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Hear directly from C-level executives in payments/fintech about industry trends, successful strategies, products, services, and what the future holds for the payments/fintech industry. We cover the entire industry from merchant acquiring, payment processing, ISOs, payfacs, fraud, security, issuing, b2b, fintech, to start-ups, if it goes on in payments we will be talking about it.


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Hear directly from C-level executives in payments/fintech about industry trends, successful strategies, products, services, and what the future holds for the payments/fintech industry. We cover the entire industry from merchant acquiring, payment processing, ISOs, payfacs, fraud, security, issuing, b2b, fintech, to start-ups, if it goes on in payments we will be talking about it.




Lena Hackeloer, CEO/Founder of Brite Payments | Episode 265

Ever wondered how account-to-account payments are shaping the future of the European market? Brace yourself for an insightful conversation with Lena Hackeloer, the dynamic founder and CEO of Brite Payments. Lena unveils her extraordinary journey from the early days at Klarna to steering the helm at Brite Payments. She navigates us through the intricate workings of their system, demonstrating how it simplifies transactions by connecting consumers and banks across Europe, promising you an intriguing glimpse into the world of innovative payments. As we steer into the second half of our discussion with Lena, we venture into the promising future of the payments industry. Lena predicts a revolution on the horizon with open banking payments replacing traditional card payments with their seamless operation. She shares valuable insights on the growth of embedded finance and how regulatory harmonization is fueling the adoption of open banking. Whether you're an enthusiast curious about the future of payments or pondering a career move into this industry, this episode is your treasure trove of knowledge!


Financial Inclusion Series: Paul Kesserwani, CEO of Cushion | Episode 264

Ever wondered how to wrangle your bills, boost your credit score, and navigate the Buy Now Pay Later landscape? Paul Kesserwani, CEO of Cushion.ai, joins us to provide cutting-edge insights on all these topics and more. Discover how Cushion.ai's comprehensive platform is revolutionizing the way consumers manage, pay, and even build credit with their bills. We also delve into Cushion,ai's journey, transitioning from negotiating bank fees to providing better bill payment solutions in this Buy Now Pay Later era. As we traverse the evolving terrain of Buy Now Pay Later finance companies, we uncover the strategic shifts these organizations are making in response to market dynamics - from underwriting the consumer to introducing fees and long-term loans. Traditional banks are not left out, as they step up their game with their own finance solutions. Kesserwani also unveils Cushion.ai's roadmap, with a focus on how they are aiding consumers in organizing their monthly bills and improving their credit scores. The conversation takes a critical turn, as we discuss the pressing need for regulation in the Buy Now Pay Later sector, including standardizing disclosures, mandating loan data to the Bureaus, and setting caps on fees. Tune in for an enlightening discourse on the future of payments and financial inclusion.


Nichole Montoya, CEO & Co-Founder of Cheddar Up | Episode 263

Ever wondered what it's like to run a company that simplifies group payments and information collection? Join me as I take a deep dive into a fascinating conversation with Nichole Montoya, the co-founder, and CEO of Cheddar Up. Nichole takes us on a journey from her simple beginnings on an Iowa farm to the hustle and bustle of running a fintech company in Denver. We explore the genesis of Cheddar Up, how it caters to diverse organizations like PTAs, Girl Scouts, teams, and churches, and the unique offerings it brings to the table, including their signature Sign Ups feature. In our chat, Nichole unpacks the story behind the catchy name 'Cheddar Up', and how they connect and resonate with their user base. We explore Cheddar Up's innovative solutions to group payments and information collection, bringing to light the software's flexibility in serving different users and its user-friendly design. Nicole and I also delve into the world of female entrepreneurship in the fintech industry, discussing the triumphs and challenges she's faced. Whether you're a payments pro or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom and a peek into Nicole's inspiring journey.


Sam Aarons, CTO & Co-Founder at Modern Treasury | Episode 262

Are you tired of wrestling with the complexities of banking systems? Imagine if there was a software that could simplify your payment operations and streamline your business' finances. Enter Modern Treasury, the game-changing platform that's transforming the payment operations landscape. Our guest on this episode is Sam Aarons, the CTO and co-founder of Modern Treasury. Sam unravels the intricacies of this unique software, its value proposition and its wide-ranging customer base. Spoiler alert: Modern Treasury does not hold money for their customers but provides a pure software service! Sam Aarons delineates the pain points businesses encounter when scaling up, and how Modern Treasury comes in handy. He articulates how his company's software mitigates the challenges of interacting with a bank's systems, while simplifying banking regulations. He also reveals how businesses can retain their existing banking relationships and fee structures without making any significant modifications. Lastly, we turn our sights to the future of payments, encompassing the impacts of faster payments on various aspects like payroll, consumer experiences, and inter-business transactions. We delve into the future of payment systems in the U.S., touching on the benefits of Fed Now and real-time payments in propelling U.S. payments growth.


Financial Inclusion Series: Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer at IDEX Biometrics | Episode 261

Imagine a world in which biometric technology empowers the financially excluded. That's the compelling vision Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer of IDEX Biometrics, shared with us in our latest conversation. As we explored the convenience, security, and peace of mind offered by IDEX's code-based solution, she illuminated the transformative potential of using fingerprints to create a library of data points. Especially poignant was the potential impact on people challenged by dementia, literacy or vision impairments. Biometric payment cards can provide secure, accessible financial services for everyone, especially vulnerable groups. With India pioneering this technology and Mastercard undertaking promising regional trials in Mexico, the future of payments is here. As Catharina explained, it's not just about technology - IDEX's commitment to sustainability and diversity means they're striving to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Join us for these insights and more, as we step into the future of financial inclusion with biometrics.


Before the Transaction: Kathryn McCall, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Trustly | Episode 260

Are you navigating the complex realm of security and compliance in payments? Brace yourself for an insightful journey with our guest, Kathryn McCall, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for Trustly Inc. We promise an engaging discussion on how Trustly, a leading global player in open banking payments, is reshaping the field with a cost-effective alternative to traditional payment methods. Learn about Trustly’s unique approach to fighting friendly fraud, the significance of know your customer checks, and the necessity of adherence to the Bank Secrecy Act and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network guidelines. What are the intricacies of anti-money laundering and compliance? Kathryn shares her expertise on the challenges in this area, underlining the importance of continuous monitoring for suspicious activity. We delve into the delicate yet essential balance between prompt payments and stringent security measures. Kathryn also shares her thoughts on creating a compliance culture, the inevitable increase in regulations, and how Trustly's expert team artfully manage their compliance programs. So, buckle up for this riveting conversation and get ready to leave with a enriching understanding of compliance and security in the payments industry!


Lamine Zarrad, CEO of StellarFi | Episode 259

Ever wonder how your routine bill payments could influence your credit score? Find out in our latest conversation with Lamine Zarrad, the innovative founder and CEO of StellarFi, a company revolutionizing credit-building. Lamine takes us through his unique journey from his immigrant roots to his experiences in the Marine Corps and the U.S. Treasury, all of which contributed to the inception of StellarFi. Discover how every bill you pay, from your cell phone to your Netflix subscription, can potentially enhance your credit score. Lamine sheds light on why StellarFi's unconventional methods hold an edge over traditional approaches such as secured loans and credit cards. He offers invaluable insights into how various models used by credit bureaus impact your credit score. Wrapping up the conversation, Lamine paints a picture of his career in the FinTech and financial services sector, discussing his work with Tokken and Joust, and how it paved the way for StellarFi's creation. If you're making your first steps in the FinTech or the financial services space, you wouldn't want to miss his invaluable advice!


Financial Inclusion Series: Paul Dwyer, Co-Founder and CEO of Viamericas | Episode 258

Join us on a journey into the enigmatic world of remittance and financial inclusion with an industry trailblazer, Paul Dwyer, the co-founder and CEO of Viamericas. Ever wondered about the inner workings of remittance services and their value to consumers and retail locations? In this intriguing discussion, we unravel these intricacies and the significance of providing a dependable, efficient service. We also delve into a myth about remittance and shed light on Viamericas unique services - from check processing, remittances, bill payment to mobile top-ups - all serving the underserved, unbanked, and underbanked. As we navigate the complexities of international bill payment and money transfer services, we uncover the need for real-time connectivity between the service's front and back end, and the indispensable technology for transaction modifications or cancellations. The digital era has revolutionized the remittance industry, and Paul Dwyer enlightens us on Viamericas digital solutions, including their innovative mobile app. Discover the future of digital remittances, the importance of trust between parties, how agents can play a crucial advocacy role, and the exciting opportunities awaiting Viamericas in Canada, Europe, and the world beyond. This eye-opening conversation promises to leave you more informed and inspired.


Before the Transaction: Scott Przybyla, VP of Global Channel Sales at Kount - An Equifax Company | Episode 257

Get ready for an exclusive ride into the intriguing world of online fraud prevention with Scott Przybyla, the Vice President of Global Channel Sales for Kount – an Equifax Company. This episode unravels the fascinating origins of Kount, its go-to-market strategy, and its evolution under the banner of Equifax. Understand Kount’s go-to market strategy consisting of direct and indirect sales, and the innovative white label channel strategy. Scott also walks through the history of fraud prevention and its evolution over the years. Ever wondered about the intricacies of the fraud ecosystem and the critical roles of each player within it? Prepare for an exploration of the shifting fraud landscape, as we demystify the importance of personal security for consumers and the variety of threats that extend beyond mere payment fraud. We’ll also take a look into the future of fraud prevention. Discover how Kount, now under the wing of Equifax, is developing an end-to-end fraud and identity protection platform, combining physical and digital identity traits to create a more complete consumer identity profile. This is an exciting episode on fraud prevention you won't want to miss!


Jon Lear, President & Co-Founder of Fintech Meetup | Episode 256

Imagine being a part of an event that has the power to revolutionize the way we view the payments industry - welcome to Fintech Meetup. Our guest, Jon Lear, the president and co-founder of Fintech Meetup, shares his captivating journey in the payments industry and his intriguing insights into the impact of his experiences at Procter & Gamble and EarthPort. We also discuss the highly anticipated Fintech Meetup event scheduled to happen at the Venetian in Las Vegas from March 3rd to 6th, 2024. Fintech Meetup is not your typical event, it's a game-changer. Leveraging innovative technology, the platform is designed to maximize connections across all use cases, ensuring attendees get the best possible return on their investment. No stone is left unturned at the Fintech Meetup. Sponsors and exhibitors are given the opportunity to deliver value while providing an immersive experience that is competitively priced. The agenda is loaded with hot topic discussions delivered by over 175 industry experts, making Fintech Meetup an event you won't want to miss. In an exciting twist, John draws parallels from the success of the Mercedes Benz Formula One team and shares invaluable lessons from his journey in the Fintech and payment space. Highlighting the significance of precision, strategy, and strong leadership in achieving business success, John offers insightful advice for anyone interested in the industry.


Financial Inclusion Series: Gino Palozzi, CMO of DailyPay | Episode 255

Discover the power of on-demand pay solutions as we chat with Gino Palozzi, the CMO of DailyPay. Learn how this ground-breaking platform is reshaping the way we view payday, giving you the flexibility to save and invest your hard-earned money before it hits your bank account. Say goodbye to predatory lenders and embrace the freedom that real-time visibility of your salary affords you. For employers, this means increased retention and improved engagement - a win-win situation for everyone involved. Unpack the future of on-demand pay with us, as we explore the vast potential of reloadable cash cards for the underbanked or unbanked population. Break the chains of misconception with Gino as he explains how this is not a credit product, but a tool for financial access. Hear about the additional perks of the DailyPay platform, like data-driven strategies, personal coaching, and an auto-save feature, all aimed at making on-demand pay the new norm. Tune in and step into the future of financial inclusion with us. Your salary, your rules, your financial freedom.


Before the Transaction Series: Chad Wallace, Global Head of Commercial Solutions at Mastercard | Episode 254

Get ready to unlock the future of B2B payments with our guest, Chad Wallace, Global Head of Commercial Solutions at Mastercard. With his expertise in consumer and corporate banking, Chad sheds light on the shift from traditional cash and checks to digital payments - a transition fueled by the pandemic, evolving consumer expectations, and the influx of new talent in finance roles. He also introduces us to the vast spectrum of products and services his team brings to the table, including commercial cards, virtual cards, and accounts payable products. From Mastercard's partnership with emerging global Fintechs to building scalable, human-centered solutions, our conversation takes you through the dynamics of payments industry. Mastercard's collaboration with Fintechs not only builds solutions but also ideates and provides data necessary to reconcile books. Chad further underlines the importance of digital solutions and how data can be harnessed to maximize working capital, improve payment status and maintain an ISO-based framework. As we look into the crystal ball, Chad paints a picture of the future of B2B payments marked by human-focused design, digitization, interconnectivity, and the growing use of AI. He elaborates on how Mastercard is leveraging these trends with their innovative “beyond card” strategy and embedded finance use cases. As we wrap up, Chad leaves us with his insights on security, value-added services, and the criticality of providing a consumer-grade experience for buyers and suppliers. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion that redefines the future of B2B payments.


Tede Foreman, President, Payment Solutions at Jack Henry | Episode 253

I was privileged to host Tede Foreman, the President of Payment Solutions at Jack Henry as my guest this week. The conversation with Tede offered a rich resource for anyone interested in the world of fintech and payment solutions. It provided a glimpse into the inner workings of a leading company like Jack Henry and highlighted the importance of innovation, resilience, and teamwork in this fast-paced industry. As we move into the future, it's clear that the role of AI and faster payments will continue to shape the landscape of payment solutions, making it an exciting space to watch and be a part of. When it comes to his personal life, Tede shared his love for the great outdoors and the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He believes that disconnecting from work and spending time in nature can help recharge one's batteries and boost productivity.


Yaacov Martin, Co-Founder, CEO of Jifiti | Episode 252

In this episode Yaacov Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of Jifiti, provides an in-depth look into the explosive growth of the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) industry. A game-changer in the field, Yaacov's insights will forever change the way you perceive financing significant purchases, from furniture to medical procedures, and even distance learning. More than just a business model, the BNPL industry represents a key bridge between merchants, consumers, and banks - a bridge that Jifiti is leading the way in building. Dive into the heart of the revolution with us as Yaacov details Jifiti's journey through the trials of integrating BNPL into retail ecosystems. But this is not just about financial transactions and business models - it's about people. Yaacov illuminates the importance of fostering a family-like atmosphere within a company, sharing his own personal and business passions along the way. So, whether you're intrigued by the BNPL industry trends or looking for advice to make your mark in the space, this episode is packed with expert insights you won't want to miss.


Before the Transaction Series: Anil Goyal, CEO of Corserv | Episode 251

Our special guest in this episode is Anil Goyal, the CEO of Corserv. Anil provides fascinating insights into the highly concentrated world of card issuing and explores how innovative technologies like APIs, B2B payments and virtual cards are reshaping the industry. Tune in as we journey with Anil, from his early days in New Delhi, India, to his pinnacle role at Corserv, and dissect what sets Corserv apart in the marketplace along the way. The future of card issuing is here, and it's more exciting than ever. Anil offers a forward-thinking view on the arrival of new entrants and explores how technology levels the playing field and makes launching card programs cost-effective. Then, we continue with a deep dive into the cutting-edge innovations fueling the digitization of payments, reducing payment friction and mitigating fraud. Join us as Anil reveals a thrilling future for the industry and offers predictions on the increasing role of virtual cards, mobile enablement and artificial intelligence in card issuing. Don't miss this episode if you're eager to update your knowledge on the rapidly evolving card-issuing landscape.


OB Rawls, Partner at Wellesley Hills Financial | Episode 250

In this episode I had the opportunity to sit down with payments industry legend: O.B. Rawls. O.B. shared his fascinating journey from growing up on a farm in North Carolina to holding leading roles at big corporations such as Bank of America, Hypercom, and FiServ. Today, O.B is a partner at Wellesley Hill Financial, a boutique investment bank serving the $30-80 million deal size segment. We discuss the verticalization of the industry and the value of offering services outside of just payments. According to O.B. the future of the payments and fintech industries is undoubtedly exciting and it requires constant learning, adaptation, and a focus on delivering value to succeed. OB emphasizes the importance of being kind, helpful, and a good person – qualities that have guided him throughout his career. His perspective on the industry was enriched by his experiences, making his advice particularly invaluable for those starting out in the payments industry. And finally, we talked about O.B.'s hobbies, which include gardening, wine, and a bourbon collection. I couldn’t think of a better guest to have on this milestone episode and am grateful to continue to learn from O.B. and call him a friend.


Before the Transaction: Darryl Cumming, Director of Product Management at Agreement Express / NMI | Episode 249

Have you ever wondered how the future of underwriting and onboarding looks in the payments industry? Prepare to be enlightened as we sit down with Darryl Cumming, the Director of Product Management for Agreement Express (an NMI company). Our conversation unfolds the significance of automated underwriting and the value of Agreement Express, touching upon its functionality, typical customers and the exciting prospects for the product. During our discussion, we delve into Scan X, a revolutionary product that enriches the onboarding process. We learn how this tool automates merchant decisions, customizes risk recommendations and provides vital risk model performance analytics. Whether you're a greenhorn or a seasoned underwriter, the detailed reporting and performance analytics of Scan X are a treasure trove of guidance and efficiency. We then discuss compliance and fraud protection - an issue every payments business must contend with. Uncover the potential costs your business may face without adequate protective measures. As we spotlight partner tools like KYC Site Scan and IRIS CRM (an NMI company), you'll see how Scan X helps businesses save and bridges the gap between sales and risk management. To finish our conversation, we explore Monitor X, a post-merchant approval solution that safeguards merchants in your portfolio. Tune in for valuable insights into the world of underwriting and onboarding.


Ruben Galindo, CEO of Airtm | Episode 248

Ever wondered how a small idea could turn into a revolution? Get ready to be inspired by Ruben Galindo, CEO of Airtm. This is not just another success story – it's a tale of passion for justice and financial decentralization, from the heart of Mexico City to the tech-hub of San Francisco. Ruben shares an intriguing insight into the birth of Airtm, its transition to blockchain technology, and the audacious goal to become the Web3 PayPal of the future. Embrace the concept of an 'open money mentality'. Listen as Ruben narrates the impact of this groundbreaking approach on the cross-border payment industry and the significance of trust and brand building in fostering prosperity with large-scale enterprises. You will learn how Airtm is leading the way for digital entrepreneurs in the global south to access their earnings effortlessly. So, get set, because this episode is sure to broaden your horizons on the world of payments and digital entrepreneurship.


Before the Transaction: Jaron Ruckman, Product Manager at IRIS CRM / NMI | Episode 247

The world of merchant services management is evolving at an impressive pace, thanks to innovations like IRIS CRM. In this episode of our podcast, we were joined by Jaron Ruckman, Product Manager for IRIS CRM, for an insightful conversation about how this revolutionary product is reshaping the industry. IRIS, a product owned by NMI, is a comprehensive merchant services management solution that integrates with top processors and cultivates close-knit client relationships. For ISOs, banks, and ISVs, IRIS offers the benefit of enhanced visibility and accountability. It also provides an infinite data retention policy, which is a crucial feature for maintaining a complete and accessible record of all customer interactions and transactions. We also decipher the complexities of residual reporting and demonstrate the tools you need to streamline split calculations. For businesses that are not utilizing a comprehensive tool like IRIS, the process of managing merchant services can be tedious and error prone. The use of disparate systems and manual processes can result in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. IRIS solves these issues by offering a single, integrated solution that manages the entire life cycle of merchant services. In summary, IRIS a game-changing tool in the realm of merchant services management. Its comprehensive features and functionalities, coupled with its ability to integrate with top processors, make it a must-have tool for any business in the industry. Tune into our podcast for a more detailed exploration of IRIS and its myriad of benefits.


David Lambert, CEO of Paycross | Episode 246

Prepare to meet David Lambert, the charismatic CEO of Paycross. Exuding a passion for payments, he's at the helm of this groundbreaking payment orchestration technology platform. We delve into his journey to the top; a journey fueled by personal and professional ambitions. Discover the unique features of Paycross as Lambert unravels the intricacies of payment orchestration and how it's revolutionizing card processing and cross-border transactions. In the second half, get ready for an unexpected twist as we discuss Lambert's love for Japanese whiskey. Lambert's approach to payments is as nuanced and comprehensive as his taste in whiskey. Listen as he shares Paycross's strategy to serve underserved niche markets and their commitment to becoming indispensable to merchants by offering multifaceted payment solutions. The competitive payments industry is a game of agility and innovation. Tune in to learn from an industry expert about the future of payments and how to stay ahead of the curve.