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Welcome to ‘Leadership Bites’, with your host Guy Bloom. A topical rather than technical podcast on leadership. . Always about leadership and hopefully in such a way as to reinforce the good you do and to bring challenge to the things you might be able to calibrate. All links for Guy: bit.ly/guybloom

Welcome to ‘Leadership Bites’, with your host Guy Bloom. A topical rather than technical podcast on leadership. . Always about leadership and hopefully in such a way as to reinforce the good you do and to bring challenge to the things you might be able to calibrate. All links for Guy: bit.ly/guybloom


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Welcome to ‘Leadership Bites’, with your host Guy Bloom. A topical rather than technical podcast on leadership. . Always about leadership and hopefully in such a way as to reinforce the good you do and to bring challenge to the things you might be able to calibrate. All links for Guy: bit.ly/guybloom






Leaders have to learn

Why do leaders have to keep learning? Because according to Reg Revan, "Learning must be equal to or greater than the change that is going on around you". That seems to make sense, you are never done learning, not as an individual, a team or an organisation: This was a LIVE Linked in stream so look out for those and the full video is live on the YouTube Channel. You can see all links below. 👇👇👇 ➡️ Listen on laptop, phone or PC: https://bit.ly/leadershipbites Via podcast: 👇👇👇...


Carmin Romanelli, VP Global Sport, Getty Images

Carmin Romanelli is one of the my favourite people that I never get to hang out with. He is one of those characters that is a character and has character. They don't alway go to together, however they do with Carmin. Carmin is the VP for Global Sports at Getty Images has a hugely succesful track record of working in the sports industry including NBA, Sports Illustrated and Getty Images. He is a vastly experienced professional skilled in Digital Strategy, Content, Licensing, Business...


Joe Foster, Founder of REEBOK

The story is not what you think. REEBOK wasnt born in the US. It was in fact born from a Bolton familly in a terrace house. This is a story of working hard, spotting the opportunity, never stopping, stepping up to the plate and frankly making your own luck. Joe was born on 18 May 1935 and shared a birthday with his grandfather Joseph William, who had set up sports shoe manufacturer J.W. Foster & Sons, in Bolton, in 1900. Joseph William died around 18 months prior to Joe's birth but was a...


Andy Holmes, Global Head of Wellbeing at reckitt

Andy Holmes is the Global Head of Welbeing at reckitt and he has has one of those roles that seems easy to say. However is laden with the complexities of understanding the nuances of the 'wellbeing' agenda in different countries and contexts. How do you actually make wellbeing resonate for people? As the Global Head of Wellbeing at reckitt, Andy has a role that spans many truths and his role is to help leaders make sense of it for themselves and others. To make contact with Guy Bloom...


Darrell 'Flash' Gordon, Working with those that need it most

Darrell 'Flash' Gordan, CEO & President at Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center & Owner & President at Gordon Enterprises, LLC and Author. Darrell is responsible for turning around a multi-million dollar non-profit residential and community base treatment agency. He oversees all aspects of philanthropy, marketing, public relations, finance, operations, quality control, human resources, customer relations, business development and strategic planning in accordance with Board directives and...


Mike Friday, USA Rugby Mens 7's, Head Coach

Mike Friday is one of the world's leading International 7's coaches having coached the most successful teams ever for England, Kenya and USA. A former professional rugby player, for London Wasps, who successfully balanced the demands of playing premiership rugby with the pursuit of a successful professional career as a chartered surveyor. Mike is a great character, he speaks candidly and his journey is testament to the complexity of life and that getting whee you need to go is often not a...


Daniel Burrus, Technology Futurist, Disruptive Innovation Expert

Over the past three decades, futurist keynote speaker Daniel Burrus has established a worldwide reputation for accurately predicting the future of technological change and its impact on the world of business. Voted one of the Top 10 Global Influencers With over 1,000,000 followers, Daniel was hand picked by LinkedIn as one of the worlds most influential innovative thinkers. He is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies, helping them to accelerate innovation and...


Penny Mallory, Peak Performance & Mental Toughness

Against all the odds Penny Mallory made her childhood dream come true when she became the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car for Ford in the World Rally Championship. She remains the only woman to have achieved this. Not bad considering she was teenage runaway and spent 3 years homeless in London. Penny attributes her success to having learned how to build and harness Mental Toughness. She now teaches her Mental Toughness formula to help peoople develop confidence,...


Freddy Caceres, Police Lieutentant, Miami-Second Nature Leadership

Lieutenant Freddy Caceres is a serving police officer in Miami. He is also the author of the book Second Naturue Leadership. We talk about the nature of the role Freddy inhabits and the frame of reference he brings to the being a leader in that space. Honest, self effacing and willing to hold space on his ideas, Freddy is a great guest on this episode of LeadershipBITES.


Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer, CAPITA Plc

Ismail Amla, is a Senior executive (Chief Growth Officer / Managing Partner / CEO / CHRO) with 20 years’ international experience in High Tech and Technology-Enabled Business Services, Software and Consulting organizations. He has managed businesses of scale with P&L responsibility for revenues of up to $7bn and teams of 15,000. A deep experience defining innovative transformational strategies to deliver complex large-scale change across businesses, workforces and capabilities both within...


Emma Freivogel, Radical Recruit, Crowdfunding to tackle homelessness, one person and one job at a time

Let me introduce you to Emma Freivogel the founder and powerhouse behind Radical Recruit. Radical Recruit is a not for profit recruitment consultancy that exists to excite, agitated and shake things up in the recruitment industry! They represent the UKs most diverse ‘hidden’ talent, help employers do recruitment better and create real and lasting social change. They are currently piloting Radical Futures, a recruitment project in partnership with homeless charity, St Mungo’s. Together,...


David Marquet, Turn The Ship Around

L. David Marquet is a retired United States Navy captain and bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around and Leadership is Language. He was the commander of the submarine USS Santa Fe. He turned the submarine from the worst in the fleet to being the most successful by using a leader-leader model of leadership. He became captain of the submarine in 1999 and since his retirement the submarine has continued to win awards. Since then he has worked as a leadership expert and he speaks to...


Mark Bayer, Government Relations Expert

Mark Bayer of Bayer Strategic Consulting helps scientists, engineers, and organizations get funding, gain influence and build relationships with their most important stakeholders, including Members of Congress, investors, and the public, with custom-crafted, true-to-life training and government relations services. Mark is an international keynote speaker and consultant specializing in legislative strategy and the art and science of persuasion. Former Chief of Staff in the U.S. Senate and...


Garry Ridge, WD-40, Company CEO & Chairman

As CEO of WD-40 Company since 1997, Garry Ridge has helped re-ignite excitement and create cultures that foster break-through innovation in companies and workplaces in over 62 countries. His first-hand experiences in transforming a global brand with a market cap of $2.3 billion, as well as his deep, profound commitment to creating workplace cultures that support the individual passions of all who work there, have attracted the recognition of today’s most influential thought leaders. In...


Colin Jellicoe, Group Human Resources Director, M Group Services

Colin is a hugely experienced HR Director with a vast experience of insight, value creation and enabling of businesses through high value HR interventions. He works is the Group HR Director for M Group Services. M Group Services delivers a range of essential infrastructure services within the water, energy (retail and infrastructure) transport and telecommunication in UK & Ireland, they employ circa 9,000 skilled specialists working from 100 locations, operates a divisional structure...


Commanding General John Evans, US Army Cadet Command & Fort Knox

Major General John R. Evans, Jr. was commissioned in 1988 as a Distinguished Military Graduate from Appalachian State University. He was assigned to the Aviation Branch and completed flight school in 1990. Major General Evans previously served as the commander of the United States Army Special Operations Aviation Command (Airborne). He was first assigned as an Attack Platoon Leader in C / 1-82nd Aviation Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC where he served until 1995. He then...


David Pendleton, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School

Professor David Pendleton is a Professor in Leadership at Henley Business School, where he works extensively in executive education. David completed a doctorate in psychology at Oxford University and devoted the first half of his career to research and teaching in doctor-patient communication. David is also a business psychologist, educator, consultant and author. He has published extensively on medical communication in healthcare and on organisational leadership. His most recent book,...


Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer, Hogan Assessment Systems

Ryne Sherman is the Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessment Systems. As an international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Hogan has over 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential. The Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values, and cognitive reasoning ability....


Wendy Addison, Corporate Whistle Blowing

Wendy Addison's act of reporting corruption at LeisureNet Ltd in South Africa in 2000 began one of the biggest corporate disasters in South African history. Standing up for her principles and values, Wendy showed courage and a willingness to endure danger and the potential of losing both her livelihood and life, by taking a moral stand against bribery and corruption. She was ousted as a whistleblower. On one side were the wrongdoers, still with the credibility and authority of their...


Jamil Qureshi, Performance psychology and high performing teams

Jamil Qureshi is one of today’s foremost practitioners of performance enhancing psychology and is an expert in high performing teams. Jamil has enjoyed working with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports people and teams in the world, helping six individuals get to World Number 1. In 2006, he was appointed as the first-ever official psychologist to work with the European Ryder Cup team by captain Ian Woosnam. They made history in winning by a record-equalling...