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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.


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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.




Your Network is Your Net Worth

Adi Klevit is the leader and visionary behind Business Success Consulting Group. Her 25 years of knowledge and experience as a trained industrial engineer, management consultant, and business executive gives her a unique understanding of the challenges that businesses face. She utilizes her practical know-how and wisdom to successfully help organizations and companies of any size to dramatically improve their efficiency and performance. By leveraging her ability to understand business...


What Lights You Up?

Stephanie Sims is a capital strategist, startup advisor, and the Founder of Finance-Ability, where she helps founders build economic stories that make dollars and cents. After nearly a decade in investment banking and having worked with the likes of Goldman, Lehman and CSFB on over $5 billion of transactions, Stephanie rode the high tech startup rollercoaster in Europe, complete with angels, venture capitalists, and the coveted exit to a publicly traded company. Stephanie has educated and...


[Women of Wine] Find Your Ally

Faith Koen has been in the procurement profession for over 20 years across multiple industries. She is currently the Procurement Manager for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and she is responsible for overseeing the procurement team and supporting the wineries and facilities that are located in Washington, California, and Oregon. Faith joined the Women of Wine (WoW) Employee Resource Group within Ste. Michelle in 2015 and she currently serves as the Chair of the organization. During her tenure...


Just Ask!

Jenna Lange is the Founder and CEO of Lange International. She specializes in high stakes communications and is a key partner for executives and their teams on how to make the most out of short but critical communication moments. Jenna has been transforming people into great communicators for over 15 years through her work with executives from the world's leading brands. In addition to working with the C-suite, she also coaches sales teams on how to pitch to win key accounts, and takes the...


[Women Presidents' Organization] Find Your Authentic Voice

Nancie McDonnell Ruder is the owner of Noetic Consultants, a marketing consulting firm providing consumer research, brand strategy, marketing process and training expertise to BtoB and BtoC firms. Nancie has more than 25 years of marketing experience. She began her career at the Leo Burnett Company before starting Noetic Consultants in 2002. The word 'noetic' is related to one's intellect and thinking. Nancie chose this name for the company because it reflects her team's commitment to...


[Women of Wine] It's Not About What We're Handed, But How We Handle It

Stacy Lill is the Co-founder and CEO of Cashmere Partners, focusing her efforts on corporate networking, marketing and strategic partnerships. She provides strategic consulting in wine industry education and development for many wineries. In 2007, she founded O Wines, which she sold to Chateau Ste Michelle Winery. After the sale of O Wines, Stacy founded the Opportunity for Success Scholarship Program which funds educational college scholarships for deserving young women. To date, they have...


[Women of EO Series] Focus on Kicking Ass

Aimee Carpenter is the CEO and Owner of SolTerra Solar, a Seattle-based solar energy contractor. She leads a team of 25 people to bring solar design and installation services to homeowners and business owners across Washington State, and her leadership has helped grow the company to over 2000 installed solar customers. She's been an entrepreneur in the construction industry since 2004 and is passionate about using her entrepreneurial expertise for the greater good. Outside of her work at...


[10KSB] Don't Wait, Just Do!

Cole Banks is the Founder of Sisters Traveling Solo where she helps drive the travel culture for sisters with unmatched global travel experiences. Her passion for traveling, solo experiences, and wanting to help other sisters led to the creation of Sisters Traveling Solo. The idea was sparked after Cole read an online post discouraging black women from traveling solo. As a woman of color, the post disturbed Cole who frequently travels the world solo–and she knew she was not alone. The...


[Women of EO Series] More Lives than a Cat

Fran Biderman-Gross is the Founder and CEO of Advantages, an award-winning New York-based end-to-end communications agency. She is also the co-author of the book, How to Lead a Values-Based Professional Services Firm: 3 Keys to Unlock Purpose and Profit, which she wrote with Don Scales. She is also the creator of the groundbreaking 3 Keys Workshops. Fran leads her clients on an invaluable journey of brand discovery that reveals their personal and organization’s 3 keys: Purpose, Values, and...


[Women of EO Series] There's Comfort in Discomfort

Cherry Lao is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Citizen Best, an international brand marketing agency with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bangkok. She draws design inspiration from different cultures, traditions and everyday beauty. Since moving from Bangkok to California, she sees imagery, colors, storytelling, graphics, and symbols as a way to understand cultural differences and bring nuance and clarity to communication. Cherry is a collaborator first and foremost. She...


[Women of EO Series] Move Fast!

Andrea Herrera is the Founder and President of Amazing Edibles Catering, an award-winning catering company that fosters relationship building at ground breaking events. She has served over a million meals in Chicago in the past 25 years and her personal mission is to foster connection to create community. Andrea is also the founder and president of Boxperience, a business that delivers an amazing invitation to a shared experience over food and drink in a customized gift box. Andrea is a...


[Women of EO Series] [Women of Wine Series] Get in the Room!

Alexi Cashen is the CEO–or as she prefers to be known, the Chief Executive Optimist–for Elenteny Imports, a fast growing wine business. The company is dedicated to helping its partners grow in the wine, beer, and spirits industry. Alexi is a self proclaimed type A, detail-oriented entrepreneur, and loves dominating in alcohol logistics. She is a board member of the San Francisco chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization, and she is also a business coach, host of The Alexi Cashen Podcast, and a...


The Procurement Whisperer

Therese Jardine is the Principal and Founder of Strategic Event Procurement. She takes the pain out of procurement and provides thought leadership to the event industry. She has over 30 years of business experience and 15 years experience in managing the procurement strategy for Microsoft's event portfolio. She has deep expertise in event procurement strategy with a keen focus on strategic meetings management, contract negotiations, payment solutions, and supplier engagement. Therese helps...


You Don't Get to Quit

Sharelle Klaus is the Founder and CEO of DRY Soda Company. When she was searching for a sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage that wasn't cloyingly sweet or made with artificial flavors, she realized that the ultra-competitive beverage market lacked one. She decided to make one and in 2005, she launched DRY Soda Company. Her brand has quickly become a disruptor in the sparkling beverage sector with its high end brand and deliciously surprising flavors like lavender, ginger and cucumber. DRY...


Aim High

Dana Manciagli is an author and the President of Job Search Masterclass, the leading job search workshop with instruction, templates, and tools that job seekers need to apply and interview with confidence, that will make them irresistible to employers and land a great job in record time. She has been a corporate executive for more than 30 years and has leveraged her employee hiring and management experience into that of an author, trainer, private career coach, and online curriculum expert....


Hope is Not a Strategy

Suzette Patterson is the Founder of STAR-Performance Group, an authorized Sandler Training Center in Frisco, Texas. Suzette spent over 20 years in software sales and implementation before starting her Sandler business. She sold directly to physician practices and also built and managed teams for the largest GE Healthcare value-added reseller in the country. What she learned from all of those years of selling is that most companies do a great job of product and service training but they...


You Never Get Awesome by Being Average

Georgia Green is the Founder and CEO of BEU Revolution which she created with the hopes of sparking a revolution – a movement where people and companies are empowered to thrive. Georgia is the author of leadership curriculum, The Broken Business Model, and she is also a speaker, trusted organizational development advisor, and executive consultant. She is passionate about creating collaborative, strengths-based cultures, and mobilizing teams from inspiration to action. After solo hiking from...


Don't Wait!

Sarah Nichols is an attorney who has more than 20 years of experience in HR employment law. She is the founder of Nichols Law P.C. where she represents individuals who experience discrimination and retaliation at work and helps them with wage and hour claims. She assists employees in negotiating their exits from their employers and she is a tough and conscientious advocate for her clients. Sarah believes that having experience on both sides makes her a better attorney. Sarah is passionate...


[10KSB] Climb the Mountain to Jump off the Cliff

Wendy Pease is the President of Rapport International, a translation, interpretation, and language services company that eliminates spoken and written language barriers in 200+ languages. Prior to this, she served in corporate senior management positions in international marketing and business development. She has an MBA from Dartmouth College and a BA in Foreign Service from Penn State. Wendy is a frequent speaker and writer on language, culture, marketing, HR, entrepreneurship, and...


Fall 7 Times, Get Up 8

Stephanie Dalfonzo is an integrative hypnotist, coach, and speaker. She has spent over 20 years researching simple ways to calm stress, anxiety and fear. She has authored a very timely book called Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom: How to Build Resilience and Overcome Anxiety. Stephanie helps women heal and find freedom from the past, reclaim their lives, and create the life they deserve with ease and joy. Her journey has taken her through several career transitions from being a celebrity...