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This is the Key Insights Show where we feature CEOs and how they are thriving in today’s market.

This is the Key Insights Show where we feature CEOs and how they are thriving in today’s market.


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This is the Key Insights Show where we feature CEOs and how they are thriving in today’s market.




Deploying and Scaling Data Solutions With Mark Hookey of Demyst

Mark Hookey is the Founder and CEO of Demyst, a company that deploys data across the globe to solve risk, automation, and growth objectives. Before creating Demyst, Mark was the Managing Director for LexisNexis, a Partner at Optimal Decisions Group, and Consultant for Corporate Value Associates. Mark graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor’s in engineering and commerce. He earned his MBA in business administration and management from Columbia Business School. In this...


How Self-Guided Tours Are Shaping the Real Estate Industry With Andre Sanchez of Rently

Andre Sanchez is the COO of Rently, an innovative self-guided touring and smart home technology company. Andre graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in biochemistry. He worked as a cancer diagnostic researcher in the biotech industry before his passion for technology took over. He began as an Account Executive with Rently before he moving through the ranks to his current position. In this episode… With the spike in rental tours, how can you provide clients with a safe and effective...


Elevating Electronic Security With Art Beaver of Security Systems of America

Art Beaver is the Founder and CEO of Security Systems of America, ranked one of the top 100 security companies in the country by SDM Magazine. Art has been in the security space since 1971 and has grown his business to a team of over 70 professionals. He earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Electronic Security and Technology Association. In this episode… When it comes to securing your home, can you design a system built to fit your needs and budget? How can you monitor and...


An Appetite for Security Innovation With Paul Spinella of Spectrum Brands

Paul Spinella is the Key Account Manager at Spectrum Brands, a home essentials company delivering the newest solutions to consumers, where he manages wholesale relationships of big brands. He began his career in the finance and insurance sector before transitioning to security with ADT. He is the Author of the book that’s tentatively titled You’re Not Broken. Paul graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor’s in psychology and earned his master’s in marriage and family...


Security Guards On Demand With Jesse Firth of Secyre

Jesse Firth is the CEO at Secyre, a security software that provides protection when and where you need it. He’s also the Head of Business Development at Blue Eye Security, with over 17 years of experience in the sales engineering, systems design, and systems integration verticals. Jesse began in the electrical industry, working as a Journeyman Electrician for Highland Electric. He then advanced his career as the Owner of All Media Communications Inc., where he designed fiber optic networks,...


Proactive Theft Protection with Damon Kirchmeier of Blue Eye Defense

Damon Kirchmeier is the CEO of Blue Eye Defense, an AI software security company highly trained in video surveillance. He joined Blue Eye in 2015 after investing in the company and has been leading the team ever since. Before joining Blue Eye, Damon was the Director of EPIC Venture Fund, Partner at Auxano Funding, and President at Rockwell Time USA. He also co-founded InnoVentures Capital and went on to raise and invest two funds into more than 100 companies including Entrata, Jive...


Security Solutions and Automation with Justin Armstrong of All-in-One Security and Home Entertainment

Justin Armstrong is the Vice President of Operations at All-in-One Security and Home Entertainment, a security, smart-home automation, and home entertainment installer. All-in-One is a family-owned business that has been established for over 15 years. Justin is heavily experienced in working with the security and investigations industry to provide the highest quality service and technology. In this episode… How do you measure security performance? What are the ingredients to building your...


Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Data with AJ Jolivette of Soho

AJ Jolivette is the Owner of Soho, a leading information technology service provider for businesses in Southern California and New York City. He is also the CTO of Joliware International, a mobile software development company. A tech enthusiast, AJ specializes in advanced tech like malware and cybersecurity, and has done cyber work for the FBI and NASA. Outside of the tech world, AJ is a blackbelt in Krav Maga, a military self-defense and fighting system. In this episode… Are you looking...


How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

Scott Johnson is the President of Key Marketing Group, a company focused on scaling B2B companies through their proven process. Scott graduated from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona and began a career in finance as a Fund Representative at Capital Group. Equipped with his finance degree and over a decade of SEO experience, Scott has a strong understanding of returns across industries. In this episode… What is the difference between your website launching and your website...