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Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions - - Ep.27

Why a solution to a problem in the 21st century may not be the answer and why sometimes we should focus on what users feel rather than what they see. What if we switched the food that is served in a restaurant with a Michelin star with one that does not have one, and vice-versa? Chances are you wouldn’t notice a difference. What if I told you that travelling faster by train from point A to point B and saving one hour of time difference would cost you 6 billion in renovations and...


Finding Unseen Opportunities, Thinking in Reverse - - Ep26

Recently I wrote an article on Medium about how to find unseen opportunities and think in reverse. And the inspiration came from the ideas of two great men, Charlie Munger and Rory Sutherland. So I am going to discuss their ideas and give you an interesting story on how you can apply the thinking in reverse method. Medium article link: More about me: Medium - Website -


Top Questions To Ask Before You Design Anything - - Ep.25

Today we are going to talk about the questions you need to ask before designing anything. The episode is a part of the article I wrote some time ago on Medium. Asking the right questions is an important part of the job of a designer. Why? Because it will uncover the true value of the things you are trying to achieve and will influence the end result. I hope that this episode will bring you value to your design process. Cheers! Link to the article and table:...


How to build a design team, Creative entrepreneurship - Anthony Armendariz - Ep.17

In this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with Anthony Armendariz, founder of Funsize. Anthony is a designer, businessman, and investor. This interview covers an array of topics from how he founded Funsize, how he manages to wear different hats, what challenges he had to overcome while building Funsize, how he hires people, how to build a design team and what are the key ingredients for a great product and company. About Funsize: About


Creating value through branding and storytelling - Jess Williams, Communal Creative

So much positive energy, passion, and knowledge in a long and meaningful conversation with Jess Williams, the founder of Communal Creative. What is this episode about? There is a bit for everyone. We discussed the early days of Birchbox and Thrillist and how Jess was leading the team of creatives and how much amount of work went into stepping up the product game for Birchbox. What challenges she encountered at these companies. She shared a lot of personal stories on how she builds Communal...


How to design with empathy - Anna Charity, Headspace

Anna Charity is currently Head of Design at Headspace and has been nurturing the design aesthetic and brand since 2012. We had a wonderful conversation about early days of Headspace, how they design with empathy, what is a good design and many more. Available on: Soundcloud - iTunes - Website - About Laroche: ------- Music:...


How to design products for people - Ryan Singer, Basecamp

About the Episode In this episode, Ryan shared his philosophy on how to design simple and human products, how Basecamp works when implementing new features and updates. I truly believe this episode can be eye-opening to many designers and companies that are trying to fix their products or simply improve them with multiple features. It will help you to see a clear picture of what to do next and what are you doing wrong with your current product. Basecamp is used by millions of people and...


How to price creativity beyond billable hours - Blair Enns, Author

For the second time, I had the pleasure to have Blair Enns on the show and talk about his new book Pricing Creativity. So much fire and practical advice dropped on this episode of that you can't miss it! How to price a creative service beyond billable hours, why billing hours are a dead end, why discounting prices is not good, the psychology of value you are selling & creating for your clients and so much more just in one episode. I would listen to this episode twice and then go...


Human Development Model, Design process, Creating great products - JD Hooge, Instrument

JD is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Instrument. Since 2000, JD has created digital experiences for cultural institutions and companies large and small. Current clients include Facebook, XBOX, Google, Nike and Livestrong Foundation. We talked about how Instrument changed their HR model to a Human Development one and what are the benefits of it, what is his own design process and principles, how great products are created and much more. In the end, we discussed how companies can keep...


Building deep expertise, Positioning, Finding focus - David C. Baker, Author

David C. Baker is a speaker, author of 5 books, and a consultant. He worked with 750+ firms and in-house departments under that umbrella, and more than a hundred thousand others have been through his seminars or attended a speaking engagement. His most famous and recent book is the Business of Expertise. If you are an entrepreneurial expert selling advice for a living, you’ll absorb deeper and deeper insight each time you scour it. It emerges from the trenches and is written for experts in...


Importance of design & How AndCo is built - Martin Strutz, Co-Founder AND CO

In this episode, I talked with Martin Strutz, founding partner of AndCo which is an app that allows freelancers to automate invoicing, contracts, and payments. We discussed how and why he founded the company, why design is important and a crucial element in any successful company, why they did not automate the human support yet and how they make decisions when building the product. We also talked about the importance user experience and how it can be a key differentiator. Website:...


Designing to Cultivate Calm - Harald Dunnink, Momkai, Pt.2

This Part 2 only, make sure to check Part 1 for more in-depth background about Harald, his agency, work and some project insights. In this episode, we talked about Harald's second company DeCorespondent which is a Dutch news company (soon in the USA too). We talked about how he combines his work at Momkai and the news company, what he brings new to the table. Also we talked about his learnings through all these years . Harald is the founder and Creative Director of design studio Momkai and...


Designing to Cultivate Calm - Harald Dunnink, Momkai, Pt.1

This Part 1 only, make sure to check Part 2 for more in-depth knowledge and stories shared by Harald. Harald is the founder and Creative Director of design studio Momkai and the cofounder and Creative Director of De Correspondent. With his fifteen years of experience as a digital entrepreneur, Harald has developed a keen eye for the creative and business opportunities the online world offers. A holistic approach to design can be seen in all his work. His Momkai designs cultivate calm, so...


Niche to win and build a great product - Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse - Ep.08

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Carson, CEO, and founder of Treehouse. Ryan shared a lot of knowledge from his own experience on how he did build Treehouse, what is a great product and how to create one, why a great team is one of the most important things for your company. And what I found most interesting is when he shared what he learned from growing Treehouse and why passion is important when building a product. About Treehouse: our mission is bring effective,...


Pt. 2 - Virgin America, Ideas and inspiration, Creating great products - Joe Stewart - Ep.07

This is part two only, make sure to check for part 1 too for more context and background about Joe. As we had a very pleasant and long talk with Joe, I had to split the interview. In this episode, I talked with Joe Stewart who is a designer and founding partner of Work&Co. Recently, Fast Company named Work & Co to its 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design list for 2017. His personal client list includes Apple, Virgin America, YouTube, Target, & Rapha. He also was named to the Fast Company...


Pt. 1 - How Work&Co works - Joe Stewart - Ep.07

This is part one only, make sure to check for part 2 too. As we had a very pleasant and long talk with Joe, I had to split the interview. In this episode, I talked with Joe Stewart who is a designer and founding partner of Work&Co. Recently, Fast Company named Work & Co to its 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design list for 2017. His personal client list includes Apple, Virgin America, YouTube, Target, & Rapha. He also was named to the Fast Company Most Creative People in the industry. In...


How to create a valuable product - Charlie Waite, UX Director - GoPro - Ep. 06

Charlie Waite is GoPro's User Experience Director. From an agency life to an in-house design director, Charlie explains what it takes to create a great product, talks about his background and what changed his perspective on how he designs products. Also, we talk about what companies can learn from GoPro and design better products. We talked about what is user experience, Google Home and Alexa, the future of user interface, how GoPro design products and how it motivates a creative culture....


Win without pitching - Blair Enns Ep.05

This episode was on fire! Full of knowledge and insights on sales, pricing, positioning and how to set yourself as an expert. Founder Blair Enns is a 25-year veteran of the business side of the creative professions. In 2002, he launched Win Without Pitching. WWP has worked with thousands of creative professionals in numerous countries through direct engagements, seminars, workshops & webcasts. He also wrote a book Win Without Pitching for people providing creative services. You can also...


When everybody zigs, zag - Marty Neumeier - Ep. 04

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Marty Neumeier, author, designer, and director of transformation at Liquid Agency. We talked about what is a brand, why customers are in charge of your product, how to differentiate yourself on the market, and how to create a culture of constant innovation. Marty has written several best-selling books, including, The Brand Gap, outlining how to bridge the distance between business strategy and design. When Marty is not lecturing or writing,...


Creative Strategy and The Business of Design - Douglas Davis - Ep.03

In this episode, I talked with Douglas Davis, creative strategist, the author of Creative Strategy and Business of Design and he is also the principal of The Davis Group LLC. We talked about his book, getting the right strategy behind your products, how to write a good strategy and what should you take into account when creating products or solving problems for your consumers. His work experience and previous clients include ABN·AMRO Bank, Council for Economic Education, The Economist, HSBC,...