas under which she does many things. Her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete (named after her first book), is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. She’s an insightful conversationalist, an incredible listener, unapologetically opinionated and each step of her career proves just how adaptable she is. She’s also a regular on BBC Woman’s Hour and she was selected as one of Forbes 30...


#14 - Bronwen Percival - On the Fight for Real Cheese

There can be no doubt that Bronwen Percival has found her calling, and her passion for cheese is downright infectious. The reach of cheese is massive: historical, scientific, cultural, economical, agricultural. We talk about all these aspects of cheese, and more. Bronwen is the co-author of the book "Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes and the Fight for Real Cheese." She gives us her top tips for getting your hands on real cheese and how to nudge the industry in the right direction. I...


#13 - Venetia Falconer of Talking Tastebuds - On the Food Journey

Venetia Falconer is the host of the podcast Talking Tastebuds, where she talks with people about their relationship with food. Venetia is also a presenter and producer. In this episode, we talk about her journey with food and when the significant shifts have happened in her life; from having a disordered relationship with food to having it be something she enjoys most in life. She also talks about her decision to be vegan and how she handles the potentially awkward social elements of that,...


# 12 - Hester Cant & The Magic of Audio Storytelling

This episode is all about audio. “The idea that you can have something completely conjured by just closing your eyes is really special," Hester Cant told me as we talked about why she chose her career path. Hester and I talk about the intersection of food, culture and audio storytelling, and how what you wanted to do when you were 12 years old says a lot about what you should be doing with your life. I also talk with my brother an incredibly talented & successful professional musician, who...


#11 - Niki Kopcke of Mazí Mas - On Changing Social Structure With a Food Business

Niki Kopcke is the founder of Mazí Mas, a catering company and roaming restaurant in London that employs and trains migrant and refugee women. Mazí Mas is all about bringing the most unique part of a culture's cuisine to you while transforming the misperception of migrant and refugee women. Niki's work at the moment is focused on getting people to see migrant and refugee women as skilled professionals (which is exactly what they are). Niki is both a passionate creative -- she loves food...


#10 - Milly Kenny-Ryder of Weekend Journals - On Creating an Indie Travel Magazine

In this episode I talk with Milly Kenny-Ryder about how and why she launched the beautiful design-inspired indie travel guidebooks Weekend Journals, and the steep learning curve she and her partners faced in bringing all the various aspects together (choosing the paper stock, how to get a barcode, deciding which venues made it in the book). Where there’s a will, there a way... Milly explains why they published without any investors in order to maintain creative control (they got a bank...


#9 - Adam Vanni of Jarr Kombucha - On Selling a 'Weird' Product

In this episode I talk to Adam Vanni, director and co-founder of Jarr Kombucha. He gives me a tour of Jarr's production facilities in East London and we talk about how they launched this product in a market where people didn’t understand what kombucha was. We consider how much luck may have to do with beginning a company from scratch, and the importance of community to make an idea reality. We talk a bit about the science behind kombucha and we touch on the health benefits, as well as how...


#1 Melissa Hemsley - How To "Eat Happy" & Living a Creative, Confident Life

Melissa Hemsley is a cookbook author who has helped to revolutionize modern healthy home cooking, along with her sister Jasmine. Melissa has had a TV show on BBC Radio Four, she hosts a podcast called Life.Live.Better, and she just released a new cookbook called "Eat Happy: 30 minute feel good food." Melissa talks with us about her interest in what makes people tick and her passion for helping anyone get "kitchen confident." We're also joined by a pop-in guest, Venetia Falconer, of the...


Pilot episode - Julie Nolke of Feeling Peckish

This is the pilot episode for the Keep It Quirky podcast! Julie Nolke, the personality of the Feeling Peckish YouTube channel, shares her creative process, what makes her tick and the struggles of being a multi-hyphenated career woman in the entertainment space.