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Law Firm Growth Podcast: Law Firm Marketing, Strategy, and Practice Management to Ignite your Growth

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Are you ready to take your law practice to the next level? The Law Firm Growth podcast brings top experts from the world of attorney marketing, advertising, SEO and practice management to give you the tools you need to ignite your practice.

Are you ready to take your law practice to the next level? The Law Firm Growth podcast brings top experts from the world of attorney marketing, advertising, SEO and practice management to give you the tools you need to ignite your practice.
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Are you ready to take your law practice to the next level? The Law Firm Growth podcast brings top experts from the world of attorney marketing, advertising, SEO and practice management to give you the tools you need to ignite your practice.








Market like an MBA for 10X growth with Elizabeth Yang

You'll hear people talking the talk about 10X growth in business but how many law practices have actually done it in 3 years? We go into the investment, mindset and tactics that Elizabeth Yang used to do just that in the super competitive Los Angeles market (hint: it wasn't handing out business cards) More on Elizabeth at


Permanently Boosting Your Authority in 7 Hours with Nick Raithel

Have you ever thought about writing a book? You might think it takes a year long retreat in the wilderness to do it, but our guest has been helping attorneys do it in 7 hours. We go into the benefits of being a published author and how to leverage that into new business, press opportunities and more in this week's episode. Find more about Nick at


Niche Content Marketing for Personal Injury Success with Barry Goldberg

When most people think personal injury, they think advertising. After deciding that he didn't want to play that game, Barry Goldberg created a niche content strategy that's been driving cases consistently to his practice ever since.


540 percent Growth From Process, Analytics and Google Adwords with Mary Gurganus

After deciding enough was enough with a referral based solo practice, Mary Gurganus doubled down on expanding her Raleigh based family law practice and blast through the 7 figure mark. We go into the nuts and bolts of how she was able to use process, analytics and digital marketing to achieve this growth.


Hiring and managing superstar employees with Molly McGrath

Hiring success has been one thing we've seen from the fastest growing law firms we've worked with. But the consequences for making the wrong hire can be disastrous, especially for a small or solo firm. We sit down with Molly McGrath of Hiring and Empowering Solutions to break down step by step how you can make your next hire your best hire and get out of the superhero attorney hamster wheel. More from Molly: The Kolbe Test: Gallup Strength...


What the Patriots can teach you about scaling legal marketing

To consistently succeed at the top level, you need top talent at all positions. Not even "Greatest of All Time"​ talent can make up for a weak link elsewhere.


Six Steps to a Multimillion Dollar Practice with RJon Robins

"The best businesses don't end up where they started out". After growing literally hundreds of law practices, many well past the seven figure mark, RJon Robins has seen the patterns that separate the ones that get ahead from the ones that stay small. What's more - life might be easier at higher revenue than you might imagine. Find out what you have to be focusing on for your stage of growth in this interview with RJon Robins. Learn more about How to Manage a Small Law Firm Apply for the...


Marketing That Drives Case Files Vs. Shiny Objects with Gyi Tsakalakis

As an attorney, you're constantly bombarded by new channels and shiny objects. After 10 years plus working for and investing in the legal marketing space, Gyi Tsakalakis has perspective of seeing the rising tides from the fads and what's worth investing in today - as well as in the trenches tips for anyone doing it themselves today! More about Gyi at


Solo Practice to 60 Partners with Michael Bell

Imagine your firm 10 years from now. How much has it grown? For Michael Sullivan and Associates, the answer was 60 times. We sit down with Michael Bell of MSA for an in-the-trenches look for what that kind of growth looks like, and content marketing strategy that they're using to continue to grow. Note: Michael Bell sent us a correction – In the conversation he incorrectly referenced California SB 899 when in fact, it was California SB 863 that was passed in September 2012 that led to the...


Radio Advertisting Success and Scaling a Passionate Practice with Zaira Solano

Growing an immigration practice has never been harder than in the current political climate. But with passion and a keen eye for scale, Zaira Solano has been able to scale her practice as one of the fastest growing in the country.


Breaking the Personal Injury Paradigm and the Power of No with Kay Van Wey

In spite of operating in one of the most competitive practice areas in the world, Kay Van Wey was able to scale her practice by an astounding 500% in the past year. Find out how she was able to work only with "dream" clients (and dream paydays) through process and nicheing her practice.


The Attorney as Entrepreneur with Neil Tyra

What's the difference between what makes a successful law practitioner and a successful law practice? According to Neil Tyra, more than you would think. In this episode, we go over lessons learned from starting a successful estate law practice from scratch, trends in scaling up a solo practice that didn't exist even a few years ago, and more.


40% More Case Files Without Increasing Your Marketing Spend with Ted DeBettencourt

Regardless of your marketing methods, the majority of people who interact with your law firm's website will not convert. What if there was a way to get an additional 40% of those people to reach out and contact your firm – without increasing your spend on traffic? We sit down with Ted DeBettencourt, co-founder of JuvoLeads to discuss the moves he's been making to help law firms like yours do just that.


Niching for Success and Email Marketing for Attorneys with Valerie Del Grosso

We often talk about how the riches are in the niches, and nowhere is that more true than in small business law. We sit down with Valerie Del Grosso to go over her journey from finding her audience through posting tens of thousands of dollars in revenue fr


Growth, Hiring and Outpacing the Competition with Brian Kennel

There's growth in a law firm, and there's healthy growth. We sit down with Brian Kennel on how he's been helping firms get to their objectives for not only revenue but lifestyle, team motivation and market positioning.


Demystifying Traditional Media and Getting Real ROI on TV and Radio with Josh Villareal

You might think TV and Radio advertising is the realm of large law firms only, but the landscape has changed. We take a trip outside of the digital world to the world of traditional advertising for law firms with Josh Villareal of ACQ Inc.


Disrupting Business Litigation and Keys to Authentic Networking with Todd Stanton

In true business school case study fashion - Todd Stanton has found a way to disrupt costly employment litigation and build a firm serving a previously untapped segment of the market. Learn how he was able to break seven figures batting for singles instead of home runs in this episode.


From Process and Magic Statements to Running a Dream Practice With Todd Villarubia

To many, running a 7 figure practice is a dream outcome. Now imagine doing that in only 5 days a month! While it may seem impossible, that's exactly what Todd Villarubia was able to do with a deep focus on process, growing his skillset and getting the right message for high net worth clients.


Getting the Hidden Case Files from Your Existing Marketing with Gary Falkowitz

Law firms today are leaving (literally) hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table from marketing activities they're already doing. We sit down with Gary Falkowitz of Intake Conversion Experts to see how he's helped recover hundreds of these cases and how you can apply this to your own firm.


Building Referrals with Direct Mail and How to Be a Purple Cow with Darren Findling

It's one thing to set out to be the best law firm in your city, but Darren Findling is set on building the best company in the country. Learn how he's building culture, hiring and the innovative ways he builds referrals in this episode.