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Gamification: Rewarding Users With Points Pt.3 - - Ep.38

This is one of my favorit and most exciting episodes I had the pleasure to work on. One of the main reasons why games such as World of Warcraft gained popularity in the early days is because of the real-time feedback they provide. All your actions influence your avatar’s image and its stats which grow with every level. And you can see all this progress enforced by flashing stats +1 stamina, +1 intellect, +1 strength in front of you. In previous articles, I wrote about the importance of...


Gamification: The Importance Of Failure Pt.2 - - Ep.37

No one likes to fail. So how is that gamers can spend 80% of the time failing and still love what they are doing? — Jane McGonigal In the previous episode, I talked about the basic motivation principles for setting up a great gamification model. In this one, I would like to tell you what I learned about failing and why it is a critical element in gamification. Nicole Lazzaro is a games researcher, and in one of her researches she found out that, gamers spend nearly all their time failing....


Gamification: The Basics Pt.1 - - Ep36

The fact that so many people all over the world are ready to spend (in total) 3 billion of hours a week playing games is a sign of something. A sign that the reality we’ve built is broken and the virtual world offers more of what we need. A sign that reality isn’t able to provide us what we need. Games provide rewards that reality isn’t. They are teaching, inspiring and engaging us in ways that reality is not. And unless we do something dramatic in the next decades, half of the population of...


The Business Of Removing Negatives From A Product - - Ep.35

On this episode I will dive shortly into why people, sometimes, rationally choose the irrational. ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: ------- Available on: Podcast Website - My Blog: About Laroche:


RAW #1 - Launching First On The market, Disrupting, Rushing The Process -

It's an unusual episode for me because previously I was doing my research or taking time to create an episode, and this one is just a couple of ideas I had on my mind recently. And they boiled too much so I decided to share them with you. Too many people are rushing the process in the hope of creating something great and in the end all they get is more problems with their product, etc. Or sometimes they plan too much without actually getting anything out. Or they set themselves audacious...


The Problem With Online Reviews - - Ep.34

There is a problem with online reviews and I want to hear it out. We have to start designing better online behaviour, because the current one leads to some bad incidents. For example, I often take my coffee at a place with a 3 stars rating on Google, but it serves one of the best coffees in the city. The reviews come from two people who had once a bad experience. And Google shows to everyone that it has 3/5 stars without saying that it is one the best places to have a non-Starbucks, coffee....


The Importance of Feedback From a Product - - Ep.33

Ever watch people entering an elevator and repeatedly push the Up button? Or repeatedly push the pedestrian button at a street crossing? Or hit a refresh button many times because the loading bar keeps spinning and nothing happens? What is missing in all these cases is feedback — some way of letting you know that what you did is working. Feedback acknowledges actions and shows results to keep people informed. In this episode I will tell you about why it is crucial for a product to have a...


7 Basic Design Principles We Forget About - - Ep.32

Many times you see so many poor products because the person who designed it, ignored some basic design principles. In this episode I will go through seven of them. These principles should serve as more as a guiding path rather than a checklist or rules. Because if we make a rule out of a principles, with time it will be hard to break the pattern as the rule will become a habit. ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: ----------- About Laroche:


5 Things to Do Differently About Your Product's UX - - Ep.31

I would like to share with you some thoughts I have on UX and what we can do better. It mainly involves how we think about a design process and the fact that we are always trying to rush the process in order to achieve some self-imposed metrics that don’t bring any value. For example, the desire to always be first on the market with a product. But we forget that does it better will always beat, did it first. Also, during the podcast, I will tell you an interesting story about how I noticed a...


Designing Better Choices for Your Users - - Ep.30

Isn't it strange how sometimes we make decisions within the blink of an eye? Sometimes we simply seem to follow the crowd and sometimes we seem to make decisions without really thinking at all. In fact, recent academic studies in cognitive psychology, social psychology and behavioural economics suggest that over 90% of our decision-making is conducted somewhat unconsciously and automatically on a daily basis. In this episode we are going to discuss how certain things influence our decisions...


Why More Data is Not The Answer - - Ep 29

Many years ago, when we just started using the buzzword “big data”, a lot of people thought it’s the magic pill for all of their product or comapny failures, problems and future success. Most people still believe that vast amounts of data can provide better solutions than a person who doesn’t have it but knows human behaviour. But somehow we again don’t hit the sweet spot, why’s that? If it were a logical answer, we would already have found the answer — Rory Sutherland Further reading: Stop...


Why Greatest Products Do Only One Thing - - Ep.28

Uber did not allow you to pre-book a taxi. Amazon started out by selling books only. Google was just a search engine. McDonald’s got rid of cutlery. And somehow we still believe that for a product to be successful it must do many things. In this episode we will discuss why one of the best products always start simple and why sometimes it's better to keep it this way for the rest of product lifecycle ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: ------- Articles mentioned: Why...


Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions - - Ep.27

UPDATE: I just noticed that in the example of the elevator I said Window instead of Mirror. So it's a mirror that he installed to change perception of speed not a window. Pardon Why a solution to a problem in the 21st century may not be the answer and why sometimes we should focus on what users feel rather than what they see. What if we switched the food that is served in a restaurant with a Michelin star with one that does not have one, and vice-versa? Chances are you wouldn’t notice a...


Finding Unseen Opportunities, Thinking in Reverse - - Ep26

Recently I wrote an article on Medium about how to find unseen opportunities and think in reverse. And the inspiration came from the ideas of two great men, Charlie Munger and Rory Sutherland. So I am going to discuss their ideas and give you an interesting story on how you can apply the thinking in reverse method. ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: ------- Medium article link: More about me: Medium -...


Top Questions To Ask Before You Design Anything - - Ep.25

Today we are going to talk about the questions you need to ask before designing anything. The episode is a part of the article I wrote some time ago on Medium. Asking the right questions is an important part of the job of a designer. Why? Because it will uncover the true value of the things you are trying to achieve and will influence the end result. I hope that this episode will bring you value to your design process. Cheers! ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: -------...


Why Small Teams Win And Bigger Ones Fail - - Ep.24

On this episode I am going to talk about a recent article I wrote on Medium and it is Why Small Teams Win and Bigger Ones Fail. I received a lot of positive feedback for it and decided to make it as an episode and also added some extras to it. ------- Subscribe to my newsletter: ------- ___________ Link to the article: Follow me on Medium: About me: About the podcast:...


Stop Asking Users What They Want - - Ep 23

On this episode, I will talk about a recent article I wrote on Medium called - Stop Asking Users What They Want. It seemed as an interesting topic to me that a lot of companies base their decision making solely on the research they just did about their customers. I believe that this is not the best approach and there is a better way to go about it. Hopefully, this short episode will bring you some value on how to approach user research. ------- Subscribe to my newsletter:...


Scramble, Design Thinking, Staying focused on your mission - Marty Neumeier - - Ep.22

I had the pleasure to have Marty Neumeier second time on the podcast and this time we discussed many new things, including his new book Scramble. Marty is the author of Brand Gap, Zag, Brand Flip and other bestselling books. If you are a designer or business owner, then this episode is for you. We covered a lot of interesting stuff with some real-life examples: + How to bridge the gap between business needs and design + Why it is important to know how a day in the life of your customer looks...


Product Roadmaps Suck - and how to make them better - Ep. 21

In this podcast episode, we will dive into why product roadmaps suck and how we can make them better. --------- What should our product team work on today? The answer is usually on your product roadmap. It contains a list of features, ideas, tasks to do, small and big projects and multi-team efforts that must be achieved. Along with that, all of them have a deadline. So everyone can grab a task from the roadmap and not worry about what to do next. The problem is that in this case, we focus...


5 Skills a Modern Product Manager Must Have - Inspired by Marty Cagan - Ep.20

In this episode, I will briefly discuss the qualities of a great Product Manager based on the book Inspired by Marty Cagan. You can also find the article and script of this episode here. ( The reason I chose this topic is that every business depends on customers. And they buy what your product team has built. If you don’t get it right from the beginning, you have all the chances to fail. More about the book: Follow my blog on medium:...