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Gross Margin Dollars vs Gross Margin Percent

Gross Margin Dollars vs Gross Margin Percent A question I get asked is, “Is it better to push for gross dollars or gross margin?” In typical coaching speak, it depends. LOL There is a time and place for both. There are some large companies that are extremely successful using the gross dollar approach and others using the gross margin approach. They key is knowing both numbers so that you can make the best decision for your bottom line. Without the right amount of gross margin,...


Just Do It!

Just Do It! | What is Keeping You from Making it Happen? When I sit down with a business owner to discuss their business, they often seek ways to grow their sales and profits. We come up with some great ideas and ways they can make them happen. So, what keeps them from taking the actions necessary to grow their business? Why do they show back up weeks or months later in the same place they were before? They fail to take action! What is keeping you from making it...


Do Your Numbers Support Expanding Your Service Area

Do the Numbers Support Expanding Your Service Area? Are you thinking about expanding your business into another area? What if you had a huge opportunity in your own area? This week I spoke to a business owner who is excited to open up a new territory. We took just a few minutes and discovered that by just looking at some simple numbers in his business, that he might be better off sticking closer to home. Come learn how you too can use your business numbers to determine which...


Are Your Customers Cheap

Are Your Customers Cheap? Why are customers so cheap? Maybe You Have a Perceived Value Problem! Maybe You Are Missing the Pain Points You Solve? Let's dive in and see what might be causing this issue. Too often we think of our customers or clients as being cheap when in reality, we have created the monster we hate. We have created a “cheap” feeling business vs a business value. Does that tick you off? It should! Afterall, are people buying $5 water, or a $1,000 cell phone and others that...


The Cost of Keeping Poor Performing Employees

The Cost of Keeping Poor Performing Employees What if you could figure out the amount of profit you are losing due to having poor performing employees? Well, there is! By using the numbers you already have at your fingertips, you can discover how much in profit and in sales are lost due to not addressing the performance issues within your company. Would it shock you to learn that some folks are losing over $10,000 to $20,000 a year? Don’t you think it is time you take a look at what you...


Do You Have More Business Than You Can Handle?

Do You Have More Business Than You Can Handle? We all hit a wall in our business where the business grows so much, that we just run out of time. Jobs start to push back 2-3 weeks, we end up working 7 days a week and still, at the end of the day, we aren’t making the profits we should. We need to keep growing but don’t know how. We are hitting the wall on energy and time. What do you do? Let’s dive in and take a look at how you can get past this current wall you have hit in your...


Can You Afford that New Employee

Can You Afford to Hire an Employee? The comes a tipping point for each business owner when they need to bring aboard some help. Maybe that new employee is so you can expand your business or maybe even take stuff off your plate. Either way, you need to make sure that your business can afford that new hire. Here we take a quick look at how to do the quick math on what you need to produce in new sales & profits to afford this new hire. ~~~~ The Local Small Business Coach Podcast is for...


Are You Being a Boss or a Coach?

Are You Being a Coach or a Boss? Are You Being a Coach or a Boss? A Leader or a Manager? Let’s face it, we all want to have productive, employees that do their best. Do these people need a great boss or a great coach? How about we strive for being a great coach who happens to be their boss? It all comes down to communication and how you help your team be the best they can be. Let’s discuss how folks tend to respond to being told what to do vs coached on how to do it better. ~~~~ The...


How Much are Your Broken Processes Costing You?

How Much are Your Broken Processes Costing You? Time to Figure Out How Much Money You Are Leaving on the Table! Have you ever stopped and put the numbers together to see how much in potential sales/profits you are losing by not taking a few minutes to figure out what the broken process is costing you? For example, if your employees have to keep stopping to get direction on what to do next, it could be costing you thousands of dollars a year in profits due to payroll costs. In this...


Why You Need a Simple Employee Checklist

Why You Need a Simple Employee Checklist Every small business owner dreams of building their business. Creating more sales and more profits. I often hear how they feel frustrated by their employees. Either the employee turnover is high, they can’t find good help or the employees just seem to always stopping and asking questions. Both of these problems can actually be helped by having an employee checklist in place. An employee checklist will create a roadmap for the employee to stay on...


RANT - Why You Need to Know Your Dang Numbers

RANT - Why You Need to Know Your Dang Numbers I have had several coaching calls and one on ones the past few weeks and I’ve been coming across folks that still aren’t diving into their business numbers. By having their head in the sand, they are costing themselves thousands of dollars in profits and sales. Why do you insist on working harder and harder vs just working smarter? What is Keeping You From Being on Top of Your Business? Here is the link to the latest YouTube video I mention...


The 5 Mile Radius Rule for Your Local Business

The 5 Mile Radius Rule So how far do you search for business? Do you travel 5 miles? 10 miles? Up to 50 miles? What if I told you that the vast majority of your business should be coming from within a 5-mile radius? Most neighborhoods have thousands of potential customers within any 5-mile radius. The key is to focus on solving a pain point that many of the folks in that area are searching for. Too often we try and shotgun all over the place vs using a sniper rifle in a small area. By...


Using Your Profit Loss to Determine Your Hourly Wage

Using Your Profit & Loss to Determine Your Hourly Wage As a small business owner, your goal is to create a better a better life & income for yourself. But have you ever stopped and figured out what exactly you earn an hour? Sure you work tons of hours, but what exactly to you make? What if you could take your profit & loss statement and the number of hours you work, and using a simple calculation, determine what you make? This is especially helpful for anyone who pays themselves out of...


How a Mindmap Can Help You in Your Business

How a Mindmap Can Help You in Your Business A mindmap is a great way for you to breakdown a process in your business that you want to streamline and improve. Having processes in place, add to your bottom line profits and sales, but it all starts with getting it out of your head & on to paper. But sometimes, your head is a jumbled mess, so mindmaps are a great way to take that chaos and start to create some sort of processes in place. But just what is a mindmap and how do you use it? By...


Diving Into Your Profit & Loss Expenses

Diving Into Your Profit & Loss Expenses In the next part of our Know Your Business Numbers Series, we will take a look at the next part of the profit and loss statement, your expenses. Your expenses are all the other costs of running your business other than your cost of goods sold. Like your cost of goods sold, your expense will be a percent of sales on your profit & loss. Your expenses will be broken down into subcategories that will allow you to track where your profits are going. You...


An Expensive Lesson to Learn - The $10,000 Business Mistake

An Expensive Lesson to Learn A Small Business Owner Learned a $10,000 Lesson and wanted me to share what happened in order to help others learn from her and her husband’s mistake. Well, technically, they didn’t make a mistake, but in trying to solve one problem, they discovered another. Both lessons are things I see and hear about all the time and in this episode, I share what happened in hopes of you learning from their situation and hopefully avoiding the same in problem and...


What Goes Into Your COGS

What Goes Into Your COGS In this week’s know your business numbers series, we will discuss the next part of your P & L Report - Your COGS. But what exactly goes into your costs of goods sold? Where does payroll go? Cogs or Expenses? Should you breakdown your COGS into categories? We will take a look at these items plus why your COGS might be lower or higher than what you actually use that month. ~~~~ The Local Small Business Coach Podcast is for Local Small Business Owners who...


Fine Tune Your Elevator Speech

Fine Tune Your Elevator Speech Leave Them Knowing the Pain Points You Solve | Whether you are at a networking event or being asked what you do for a living, you often times only have 30, 60, 90 seconds to tell folks what it is you do. Many of us, tell them the industry we are in but fail to tell them the pain points we solve. One is about 'branding' and the other is what will help them refer you to their family, friends, customers. For example, a landscaper might say they do landscaping...


Breaking Down Revenue on Your Profit & Loss Statement

Breaking Down Revenue on Your Profit & Loss Statement In today’s episode: In this week's episode of the Know Your Business Numbers Series, I want to share why I think you need to break down your sales/revenue categories on your income statement. By looking at each core area of your sales, you can gain a lot of intel on where you should be focusing your energy and time to grow your sales, but also on where to grow your profits. Information is power and there are a lot of opportunities that...


Too Busy to Work "ON" the Business vs Just "IN" the Business

Too Busy to Work "ON" the Business vs Just "IN" the Business In today’s episode: What if You Are Just Too Busy to Do Anything Else When Your Hair is On Fire and Business Is Going Crazy? When all the time you have is trying to stay afloat and keep things going? Is it ok that you don’t have the time to work “ON” the business since all you seem to be doing is working “IN” the business? ~~~~ The Local Small Business Coach Podcast is for Local Small Business Owners who are tired of living...