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Pro Say is a weekly podcast from Law360, bringing you a quick recap of both the biggest stories and the hidden gems from the world of law. Each episode, hosts Amber McKinney, Bill Donahue and Alex Lawson are joined by expert guests to bring you inside the newsroom and break down the stories that had us talking.

Pro Say is a weekly podcast from Law360, bringing you a quick recap of both the biggest stories and the hidden gems from the world of law. Each episode, hosts Amber McKinney, Bill Donahue and Alex Lawson are joined by expert guests to bring you inside the newsroom and break down the stories that had us talking.
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Pro Say is a weekly podcast from Law360, bringing you a quick recap of both the biggest stories and the hidden gems from the world of law. Each episode, hosts Amber McKinney, Bill Donahue and Alex Lawson are joined by expert guests to bring you inside the newsroom and break down the stories that had us talking.




Ep. 83: You Copy-and-Pasted A False Statement. Are You A Fraudster?

Can you be held liable for securities fraud if you simply copy-and-paste someone else’s false statements? The U.S. Supreme Court wrangled with that question this week, and reporter Jon Hill joins us to explain the case. Also this week, we discuss President Donald Trump’s bid to collect attorneys' fees from Stormy Daniels after her failed libel suit; rapper Jay-Z’s successful fight for more diversity among arbitrators; and a lawsuit from Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen against a Florida...


Ep. 82: The Government Took My Land Rover. Now What?

If you’re charged with a crime, can the government just take your stuff? The practice of seizing property from criminal defendants, known as civil forfeiture, has skyrocketed over the past decade, but a new Supreme Court case looks likely to rein it in. To discuss the issue and the case, we’re joined this week by senior reporter Diana Jones. Also on this week’s show, we discuss another of President Trump’s controversial judicial nominees; Reed Smith firing a partner accused of sexual...


Ep. 81: THANKSGIVING SPECIAL - Pro Say's Legal Leftovers

In light of Thanksgiving this week, we’re taking a break from our normal show with a special holiday episode looking back at our favorite offbeat stories of the year. We revisit all the legal drama surrounding the West Virginia Supreme Court; a dine-and-dash dater; an attorney who called his client a “total moron;” a woman who took a toilet tumble at the White House Easter egg roll; and former Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s mounting legal troubles.


Ep. 80: CNN v. Trump

CNN took President Trump to court this week for banning reporter Jim Acosta from the White House, culminating on Friday in a major win for the network. Our own Bill Donahue was covering the case all week and walks us through the details. We’re also joined this week by John B. Bellinger III, one of several prominent conservative attorneys who say President Trump has undermined the rule of law. Also on this week’s show, a group of Harvard Law students organize a boycott against Kirkland &...


Ep. 79: Sessions Adjourned

President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day after the midterm elections, replacing him with a loyalist named Matthew Whitaker. At the end of a wild week, we’re talking about Sessions’ firing, about Whitaker’s controversial appointment, and about what it all means for Robert Mueller. Also this week, we talk about big votes on criminal justice and marijuana and interview a BigLaw attorney about her firm’s efforts to help voters on Election Day.


Ep. 78: Will RICO Suits Harsh The Weed Industry’s Mellow?

The tension between state and federal cannabis laws was on display this week in Colorado, where a marijuana farm beat accusations that their otherwise legal business amounted to federal racketeering. To break down the case’s big implications for a budding industry, we’re joined by Denver court reporter Diana Novak Jones. Also this week, we discuss Pittsburgh’s failed effort to hide the details of its bid for a new Amazon headquarters; and a litigious New York attorney who couldn’t shake a...


Ep. 77: BigLaw Quiet About Ties To Saudi Arabia

The murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudi Arabian government has put U.S.commercial ties with the Middle Eastern nation under the microscope, and BigLaw is no exception. We’re joined by D.C. reporter Jimmy Hoover to talk about which firms have ties to the Saudis, the one firm that has already backed away, and the many others that have remained silent. Also this week, we discuss New York’s suit claiming Exxon Mobil defrauded shareholders by...


Ep. 76: Fla. Gov. Can’t Pick 3 New Justices On His Last Day

The Florida Supreme Court ruled this week that Gov. Rick Scott couldn’t pick three new high court justices in his final hours in office, capping off a strange judicial showdown in the Sunshine State. Carolina Bolado, our senior Florida reporter, joins us on the show this week to break it all down. Also this week, we’ll talk about a stinging dissent about criminal sentencing from Sonia Sotomayor; a case that’s been dubbed “The Biggest Class Action In History”; and more chaotic impeachment...


Ep. 75: The Supreme Court Loves Arbitration

The Supreme Court is once again set to weigh in on the important question of arbitration agreements, and what the justices decide in two big cases could have an impact on millions of workers across many industries. To unpack the new cases and what’s at stake in the term ahead, we’ll be joined by Law360 senior employment reporter Vin Gurrieri. Also on this week’s show, an accusation that a federal judge should have recused herself from a major case because she was in talks to join Cravath;...

Ep. 74: SUPREME COURT SPECIAL - Ex-Solicitor General Highlights Cases You Should Watch

With the U.S. Supreme Court’s new term officially under way, we're breaking it all down -- the important cases to watch, the petitions the court could grant, and how this term might differ from last year's whirlwind. Joining us to preview all things SCOTUS is Ian Gershengorn, a former acting U.S. Solicitor General and the current head of Jenner & Block’s appellate practice.


Ep. 73: Kavanaugh Showdown On Capitol Hill

All eyes were on Capitol Hill on Thursday for a pivotal hearing on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Ford described fearing for her life; Kavanaugh angrily denied the allegations. On this week’s show, we break down the whole chaotic week of news, including Thursday’s bombshell hearing and the latest developments from Friday. Plus, our reporter Michael Macagnone, who was in the room for the hearing, will join the show to...


Ep. 72: Manafort Plea Deal Spells Trouble for Skadden

Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP is again facing scrutiny over its links to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The elite BigLaw firm has long denied any wrongdoing over its involvement in his shady lobbying for pro-Russian figures, but the plea deal Manafort struck with prosecutors last week seemed to contradict some of those claims. Law360 senior reporter Andrew Strickler, who has been following the Skadden story for months, joins us to break it all down. Also on this...


Ep. 71: EMMYS EXTRAVAGANZA - The Best In Legal Television

In honor of the Emmy Awards, we’re presenting our own honors to celebrate achievements in television that focuses on the law. Join us as we hand out awards for key legal moments from “Game of Thrones,” “The Office,” “Breaking Bad” and many more, plus a Lifetime Achievement Award for a certain long-running legal drama. Tune in.


Ep. 70: Kavanaugh Takes On Capitol Hill

Congress held confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh this week that included drama over documents, protests, and plenty of talk about big issues like abortion and gun control. D.C. reporter Michael Macagnone who was on the scene for the hearings comes on the show to give us an inside look at the action. Also this week, we discuss State Farm’s $250M settlement in a case over buying a judge; Facebook and Twitter execs weighing in on “fake news” and facing a suit over...


Ep. 69: Did State Farm Buy Itself A Judge?

State Farm is facing a trial this week over allegations that it spent millions of dollars to get a justice elected to the Illinois Supreme Court who later overturned a billion dollar verdict against the insurance giant. Law360 trials reporter Cara Salvatore, who will be in the courtroom for the trial, stops by to give us all the details. Also this week, we discuss Trump’s efforts to reshape the judiciary; a major ruling on the foreign reach of U.S. bribery laws; and a Texas federal judge...


Ep. 68: What The Cohen & Manafort News Means For Trump

Within minutes on Tuesday two of President Trump’s closest confidants -- his former attorney Michael Cohen and the one-time chairman of his presidential campaign Paul Manafort -- became felons. What do you need to know to understand Cohen’s plea agreement and Manafort’s conviction? This week we’re joined by white collar ace and former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman to take a deeper look at what these watershed developments mean for the Trump administration.


Ep. 67: Disabled Attorneys Fight For A Place In The Law

For disabled attorneys, the legal profession can be a lonely place. In the hypercompetitive pursuit of clients and partnership slots, they may feel pressure to downplay their disability out of fear of facing bias and stigma. And while many law firms offer affinity groups for female, minority and LGBTQ attorneys, fewer mention disabilities in their diversity efforts. On this week’s show, we dive into these challenges with reporters Brandon Lowrey and Erin Coe, who each reported recently on...


Ep. 66: Will West Virginia Impeach Its Entire Supreme Court?

West Virginia lawmakers this week took the unprecedented step of launching impeachment proceedings against the entire state Supreme Court, citing more than $3 million the justices spent on office renovations along with other allegations of negligence and corruption. Host Amber McKinney breaks down the judicial chaos unfolding in her home state, while Bill and Alex discuss the insider trading indictment of U.S. Representative Chris Collins, and a judge’s refusal to let Cadwalader call experts...


Ep. 65: Investing 101 -- How NYU Beat Retirement Fund Mismanagement Claims

Universities across the country are facing a flurry of lawsuits that claim they cost workers millions by mismanaging retirement portfolios, but this week, in the first case to reach trial, NYU beat those allegations in court. Law360 senior benefits reporter Emily Brill joins the show to break down how exactly they did it. Also on this week's show, we discuss a BigLaw attorney who suggested his opponent's pregnancy was a delay tactic; and a California high court ruling that Starbucks must...


Ep. 64: The Murky Ethics Of The Trump-Cohen Tapes

Michael Cohen didn’t commit a crime under New York law when he secretly recorded conversations with now-President Donald Trump, but the practice strongly suggests a toxic attorney-client relationship and could amount to an ethics breach. Law360’s senior legal ethics reporter provides insight on this week’s show, which also includes a “Trade Law with A-Law” segment and touches on the drugmaker who lost its bid to shield patents using Native American tribal immunity.