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KRL_015 - Deborah Levine

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A Passion for Caregiving Leads to A Career of Service and Finding Myself Again

Joan shares a journey of struggle to a life of joy. as she states: 'I have always worked in caregiving professions. Out of college for 7 years in group homes for special gifted adults, then in Activities in nursings facilities for 18 years, and now as a case worker for seniors in the community. In all the years of caregiving I have learned the importance of self care, for if you are empty you have nothing to give to others.' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Successful Marketing in a World of Hustle

Robyn is a dedicated and passionate marketer (obsessed with consumer behavior and attention marketing). She began her career in advertising in 2005 (media/communication planning & buying) and moved client side to start her career in marketing at Kobo - now Rakuten Kobo (2013 - 2016) where she last held the position of Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager. In 2016, she moved back to her hometown of Ottawa (for love - she met and married her partner in crime) and took on the Regional Marketing...


Increased Energy Equals Increased Performance and Success with Kelly Callabrese

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The Power of Curiosity to Leverage Success

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Life Stressors in the Spotlight, Literally

. Galinsky is a writer, speaker coach, producer and performer. He made his Off Broadway debut as an actor and playwright at the Cherry Lane Theater under the direction of Jay O. Sanders, presented by Chris Noth and Barry "Shabaka" Henley. He is the author of the book "Coffee Crazy" and is founder of, recently acquired by C-Suite Holdings, and is an in demand TEDx speakers coach. Galinsky is the founder of the New York Reality TV School and his work...


Life Changes Lead to Career Success with Filippo Voltaggio

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Famous Author and Business Leader Bob Burg Speaks Candidly on His Battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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A Story of Heroism in Everyday Life

Today’s guest has lived through difficulties in life, and has risen to a place of joy and service to others. Jeffrey Hayzlett is a prime-time TV and podcast host, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and global business celebrity. On today’s episode, he shares some nuggets of wisdom on how to get through the day to day trials and tribulations of life, as well as a discussion on his involvement with C-Suite. Consider/Ask: Radical Mindset Musings Revolutionary Leader's Mantra: Don’t dwell...


Finding Clarity in Wanderlust

Greg Anderson, author photography artist, and world traveler, among many other things, joins Kristie on the podcast today. Greg experienced a lot of different places during his childhood, and a lot of different career choices throughout his adulthood. In this episode, Greg shares the struggles of his journey, building resilience and getting clarity in your life. Consider/Ask: Radical Mindset Musings · From an early age, Greg had to learn to adapt to new places and meeting new people. His...


Domestic Violence: How to Support an Employee

In a company, domestic violence is more prevalent than we care to admit, Listen to Britt as she teaches you how to support your staff. Britt Warnick is a Revolutionary Leader in the area of domestic violence. She joins Kristie on the show today to talk about her own experiences with domestic abuse, and her rise to serve and give back to others has lead to business success. Her story is touching and powerful. Consider/Ask: Radical Mindset Musings Revolutionary Leader's Mantra: Trauma will...


Impact of Trauma in the Workplace

Heather has lived through life difficulties just like you, but has since risen to a place of service to others and a life of joy. She currently works as a trauma practitioner, but is also certified in Kundalini yoga, as a dance therapist, and a mystic healer. On today’s episode, Kristie speaks with Heather about her experiences, struggles, and the rise. Consider/Ask: Radical Mindset Musings Revolutionary Leader's Mantra: In your darkest hour, whether your sick or going through...


Key to a Successful Family Business

Paula Acuña is a coach serving others in Costa Rica. Her services come from the idea that we can be really productive, but we first have to focus on what we really want. On today’s episode with Kristie, she discusses some of her coaching philosophy, as well as her journey to becoming a coach. Consider/Ask: Radical Mindset Musings● Many times we are trying to please everyone but ourselves. We go into automatic pilot and follow imposed ideas without considering our own dreams and what we want...


Essential Guide to Visibility in Your Business

Debbi is a media personality and visibility expert that works with spiritual professionals to put together the puzzle of writing a page-turner book. From a young age, it was clear that there was an extroversion about her, and that she was meant to be in front of people and thrive. In today’s episode, Debbi talks with Kristie about growing up, how duality affected her childhood and relationships growing up, as well as discussing some of her periods of depression and how she was able to pull...


The Impact of Psychological Health in the Workplace

Leon recently moved his family to Idaho and is working on breaking stigma around mental health, specifically suicide. Having dealt with his own thoughts and attempts of suicide, Leon is now studying Human Development & Family Studies and his looking to get into an education career, social work, or counseling. In this episode, he shares his journey of overcoming his struggles, some of his coping mechanisms (both good and bad), as well as the importance of having a support system around him....