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Join the host Raven Waterman, a New York-based licensed therapist and certified leadership coach and founder of Ravens Wings LLC, as she dives into ways women can attend to their personal and professional growth. She'll discuss strategies and tips for staying grounded, combating burnout, maximizing workplace conflicts to your benefit, and building a network of support. Guests of the show will be invited to share their own inspiring lessons about resilience and leadership in the workplace and beyond.


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Join the host Raven Waterman, a New York-based licensed therapist and certified leadership coach and founder of Ravens Wings LLC, as she dives into ways women can attend to their personal and professional growth. She'll discuss strategies and tips for staying grounded, combating burnout, maximizing workplace conflicts to your benefit, and building a network of support. Guests of the show will be invited to share their own inspiring lessons about resilience and leadership in the workplace and beyond.




Episode 31: Great Coaches Have Great Coaches

If you're a helping professional ready to transition to a business owner, you may question how you do both and uphold the importance of ethics. More and more therapists and social workers are moving into the coaching space and wondering where and how to draw the line between their clinical and non-clinical orientation. Not only is serving the clients important but also remembering to uphold your professional ethics and personal values as a business leader. In this week's episode, we sat...


Episode 30: What's to love about leadership?

There's a lot to love about being a leader. Whether you are stepping up to a leadership role or taking the plunge into being an entrepreneur and running a business, you may be experiencing a mix of nerves and excitement. But then the real work begins, and you may wonder, "why am I doing this to myself." Being a leader is not for the faint of heart. We tackled some common leadership challenges of burnout and compassion fatigue in our past few episodes, but leadership can be gratifying. While...


Episode 29: Is Compassion Fatigue Weighing You Down?

Sometimes working and putting others first can spread you thin. As helping professionals and caregivers, you can begin to feel like you can’t see the impact of your work, and your professional environment is taking a toll on your emotional availability to others. You can present as disconnected because you are emotionally saturated and overwhelmed. In this episode, we discuss compassion fatigue and acknowledgment of how you function as a professional to serve others and take some time for...


Episode 28: You Don’t Have to Accept Burnout!

Let’s discuss burnout and how to combat it before it takes a long-lasting toll. We all have different thresholds of how much we can manage before we are overwhelmed, and feelings of exhaustion arise; sometimes, we are already in that space before we realize it. As a professional, you may carry responsibilities and lose a sense of purpose in your work. That space can signal that you are experiencing burnout. In this episode, we’re discussing a shared experience, burnout, that many can...


Episode 27: Are You Ready to be the C.E.O of Your Own Life?

Leadership doesn't just happen in the boardroom; it occurs in every aspect of our lives. We get the chance to decide how we show up and what we do with our gifts and talents. We can often hit internal, mental roadblocks, like our inner critique or feeling like an imposter that can make the take of personal and professional leadership feel out of reach. So learning to be the C.E.O of your life by taking charge of your mindset can be an essential first step. Our guest Martha Ramos joins us to...


Episode 26: Where is Your Leadership Journey Taking You?

If you've ever felt like your career was moving along with the tide, you're not alone. You may be making progress in your career or business goals but still not feeling like you're in the driver's seat. When people focus on their career path and build their leadership brand, they can take control and be proactive in achieving the success they want. Raven talks about the leadership journey and a common challenge she sees when working with senior and executive leaders in this episode. Even...


Episode 25: Are You Feeling Lonely at the Top? Here’s Why Networking Effectively Matters

Career and business transitions can lead to feelings of loneliness. Changes in your role may mean losing your peer group or colleagues you used to have easy access to check in with, vent to, or share a coffee. Promotions are not the only thing that impacts the way people connect at work. With more people working remotely and the increase of people leaving their jobs to start their businesses, finding ways to connect and network in your industry may be more critical than ever. But not all...


Episode 24: Women are Building Even More Wealth; Here's How to Protect Your Assets

Women still face challenges due to the pay gap in the workplace. However, as our guest on this episode, Elsa W. Smith, shares with us, the ways that women gain wealth are expanding, and that includes career growth and entrepreneurship. But many women don't have a solid plan for their medical care or wealth, leaving way too much to chance! Elsa breaks down two myths about state planning: that having an estate plan is not just for the wealthy and that it's okay to put off creating one. Elsa...


Episode 23: Not Getting Where You Want to Go with Your Career? Maybe it’s Goal Fatigue.

Goals, goals, goals, goals. We have goals for days! But when is it too much? When is it time to shelve the goals? Is it ever okay to NOT be working on something and just sit down? You may be getting overwhelmed by your "achievement" mindset and it’s actually working against you! Having goals generally can be and is a good thing. They can give you structure and purpose and really keep you motivated so that you don’t feel stagnant. But if you are struggling with actually making progress with...


Episode 22: Is It Possible to Leave Your “Stuff at the Door”? Does Compartmentalizing Work?

As a general rule, you have probably been encouraged to leave your personal experiences out of the workplace. Certainly, all the best parts of yourselves like your skills, talents, and work ethic are welcome. But leave your trauma, fears, and biases at home. On the surface maybe that sounds right but is it reasonable and does it really happen? The answer may be Yes and No. In this episode, Raven is diving into the concept of compartmentalizing and the pros and cons. While it’s reasonable...


Episode 21: Are You Saying “No” Enough?

Sometimes you need to say "no" to say "yes" to the right opportunities. Learning how and when to say "no" can open up doors in your career and life. If you find yourself struggling to make progress on your goals, lacking focus, or feeling overwhelmed, then you don't want to miss this episode. Learning how to say no to some opportunities or requests of you and your time might be part of the problem keeping you from getting to your real goals. In this episode, we're talking about the...


Episode 20: Dealing with Burnout

We hear the term burnout a lot, but do we really know what it means? In this episode, Raven is sharing insights into what to look out for, how it impacts everyone, and ways to start combating burnout. Burnout can definitely be an issue for leaders who are responsible for dealing with the needs of their teams, clients/consumers, stakeholders, and their own needs as well. But even if you’re feeling burned out already you can still do things to treat those symptoms too. Creating self-care...


Announcing Season 2 of Lead, Inspire, Grow!

It took a minute for me to get myself back in front of the microphone because I was definitely leaning into enjoying a little downtime. So I had to let go of feeling guilty about not being on top of all the things and just let my momentum naturally build back up. The theme for this season is leadership and wellness! There are many aspects to wellness as it relates to emotional and physical health, financial literacy, personal and professional relationships, and spirituality. Join me this...


Episode 19: Don’t Just Praise Me, Pay Me!

Nonprofit leaders dealt with unexpected challenges during 2020 and 2021. Systems and people were more in need, and many women who work on the nonprofit front lines answered the call. The work didn't stop just because there was a global health crisis taking place. Instead, it highlighted many of the social and economic disparities that communities, communities of color, women of color, and children face daily. However, there is a gap in services and monetary compensation, creating disparities...


Episode 18: Key Things to Consider If You're Starting or Running a Nonprofit Organization

You may be interested in starting or running a nonprofit and need help with understanding how one gets started and the ins and outs of running an organization. There are lots of things to consider and some common questions like, how can I start a nonprofit with no money, what’s the purpose of a board, and how do organizations partner with others to meet their mission. Whether you are building from the group up or leading a department or program, there are key things you need to understand...


Episode 17: Don’t Let Your Mindset or Toxic Behavior Get In the Way of Being Great

Often, women wear multiple hats that can include being an entrepreneur, organizational leader, mother, or caregiver and need help figuring out how to change toxic behaviors and thoughts that can derail them from finding the success they want in these areas. Sometimes you'll need to think outside of the box and challenge yourself to figure out how to change these toxic behaviors and thought patterns that limit you, create self-doubt, or keep you stuck in doing things the "safe way." But doing...


Episode 16: Improve Your Executive Functioning and Do More of This

Executive functioning and getting enough rest are vital parts of emotional self-care that leaders struggle with daily often due to the high demands of their work. And yet many nonprofit leaders don’t recognize that focusing on improving their emotional self-care, can lead to an improvement in their and executive functioning skills and positively impact their work and their personal life. In today's episode, we talk with Joycy Ann Lacombe, MA LMHC and founder of Illuminating Hope. Joycy is a...


Episode 15: Can Executive Coaching Help You Figure Out What’s Next?

I had a listener of the show write in and ask if executive leadership coaching makes sense if they're unsure where they want to take their career, so I am answering that question here in this episode. I know they are not alone in thinking about what the next steps are in their career. Like this listener, other women in nonprofit leadership roles are ready for something to change but may not be sure what change they want or may not feel confident about going after what they want. Leadership...


Episode 14: Having Passion Is Not Always Enough

It can be a challenge for women in nonprofits to balance their goals and passions with their career growth and making a desirable income. But facing these professional and personal life choices can also provide opportunities to learn valuable lessons about leadership, emotional self-care, and how to have healthy relationships. Our guest Vanessa Watkins discovered this for herself and in this episode, she shares her story of being a teenage mother, a nonprofit employee, and a leader, and...


Episode 13: Are You Protecting Your Energy?

Many nonprofit leaders, nonprofit CEOs, and even nonprofit board members need help with recognizing how to protect their energy when faced with all the demands of leadership, the needs of their teams, and their own needs. But recognizing when and how to do this is a vital part of a healthy emotional self-care plan and an important part of leadership development. Emotional self-care is important because it can help leaders thrive in their roles and even support their teams and organizations...