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25: Denise Duffield-Thomas: You Make the Rules

Never miss a new episode of Lightbulb Moment! Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you'll also learn behind-the-scenes stories and get bonus tips not shared in the episodes. Denise Duffield-Thomas was working from 4:30 am until 10 pm five or six days a week because she thought she had to cater to everyone else’s preferences. She was afraid of setting boundaries, worried people would think she was a bitch (pretty ironic for someone whose business is called Lucky Bitch!). Denise finally...


24: Parijat Deshpande: Let Your Gut Be Your Guide

Never miss a new episode of Lightbulb Moment! Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you'll also learn behind-the-scenes stories and get bonus tips not shared in the episodes. Parijat Deshpande wanted to be an OB/GYN when she grew up. After discovering she didn’t have an aptitude for chemistry, she set her sights on clinical psychology. She focused her work on child and family therapy and founded a South Asian mental health non-profit to better serve her community. Before she even knew...


23: Farideh Ceaser: Let Go of Outcomes

Never miss a new episode of Lightbulb Moment! Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you'll also learn behind-the-scenes stories and get bonus tips not shared in the episodes. Farideh Ceaser began her music career by singing on top of coffee tables when she was just two years old. She released my first solo album at 20, and another at 24. Eventually, though, her music career felt like knocking on door after door with none of them opening. It got to the point where she just wasn’t having...


22: Mallika Malhotra: Making a Pivot in Business

Mallika Malhotra began her photography business as an offshoot of motherhood. She had family across the country who wanted to share in every moment of her children’s lives, so she made sure the milestones were all documented. It wasn’t long before her friends started asking her to photograph their children, too. Mallika loved her newfound photography business. She enjoyed learning about the realm of creative photography. She knew how to relate to kids, sing their songs, and chase after...


21: Laura Simms: Digging Deep to Create a Career

The dread of the real world was pressing down on Laura Simms while she was in college. She decided she’d hate herself if she didn’t try to make a career of acting. The Knoxville, Tenn. native started out loving the L.A. shuffle. She was driven, committed, and swore she’d never be one of those people who blew up their dream and moved back home to nowhere. She put all her energy and resources into her career, but it soon moved from feeling like a commitment to being a sacrifice. She had a...


20: Angela Greaser: An Educated Leap of Faith

Growing up, Angela Greaser learned that you graduate high school, go to college, get a job, then work your way up in the company. That was the right thing to do. Doing your own thing wasn’t the right, safe, and stable thing to do. When her first daughter was born, Angela wanted to stay home at least part of the time, and started doing some online work to help pay for student loans and household extras. But it wasn’t the right fit. Her husband, Dan, was always going to be in his corporate...


19: Nailah Blades : You're Allowed to Change

After college, Nailah Blades Wylie landed a dream job with a great salary, a corporate credit card, and a company car. It didn’t take long, however, for her to realize the job was more of a nightmare than a dream. So, she took the leap and started her own company. Her social media marketing agency quickly became more successful than she dreamed possible, but she still wasn’t happy. The problem? She was chained to her laptop and she lacked the freedom and flexibility she wanted. She...


18: Melissa Camilleri: Some Blessings Wear Disguises

Melissa Camilleri’s ex-husband stood before her in their bedroom one day and, seemingly out of the blue, told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore. She was devastated, especially because the news came in the midst of several deaths in her close family. Melissa had spent the first part of her life following a scripted path, doing what was expected of her. That included marrying someone she thought she should. In this episode, the former classroom teacher is sharing how the most...


17: Tonya Rineer: Stay True to Yourself

Whenever deciding on a path to take in life, whether it be financial, education, or otherwise, the one thing most people recommend is to follow your heart. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. What happens if we forget why we decided to follow that passion? Today, Tonya shares what led her to quit all income generating activities in order to get back to her joy. Show Highlights: Resources: Profit Party Podcast:...


16: Susanna Cresce: Perfect is Relative

One of the biggest ways we hold ourselves back from being happy is fear of leaving. We feel that because we’ve spent X amount of years in school, a relationship, a job, etc. that we owe something. The only thing you owe to yourself is your own happiness, despite if other people agree or not. Susana Cresce talks about why she gave up the dream job right out of college and advice on moving past our fear. Show Highlights: RESOURCES: Abraham Hicks Dallas...


15: Yael Bendahan: My Education Doesn’t Define Me

Do you ever have the urge to pursue an idea or dream? Do you ever hold yourself back by whispering to yourself that you’re not smart, pretty, or talented enough? Yael Bendahan knows what it’s like to, not only have those same limiting beliefs, but how to overcome them. Yael is here to talk about how the world is advancing for stay-at-home moms and their careers, the belief system that’s pushed on us by our parents, and the growing opportunities for people to work remotely. Show...


14: Kimra Luna: Teach with Humanity

The majority of us, if we’re lucky, have warm memories of one (or more than one) teacher that really made an impact on our lives. Regardless of the subject they taught, to this day we still remember the lesson(s) that resonated with us. Kimra Luna is with me today to share her lightbulb moment and how it came from a music teacher who took the time to see Kimra as a human being. How can we make this impact on more students? What can we do to share that impact for our future students? Listen...


13: Arianna Taboada: Writing a Book Takes Time

Are you one of those people who think, or have thought about, writing a book, but don’t know where to start? Do you aspire to publish, but you’re not sure if you have the time? Arianna was in a similar situation when she decided to go from consulting to self-publishing. If you’re looking for advice or direction, join us today as we all learn how to take that first step. Show Highlights: Links from the show: Arianna's Website Arianna on Instagram Becky Mollenkamp is a business...


12: Tiana Dodson: Healthy at Any Size

When we think about health and fitness and what that looks like, most people conjure images of bodybuilders and super models. Society and the media constantly force these images down our throats, and if we don’t fit into that image, then we haven’t achieved that level of health. Today, Tiana Dodson joins me to share her story that led her to becoming a Health Coach as someone who doesn’t fit into that societal image. If you feel that, in order to be healthy and beautiful, you have to have...


11: Claire Pelletreau: Find Your True Tribe

Do you ever worry that maybe you’re casting your net too wide? Are you afraid of narrowing down your scope too much, to the point where it will affect your income? Today, Claire is here to share her experience on the subject. Before going on maternity leave, she was trying to appeal to everyone who had a need, but it was what she learned after returning to work that really changed her life, and her world. Show Highlights: Resources: Claire's Website Claire's Facebook Claire's...


10: Mason Aid: Coming Out is a Family Activity

In 2018, it is a lot easier for LGBT individuals to come out than it was 50 years ago, and even less than that, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Do you ever wonder contemplate coming out to a loved one or family member, but aren’t sure how? Or maybe you have come out already, but you’re not sure how to navigate those relationships now? Join me on today’s episode where special guest Mason talks about the importance of educating yourself and those in your life, and giving them the time they need...


09: Katie Hunt: Priorities Shift After Children

Katie Hunt decided she needed to slow things down when she was expecting her fourth child. She was traveling all the time, speaking at different conferences, as well as juggling teaching and managing her own business. Join in and learn how slowing down did not, by any means, mean stopping for Katie, and how as she transitioned from one season of life to the next, was just the timing she needed to pursue another dream of hers. More in this episode: Katie’s Links: Trade Show...


08: Shunta Grant: The Power to Change

On today’s episode, learn how a driven Type A Lawyer, Shunta Grant, traded making legal briefs for making bows for her daughter. What, at first, started out as a hobby for her little girl, turned into her own entrepreneurial business where she’s able to make more money, spend more time with family, and live her life pursuing her passion. Show Highlights: trade Links Mentioned in the Show: Shaunta's Instagram Shaunta's Facebook Group Business, Life, and Joy...


07: Natalie Franke: Community Over Competition

Do you consider yourself a competitive person? In business, we are conditioned to scope out our competition and always stay guarded so that we don’t give away too much that could be used to their advantage. Today’s guest has a different take on competition. It’s a refreshing conversation that takes your mind out of competition mode and into community building mode! Natalie Franke is a photographer, educator, and the Founder of the Rising Tide Society. Listen in as Natalie discusses the...


06: Erin Kelly: Make Money Your Way

Are you willing to “go against the flow” with your business model? It takes guts and pure resolve to make a leap into something new, especially with the common fear that it might not work like you anticipate. Today’s show introduces you to someone who has proven that trying something new might be just the thing your business needs. Erin Kelly learned the hard way that there are other ways to sell beyond cyclical (and stressful) launches. In the online space, people often default to...