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#011 with Elaine Heney: Learn how to make six figures designing T-shirts on Amazon Merch!

Guest Bio: Elaine Heney grew her Merch by Amazon business to 6 figures, selling over $128,295 with profit of $53,000 in her first 10 months . Elaine is the CEO of Merch Entrepreneur and host of the Merch Entrepreneur podcast. Over the last 3 years, Elaine is also triple #1 best selling author, international keynote speaker, movie producer and Amazon FBA and Merch consultant. She has also published over 300 mobile apps across Amazon, Apple & Google, and enjoyed over 20 million app downloads...


#010: w/ Laura Valvasori: From corporate exec to successful solopreneur consultant who gets to work from home

Guest Bio: In her last role in the corporate world, Laura Valvasori led marketing strategy and oversaw execution for PwC’s National Private Company Services and Consulting & Deals practices. During that time, she had many frank conversations with owners of private companies about their experiences with marketing. There were consistent themes: they didn’t really understand what marketing was. Either they weren’t doing any marketing or they weren’t sure if they were doing the right...


#009: w/ Michael Cinquino: Is sexiness a learned skill? Photographer turned solopreneur teaches online classes on looking good on camera

Guest Bio: Michael is a Photographer, Speaker and On-Camera Coach based in Brooklyn, NY. His work as been published in The NY Times, on ABC, Comedy Central and Time Out NY. Learn more about Michael and The Science of On-Camera Attraction here: In this particular episode, you will learn: Resources mentioned in this episode: Coffee Table Book on Robin Williams; shot by close friend photographerTom Hanks Oscar acceptance speech Transcript...

#008: w/ Leah Fisch: How she combined Joy + Humor into a lifestyle biz that lets her travel the world while helping clients get organized and live free

Guest Bio: Leah Fisch is the Principal of Joumor, LLC. She provides consulting and project management for industries including: finance, real estate, agriculture, media, and healthcare. Leah has worked with dozens of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and employees all over the US and internationally to reduce anxiety and overwhelm and improve productivity. She specializes in women’s leadership as well as professionals with ADD and other anxiety disorders which interfere with top performance. In...


#007 w/ Shelley Davidescu: Former psychotherapist shares how coaching health coaches to become better coaches is both a rewarding and lucrative way to leverage yourself to help more people

Guest Bio: Shelley started Clean Forks in 2013 from the ground up and replaced her 9-5 income with full time entrepreneurship in 2015, all while paying off over $25,000 of debt. She has used her experience in business and a passion for psychology to grow her business to 4 and 5 figure months. Shelley teaches heath and wellness coaches to take inspired action and share their story in a way that leads to helping more clients and makes a more positive impact today. Shelley has been featured...


#006 w/ Snowe Saxman: How she went from a millionaire at age 25, to living on food stamps and bankruptcy by age 35, to now earning multiple six figures on her way to millions again!

Guest Bio: Snowe Saxman is a Wealth Management Expert, Master Tax Strategist & Master Coach for women. She has a degree in Accounting and studied for her MBA. She is also a certified Tax Coach also known as the Money Oracle. She believes that we can change the world when we live our lives God first, family second and our careers third. She is married to love of her life, Paul. They have 7 children and 2 grandchildren. Yes, Snowe is a Glamma. Someone way too young and gorgeous to be called...


#005 w/ Michele Brown: Former NFL Cheerleader has built a successful work-from-anywhere coaching business by helping executives CHEER UP and find self-confidence

Guest Bio: Michele Brown is a former NFL Cheerleader turned Professional Speaker and Executive Life Coach. Michele believes people are “Conscious Creators” of their life experience and are MORE POWERFUL than they know. She integrates NFL Analogies, Universal Success Principals, and Mental Coaching Techniques to help professionals and organizations overcome their obstacles and tackle their goals. She teaches people how to “LEAD from within” and “live everyday like it’s GAME DAY.” Michele is...

#004 w/ Christopher Cumby: Success requires these BOLD principles and timeless proven techniques

Guest Bio: Chris has been coaching and advising clients on both business strategies and personal development for more than 14 years. What began as sales and marketing consulting took on a broader scope of business advisement when he identified a disconnect with his clients. Seeing business growth as an extension of personal growth, Chris saw that his clients achieved greater success in their professional lives when they also focused on positive personal development. With this realization,...

#003 w/ Ilean Harris: She makes money while she sleeps and believes you can have it all!

Guest Bio: Ilean’s message is simple, “You can have it all”. In a world where you are pushed to chose between your faith, family, or career, Ilean will give you the tools you need to go for your wildest dreams~ with confidence. Ilean is an award-winning online business coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who teaches people around the world how to live empowered lives of success and significance. Renowned as a trainer and motivator thanks to her proven success strategies, Ilean has consulted...

#002 w/ Mike Wolf: What’s better than being a DIY landlord? Passive income from turn-key rentals

Guest Bio: Mike Wolf is a serial entrepreneur best known for his real estate investing. He’s been investing for 25 years and now teaches others how to create a lifestyle of freedom through passive income both from real estate and also in their businesses. Mike is an author, international speaker, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and Yahoo Finance just to name a few. He spends most of his time travelling, giving back and volunterring, and spending time with his daughter and...

#001 w/ Flavia Berys: Welcome to the Lifestyle Solopreneur Podcast!

Episode summary: Hello Lifestyle Solopreneur! I’m Flavia Berys, the founder of the Lifestyle Solopreneur community. I welcome you and cannot wait to share some amazing secrets to help you succeed in building YOUR ideal lifestyle and business. In this episode I will share me own journey to becoming an online entrepreneur and investor, and why I believe that building a source of passive income is so important. Something happened to me in 2014 that changed the course of my life. That event was...