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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.

The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.


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The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.








Guest: Phil Koopman of Carnegie Mellon University on autonomous vehicle technologies; Congestion continues to plague US ports; Air freight sees ups and downs.

Our guest in this week's episode is Phil Koopman, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and an expert on autonomous vehicle technologies and safety. Koopman discusses the current state of autonomous technologies and how soon we might expect cars and trucks that can operate without a driver on our nation's roads. He shares the limitations of the technologies and the important challenges that remain to be solved to fully automate...


Guest: Dan Johnston of WorkStep on truck driver shortages; Electric trucks are in our future; Companies focus on their sustainability goals

Our guest in this week's episode is Dan Johnston, co-founder and CEO of WorkStep, a hiring and retention solution for the supply chain industry. We have heard about driver shortages for years, but the pandemic and the overall high employment levels have made it even more difficult to find qualified truckers. Johnston shares what can be done to attract and retain drivers in a very tight labor market. Movement towards an electric vehicle future continues to roll forward. This week there were...


Guest: Nikki Baird of Aptos on what's in store for retail in 2022; Reaction to the Biden Trucking Action Plan; New technologies impacting parcel

Our guest in this week's episode is Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos. 2021 was a bit better for retailers following a very rough 2020, led mostly by consumer spending and surges in e-commerce orders. Are brick-and-mortar stores planning to rebound in the coming year and what will be the main things that retailers should focus on in 2022? The Biden Administration released its plan to help the trucking industry deal with its logjams, tight capacities, and...


Guest: Melissa O'Keefe of Ryder on Microfulfillment; Distributors look to increase capacities; Logistics jobs set to recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2022

Our guest in this week's episode is Melissa O'Keefe, group director, product and innovation e-commerce at Ryder. Companies are looking to move their distribution closer to their customers with the aim of shortening delivery times and meeting customer expectations. But moving into urban areas with limited available land can be tricky. That's where smaller Microfulfillment sites come into play. O'Keefe discusses the advantages of a Microfulfillment strategy and what Ryder is doing to reach...


Guest: Glenn Richey of Auburn Univ. on product shortages; The House tackles problems at sea; Logistics continues strong upward growth.

Our guest in this week's episode is Glenn Richey, the chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management at Auburn University. He discusses the product shortages and supply chain delays that most of us have experienced. Richey shares why these problems are occurring, how long it all might last, and what can be done short term to alleviate supply chain pressures. The U.S. House of Representatives this week approved new legislation to further regulate maritime shipping as a way of dealing...


Guest: Mike Nervick of Sleek Technologies discusses what the infrastructure bill means for shippers and carriers; The latest holiday shopping trends; The drive for smaller logistics facilities

Our guest in this week's episode is Mike Nervick, founder and CEO of Sleek Technologies. The recent passage of the long-awaited infrastructure bill could impact transportation and the movement of goods for decades to come. Nervick discusses the importance of the bill and how it will affect shippers and carriers. There has been a lot of coverage in the news about supply chain bottlenecks and how they could affect the holiday shopping season. Consumers have been shopping early to avoid being...


Guest: Cristiano Facanha of CALSTART on climate change transportation initiatives; Consumers distrust pharmaceutical supply chains; Tight freight capacity will continue well into 2022

Our guest in this week's episode is Dr. Cristiano Façanaha, global director at environmental advocacy group CALSTART. He is a transportation and environmental engineer and an expert at designing and evaluating sustainable transportation systems. The world just concluded the COP26 climate conference in Scotland. Out of that meeting came several international initiatives and commitments to reduce carbon emissions. A couple of these directly affect the trucking and transportation sectors. Our...


Guest: Joe Ryan of Overhaul Group on the rise of cargo theft; The Postal Service reveals its latest financial report; New research on autonomous trucks

Our guest in this week's episode is Joe Ryan, director of intelligence and response at Overhaul Group. Cargo theft is on the rise, with some fairly significant losses during the past year as more freight moves than ever before. Beyond the loss of the cargo, there are ripple effects which amount to many times the costs of the actual products that are stolen. Ryan provides some insight as to how freight is stolen and what can be done to prevent it. The U.S. Postal Service released its latest...


Guest: Sarah Watt of Gartner on building a sustainable future; Retailers invest in their own delivery networks; Demand for 3PL distribution rises

Our guest in this week's episode is Sarah Watt, a senior director analyst at consulting firm Gartner. With much of the attention this week focused on the COP26 climate summit in Scotland, we discuss how the supply chain industry can become more of the solution rather than the problem when it comes to climate change. Ms. Watt shares how companies can build sustainable futures that meet the goals set by the world leaders in Scotland. With so much attention on the supply chain bottlenecks we...


Guest: Dr. Yossi Sheffi on Covid-19 vaccine development and distribution; Ports take measures to reduce container dwell times; Driver shortages reach all-time highs

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Yossi Sheffi, a professor of engineering systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Dr. Sheffi has written a new book called A Shot In the Arm: How Science, Engineering, and Supply Chains Converged to Vaccinate the World. He joins us to talk about the development of successful Covid-19 vaccines in record time — including the science behind them and the supply chains that enabled...


Guest: Bryan Palma on what retailers can expect this peak season; The unicorns of supply chain; News from America's ports; Supply Chain Quarterly launches a new podcast on the Top 10 Threats to supply chains

In this episode, our guest is Bryan Palma of Kinaxis. Retailers are in for an uncertain holiday season, as inventories are out of whack and demand is difficult to satisfy. What should retailers and consumers expect from this year's peak season? There are some new unicorns among supply chain startup companies. These are firms that have reached $1 billion in valuation. What makes them so attractive to investors? Maritime ports have all reported near-record levels of cargo passing through,...


Introducing "Top 10 Supply Chain Threats"

Our supply chains are broken. We face many obstacles that will be with us for the coming months, and possibly years. This month, our sister publication CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly will launch “Top 10 Supply Chain Threats,” a new 11-episode podcast that looks at the top 10 threats currently facing supply chains. Links About CSCMP's Supply Chain QuarterlySubscribe to CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly Sign up for our FREE newslettersAdvertise with CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly


Guest: Yatish Desai of KPMG on preparing for holiday peaks: The Biden administration tackles port congestion; Will freight rates stabilize in Q4?

In this episode, our guest is Yatish Desai, a principal at KPMG Supply Chain and Operations. As the holiday season approaches, shippers and carriers both are preparing for a season of disruption building upon the current chaos within supply chains. Desai talks about how shippers can prepare for increased delays and how modeling and planning can smooth the rough parts of their supply chains. This week the Biden administration met with representatives from the Ports of LA and Long Beach to...


Guest: Attorney Steve Bell discusses the legalities of vaccine mandates; Consumers show little patience for supply chain disruptions; A report from the MHI Annual Conference

In this episode, our guest is Steve Bell, an attorney for the law firm of Dorsey and Whitney LLC. Steve specializes in labor and employment practice and is here to discuss the ramifications of the Biden administration's new Covid-19 vaccination mandates for federal employees and companies with more the 100 workers. What are the requirements and when are they expected to go into effect? Will these mandates survive the many legal challenges they will face? Steve is here to give us his insights...


Guest: Doug Schrier of Transflo on automating non-driving trucking tasks; Are supply chain disruptions here to stay?; Solutions for handling returns.

In this episode, our guest is Doug Schrier, senior vice president of strategy at Transflo. While we know that automated trucks are coming someday, many may not be aware of the behind-the-scenes automation available today to keep the trucking industry moving forward. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help companies automate many of the industry's non-driving tasks. Consumers are all too aware of the shortages and supply chain problems we have all experienced and many are feeling...


Guest: Ellen Voie of Women in Trucking discusses the roles of women in the trucking industry; Tight freight capacity will be with us for some time; More opportunities for women in supply chain positions

In this episode, our guest is Ellen Voie, President, CEO, and Founder of Women in Trucking. She discusses how her organization works to attract women into the trucking industry. She shares what barriers remain and how the industry can help to overcome them to open their truck doors to more women drivers. As any shipper knows, tight capacity remains in the freight markets — and it looks like this situation will be with us for quite some time to come. What are some of the creative things...


Guest: Gary Master, DC Velocity publisher, on the current state of our supply chains; Seasonal peaks are coming without the labor needed to fill them; It's time to thank a trucker

In this episode, our guest is DC Velocity Publisher Gary Master. Supply chains everywhere are experiencing disruptions. It really is a mess out there. Gary talks about the current state of supply chains and identifies some of the trouble spots. He also discusses the CSCMP EDGE conference coming up this week in Atlanta which will provide professionals with a perfect opportunity to address many of these supply chain challenges. Labor continues to be tight right now with many job openings...


Guest: Steve Denton of Ware2Go on rising freight costs; The LMI index shows strong logistics sector growth; The continuing effects of Hurricane Ida

In this episode, our guest is Steve Denton, CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS company. All businesses have been affected by Covid-19 during the past year and a half, but merchants and retailers have experienced more ups and downs than many. One of the more challenging problems is the rising cost of transportation for their goods. With peak season approaching, how will merchants be able to deliver products in a timely manner while meeting other demands and challenging consumer expectations? The latest...


Guest Brad Wright on warehouse space for smaller distributors; Commercial real estate is seeing rebound; Ports are digitalizing their operations

In this episode, our guest is Brad Wright, CEO of Chunker. Many small to medium sized businesses feel that they are being squeezed out of available warehouse space by much larger players. Tight capacity in industrial space is to blame. What are the alternatives for these smaller distributors to find the warehouse space they need to move their businesses forward without huge financial risk or a long-term lease? Keeping on the real estate theme, a new report out shows that commercial real...


Guest: Dr. Emily Tucker on our vulnerable pharmaceutical supply chains; A new carbon-neutral cargo ship is unveiled; We discuss the current state of logistics.

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Emily Tucker, assistant professor at Clemson University's Department of Industrial Engineering. Most of the medicines we rely on every day come from just two key trading partners overseas. That has created shortages and vulnerabilities in our medical supply chains and has limited our abilities to assure that we have medicines when we need them. Dr. Tucker explains why we have this problem and what can be done to solve it. Ocean going vessels make up a...