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Library Figures is a show about the people, data, and tactics behind the marketing campaigns that are changing how libraries engage their communities and patrons.

Library Figures is a show about the people, data, and tactics behind the marketing campaigns that are changing how libraries engage their communities and patrons.
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Library Figures is a show about the people, data, and tactics behind the marketing campaigns that are changing how libraries engage their communities and patrons.






15: Mark Aaron Polger — What is the Marketing Libraries Journal?

Mark Aaron Polger considers himself an ‘accidental library marketer.’ He is an Academic Librarian at the City University of New York and he is the Founder of the first ever marketing journal that is related only to libraries, Marketing Libraries Journal! Mark has just released his third issue and there are so many great articles and words of wisdom in these pieces that are perfect for any library marketer to indulge. Find out more about Mark and the awesome work he’s doing, in this week’s...


14: Making website content easier for your library patrons to access

Adam Kurzawa is the Head of Partner Development at ExpandTheRoom, a digital marketing agency that helps clients with their user experience, SEO, marketing, and digital strategy. Adam is not in the library space, but offers some excellent advice on how to cultivate content and engagement that resonates with your audience on this week’s show! Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This Episode: Adam on LinkedIn Treejack —...


13: Tyler Byrd — Helping Patrons Discover the Library is More than Books

Tyler Byrd has a solo episode for you today to discuss some things he’s had on his mind about vendors, the library, and the branding issues the library faces while promoting these services. Why do patrons keep struggling to find out the library offers key services like audiobooks, databases, and other services? Tyler believes it’s due to bad branding practices! Tune in to this week’s episode for more thoughts and insights from Tyler. Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This...


12: Misty Nesvick — Optimizing radio ads to increase library circulation

Misty Nesvick is the Community Relations Manager at Anchorage Public Library. Prior to this, Misty worked at iHeartMedia for nearly 16 years as a Senior Account Manager and Digital Sales Strategist. Misty has a different take on how to market a library due to her radio background. On today’s show, she shares some key insights and results she’s gotten through leveraging radio influencers and promoting library content on the radio. Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This...


11: How to get your library $10,000 of free adwords per month

Trey Gordner is the Founder of Koios, a marketing solution for libraries looking to show up in local Google searches. Trey also helps libraries get approved by Google’s Ad Grants program, where they can use free advertising credit to promote specific pages and event landing pages. On today’s show, Trey shares how the Google Ad Grants program works, why paid search is better than SEO for libraries, and addresses privacy concerns libraries might have about using Google ads. Key...


10: Terri Carroll — How project management can save your library money and time

Terri Carroll is the Marketing Manager at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Terri has been in this position for a little over a year, but prior to this, she worked as the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Bowling Green State University. Today’s subject involves managing workflow and productivity. Terri describes how she created a streamlined line process for the creative team at the library and some of its positive impacts! Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This...


09: Kimberly Crowder — Using Data and Research to Redesign Your Library Website

Kimberly Crowder is back with another guest appearance! Kimberly serves as the Marketing Director for the Indianapolis Public Library and her team recently finished the library’s website redesign. On today’s show, she shares the process of how the new website came to be and how she sourced information from visitors to get the website functioning the way they needed it to. Key Takeaways: Kimberly is back on the show to give an update about the website redesign she was overseeing for the...


08: Hannah Christian — Leverage viral content to triple your library's social media following

Hannah Christian is the Assistant Director of Career Services at Northwest Missouri State University. Prior to this, Hannah was a research librarian for the university before transitioning into this role. Today, she oversees the library’s social media following and has trained student employees on best social media practices in order for the library to successfully communicate with their younger demographic. Find out more about what Hannah and her team are up to and how they bring awareness...


07: Natalie Newville — Use Radio Ads to Gain Attention and Clicks

Natalie Newville is the Marketing Manager at the Missouri River Regional Library. For the last year, Natalie has been advertising on an ‘old school’ medium, radio! She has seen great results from it because radio demographics are similar to the library’s ideal demographics. She shares how she picked out the radio station she advertises on, the type of content that’s mentioned in the ad, and so much more! Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This...


06: How your library staff can be experts at social media

Cordelia Anderson worked at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for nearly 15 years before starting her own consulting business, Cordelia Anderson Consulting. As the Marketing & Communications Leader for Charlotte, Cordelia was in charge of using marketing strategies to increase community awareness of the library’s services, programs, and more. Find out how she and her team managed all of their social media accounts without losing their minds or stepping on each other’s toes. See the full...


05: Using email marketing to engage and educate new library patrons

Ken Harvey is the Communications Director for Sno-Isle Libraries. On today’s episode, Ken explains the types of patterns he was able to notice with his email marketing campaigns, some early challenges that arose, and also shares his main purpose and goal for their cardholders. It’s important to think of yourself as a student during this process because trends and marketing techniques change so frequently! See the full episode with transcripts and visuals at:...


04: The strategy your library needs to improve email engagement

I’m so excited to invite Angela Hursh back onto the show to discuss email marketing. If you didn’t know, Angela is the Content Team Leader for the Marketing Department at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. She is doing some interesting things with Orange Boy to keep her card holders engaged and aware of new book releases. Find out more about what she’s up to on this week’s episode! See the full episode with transcripts and visuals at:...


03: How a library podcast can drive over a 30% increase in website traffic

Scott Jarzombek is the Executive Director for the Albany Public Library. Scott has been in the position for nearly five years but has over 28 years of experience working in libraries. In this week’s episode, Scott discusses the benefits of including a podcast as part of your library marketing efforts. He also shares some of the mistakes he’s learned from this experience as well as the results he’s seen from the podcast. See the full episode with transcripts and visuals at:...


02: The strategy that drove over 2,000 patrons to 1 library event

Kimberly Crowder serves as the Marketing Director for the Indianapolis Public Library. She has more than 13 years of experience and has served in a variety of roles during that time — everything from public relations to journalism. Today, Kimberly and I sit down to talk about her marketing strategies and how she brought awareness (and attendance!) to the new center of Black Literature and Culture at the Indianapolis Public Library. See the full episode with transcripts and visuals at:...


01: Angela Hursh on Smart Ways to Increase Public Library Attendance

Hello everyone! This is your host Tyler here. I’m excited to announce our very first podcast episode with Angela Hursh. On today’s show, Angela shares some of the struggles a public library faces in today’s digital world, the strategies she’s currently using to increase library attendance in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and why re-education of our librarians in so important to help them adapt to this new environment. Key Takeaways: Mentioned in This...