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S02E05 Part 1 of 2 Life Deck - Ralph Porteria

What's up Life Deck Nation? I have got here with me a really interesting conversation with the Philippines' first ever sneaker and streetwear YouTube vlogger in Ralph Porteria! It was such a good conversation that I had to make it a 2 part episode! It was that good! Don't believe me? After listening to part 1, you will want to hear part 2 right away which airs a few days after this! Lemme know your thoughts about this episode and what was your key takeaway from this one! There's so many gems...


S02E04 Life Deck - Coach Anton Sietereales of @AvantGardeCrossFit & @WeArePrimalCF

Hey Life Deck Nation! On this episode, we go into the world of Cross Fit and physical health talk with the most sought out trainer (and one of my oldest friends since High School) Coach Anton Sietereales who currently owns 2 gyms and is a biking enthusiast. We talk a lot about the business of fitness, his special clients that he trains personally and plenty of great tips for getting fit. He also busts many of those fitness myths you've heard and tells the facts of getting into shape. I...


S02E03 Life Deck - Ronnie De Vera of Shoe Game Manila/Manila Sneaker Expo

Hey what's up Life Deck Nation! Really ecstatic to be sharing with you all this conversation I had with a good friend of mine in the shoe game, Ronnie De Vera. The amount of respect between the two of us is just at a high level that I truly enjoyed listening to this episode that I had to listen to it end to end where I was just smiling and laughing most of the time. So much knowledge and skill that a small business operator or a start-up business person can get from this one, including how...


S02E02 Life Deck - Nick Hernandez of Hydro Manila/Midas Music

Hey everyone! For this episode of Life Deck, I'm having a conversation with one of the founders of Hydro Manila and Midas Music, Nick Hernandez. Nick and I go way back, around 2007 as far as I can remember from our days as being club promoters, and seeing him being successful at what he does now is truly remarkable. One thing I can tell you is that to never doubt the crazy ideas this man has. I did one before, and I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not buying in to one of those ideas...


S02E01 Life Deck - Franki Russell

Hey guys! Life Deck Show is back for a packed Season 2 and I'm really excited to share with you all our 10 guests! On this Season 2 Premiere episode, I get a chance to chat with Franki Russell amidst her super busy schedule. Get to know her story before she got into PBB and in the TV Show "Ang Probinsyano". Franki's story is very interesting since she grew up in another country and it's her first time to be in the Philippines, despite being half Filipina. I also get to share some ideas with...


Life Deck Sports S01E02 - NBA 2019-2020 Season Preview Show (Part 2)

Hey Life Deck Nation! On this 2nd episode of Life Deck Sports with Erik Ong and Antonio Aguirre Jr., we continue our talk on the NBA 2019-2020 Season preview. We talk about Dark Horse teams from each conference, ROY prediction, MVP prediction, teams likely to surprise us and the worst teams in each conference. Bonus talk also on why Carmelo Anthony isn't on an NBA roster. Thank you guys for sharing the podcast! #LifeDeckShow Chirp in at @LifeDeckShow on Instagram with us! Let's go!!! ---...


Life Deck Sports S01E01 - NBA 2019-2020 Season Preview Show (Part 1)

What's up Life Deck Nation! On this very first episode of Life Deck Sports, me and my co-host, Erik Ong, talk about the upcoming NBA 2019-2020 Season with our unbiased picks for the top teams from each conference! Let us know what you think! Chirp in at @LifeDeckShow on Instagram with us! Thank you guys for sharing the Podcast! #LifeDeckShow --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:...


S01E10 Life Deck - Douglas Brocklehurst of TMP

On this episode of Life Deck, I get to share an intimate conversation with Douglas Brocklehurst. This one is very special to me just because I’ve witnessed the growth and maturity of Douglas from being a former intern of mine back when I was doing Sole Slam events to today where he produces a wealth of events related to the culture community. I’m very proud of the path that he’s taken to right now and the vision that he has combined with the work ethic that he resonates is very commendable....


S01E09 Life Deck - @OcampoJazz and sister @_Jhaid McDonald

What’s up Life Deck Nation? On this episode of Life Deck, we sit down with Jazz Ocampo, a creative and an actress, together with her sister Jhaid McDonald, a singer and performer. We talk about their story as individuals and as sisters, with how they deal with life’s ups and downs as they transition to becoming full time adults responsible for their own decisions. We also touch up on how they deal with negativity that comes their way and advice I gave them on starting their own business....


S01E08 Life Deck - Indio of @SlickBarbersCo

Hey guys, on this episode of Life Deck, I get to meet and talk with Indio for the very first time. He is one of the founders of a local fixture in the barber community, Slick Barbers. We talk about his story and how the crew came about. We also touch up on how your passion can become a real livelihood. And lastly of course, we talk about the art of hair cutting, including grooming for the modern gentleman. As always, thank you guys for listening to the podcast. Please visit...


S01E07 Life Deck - DZ SVG, MNL$ and Lex Luthoor of @BawalClan

What’s cracking Life Deck Nation? On today’s episode of Life Deck, we get to sit down with 3 members of the collective rap group known as @BawalClan, Christopher Catral aka Manila Money, Alexander Omiunu aka Lex Luthoor and Dino Imperial aka DZ SVG. We talk about their different pre-Bawal Clan stories, how they came together as a strong close knit family bonded by their passion for music. We also talk about how they work out their own struggles in and out of the group, including their...


S01E06 Life Deck - @MarkBeats & @KrisDelano

On this episode of Life Deck, I get to have a very deep conversation with one of the best music producers in the Philippine hip-hop scene, Mark Beats, together with hip-hop artist, songwriter and battle rapper Kris Delano, one of hip-hop community's finest gems. This has got to be one of my most intense conversations so far, early in my Podcast journey. Join me as I dig deep on what goes on in the mind of both an artist and beat producer. We also talk about a very sensitive topic that’s...


S01E05 Life Deck - Kappo Rivera of @KontraBrand

On this episode of Life Deck, I sit down and catch up with a good friend of mine, Kappo Rivera of streetwear brand, KontraBrand. I've known Kappo since 2012 from his days as a photographer and have witnessed his evolution all through these years. He takes us on his journey and experiences growing up, the entertainment life as an emcee, to working on everything related to visual creativity. He shares his life’s biggest lessons and regrets including some important tips on how to start your own...


S01E04 Life Deck - Maj Veloso of @The.ThirdWorld

On today’s episode of Life Deck, we sit down with The Third World co-founder and a very good friend of mine, Maj Veloso. We talk about her story growing up, the brands that she created and currently work with. We discuss what’s her mindset on working with different brands and her own creative thought process, including the challenges she encountered along the way. We touch up also on the current LGBTQ community and her thoughts on these current issues. And lastly, we talk about personal...


S01E03 Life Deck - Rabi Yamat of @AboveTheAnkle

On today’s episode of Life Deck, I get to have a conversation with Above The Ankle brand owner, Rabi Yamat. We take a look back at his journey of taking a leap of faith from working as a nurse full time and resigning to focus on his growing brand, together with the challengers he encounters on a daily basis. He recalls how he studied making pants on his own without any knowledge in fashion, his design thought process and what makes him happy with his journey. Along the way, we learn the...


S01E02 Life Deck - @MondayOffPH owners Paulo Reyes & Bryan Sochayseng

On this episode of Life Deck, I sit down with two of the most creative people I know in the business of creating substance. Paulo Reyes and Bryan Sochayseng, collectively known as the brilliant minds of the creative agency known as MONDAY OFF. We start off our conversation with who wears the pants and who wears the shoes in this unique business marriage, including their stories of how they started their agency off, their struggles with difficult clients, agreeing to disagree on so many ideas...


S01E01 Life Deck - Rafa Rodrigo of The Nines

On the first episode of Life Deck, we dive into the mind of multi brand owner and side hustle master, Rafa Rodrigo. For an hour and a half, we learn how he used his huge network in setting up all of his businesses from scratch, how important it is to build a strong and lasting business relationship with your friends and being able to balance it all with your family. We also talk about some of his side hustle stories, such as reselling the LV x Supreme collection, and how he made money off of...