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5: The Combined Power of Local Media and Large Publishers w/ Alain Begun

There’s power in the “local flag” of newspapers. After all, that market has probably been there 100-200 years. Yet, local newspapers are limited. In some areas, the efficiency and quality of their product can be improved by leaning on a larger media publisher. In this episode we talk to Alain Begun, VP of Marketing at Gatehouse Media. He talked about how a company that exclusively owns and publishes local community-based newspapers is a great thing, while a big multi-media company that...


4: Why Local Media Executives Shouldn’t Embrace the Imminent Doom of Their Industry w/ Simon Sarahs

The number one advantage that newspapers have right now is the fact that their business model supports the feet on the street and the local presence to be able to be there in that market to sell to small businesses. We’re very quick to dismiss what we’ve got. We look at other organizations that have shrunk and we beat ourselves up over it. The reality is, we still have massive sales forces; we still have people on the ground; we still have trusted relationships. In this episode Simon...


2: 3 Keys for Newspapers to Hire Top Talent in Sales w/ Tony Bernados

Today’s sales department needs to be far more sophisticated than in the past. With all the products/services in their arsenal, there’s a lot for them to master. That means it’s critical for you to invest in quality salespeople. It also means it’s dangerous for you to “hire a pulse.” Listen in as Tony Bernados, publisher of the St. Augustine Record, shares how you can hire top sales talent to your paper—even though your talent pool may be the size of a puddle.


What Is The Local Media Executive?

There are plenty of podcasts out there about the type of content local media companies should produce. What’s missing, however, is a podcast about those companies can extend their reach and drive revenue. That’s where The Local Media Executive comes in. In this intro episode your host, Lloyd Armbrust, lays out the vision for this podcast. In future episodes, you’ll hear interviews with people who are reenvisioning local media—from the highest to the most minute levels of the industry.