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Life in Focus with Sandy Grigsby: Branding Photography, High Performance, Self Worth, Confidence, Entrepreneurs, Fears and Challenges

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Life in Focus 013: Laura Mitchell from Prison to Success

In this episode we go deep with author of Success Unshackled, Laura Mitchell, to learn about her time in prison, how giving birth shackled to a bed changed everything, and how she managed to run a multi-million dollar business and create the life of her dreams. |


Life in Focus 012: Get to Know Sandy Grigsby, Interview with Ken Rutkowski

In this episode the creator of the first podcast, Ken Rutkowski, digs deep to really get to know Sandy Grigsby and understand why she does what she does. He asks some tough questions to really find out the how, why, and what makes Sandy tick. |


Life in Focus 011: John Lim on Moving Forward with Your Podcast, Book, and Life.

TEDx Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Attorney, John Lim, discusses his discoveries during his successful podcast and entrepreneurial journey. He gives insights on how to overcome your self doubts to create that podcast, write that book, and live your best life! |


Life in Focus 010: Overcoming Photo Session Procrastination

Photo Sessions can be daunting, leaving plenty of room for procrastinating when getting ready to do one. Branding yourself online is important, and each day without authentic portraits is a day more that your message isn’t being delivered to your ideal audience. Here are ways to overcome the procrastination monster that might be preventing you from having your portraits taken. |


Life In Focus 009: Julienne Irons on Focus Fear and Being Your Authentic Self

Julienne Irons is an actress, acting teacher and coach. She takes us on a deep dive into her experience overcoming audition anxiety, fear, battling inner demons, her battle with anorexia, owning her self, being authentic, and her journey on making "sense" of it all. Julienne truly understand what “feel the fear and do it any way” really means. She also spills her secrets on taking charge from the stage, and how to master your fear. |


Life in Focus 008: What is Your Profile Photo Saying About You

Your profile photo is the very first thing a stranger sees when they come across our profile online. What you might think is a captivating and alluring profile image might actually be a total turn off to the person viewing your profile. In this episode I guide you on being clear what message you want to convey, how to see what others see in your image, and how to create an image that delivers the message you really want to send to better connect. |


Life in Focus 007 Dr. Freddy Behin Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Freddy Behin is a medical doctor, world class gymnast, software developer, successful entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, philanthropist, and Success and Peak Performance coach. He has done it all and through his exciting life story he gives us his take on overcoming limiting beliefs and owning your power. |


Life In Focus 006: How to Pick Wardrobe for Personal Branding

Looking for wardrobe for your portrait session has never been easier! After over 20 years in the industry I have a special knack for knowing what to wear for portrait sessions. In this episode tell you what to look for, what to avoid, how to love what is in your closet, how to remove what you don't love, and how to create a personal brand "look" that is authentic to you! |


Life In Focus 005: Claudia Zanes on Finding Revenue in Your Business

In this episode I interview Claudia Zanes, a Financial Management and Growth Strategy Consultant. After running one of Phoenix's leading Personal Injury Law Firms, Claudia knows the ins and outs or running a successful business, while avoiding burn out, frustration, and revenue loss. She's turned multiple businesses around from looming failure and pending bankruptcy to salvation by uncovering over $430,000 in found revenue, all in less than 24 hours. Learn her secrets, and get your business...


Life In Focus 004: My 11 Secrets to Looking Young at 40

Now that I've hit 40 I've had more people than ever ask me what it is I do to look so young. In this episode I spill the beans on what it is I do to maintain a youthful look, what you should do before a photo session to look really fresh, why you are aging, and how to avoid it! |


Life in Focus 003: Manny Lopez from Orphan to CEO

Manny Lopez is an app creator, educator, and speaker who teaches individuals/businesses how to monetize their brands through automation. Orphaned at only 18 months old, he aged out of the foster system and began his entrepreneurial journey to change lives. In this episode you will learn how he stopped building someone else’s dream and created his own success. How he showed up to make a difference, used automation to transform his business, and created lasting and impactful change in the...


Life In Focus 002: Looking your BEST in Photos with Intention and Mindset

If you want to look your best in photos then it's time to stop worrying about how you will look, dreading the session, and being anxious. Instead focus on your desired outcome and get the amazing image you've always wanted! In this episode I tell you just how to do that to always look your best in photos! |


Life In Focus 001: Power Strategist Tatiana Dudyez Talks Owning Your Power

Tatiana Dudyez is a Power Strategist who helps women find their power at work through their femininity. Learn how she faced her fears and sold a multimillion dollar business after realizing it didn't fulfill her any longer. |


Life In Focus 000: Meet Sandy Grigsby

Meet Sandy Grigsby, who she is, where she started, and where she's going with branding and transformation. |