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Badass women’s source of inspiration

Badass women’s source of inspiration
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Badass women’s source of inspiration




Strength in diversity with Barbara Lampl

Barbara Lampl is a “badass with a big heart” as her friends call her. And she’s not just a badass in business as a self-made entrepreneur, she’s also a badass in life. For a long time, she says she didn’t quite feel human. When she was 30 the explanation came: she is on the autism spectrum. Today, Barbara is a neurodiversity role model that champions strength in diversity, confidence in yourself, and embracing failure. Tune in to this episode to hear from Barbara about: - Why she decided...


Defining success with Anne Cocquyt

When we look around, we can often feel like everyone is ahead of us. Be it that colleague that just got a promotion we’ve wanted for years, that friend that is killing it in her business, or that younger sibling that is getting married first. But as serial entrepreneur Anne Cocquyt says, comparison is the best recipe for unhappiness. Our failures can look like success to someone else and vice versa. So the key is defining for yourself what success looks like to YOU. Tune in to this episode...


Your guide to finding & owning your story

When you think of storytelling, what comes to mind? Standing on a stage? Sitting around a campfire? Those are totes arenas where stories are told, but when it comes to telling our own, we often jump ahead of the process, wanting the tactics and tools to share and spread our story. Don't get me wrong - that's super important too! And there'll be an episode on that on the Leading Rebels podcast too. But before we get there, here's the most important step: finding and owning the stories you...


Redefining your story with Elisabeth Ippel

Sharing stories of our achievements or how we actively turned something around can already be a challenge for some of us. But stories of failures? Of things that happened to us? Those are even harder. Which is why Elisabeth Ippel is such an inspiration. After being banned from the US, even spending one night in jail, she decided to not see herself as the victim of her story, but to redefine and own it. Tune in to this episode to hear from Elisabeth about: - Taking the leap without having...


From digital nomad to female founder with Meesen Brown

Traveling the world while working on your laptop from anywhere, from the beach to the city. Sounds like a dream, right? It's a dream Meesen Brown made come true for herself, becoming a bona fide digital nomad. She quickly realized though that 1) you want and need to stay in a place longer than a week to really experience local culture and 2) the logistics of finding a new home, workplace, and fitness studio can get old fast. She decided to create the perfect solution for both and went from...


Season 3 Trailer

Be authentic. Go off the beaten path. Define what success looks like for you. That all sounds awesomesauce, doesn’t it! But what does working and living on your own terms actually look like in practice? If you’ve been wondering that too, then the Leading Rebels podcast is here to offer some answers. The post Season 3 Trailer appeared first on Leading Rebels.


Intuition-based decision making for leaders with Dr. Francesca Mega

We make an average of 35,000 choices per day - crazy, right? And while some of those might be smaller, like what to have for lunch, leaders often have to make split-second decisions on some pretty big things. So how can we start making better decisions? Neuroscience consultant and mindset change & mindfulness coach Dr. Francesca Mega has a suggestion: Intuition. Tune in to this episode to hear Dr. Francesca discuss: - Why combining the body and mind is integral to making good decisions -...


Leading a new generation of leaders with Courtney Adams

Through receiving a Fulbright scholarship, Courtney got a window into how you can make a real impact into a young person’s life with just a little bit of guidance and attention. This was part of what inspired her to cofound Youthbridge, an award-winning peace building program. Over time, she also noticed that the messages girls receive about who they can be and what they can be are so narrow, which is why she decided to cofound Girls Gearing Up, Europe’s only international girls’ leadership...


Solo contributor & leader aren’t mutually exclusive with Linda Jonas

After a fascinating career journey doing everything from being a graphic designer to building her own business, Linda Jonas stumbled on her calling at Small Improvements: Collaborating with HR leaders to make work a better place. Over her time at the performance feedback platform, she discovered the traditional path of becoming a manager was not for her, and instead build up a career as a solo contributor. Through hosting events with HR leaders, she’s also learned from the likes of Pinterest...


How to lead in today’s fast-paced world with Vanessa Judelman

Having suffered under bad leadership and also experienced the ups and downs of being a leader herself, Vanessa Judelman founded Mosaic People Development to make leaders more aware of how their behaviour impacts the people around them. After seven years of going into organizations to teach leaders practical tools to excel, Vaness decided to share her bird's eye view of the challenges facing leaders worldwide and solutions to overcome them in her book Mastering Leadership - What It Takes To...


Giving back as a leader with Rena Pacheco-Theard

Rena Pacheco-Theard, CEO and Cofounder of Prepify, strongly believes that being given opportunities also means a responsibility to pass them on. That is what motivated her to found Prepify, a free college prep website and app to help talented, underrepresented high schoolers go to top colleges after being one herself, and what shapes her view of what good leadership looks like. Tune in to this episode to learn: - What it means to be a first-generation college student - How to support...


Building a network and community with Nora Stolz

Entrepreneur Nora Stolz is passionate about female leadership & equal opportunity matters, which is why she founded the Women Breakfast Club to create a platform for like-minded women to connect. Tune in to this episode to learn how to: - Create a community when you’re new in town - Network authentically to create meaningful relationships - Follow up after a first meeting to stay connected - Combine the physical and digital worlds - Build a digital community - Keep your network full...


How to communicate like a leader with Monica Kade

Writer and podcaster Monica Kade is about all things communication to help people express themselves effectively and be better leaders. Tune in to this episode to learn how to: - Make your vision come alive and connect with your team - Overcome public speaking fears and hang ups - Communicate effectively during conflicts and confrontations - Speak up and confidently talk about your achievements without feeling arrogant - Elegantly say no to free up time for your priorities Learn more...


On authentic leadership with activist Magda Zenon

Being an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa while still in school is certainly not the easy road, but it’s what set Magda Zenon on her path. As she says herself, she wasn’t the “flavour of the month”, but choosing to stand up for what she believes in instead of what’s popular taught her early on the importance of authenticity as a leader. Magda shares how to stand up for what you believe in and be an authentic leader that rallies people around them. Get all key takeaways and join the...


Purpose-driven leadership with Julia von Winterfeldt

What does leadership mean to you? How are you as a leader embracing new ways of doing work? After a prestigious career including being GM at AKQA, a Managing Director at Accenture, and an international career with Sapient Publicis, Julia von Winterfeldt felt like a new kind of leadership was necessary. One that valued humans above numbers. I took a deep dive with Julia on what purpose-driven leadership looks like, the importance of learning how to communicate critique the right way, and the...


Proving them wrong & believing in yourself as a leader with Ewelina Robaczek

In an ideal world, everyone would cheer us on to become leaders. Reality can be less kind. Yet it’s exactly in those moments of adversity that we are poised for tremendous growth - if only we’re courageous enough to take the leap. Ewelina Robaczek, Founder & CEO of Vouchery.io, has had to have that courage multiple times in her career. She shares how you can showcase your leadership potential, listen to your ambition, and let go of fear. Get all key takeaways and join the conversation on...


Leading in a male-dominated industry with Myrto Lambrou

When your industry consists of mostly men, establishing yourself as a leader can be extra challenging! Architect and project manager Myrto Lambrou gives first-hand advice on how to lead in a male-dominated industry, and how to give your intuition space to contribute instead of just relying on your head. Get all key takeaways and join the conversation on the blog: www.leadingrebels.com/5 (there’s also leadership checklist you don’t want to miss out on!) --- More about Myrto:...


An HR perspective on leadership with Erika Enberg

Human Resources is transforming with organizations starting to see HR as a more proactive part. Erika Enberg, VP of Talent at door2door, a software platform for ridesharing services, shares her perspective on what makes a leader, helping your team take care of themselves, and being a leader in a new culture or company. Get all key takeaways and join the conversation on the blog: www.leadingrebels.com/4 (there’s also leadership checklist you don’t want to miss out on!) --- More about...


From peer to boss with Stephanie Tsing

Transitioning from peer to boss is one of the most challenging times in anyone’s career. Stephanie Tsing - Senior Director of Technology at NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies - shares her experience in how to successfully handle the transition, shift your mindset from “I” to “we”, how to lead someone green, and so much more. Get all key takeaways and join the conversation on the blog: www.leadingrebels.com/3 (there’s also leadership checklist you...


On being a young leader with Katrin Jahns

If you became a leader early on in your career, then this is the episode for you! Katrin Jahns, Head of Press & Blogger Relations at online crafting school Makerist, shares advice on being real and focusing that is relevant for all leaders, but especially younger ones like her. Get all key takeaways and join the conversation on the blog: www.leadingrebels.com/2 (there’s also leadership checklist you don’t want to miss out on!) --- More about Katrin: www.linkedin.com/in/katrinjahns |...