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Buying, selling, and investing in LA.

Buying, selling, and investing in LA.
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Buying, selling, and investing in LA.




020- The changes you must know if buying in 2019! with expert Jason Vanderpoort

KERI: Hey guys! It’s Keri TV and I am so lucky today. I have my wealth of mortgage information person guru here with me, Jason Vanderpoort. You do not want to miss today’s episode if you are in the market to buy a home. Stay tuned. [music] KERI: Even when we’re not working together, I’m always asking him questions. He’s so amazing. He’s always there to help my clients out. Luckily we get to do a lot of deals together. JASON: Yes, thank you. KERI: Yeah. Thank you for being here on...


019- Markets of America: St. Louis Missouri

KERI: Hey guys, it’s Keri TV. I am so excited to bring you this episode today. We are in St. Louis. Yes, St. Louis, Missouri. It’s my first time here. I’m here with my mom. We’re going to bring you an episode about the markets of America. [music] KERI: We’re exploring some different markets in the States and seeing where it’s good to invest and if there’s any good places coming up. Come tour with us today in St. Louis. [music] KERI: I want to introduce you to a good friend of...


016- What a Deal

Hey guys! It’s Keri TV and I’m filming an episode about this amazing condo that I just sold right here. As I was setting up my tripod on top of my car here I got asked for directions. Which way is Wilshire? That way! Stay tuned for this week’s episode. [music] We just closed on this top floor, right here. It’s a beautiful, tall four-story building. There’s actually not that many buildings in Santa Monica that are above two stories, so it’s a little bit of a rarity. Because of that, the...


015- The truth about Home Warranty Protection with Jessica Wood

KERI: Hey guys! It’s Keri TV. Today we have a special guest. I’m sharing one of my preferred vendors with you guys. [music] KERI: This is Jessica Wood. JESSICA: Hi. KERI: Jessica, tell us who you are and what you do. JESSICA: My name’s Jessica Wood. I’m a local representative with Old Republic home protection. KERI: Hm, protection. JESSICA: I help people get their warranty. KERI: Home warranties, okay. When people are buying a home, usually a seller provides a home...


014- Myth Of The Holidays

Hey guys! It’s Keri TV, and today I’m going to be talking about the myth of the Holidays. Stay tuned. [music] So the myth of the holidays. I’m talking about this today because it’s something that I’ve been discussing with so many different people over the last two or three weeks, maybe a month. I always love to talk about topics that are super relevant. The basis of Keri TV is not the encyclopedia of real estate, although some people think I am one, but more so really what I deal with...


013- Health Coach: Tania Mack

KERI: Hey guys! It’s Keri TV, and I’m so excited for my special guest here, one of my very bestest closest friends. I’ve invited her on this show today to talk about her career and her industry which is health coach. Stay tuned for this episode and these amazing tips. [music] KERI: It’s so important for me to stay connected with my amazing girlfriend and also for health and vitality because you can’t run a successful business without your health and your mindset. I’m so grateful to...


012 -Myth Of An Agent!

Keri TV: Hey guys. It’s Keri TV, and today I’m talking to you about something that is actually pretty emotional and a little personal, and I just wanted to open up a little bit and be a little bit raw with the world. As if I’m not already a little raw enough, right? Today’s episode is ‘The Myth of the Real Estate Agent’. [music] This is actually quite an emotional video for me to do because, if you know me, you know I’m super passionate about what I do and super passionate about my...


011- URGENT: What is an Opportunity Market?

Hey guys, it’s Keri TV. Today’s topic is, “Why Urgency is Key.” Check it out. Okay. So, the market’s been crazy. Every other headline is, the market’s going down, sales are decreasing, they’re at their seventh highest deduction rate, etcetera. The fear is being put out like crazy. Now, I’m sure a lot of people are like, what the hell’s going on? What do I do? The market’s going down. What do we do? Now, the problem is there are so many different buyers who have not bought anything yet, and...


010 - Fastest Escrow Ever Off Market!

Keri: KERI TV and we are in hot North Hollywood and I'm with one of my favorite agents and one of my closest friends Adrienne Martz from the agency and we're letting you know about an amazing sale that we just had off market. We want to tell you a little bit about the ins and outs of how it went. We are in North Hollywood which if you don't know is a really hot pocket in the valley. There's a lot of single-family homes still under 700, 600. So, we were introduced to the seller on his...


009- Prop 5 & 10 - What YOU need to know!

KERI: Hey guys, it’s Keri TV, and we have a very special guest here today. This is Dave White, who is a big real estate investor, and also happens to be my father. So excited to have him here for our special episode. We were talking about this when we were in Palm Desert last weekend, about proposition 10 and proposition 5 and what it means. I said, hey dad, will you film an episode with me? So here we are. KERI: As you know, the mid-term elections are coming up on the sixth of November....


008 - LONGEST Escrow of my Career!

Hey guys, this is Keri TV. This is going to be a video that I’m filming in a different location. What’s so important about this right here, right now, is that it is 5:30. I just arrived home, and I’m changing for dinner. I am opening up a bottle of champagne to celebrate one of the biggest victories in my career. Victory for the persistence that it took and all the people involved. I sound like I’m winning an academy award. This is great. This is great. I just feel super excited because we...


007 - “The Pocket Listing Service"? A Must know in this market!

KERI: Hey guys! It’s Keri TV. I have a very special guest today. I’m super excited to introduce Chris Dyson, a fellow colleague at the agency. We have something we’re so excited to share with you that’s become a little bit more mainstream in the agent circles. It started as an agency exclusive, and it’s called the PLS, which stands for the... CHRIS: Pocket Listing Service. KERI: Pocket Listing Service. We’re going to explain a little bit today on our episode on what that means and how it...


006 - Tips to Freshen up Your Home This Fall

Hey everybody, it’s Keri TV, and it is fall. Back to school, summer is over, oh my goodness. Well, if you live in LA it’s endless summer, so you’re okay. You’re okay. Speaking of fall, I wanted to talk about some fun self-home improvement for the fall. Whether you want to make your space more comfortable, more usable, or more attractive, this is just a few tips that won’t take up too much time or too much money. Look at your exterior. Do a big fresh coat of paint on your front door and do...


005 - Survival Guide on Selling to Buy at The Same Time

Hey guys, it’s Keri TV, and today I’m talking about something I’m dealing with quite a lot. How do you sell your current property, buy another property, and not become: one, homeless - oh gosh - or two, be paying two mortgages? If you’re in the process of doing something like this, I’d definitely tune in today to hear these tips and tricks and common practices. First of all, you’re either: one, looking for some more space; two, moving to a better location - hey, moving on up; or three,...


004 - Interview with Sara Colón - Incredible Business Litigation Attorney!

KW: Hey guys, it’s Keri White, it’s KeriTV, and today I’m in the streets of Venice with property mogul, Sara Colón. The reason I’m highlighting her today is because she’s an incredible Business Litigation Attorney, and I want to share her with my world. So, Sara, tell us a little bit about your practice. SC: Sure! I’m a Business Litigator with the law firm of Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan. We’re located in Brentwood. KW: Yeah, right by me. SC: Yes! I’ve been doing Business Litigation for...


003 - Who You Work With Matters

Hey guys. It’s Keri TV. I’m talking about some of my super-secret tips today, so you definitely don’t want to miss this episode. Competition out there is fierce. What are you doing differently, or who are you working with to make sure you can really get ahead in today’s highly competitive market? Whether you’re a first time buyer, moving up to a bigger home, selling a big home, investing, or purchasing for a kid, what do you do to stand out against all these other people who are looking...


002 - Strengthen Your Offer

Hey guys. It’s Keri White. I was just talking to a client about how to strengthen their offer, and I wanted to share some tips. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re buying a condo for a kid or another condo, you still want to make sure that you’re writing as strong of an offer as possible. As we were just reviewing, the condo market in LA is absolutely on fire right now. Here’s four good tips. You can strengthen your offer without just increasing the price. There’s other factors...


001 - Condo Marina Del Ray

Hey everybody, it’s Keri TV. I’m super excited for my clients, my sellers. We just closed on their condo in Marina Del Rey. We’re on Redwood here, in this beautiful complex. Wouldn’t you love to live here? I’m super excited because they made out on this place. I sold it. They’re some of my favorite clients, I’m actually really sad that they’re moving away. That’s okay, that’s what happens in life. They’ll come back and visit, right? You guys will come back and visit, right, if you’re...