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All good things must come to an end...

Karly and Lisa share a brave, honest and raw conversation about speaking your truth, stepping into the discomfort that comes with clarity, and putting friendship first. This is the final episode of Keeping Good Company for the foreseeable future. It is a powerful example of the goodness to be found in honouring yourself, honouring the differences in the people you love, being brave and Keeping Good Company. 1:45 Karly and Lisa look back to where their joint venture began. Karly reflects...


Solo ep: Self Integrity

In this episode of Keeping Good Company Lisa introduces the best concept she has found for building accountability into her business and life - and it’s got nothing to do with anyone else… If you find yourself procrastinating and shifting your own deadlines, this episode is for you. 2:00 - What happens when you are an idea’s person and how Lisa is experimenting with the way she completes work tasks 2:55 - What self integrity means to Lisa and what she had relied on to date in her...


Bringing back the spark - when business feel a bit groundhog day

Is your business feeling a bit like Groundhog Day? On this episode of Keeping Good Company Lisa and Karly explore one of the realities of entrepreneurship: when the work no longer feels new and exciting. They look at when being a thrill-seeking entrepreneur doesn’t align with sound business decision-making, and consider ways to inject more fun into the things that work but might not be as exciting as you’d like them to be. 1:44 Lisa shares where she is at with her Small Steps Membership...


Finding your voice and sharing your story with Emily Tamayo Maher

Karly brings us an inspiring chat with her author coach, Emily Tamayo Maher. Emily is the creator of The Meaning Method, a program she uses to help aspiring authors turn their personal life story into the books they were meant to write. This chat is simultaneously grounded in the practical and wonderfully woo-woo. Today, on Keeping Good Company, Karly and Emily delve into the common blocks people face when writing a book and creating more generally, with an overarching theme of tying in...


James Wedmore on the Stories that halt your growth

Today’s episode of Keeping Good Company is a cracker! Lisa interviews her mentor and coach, James Wedmore. James is the creator of a seven-figure business which he uses to help entrepreneurs develop the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He is also the creator and host of the enormously successful and “totally woo-woo” podcast Mind Your Business. Lisa and James chat about the inner world of entrepreneurship. James provides valuable advice on how to take your business to the next level...


How Karly became a No.1 podcaster and you can too

Karly and Lisa take a deep dive into podcasting. Karly shares her path to becoming the creator of two number one podcasts on iTunes. They bust through the common barriers people create in their minds, provide guidance on what is needed to get started and share their experiences of using podcasting to create deep relationships. Today Karly and Lisa talk building relationships through podcasting and how it isn’t as hard to get started as you think. 00:30 Lisa asks Karly: why podcasting?...


How Lisa built her online business with video

Lisa and Karly discuss their knowledge and experiences around getting on camera. Lisa shares her beginnings in community tv and how video has served her in business. Karly breaks down some common barriers by sharing her early on-screen efforts, depressed and running on the beach. Today Lisa and Karly talk showing up on video: the barriers, the benefits and the best way to get started. 3:10 Lisa provides some background on her path from uni student to successful business owner, including...


Being Seen and Heard

Lisa and Karly talk all things visibility. This deep dive covers big ground; from being vulnerable, to what people are looking for in their social media feeds, to the language of sharing, to the many ways different in which you can show up and speak up. Today Lisa and Karly explore, with their customary authenticity; being visible, vulnerable and in conversation with your people when doing business. 00:30 - Lisa reflects on an Instagram draft post that gave her sweaty palms. 04:05 -...


Environment matters - creating and getting out of your space

Lisa has recently returned from a mastermind retreat in San Diego and Karly is back from a weekend away with some fellow clarity-seeking women. While they’re feeling filled up from their experiences, they reflect on the value of getting away from the daily grind, what that does for them and their businesses, and what ‘getting away’ actually looks like in their lives. Karly also looks at her own life and the structure she’s created for productivity and realises she’s created a prison for...


Consistency - How to Show Up When You Really Can't Be Fucked

Karly has a motherfucker of a head cold and would so much rather be laying in bed streaming Made In Chelsea on HayU. Instead, she’s here, busting open an honest conversation with Lisa, and you, about how to maintain that all important level consistency (as discussed last week) when you feel like shit, haven’t stopped crying for two days, feel totally gross in your body, are uninspired, crippled by self doubt or totally over hearing yourself. 3:00 - Lisa shares that she’s feeling like her...


Why Consistency and Great Content Still Matter - the evolution of blogging and socials

Lisa recently found herself in the back of a car with two other well known 'wellness bloggers' and it prompted her to look back at her journey from blogger, with a thermomix and some decent recipes, to building the Small Step empire that it is today. Today Karly and Lisa jam on what it takes to make it in this crazy online world. 2:00 - Lisa dives into the very beginning of 'Lisa Corduff' - the brand. And Karly looks back at her days creating Think Beautiful... when facebook was a much...


The Path of Least Resistance

Karly has recently returned from Hay House Writers Workshop and has made the big decision to self publish her first book (which she's been writing for around 2 years) as an audio only book. She's back, and recording the book already... because she's decided to follow a path of least resistance. 2:10 - When Karly is very innocently asked 'is your book an audio book' and her brain almost imploded with the simplicity. She shares how we have this insane ability to way overcomplicate...


When Life Becomes an Excuse

Lisa has just returned back from Sydney, running one event and speaking at another, in amidst some big stuff happening in her personal life. She had a choice to make; cancel on the trip, or go. It could have easily have been a case of 'there's just too much going on, I'll stay home'. Instead, Lisa packed her bags, pulled some serious ninja moves, shuffled and organised a shitload of stuff, called in for support, and got on that plane. Today Karly and Lisa chat about when your life becomes...


Reframing the Refund Request

Karly and Lisa explore the wonderful world of... refunds. It's a place where our emotions can get the best of us. It's a place where we can feel a little personally attacked, or fall into chronic self doubt. We can also get a bit reactive and defensive. What if a refund request actually has little to do with you, or with the quality of your product? And how can we turn a refund request into an opportunity? 1:45 - Lisa shares her own experiences with refund requests, her generous refund...


The People Pleaser and The Low Bar

Off the back of a call for Keeping Video Real with Samantha Nolan-Smith (who featured on episode no.9) Lisa asks the question Sam offered the KVR peeps a few poignant questions: Both questions provide Lisa and Karly with massive insights into who they are and how they've been limiting themselves based on old childhood programs. 2:03 - Lisa explores how her friends and parents might have described her and makes a big discovery about what she has made that mean. 7:30 - Karly explores her...


Best and Worst Investments

Karly and Lisa explore their best and worst business investments. They start the episode in fits of laughter when Karly can't seem to think of any 'bad' investments... which is hilarious, considering her $100k business failure. Lisa shares mistakes she's made in her business; investing in the wrong people. They chat about the key lessons they've learned through the mistakes they've made... how to decide what is a worthy investment, and what is not... and they discover there really is no bad...


How do you set goals when it feels so blergh

This weeks episode Karly and Lisa wax lyrical on goal setting. Both Lisa and Karly have felt deep resistance around setting long term business goals. Concerned that having a goal will stifle creativity, Lisa discusses how her 90 day plan has bought more structure to her business. While her 10 year vision feels like a goal setting playground. Karly, takes time to reflect on her year of wins and thoroughly celebrate how far she has come. This inspires her to stop avoiding the future and...


Doing business YOUR way - even if it makes zero sense

In today's episode Karly and Lisa talk about their recent new offerings and how different approaches, can bring amazing results. Karly and Lisa have just both launched new products into the online market and have launched in very different ways. Karly has taken her no fucks given approach, and built her offer as an artwork coming from the inside out. Where Lisa has bought serving her community and her business acumen to highly profitable but low key offering. Listen in as Karly and Lisa...


Recovering from a Major F*ck Up

What do you do when things are going wrong? Today Lisa recounts her online business worst nightmare: How one of her biggest ever webinars totally went pear-shaped. Far from being a pity party, Lisa recounts how she has used a huge technical f*ck up to get back in the zone and how making one small decision can completely shift your whole perspective. 06:25 - What happens when all the eggs are broken? 13:00 - Find out how Lisa shifts the mood around her launch f*ck up. 14:48 - “You’ve got...


When you have all the good ideas

In today's episode, Lisa and Karly Talk about what happens when you have all the good ideas. How to filter and sift out the ideas that align with you and your purpose. How to be ok with letting go of the things that “seem like a good idea”. Often, it’s easy to get caught up in the rushing in of a brilliant new idea. The moment when the idea lands, in our brain, many of us want to race out and scream at the EUREKA! This is it - the thing - the idea, program, mastermind, e-course, series that...