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Art Therapist Michelle Costigan - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Michelle Michelle Costigan is an art therapist and in this episode, we discuss how to practice self-care, what it's like to start and maintain your own practice, and how to navigate the unknown. Items mentioned during this episode: Alta Wellness Center If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy: Addiction Recovery and The Fearless Kind Follow the Leadership Looks Like Podcast on the following social media channels: Leadership Looks Like Podcast on Facebook Leadership Looks Like...


Homelessness with Siloh Moses - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Siloh Siloh Moses is in the business of helping others. After experiencing homelessness first-hand, Siloh formed a business that balances both purpose and profit and feeds the homeless population of Las Vegas through the serving hope campaign. In this episode, we dive into how Siloh became homeless, what he did to get off the streets, why he chose to form a B-Corporation and shares the future of his vision. This is only the beginning. Items mentioned during this episode: Serving Hope...


New Politician, Danielle Ford - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Danielle Danielle Ford is a new politician and is running for Trustee of Clark County School Board, District F. She unexpectedly won the Primary Election and will be on the General Election ballot this November. Danielle is one of many people who has decided to run for office for the first time. She's a high school drop-out, single mom, entrepreneur, and is ready to introduce change and see things through. If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy: Building Trust with...


Female Pilot and Entrepreneur, Abingdon Welch - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Abingdon Abingdon Welch is a pilot, owner of The Abingdon Co., and founder of the Abingdon Foundation. Learn how Abingdon chose a career in flying, what she did when she couldn't find the watch that she was looking for, and what she does now to give women access to various career opportunities through her non-profit. Follow the Leadership Looks Like Podcast on the following social media channels: Leadership Looks Like Podcast on Facebook Leadership Looks Like Podcast on Instagram...


Effective Leadership with Hayim Mizrachi - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Hayim Hayim Mizrachi is the President of MDL Group, a commercial real estate organization, and host of the Takeaways Podcast. In this episode, we discuss what effective leadership looks like within a senior management team and an organization, how to take care of your most important asset in any business, and the overall landscape and growth that is Las Vegas. Other items mentioned: SafeNest Seth Godin James Altucher Chalmers Brothers Follow the Leadership Looks Like Podcast on the...


Addiction Recovery and The Fearless Kind - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Sarah and Caitlin Sarah and Caitlin are Co-Founders of The Fearless Kind, a residential treatment facility for women who are recovering from addiction. Listen in as they share why they chose to open their own facility, the groundbreaking steps they've taken to open their doors, and their unique approach to helping those in recovery. If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy Stacey Lockhart - Executive Director of The Shade Tree. Follow the Leadership Looks Like Podcast on the...


Jet Mitchell on What Matters Most - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Jet Jet Mitchell is an attorney, Professor at the College of Southern Nevada where she teaches Business courses and is the recipient of the 2018 Community Service Award for Women in Tech. Jet has stage 4 cancer and will receive chemo treatments for the rest of her life. Her story is about being laser focused, having a badass support crew, and what it truly means to live life to its fullest. The following items were also covered: College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Marathon Pink Dragon...


Youth Leadership with Marie Tomao - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Marie Marie is the Founder and CEO of Youth Leadership Authority. Learn how she provides teens with leadership training opportunities and supports those who are interested in pursuing careers in the military, law enforcement, and public service. The following items were also covered: Devil Pups Camp Pendleton Rapport Leadership International If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy Vital Germaine - Circus Performer Turned Inspirational Leader Follow the Leadership Looks Like...


City of Las Vegas Planning and Growth - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Julie and Kevin Julie Quisenberry and Kevin Gullette work for the City of Las Vegas. Their focus is on the future of Las Vegas and in this episode, we discuss what goes into the planning and implementation of city-wide initiatives related to city planning, real estate, and infrastructure. Julie and Kevin also divulge how you, too, can get involved in City of Las Vegas initiatives. The following items were also covered: City of Las Vegas Tule Springs Find your Councilperson To reach...


Season 2 - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Season 2 Is Here We have officially posted 52 episodes of the Leadership Looks Like Podcast and are excited to bring you Season 2, full of more inspirational stories and the launch of our new Leadership Looks Like YouTube Channel. We'd like to recognize the following Season 1 award recipients: Shelly Helbert - Season 1 Most Inspirational Louie Tandiono-Cellona - 2018 Listener's Choice Award We also want to thank each of you for tuning in each week. We can't wait for what lies ahead! Follow...


The Real Story: Riding with Cory and Candice - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Cory & Candice Cory Hentzen is a realtor and Candice Morales is a life coach and together they are best known through their brand, Riding with Cory and Candice. In this episode, you'll learn how Cory and Candice met, how they navigate their lives both independently and as a duo, and how Vegas Women Connect brings women together in a unique way. Other items covered in this episode: Chef Natalie Young Teach for America Passion Planner If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy: 2018...


Women in Business with Kathleen Taylor - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Kathleen Kathleen Taylor supports women in business (and men) at the Nevada Women's Business Center located in Southern Nevada. In this episode, we cover the leadership traits Kathleen believes business owners should have to be successful, the first thing you should do as a new business owner, how expectations impact stress levels, and countless tips and insight into business ownership. Find a center in your area here. Other items covered in this episode: Wonder A Wrinkle in Time...


Reframing Your Life with Alex Bybee - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Alex Alex Bybee is a self-proclaimed politico who works for the Public Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports teachers, students, and families in Southern Nevada. In this episode, we cover a wide variety of topics from working in the nonprofit sector, volunteer work, understanding the millennial viewpoints, and what you can do to reframe your life. Other items covered in this episode: Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Brene Brown Human Rights Campaign If you enjoyed this...


Bringing the First Cohousing Community to Las Vegas - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Michelle and Kim Michelle Keiserman and Kim Henry, members of Southern Nevada Cohousing, are on a mission to bring the first cohousing community to Las Vegas. Listen in as we discuss the concept of cohousing, why cohousing creates community, how it's financed, and what Kim and Michelle are doing to educate potential cohousing residents. Other items discussed: Couhousing.org If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy: Building Community with Chelli Wolford Join the conversation on...


22 Warriors Foundation Founder – Bill Emmel - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Bill Bill Emmel served in the United States Army in different leadership capacities over the course of his 23-year career. After leaving the military, Bill discovered that an estimated 22 veterans commit suicide each day. When hearing this statistic, he went to work by starting the 22 Warriors Foundation, an organization that is on a mission to reduce 22 to zero. In this episode, we dive into how Bill launched 22 Warriors, how and why service dogs are incorporated into the program,...


Jaimee Newberry on Owning Your Time - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Jaimee Jaimee Newberry (@jaimeejaimee) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Picture This Clothing. She stumbled across the idea after her daughter asked if she could wear her artwork. After seeing her creation come to life as well as her daughter's expression, she knew she was on to something. As Jaimee brought her new business venture to life, she sent out a tweet that that went viral. It literally changed her life's trajectory. Learn Jaimee's personal journey, how she worked through...


Cultivating a Team with Louie Tandiono-Cellona - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Louie Louie Tandiono-Cellona is a Veteran and Director of Business Development & Mobile Assessment at Seven Hills Hospital. Before Louie was able to find his passion, he first experienced working environments that he didn't enjoy. In this episode, he takes us on a journey through his time in the military, as an entrepreneur, and what he does now to cultivate a team comprised of leaders in his current role. Other items discussed: The Art of War by Sun Tzu Looking to learn more about...


Stacey Lockhart — Executive Director of The Shade Tree - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Stacey Stacey Lockhart is the Executive Director of The Shade Tree, a homeless shelter that provides supplies, food, and support to women and children in Las Vegas. Stacey moved to Las Vegas from the Pacific Northwest and had never stepped foot in a shelter prior to taking on her new role. She was new to the area and had zero connections. Learn how she made the necessary connections in less than a year as well as everything she and the rest of The Shade Tree team are doing to make a...


Supporting At-Risk Youth in Peru with Jasmine Freeman - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Jasmine Jasmine Freeman is the President of Hope for Youth Peru. She has assembled a team located in both Las Vegas and Peru that provide services designed to give youth hope. In this episode, Jasmine shares what it's like to be new to the non-profit world, how her team supports youth from afar, and why she believes everyone should volunteer their time to help others. Other items discussed: Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goynes If you liked this...


Professor and Entrepreneur Mentor, Dr. Abby Peters - Leadership Looks Like Podcast

Meet Abby Dr. Abby Peters is an Assistant Professor of Business at Nevada State College and a member of the SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) leadership team. Each year, Abby helps bring entrepreneurs from all over the world to participate in a pitch competition to support future business owners. In this episode, we cover her approach to teaching her students about business, how she partners with local businesses to build internship opportunities for her...