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Episode 50: The Case for (and Against) Multiple Law Firm Websites

There are both good and bad reasons to have more than one law firm website, but it's a decision that shouldn't be based on emotion or made without a clear objective. Tune into this episode to learn about when you should (and shouldn't) create more than one law firm website.


Episode 49: Promoting Conflicting Practice Areas

Do you practice family law and criminal law? Do you want to practice both personal injury and DUI defense? In this episode, we discuss a few potential solutions for attorneys who want to market conflicting practice areas.


Episode 48: Black Hat SEO Tactics Attorneys Should Avoid

In this episode, we discuss black hat SEO tactics and why you should avoid them as you market your law firm online.


Episode 47: Easy Keyword Opportunities for Attorneys

In this podcast episode, we discuss easy (but often times overlooked) keyword opportunities for attorneys. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities on your law firm's website?


Episode 46: How to Create Good Law Firm Landing Pages

In this episode, we discuss law firm website landing pages: what they are, when you need them, and how to create ones that help you reach your goals. Law firm website landing pages can be a highly effective component of your law firm’s online marketing. When they’re done right, they can convert at higher rates than other types of pages because they ask web visitors to complete a single action or goal, provide a clear incentive for the web visitor, and don't let things like design create...


Episode 45: Three Big Problems that PPC Poses for Attorneys

Pay-per-click advertising is often used by attorneys (and, for that matter, sold to attorneys) as a solution to their online marketing problems. However, it’s also one of the most misunderstood and misused approaches to online attorney marketing. It usually leaves attorneys wasting their time and money on advertising that’s expensive, often ineffective, and rarely sustainable. Tune into this episode to learn about three big problems that PPC poses for attorneys.


Episode 44: Why Bluffs Don't Pay in Online Law Firm Marketing

There are no quick fixes in attorney website marketing, and content-based SEO isn't a quick fix, either. However, there seems to be no shortage of ways that people have tried to fool Google into ranking web pages higher than they would otherwise merit. Google's algorithms have significantly improved over the past decade and it's become much harder to trick the search engine. That hasn't stopped some attorneys -- or their SEO providers -- from trying to use shortcut tactics. In this...


Episode 43: The 3 Biggest Mistakes We See Attorneys Make with Content Marketing

In this episode, we discuss the three biggest mistakes that we see attorneys make with content marketing. Conveniently, they’re easy mistakes to correct; however, these mistakes often keep attorneys from realizing their law firm’s full content marketing potential on the web.


Episode 42: How To Format Your Law Firm Website Content

People (including your potential clients) read content on the web differently than they read a book, or a newspaper or a magazine. There are certain conventions that make sense on the web that people have come to expect, and attorneys only have moments to capture a person’s attention. In this episode, we discuss how to properly format the content on your law firm’s website to help you improve your online visibility and improve engagement with your readers.


Episode 41: Why Law Firm SEO is a Game Attorneys Can Win

Maybe law firm SEO doesn't seem like a game to you. Or maybe it seems like a game that everyone else but you can win. However, search engine optimization is a game. And it’s one that you, as an attorney, can win. It’s a game of probability and odds, learning how to stack those odds in your favor, and minimizing uncertainty. Tune into this episode to learn how to play the game of SEO the right way.


Episode 40: Choosing a Non-Traditional Law Firm Name

While some attorneys might want to choose a more traditional law firm name, some attorneys may want to choose a name that's outside the box. Both traditional names and non-traditional names have pros and cons, and both can work for law firms so long as the name is carefully chosen. In this episode, we briefly discuss considerations to make if you're thinking about choosing a law firm name that's a little off the beaten path.


Episode 39: 4 Tips For Naming Your Law Firm

Starting (or rebranding) your law firm is an exciting time, and choosing a name is one of the first steps. It's also a big decision. Your law firm’s name is likely to be the cornerstone of all of your future marketing efforts, so the name you choose will have a direct effect on how those efforts are carried out. Tune in to learn four tips on choosing a name for your law firm that's memorable, long-lasting, and able to grow with your firm over time.


Episode 38: What Attorneys with the Best Performing Law Firm Websites "Get" About Web Design

Some attorneys really "get" what makes a law firm website design work. But what those attorneys understand isn't a secret. The trick to a law firm website design that compliments your content marketing efforts and drives more business to your firm is to make sure that your website design -- like your law firm's content -- speaks to and accommodates your potential clients. In this episode, we discuss five things that attorneys with the best performing law firm websites understand about web...


Episode 37: 5 Mistakes Attorneys Make with Law Firm SEO

There are lots of mistakes that attorneys can make with their SEO. In this podcast episode, we discuss five of the most common mistakes we see: Tune into this episode to learn more about these online visibility problems and how to fix them.


Episode 36: Understanding Online Law Firm Marketing Assets & Expenses

It matters how you invest your online marketing budget. However, we often see attorneys investing their time, money, or both into marketing expenses instead of assets. These expenses have a poor return on investment and often leave attorneys disappointed, confused, frustrated, and with little to show for the time or money they've put in. It's not always easy for attorneys to tell the difference between assets and expenses. But this podcast episode will help you identify three key features...


Episode 35: Online Law Firm Marketing: What Attorneys Can (And Can't) Control

When attorneys focus on what they know they can control, they avoid wasting time and money fighting things that neither they -- nor anyone else -- have power over. They can then focus their energy on the activities that they have legitimate influence over, and that will help them grow a strong, sustainable web presence that connects them with the right potential clients.


Episode 34: Common Law Firm Content Marketing Stumbling Blocks

In this episode, we discuss several stumbling blocks that we often see when it comes to law firm content marketing. Even when attorneys understand the philosophy behind content marketing, there are still areas where they may struggle. This can lead them to make bad decisions for their content or avoid contributing to their content altogether. Law firm content marketing works best when attorneys contribute to their content on a regular basis and avoid bad practices that can decrease their...


Episode 33: Factors That Affect Law Firm Content Marketing Success

In this podcast episode, we take an in-depth look at many factors that can affect how quickly -- and to what extent -- content marketing will work for your law firm.


Episode 32: Speaking Your Potential Clients’ Language For Better Online Law Firm Marketing

The language that you choose for the content on your law firm's website can make a significant difference in how potential clients find you, how they interpret what you have to say, and whether or not they decide to hire you when the time is right to choose an attorney. In this episode, we discuss how to choose the right language to reach your law firm's intended audience.


Episode 31: Understanding Online Law Firm Marketing Motivations

In Episode #31, we discuss why it's important for attorneys to understand the motivations behind all the players involved in the online law firm marketing landscape. Understanding the driving forces behind behaviors can be a powerful tool for your online marketing in a number of ways. The ability to understand the motivations of all the players involved in your online marketing can affect your ability to do sustainable and effective online marketing for your law firm. Those players include...