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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.

The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.


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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.








Guest: Darren Epps of Ryder on electrifying fleets; Returning office workers want parcel lockers for e-com deliveries; The main priorities of chief supply chain officers

In this episode, Darren Epps, senior director of advanced vehicle technology at Ryder, shares what it will take for freight companies to transition to electric fleets. It is more than just buying electric trucks. It involves decisions on infrastructure for charging them and determining which loads are best suited for currently available technologies. Many workers spent the last year working remotely and ordering many, many things online. Now they are returning to offices. But what will they...


Guest: Spencer Shute of Proxima discusses the impact Pres. Biden's executive order on competition will have on logistics; Uber's big acquisition of Transplace; Sustainability remains a priority with supply chain companies

In this episode, Spencer Shute, a consultant with the supply chain and procurement consulting firm Proxima, discusses the recent executive order from President Biden designed to encourage more competition between American companies. The goal is to increase competition to better serve consumers, but what impact will these orders have on the supply chains that we currently know and how will it affect freight markets in particular? Merger and acquisitions continue throughout our industry, as...


Guest: Thomas Evans of Honeywell on automating for small businesses; How 5G will influence IoT adoption; Consumer pandemic shopping habits will continue

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Evans, chief robotics technology officer at Honeywell, discusses how automation can help small to medium-sized distributors compete with the big guys on the block. 5G cell technology is rolling out across the nation, but it will take a while for the infrastructure to be in fully in place to make an impact. How will it eventually affect the growth of devices using Internet of Things technology? During the pandemic, consumers stopped shopping in person and turned...


Guest: Gary Master, DC Velocity publisher, on "whack a mole" supply chains; Truckers are facing more unexpected breakdowns on our nation's roads; Freight capacity will remain tight for the rest of the year

In this episode, Gary Master, president, COO, and group publisher at Agile Business Media, discusses the current state of supply chains. He explains that new challenges arise each day - almost like playing the arcade game Whac-A-Mole. Once one problem is addressed, another comes up to challenge supply chain managers. Product and component shortages, freight bottlenecks, labor issues, tight capacity, and growing complexities are just some of the major concerns we face each day in getting...


Guest: Mark Manduca of GXO on the new XPO spinoff; Warehouse space is in critical demand; New investments in logistics companies underscore importance of supply chains

In this episode, Mark Manduca, the newly appointed chief investment officer of GXO Logistics, discusses the new company and its role in the logistics industry. GXO is the result of a split in the logistics and warehousing segments of the large worldwide company, XPO Logistics. GXO has been created to assume the contract warehousing business. At its launch in a few weeks, it will become the second-largest firm of its kind in the world. Manduca shares about GXO's industry role and company...


Guest: Richard Sinkoff of the Port of Oakland on environmental initiatives; Women are increasing their roles and influence in supply chain jobs; B2B buying habits are accelerating digital transformation.

In this episode, Richard Sinkoff, the director of environmental programs and planning at the Port of Oakland, is our guest. He discusses a new initiative to have California fund $2.25 billion improvements in ports and infrastructure to create a zero-emissions distribution network. The network would aim for zero-emissions handling, including trucks that come into and out of the state's ports. It also would provide electric charging stations along heavily traveled freight corridors to reduce...


Guest: Dan Gilmore of Softeon on how WMS systems are ready for complex automation: The White House releases a report on America's supply chains; National Forklift Safety Day emphasizes safe forklift operations; Funding for Mississippi River transportation

In this episode, guest Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at warehouse software company Softeon, discusses how today's warehouse management software systems are being developed to handle the huge surge in robotics and other warehouse automation systems. Today's WMS and WES systems must monitor and direct many warehouse functions in real time to keep products flowing. They also must be easy to integrate with all of the technology placed into DCs today. Are these software systems up to the...


Guest: Mark Stanton of PowerFleet on preparing supply chains for hurricane season; A major player changes hiring policies for warehouse workers; Logistics continues to see strong growth

In this episode, guest Mark Stanton, general manager for PowerFleet for Supply Chain, discusses the upcoming hurricane season and how we can prepare our supply chains to better handle disruptions. We all know that hurricanes are likely to happen; we just don't know where or when they will occur. But, companies can prepare their supply chains now using technology tools and collaboration to monitor their assets and direct products and people away from areas of disruption. Amazon is changing...


Guest: Alex Wakefield of Longbow Advantage on supply chain visibility; New research initiatives for the trucking industry; Top supply chain priorities

In this episode, guest Alex Wakefield, CEO of supply chain technology firm Longbow Advantage, discusses the need for better supply chain visibility. He suggests that improvements in visibility for warehouse operations can actually provide better insights into bottlenecks and challenges in the transportation of goods to and from facilities. The American Transportation Research Institute, better known as ATRI, has released a report on the most important issues facing the trucking sector....


Guest: Mike Klage of TOC Logistics on ocean shipping conditions; Retailers look for new carriers and capacity; Investors eye supply chain companies for new acquisitions

In this episode, guest Mike Klage, solutions director at TOC Logistics International, shares what's happening out on the water. Ports continue to be overwhelmed with cargo and backlogs are becoming the new normal for ocean shipping. Some shippers are looking at alternative ports, such as those on the East Coast and and in the Gulf region, but will that solve their problems if capacity is scarce everywhere? We discuss the current state of ocean shipping and whether things might get back to...


Guest: Jim Yarbrough of BSI on supply chain risks; The labor shortage hits supply chains hard; Lots of M&A action in rail

In this episode, guest Jim Yarbrough, global intelligence program manager at BSI, shares the major supply chain risks from around the world. BSI recently released its Supply Chain Risks Insights 2021 report. It analyzes and assesses risks to countries and businesses globally. These include product theft, fraud, labor exploitation, and political and regulatory changes. He also shares how to make supply chains more resilient in light of these threats. As the world emerges from the Covid-19...


Guest: Paul Beavers from PCS Software on why touchless transactions are here to stay; An important supply chain commodity is experiencing shortages; Tight capacity will be with us for the foreseeable future

In this episode, guest Paul Beavers, the chief technology officer at PCS Software, discusses why he thinks touchless transactions are here to stay. During the past year, as the Covid-19 pandemic raged, many companies turned to contactless electronic transactions as a way of promoting social distancing and reducing risks to drivers. It is just another adoption trend that the pandemic accelerated, and as with many of the changes we have undergone during the year, companies are seeing the...


Guest: Matt Castle of C.H. Robinson on tight air capacity; Supply chain managers weigh in on infrastructure; California legislation redefines how truck drivers are classified in the workforce

In this episode, guest Matt Castle, vice president of air services at C.H. Robinson, discusses the tight air freight market. While passengers are starting to fly again on commercial planes, that extra belly space for cargo has not really alleviated the capacity constraints on the air freight market. Is there any improvement in sight, or is this what to expect for the rest of the year? Are there good alternatives to routing freight by air? Once again, our nation's infrastructure is being...


Guest: Aaron Hageman on last-mile deliveries; Imports continue to surge; Supply chain companies celebrate Earth Day by sharing their sustainable initiatives.

In this episode, guest Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI), discusses trends in last-mile logistics. The supply chain industry calls that final delivery to a person's home or business "the last mile" of the shipment chain. It is usually the most expensive part of logistics, as each package must be handled separately, in contrast to the aggregate handling of previous steps. Hageman discusses how drivers are found to make such deliveries and what is being done by shippers to...


Guest: Brandon Coats of MHS counters misconceptions about artificial intelligence; Highlights from ProMatDX 2021, looking at new technologies and trends in material handling and supply chain

In this episode, guest Brandon Coats, global product manager for robotics and vision at Material Handling Systems (MHS), discusses artificial intelligence. We have all heard of AI and its potential for improving our lives. Coats talks about some of the misconceptions about artificial intelligence and offers some practical applications where AI can improve distribution operations. We also look at this week's ProMatDX 2021. This virtual experience of North America's largest material handling...


Guest: Chris Jones of Decartes on supply chain vulnerabilities; Five risks businesses should avoid as they bounce back; Consumers are more aware of supply chain pain points than ever before

In this episode, guest Chris Jones, executive vice president at Decartes, discusses supply chain vulnerabilities. The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything in our lives, including the way goods are delivered to us. But the pandemic also exposed weak areas of our supply chains and revealed vulnerabilities for sourcing many critical goods, such as PPE, pharmaceuticals, batteries, and electronic components. How can we assure that suppliers address these vulnerabilities as we begin to...


Guest: Johnathan Foster of Proxima on disruptions from Suez Canal shutdown; How microfulfillment can create greener last miles; Finding drivers to meet post-pandemic demand

In this episode, guest Johnathan Foster, principal consultant at Proxima, discusses the ripple effects of that huge container ship, The Ever Given, that was stuck for a week in the Suez Canal. The ship has been re-floated and the canal is open again, but it has caused supply chain backlogs all over the world. This is on top of already congested ports. What will the overall impacts be to the movement of the world's goods? The huge spike in e-commerce brings with it enormous surges in home...


Guest Hanko Kiessner on sustainable packaging; The USPS charts a new course to keep it financially afloat; Demand is not going away for warehouse and DC space

In this episode, guest Hanko Kiessner, CEO of Packsize, discusses sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging means more than just choosing materials that can be easily recycled. It also includes shipping products in the right-sized box best suited for them. Sustainable packaging can have ripple effects throughout our supply chains that not only are good for the earth, but bring savings to shippers' bottom lines. We all know that the United States Postal Service has struggled for years...


Guest: Peter Friedmann of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition on how the shortage of containers is creating a crisis for agriculture products exporters; Will a new infrastructure bill get done in Washington? How devastating were last month's storms?

In this episode, guest Peter Friedmann, executive director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, joins us to discuss how the shortage of ocean containers is having a devastating effect on the export of agricultural products. Farmers and other producers can't get the containers they need to export their goods. That's because ocean carriers find they can make more money returning in-demand empty containers more quickly to Asia, rather than sending them to the Midwest to be filled with...


Guest: Bindiya Vakil discusses President Biden's plan to fix America's broken supply chains; Freight continues to take a bumpy ride; Ocean ports continue to see congestion worldwide

In this episode, guest Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc, discusses vulnerabilities within our worldwide supply chains. Many U.S. manufacturers have experienced shortages in critical goods needed to keep production moving. President Biden is proposing plans to fix broken supply chains for critical goods, such as semiconductors and PPE. Vakil talks about our complex supply chains and the difficulties of simply decoupling from foreign markets. Freight has taken a bumpy ride over the past year,...