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We help people get jobs through better resumes and job search advice. You will hear motivational advice from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide you through your career.

We help people get jobs through better resumes and job search advice. You will hear motivational advice from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide you through your career.
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We help people get jobs through better resumes and job search advice. You will hear motivational advice from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide you through your career.






#26) Should you upload your resume as a PDF or Word Document? | Just-Ask-Chris MINISODE #3

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in regards to job applications and ATS software is whether or not to submit your resume as a PDF or Word Document. We don't blame you for your concern. That is why Chris Villanueva, CPRW at Let's Eat, Grandma resume services decided to break down the key differences in submitting your resume as a PDF or a Word Document. Word Doc vs. PDF (Spark Notes Version) Here is the Spark Notes version of the podcast episode: Word Documents are better...


#25) Hack Your Job Search with More Efficient Communication | Andrew McCann, Founder of 11trees

Until 2/15: Get the CAREER WARRIOR APP for free here: https://mailchi.mp/letseatgrandma/careerwarriorappsignup Welcome to the 25th episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast! Today we are going to show you how you can communicate more efficiently in your career. But first, let me ask you this: How long does it take for you to send out messages? Maybe you just met 10 people at a networking event and the idea of following up with them sounds daunting. Truth is, writing is more...


#24) Use Resume Keywords to Land Interviews | Just-Ask-Chris MINISODE #2

Happy New Year! And welcome to the 24th episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast, where our goal is to not only help you land your dream job but to be the best professional you can be. Today we are going to address the question, “How can I get targeted with resume keywords?” Mini-questions we address: To enter our contest, please share any episode you like on Facebook. Please remember to like and tag Let's Eat, Grandma (consulting service) to make sure we give you credit.


#23) Breaking into a Career in Coding | Matt Landers, CEO of Covalence

Today, we are going to talk about how you can break into a career in coding! (Maybe you’re not even sure if this industry is right for you, and you need help making that decision. If so, this episode is perfect for you). Let's Eat, Grandma interviewed Matt Landers, the CEO of Covalence, a top-notch online coding bootcamp. Matt began his career in coding with a 10 year run at Microsoft in various tech positions. After Microsoft, Matt left to start his own company called Platypi --and...


#22) Sales HUSTLE with the Life Wizard | Bob Brunson

Welcome to the 22nd episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Job Seeker’s Podcast! Today we have an episode for anyone in sales. This doesn’t mean your title is necessarily sales, but this is any one who is selling something or boosting business. We are going to talk about why it is so important that you not just expect things to fall into your lap to make these sales happen. Today, I am honored to have Bob Brunson with us today. He is an entrepreneur, highly experienced sales professional, and...


#21) Get Hypnotized | Unlocking your Job Search Potential | Mark Tyrrell from Uncommon Knowledge

Welcome to the 21st episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast! We are going to talk about how you can use hypnosis to boost your job search-- and will be putting you all through a hypnosis session at the end. Today we have Mark Tyrrell, founder of HypnosisDownloads.com, which is the largest provider of hypnosis in the world. Together with his team, Mark has served over 600,000 hypnosis downloads and treated 5,000 patients in personal one-on-one therapy. He’s helped thousands...


#20) How to Develop Your Personal Brand

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Let’s Eat, Grandma Career Warrior Podcast! (This was formerly the LEG Job Seeker's Podcast). Today we are going to talk about how you can establish or continue to improve your own personal brand. Everyone has their own personal brand whether they know it or not. But here’s the caveat: Most people don’t know they can easily impact the direction, strength, or even awareness of their brand – and use it to their advantage. Why should we all have our...


#19) Changing Our Name: Career Warrior Podcast | Who This Show Is Really For

On November 30th, 2018, we will be changing the name from the LEG Job Seeker’s Podcast to the Career Warrior Podcast. Why we are changing the name: We quickly realized that it's not just about the job search. This podcast is intended for people who want to live their best life. And have their best career. The common bond is that people who listen to this podcast are smart, goal driven, and want to put their best foot forward in anything they do. People that listen to this podcast want to...


#18) How to Effectively Apply for Jobs | A Deeper Look from Career Coach, Al Robinette

Welcome to the 18th episode of The Career Warrior Podcast (formerly The LEG Job Seeker's Podcast)! We are going to talk about best practices in your job search strategy. What we cover here: Connect with Al Robinette on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alrobinette/ Connect with Chris Villanueva on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-villanueva-cprw/


#17) Morning Routines for Millennials | Boosting Productivity and Mental Energy | Jordan Gross

Welcome to the 17th episode of the The Career Warrior Podcast (formerly Let’s Eat, Grandma Job Seeker’s Podcast)! We are going to talk about how to upgrade your day and hack your energy and productivity – so that you can have a better job search. (Or if you are not searching, you can use these tips to have a better workday in general). Our guest today, Jordan Gross, is a former top-performing athlete, certified professional trainer, startup growth hacker, and a business management expert....


#16) How to Build a Winning Networking Strategy | LinkedIn, Events, and Building Authentic Human Connections | Al Robinette

iTunes | Spotify | Google Play It's time for the networking episode! We are going to talk about how you can build a winning networking strategy in your job search. According to a 3,000 person study by Lou Adler and LinkedIn, 85% of critical jobs were filled by networking of some sort. And often before jobs were posted, they were already filled internally or through a referral. Guys this is a mind blowing statistic and should really speak to why you need to up your networking game...


#15) Listen to This When You Feel Rejected

Welcome to Episode #15: Listen to this episode when you feel rejected. The goal of this episode is to lift you out of a rejected state -- and get you in a place where you can continue fighting for your purpose. Preview of Core Concepts of Understanding Rejection: What to do now. Sources:


#14) Voices of Job Seekers: Challenges, Triumphs, and Horror Stories

Welcome to episode #14 of The Career Warrior Podcast (formerlyLEG Job Seeker’s Podcast)! Instead of our normal format, we did a LIVE & RAW podcast at Capital Factory with our job seeker's meetup group. We are going to hear from a range of job seekers to share their story – from challenges— to hacks and techniques—to just some entertaining stories. We think it’s so important to not take on your job search alone, and this podcast is going to give you a sense of being part of a group. So...


#13) Rejection, Disappointment, and Depression | When Your Job Search Goes Dark | Austin Therapist, Emily Griffiths

We are going to talk about rejection, disappointment, depression, anxiety, confidence, and all the things that may creep up in your job search. It all revolves around one thing: MENTAL HEALTH. We interviewed Emily Griffiths, a fantastic licensed therapist here in Austin. Emily is a mentor at Capital Factory, the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, where she helps CEOs and co-founders of startups. Here are some sample questions we cover in this episode: Arming up for your job...


#12) How to Stand Out in your Job Application | Advice from an HR Professional

Let's Eat, Grandma interviewed Analiza Gonzales, an all-star human resources professional -- so you can learn how to make yourself stand out in the job application! Analiza has looked at more applications than you can imagine -- and brings a unique insight as to what candidates can do get their foot in the door. Analiza also is a professional resume writer for Let's Eat, Grandma, where she helps people get jobs. Here are some commonly asked questions from you guys that we cover: Connect...


#11) Does Age Discrimination Exist in the Modern Job Search?

Welcome to the 11th episode of The Career Warrior Podcast (formerly The Let’s Eat, Grandma Job Seeker’s Podcast)! This is an episode about age discrimination and its implications within your job search. You’re going to learn about age discrimination, why people do it, and the action steps you can take in your job search to deal with it. We will address the following questions: Resources Mentioned in the Podcast Episode: Economic...


#10) Building a Career in Brand Marketing | From Coca-Cola to E&J Gallo | Courtney O'Brien

Subscribe and listen on: iTunes Spotify Google Play Are you looking to grow your career in brand marketing? Well stop what you are doing, and listen to our 10th episode of the The Career Warrior Podcast (formerly Let's Eat, Grandma Job Seeker's Podcast!) With a solid career in brand marketing, she’s grown well-known brands such as Coke Zero and Apothic (E&J Gallo Winery). As E&J Gallo's Director of Marketing for Premium Innovation, she's managed over $300 million in revenue for 9...


#9) How long should your resume be? | Just-ask-Chris MINISODE #1

This is...the Let’s Eat, Grandma podcast number 9 – this is Just-Ask-Chris Minisode #1. We are going to take commonly asked job search questions, break them down, and give you the information as one in-depth answer. Why a minisode? We wanted to give you another way to learn complex information. We take the complex information with a million different rules (like resume writing in the English language) and give you a way to digest it easily. Little resume snacks if you will. We are...


#8) Three Things Hiring Managers Want to See in Your Resume

Have you ever wondered what hiring managers actually want to see on a resume? Let’s Eat, Grandma interviewed 3 experienced hiring managers here in Austin to get everything – the good the bad and ugly-- of the resumes they receive. Questions: 1.) What makes hiring managers put candidates in the YES pile? 2.) What makes hiring managers throw resumes in the TRASH? 3.) Where do the majority of new hires come from? 4.) What percentage of cover letters do hiring managers actually...


#7) How to Negotiate Salary | Cornell Professor Tony Simons - Part 2

In this episode, Cornell University Professor Tony Simons discusses the art of negotiation. Specifically, Chris Villanueva, Certified Professional Resume Writer, and Professor Simons discuss how to effectively negotiate the job salary that you deserve! In addition, Professor Simons reflects on his past negotiations, and how we can all learn from them. Professor Tony Simons is a organization behavior and negotiation professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. Professor Simons...