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Conversations with McHenry County area business owners. We learn about the history of owners and operators of local businesses. We also find out how the business got started and where it's going.

Conversations with McHenry County area business owners. We learn about the history of owners and operators of local businesses. We also find out how the business got started and where it's going.


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Conversations with McHenry County area business owners. We learn about the history of owners and operators of local businesses. We also find out how the business got started and where it's going.




Big Kid Powersports

I head out to McHenry to talk with Doug from Big Kid Powersports. If you have had the chance to talk with Doug you will know that he is a big kid. Doug is the kind of guy when you first meet him you feel like you've known him forever. Doug is a fun conversation and apparently a big social media guy but you would never guess it. I enjoyed talking with him and hope to run into him again soon.


D.M. Needom

I got an email months ago from a local author who asked me if I had any interest in talk to her about her book. Of course I said yes because this podcast is all about supporting the community. While we focus on businesses I thought this would be fun to do. We had a great conversation about the book and her life leading up to writing. The conversation went on for longer than you hear on the episode because we just had a fun conversation. One of the best parts about this podcast is meeting new...


Birds & Beasts Pet Shop

In this episode I got to talk to long time employee Patrick. When I spoke to Dan, the owner, he said Patrick had the most knowledge of the store's history since it had changed ownership a couple times. The store goes out of it's way to make sure that they give the best care to the pets they sell. They also do a great job of informing their customers how to take care of the animals. Birds & Beasts is located in the Coventry Plaza in Crystal Lake. email me at...


Roo Yori

This episode I had to the pleasure to talk to Andrew "Roo" Yori. Roo is a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, founder of Wallace the Pitbull Foundation, and a Crystal Lake Central graduate. Hear the story of how he got one of the dogs from the Michael Vick case. How he got on American Ninja Warrior and his tireless effort for pitbulls. Be sure to check out Roo on American Ninja Warrior! Wallace the Pitbull Foundation Email me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com #americanninjawarrior...



I sit down with Chrissy from Dancepiration to learn all about what it takes to start and run a dance studio. I am a parent of a former and current student. You'll get to hear from my youngest as she gets the honor of asking the first question. The families and students have been such a huge part in the studio. Take a listen and hear what a great studio Chrissy has built. Check out McHenry County Living and sign up for the Weekender #MchenryCounty #CrystalLake #Dance #NationalDanceDay...


Woodstock Pride Fest

For the first time I get the chance to interview 3 people at once. I speak to Crystal, Melissa and Theo and they tell me about Woodstock Pride Fest. The event is held every year and will be held on June 13th. Listen to what goes into putting it all together before heading to the Woodstock square. I look forward to seeing you there! Questions? Comments? Email me at leftathelightpod@gmail.com Please Rate, Review and Subscribe. Thanks for listening!



This week I talk with Justin at Waysound. Justin recorded our chat in his studio. It was a pretty cool experience for me and a lot of fun. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this conversation. We talked about all the things Waysound can do and who he has worked with. One of those is a current American Idol Contestant. Email me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com with suggestions, comments, questions or just to say "hi" #waysound #shoplocal #mchenrycounty #supportlocal #americanidol #gracekinstler...


Parkside Pub & Grill

Welcome back to Left at the Light! Season 2 is coming together and I have found some great stories for everyone to hear. I'm excited to present them to you. Let's get started with a big one. Home of the Turkey Testicle Festival! I head out to Huntley and talk to JR, one of the owners, about Parkside. Learn the story of how he got involved with the festival and became a partner at Parkside. It's not all Turkey Testicles as they have a great menu of food and drinks. Thanks for listening and...


Nierman Landscape & Design

In this episode I speak to Tom about he built his landscaping company. It's a pretty good story of hard work and building a family of co-workers. If you can imagine the kind of labor involved in landscaping then you will appreciate how hard his team works. Tom does a great job at treating his people well. Just give a listen and you'll see how important that is to him. Would you like your business featured on an episode. Drop me a line at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com Do you like this...


Ye Olde Corner Tap

I get to talk whiskey with Jessica at Ye Olde Corner Tap in McHenry. You should really take a trip down there after listening. Besides having a great menu they have a really cool interior with some pretty cool things on the wall. You can hear about them here and then go see them in person. I plan on visiting again and enjoying another cocktail. Jessica and her staff are really inviting and seriously give them a follow on their social media and you can see for yourself what great things they...


Siren Records

This week I speak with Bill at Siren Records. I will tell you this Bill speaks what he feels and without a filter. So be warned that the language on this episode is un-beeped. We had a great conversation about his store, record store day and a few bands mixed in. Thanks for the support and please enjoy the episode. I'm always looking for more places to go. This is your podcast. Who do you want to hear from next? Keep the suggestions coming in! Email me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Cafe Olympic

In this episode I speak to Rachel at Cafe Olympic. Rachel and Rosie took over Cafe Olympic and our doing amazing things with food and drinks. They have some great offerings for you to try. First I would try their cinnamon rolls, then everything else. Since recording this episode I have had one (maybe more than one...). They are huge and delicious. It was a pleasure to speak to someone who loves their job and the people that work at Cafe Olympic. I truly got a sense of family. We are always...


Windhill Pancake Parlor

I talk to Jennifer at Windhill Pancake Parlor. Windhill is a great restaurant located in McHenry. We talk about her unique decoration and menus and the history of how Windhill became hers. Support local and go check them out. I am looking to add more of a local touch to the podcast. Any local musicians want to make intro music for the podcast let me know! Email me with your comments, suggestions or anything else leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Abantu Arts Fusion Part 2

The second hour of my conversation with Andrew from Abantu Arts Fusion. I really hope you enjoy this episode. What Andrew is doing with Abantu is really fantastic. I sincerely hope that listening to this episode gives you the same feeling it gave me. This episode needs to be shared with everyone you know. For information about donating head over to abantuinternational.orgleftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Abantu Arts Fusion

Welcome to part 1 of a 2 part episode. We discuss what life was like before coming to Crystal Lake and how he is building a clinic in Uganda to help young women who are pregnant. Enjoy the first hour of this conversation and then head over to part 2.For more information about donating head over to abantuinternational.orgContant me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


That's Amore Pizza

This week I talk to Tom from That's Amore Pizza. Tom tells me how it quickly it all got started. Why New York Style in the Chicago area? Listen and find out!Want to be on the show email me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Plum Garden

In the longest episode so far. I speak with Jason from Plum Garden in McHenry. We talk about the deep history of the restaurant. In the process we learn about some their famous Hong Kong chicken. I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did.Don't forget to email me with your suggestions at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Duke's Alehouse and Kitchen

In this episode I talk to Chef Zak about the history of Duke's. We talk about the name change, the unique menu and the beer. I learn a little chemistry lesson from Zak about their logo. I also learn that I have to go back soon and try the salmon.Let me know who you want to hear from leftatthelightpod@gmail.com


Country Donuts

In the very first episode I talk to Jake from Country Donuts in Crystal Lake. Jake tells me about his role in the business and where it's headed. We also get to talk about some of the successes and former Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould. Contact me : leftatthelightpod@gmail.comRate, Review, Subscribe!



This podcast is dedicated to McHenry County area businesses. I interview small business owners in the area and get their story. How did the store, restaurant or service get started and how did it evolve to what it us today. Also where is it going from here? This is a truly fun way to learn about some places that you love. I also want to hear from you! Tell me what places you want to hear from or promote.Email me at leftatthelightpod@gmail.com