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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.


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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.




Fear is Boring

Bonnie Low-Kramen is the President and CEO of Ultimate Assistant Training and Consulting Inc., and she’s an author, workplace expert, and public speaker. In February 2022, Bonnie gave a TEDx talk called “The Real Reasons People Quit.” For 25 years, she worked as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and her husband, Louis Zorich. Her best-selling book Be the Ultimate Assistant: A Celebrity Assistant's Secrets To Working With Any High-Powered Employer was self-published in...


Practice Radical Self-Care

Dr. Amy Morrison is the President of the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). As a first-generation college graduate and passionate supporter of workforce education, she is committed to her career advocating for college students and community and technical colleges. She is extensively involved in local, regional, and statewide initiatives. She is also involved in statewide community and technical college system work, including chairing the President's legislative and strategic...


Grace Within Uncertainty

Quinn Rose is the Founder of Story Based Brands, a video production company based in Portland, Oregon, that helps businesses and organizations make a bigger impact through video. Native to Portland, Quinn moved to New York City to pursue her childhood dream of being an investigative reporter. There she co-produced a documentary on the NYPD Stop and Frisk policy, which now has over eight million views and is mentioned in a federal ruling. She also reported courtside at the 2016 Summer...


[Women of EO] Be a Finisher!

Helena Gibson is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and the Founder and CEO of The 7-Figure Salon and STRUT Hair Solutions. Her parlay into entrepreneurship began with an auto repair shop, Manhattan Motors, back in 2002. After she saw her mother struggling with hair loss, she completely changed paths. Helena watched her mom look for solutions to her hair loss and realized others were struggling too, and that’s when she started STRUT Hair Solutions. Fast forward to almost 20 years of...


Successful as F*CK

Riah Gonzalez is an accidental entrepreneur, a taco enthusiast, and a lover of 90s pop. As a young mom with minimal support, Riah quickly learned that her success would be different from that of her peers. The life lessons she learned through trial and error led her to encourage others through her debut book, Successful as F*ck: A No BS Tale of Screwing Up and Succeeding Anyway. When she's not writing, Riah empowers female entrepreneurs with her virtual assistant matchmaking company Linq...


[Women of EO] Connecting the Dots

Kate Hancock is a self-made entrepreneur who has built highly successful businesses in less than 10 years. She started these companies from the ground up with no funding, working in various industries such as e-commerce and beauty. Her first venture was an e-commerce web 2.0 business that began when she had only $20. Within one year, it grew to over a million dollars in revenue and eight figures in total sales online. Kate is a strategist, business advisor, and the award-winning creator of...


[Women of EO] Character, Curiosity, and Confidence

Amy Boone Thompson is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of IDEA Health & Fitness Association. She has a three-decade career as a fitness professional, wellness advocate, and business owner leader. Amy has held every role from practitioner to presenter to executive, and leads from a place of connection, service, and purposeful impact. Her early experience training women to be the best versions of themselves in body, mind, and spirit set the foundation for an incredible professional...


When One Door Closes, Open the Next One!

Vicky Heldreich Durand is the Author of the book Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer, which tells the story of her mother, Betty Pembroke Heldreich. Vicky first fell in love with Hawaii at age 12 when she spent a summer with relatives on the island of Moloka’i. Returning home, she talked her mother Betty into a Hawaiian trip the following summer. By the following winter, the adventurous Betty had moved her two young daughters to Honolulu. Vicky spent her teenage years...

It's Never as Scary as You Think

Danielle Johnson is an executive coach, leadership consultant, and the Founder of Cannon Leadership Group. Her work is focused on helping entrepreneurs and high-performing leaders define and achieve what's possible for them. Danielle has spent the past two decades coaching high performers and leading global and regional business organizations across high tech, retail, and finance industries. She has built a reputation with clients for being relationship-centric, intuitive, and masterful at...


[The Men Who Support the Women] Talk About the WOW

Rick Gillis is a speaker, author, trainer, and innovator. He has been in the business of employment since 1997 when, as “employee number one,” he was involved with the launch of the first local employment website to serve the greater Houston, Texas market. Due to being first in the field and his sales acumen, Rick accidentally became the go-to local internet job search expert, which led to invitations to speak in the city of Houston and then across the United States while doing media along...


Just Take That Leap!

Ulyanna Chung is the Owner of Chung Insurance Agency Inc. Prior to that, she was a federal law enforcement officer for six years. She worked with the US Customs Service for four years and then as a Federal Air Marshal for two years. During her time in federal law enforcement, she was accepted into the federal leadership program, received two customs commissioners awards, and numerous expert shooter awards. Ulyanna is originally from Southern California and a proud UCLA alumnus. She has been...


Expect 1,000 No's for Every 1 YES

Lisa Riggs, known as the Sock Queen, is the Founder of Spirit Sox USA, a company focused on making a difference in the world with each pair of customized socks. By collaborating with their customers to design unique socks and incorporating their branding, Lisa has found a niche that allows her to use her background in fundraising, HR, and management. As a mom of two children, she has been involved in fundraisers for a variety of activities and sports. After creating a sock fundraiser for her...


Who Can You Serve?

Cathey Kuo is a real estate broker, investor, and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate leasing and sales, real estate investing, asset management, and 1031 exchanges. As a business owner and investor, she has an innate grasp of the real estate market and entrepreneurship which allows her to be solution-oriented and empathize with all parties in a deal to structure a win-win resolution. Her immense desire to help others fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams...


Courageous Conversations

Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America, Top Executives in Diversity, 100 Top Executives in America, and 100 Most Influential LGBT People of the Year. From the segregated South across five continents, this African-American woman has filled her life with interesting people and complex subjects. The former chief diversity officer, executive VP of diversity initiatives, and principal consultant specializes in facilitating courageous...


Lead Like a Woman: Tales From the Trenches Part 2

Helena Gibson is a serial entrepreneur, creator of The 7-Figure Salon, Founder of STRUT Hair Solutions, and a single mom. She is also an educator, author, master NLP practitioner, and podcaster. Her parlay into entrepreneurship began with an auto repair shop back in 2002, Manhattan Motors. She completely changed paths after she saw her mother struggling with hair loss. Helena watched her mom try to find solutions for her hair loss and realized that many other women were struggling with the...


Lead Like a Woman: Tales from the Trenches Author Show Part 1

Lauren Reed is the Founder and President of Reed Public Relations. She earned her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) designation in 2010 and has been a long-standing member of the Public Relations Society of America, serving as President of the Nashville chapter in 2017. Lauren is a member of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and serves on the board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Dr. Kristin Kahle, aka Dr. K, is the CEO and Founder of NavigateHCR, a full-service...


You Can't Make All the Mistakes Yourself

Jessica Fialkovich is the Co-founder and CEO of Exit Factor, which teaches entrepreneurs how to buy, build, and sell their small to midsize companies. She is a business expert, author, speaker, and small business advocate. When Jessica sold her first business a decade ago, she had no idea where to start. Fortunately, she was able to exit successfully and buy her next company — a business brokerage office. For 10 years, she has built the fastest growing and most successful business brokerage...


[The Men Who Support the Women] Remove the Obstacle

Stephen Shortt is the Managing Director of ETC Consult and is involved in different industries including leadership development, psychometric selection, entrepreneurship, and education both nationally and internationally. He is the former Global Chair of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, which supports student entrepreneurs around the world. He's also served on the global committee for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator Program. Stephen spent many years fine-tuning his “why”...


Recognize Your Achievements!

Jodi Daniels is the Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, a privacy consultancy. The firm brings data privacy strategy and compliance together with its flexible and scalable approach that simplifies data privacy complexity, refines, updates, or builds privacy structure, and makes both the business and the legal issues accessible and actionable for all. Jodi is a Certified Informational Privacy Professional and serves as the outsource privacy office for companies. Jodi is also a national...


[Men Who Support the Women] Removing Obstacles

Andrew Richardson is the Senior Vice President of Analytics and Marketing Science at Tinuiti. He is an experienced and successful global analytics executive and marketing industry leader with 20 years of experience. Andrew has worked with some of the most recognized companies and iconic brands across multiple verticals. He is a recognized thought leader and influencer in emerging technologies, marketing analytics, and more. He is also known for his inclusive leadership philosophy of driving...