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We like to talk Business and Finance. Figured we should do it for a living. Presenting LongShorts - weekly podcast by Nikhil Arora (https://twitter.com/Nikhil26A) (ex-investment banker at Nomura, HSBC - London) and Sharath Toopran (https://twitter.com/SharathToopran) (former equity research analyst at Canaccord Genuity - Toronto). We run Transfin., a Business news platform.

We like to talk Business and Finance. Figured we should do it for a living. Presenting LongShorts - weekly podcast by Nikhil Arora (https://twitter.com/Nikhil26A) (ex-investment banker at Nomura, HSBC - London) and Sharath Toopran (https://twitter.com/SharathToopran) (former equity research analyst at Canaccord Genuity - Toronto). We run Transfin., a Business news platform.
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We like to talk Business and Finance. Figured we should do it for a living. Presenting LongShorts - weekly podcast by Nikhil Arora (https://twitter.com/Nikhil26A) (ex-investment banker at Nomura, HSBC - London) and Sharath Toopran (https://twitter.com/SharathToopran) (former equity research analyst at Canaccord Genuity - Toronto). We run Transfin., a Business news platform.








47: Auto Deal, Recession Proof, Mega Merger

After a three week hiatus (a bit of summer travel to recharge), we are back with a new episode of LongShorts. Number 47 starts with a chat on the sector which strangely but not surprisingly transformed itself from being the darling of the Indian stock market to its bane within twelve months! Yes, the Indian Auto space! However, the Mahindra-Meru discussion is only deployed as a crafty (real or imagined) segue to a wider commentary on the depressed Indian Economy. Plenty of things have...


46: Macro Headwinds, RIL's Craft, Big-Bang Mergers

We’ve had an eventful few weeks here at LongShorts. We chatted with a long line of guests from various backgrounds with whom we conversed about a wide-ranging portfolio of topics. In this episode, we take a breather and go back to the good ol’ days when it was just us two chatting about the heavy-duty news developments of the week. There’s been a lot in the news, therefore there’s a lot on our minds. Some things we discuss: Killing two birds with one debt-laden stone – RIL’s...


45: Credit Line, Use Case, Big Data

Surrounded by "heavy duty" political news and a bit of rain - we take a breather to catch up with Parikshit Chitalkar. Parikshit is Co-Founder and head of Tech and Product at StashFin, a digital lending platform offering flexible loan products through their Credit Line Card. He shares his story, including formerly building and exiting a business in Canada, the origin of StashFin, the room for innovative use cases in lending, and how they have managed to grow at a pace difficult to crack in...


44: Catch-22, Agro-Processing, Value Chains

A computer engineer by training, Aneesh Jain briefly dabbled in consulting at McKinsey and TechnoServe before he found his calling in the development sector, leading to the inception of Gram Unnati, a not-for profit set up working for the improvement of farmers' lives. In yet another gear-shift from the series of guests we have had this season, Aneesh talks about how something that intuitively looked like a brilliant idea, with everyone posed to benefit, was in fact laden with multiple...


43: Practical Finance, Gilded Markets, Crypto Block

Vatsal Srivastava has the rare distinction of being a Markets Participant...as well as a Markets Commentator. Between a B.A. Mathematics at St Stephen's and an MBA from INSEAD, he caught the trading bug when he speculated on L&T while interning at a Business TV channel. But he's kept writing on Finance close to his heart, frequently publishing columns on major financial papers, aside from recently serving at Reuters as their Asia Markets Correspondent. In this mighty interesting chat, Vatsal...


42: Branchless, DIY, Savings 2.0

Samant Sikka is the Founder and Chief Dreamer at Sqrrl (https://sqrrl.in/) , a new age personal finance platform helping young Indians re-align their experiential lifestyle and consumption focus with the counter-intuitive objective of saving money. An industry veteran with asset management stints at Axis and Goldman Sachs behind him, Samant is a passionate proponent of the idea that in the age of platforms it is the modern consumer use-case which will emerge as the winner. Our chat covers...


41: United Nations, Econ 2.0, Parallel Forces

Aashish Khullar is the first (now former) elected official on our Podcast though he doesn't fit its usual definition. He works with the UN system on global governance for sustainable development, specifically on environmental and economic issues. He formerly represented the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth at various intergovernmental and multistakeholder processes. Extremely passionate for sustainable development, the importance of intergovernmental cooperation, and...


40: Policy Winds, Land Rights, And Wrongs

Land Rights constitute one of the most complex and controversial policy issues afflicting Modern India. And Ankit Bhatia, an alumnus from IIT Kharagpur, from the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has had a front-row seat while trying to deconstruct the problems at hand to make them part of mainstream discourse. Ankit and folks at CPR Land Rights Initiative started their journey over four years ago by analyzing 1,200 plus historical Land Acquisition-related Supreme Court cases to identify the...


39: Gap, Consumption, Credit

When Mayank Kachhwaha initially dabbled with India's credit market as a wannabe entrepreneur (back from a six year stint at Capital One), he was keen to explore peer-2-peer lending. Thus started IndiaLends (https://indialends.com) in March 2015. But soon the realization dawned upon them that India doesn't really have a credit supply problem. Rather, it is the structural issues in the customer cycle itself which need fixing. Be it the high cost of origination or the technological capabilities...


38: Spoon, Full, Sugar

Dr Arun K Chopra, Director Cardiology (Fortis Amritsar) is a DM from AIIMS where he also served as an Associate Professor. He's a passionate student and practitioner of nutrition and fitness, having lost over 100kg (10 kg 10 times) of weight in his lifetime, while developing an almost encyclopediac knowledge on the subject. Our chat touches upon something so harmful when taken out of control, but unfortunately also so ubiquitous, that we hardly notice it. Sugar. Dr Chopra deconstructs man's...


37: Plus Minus, Next Five, Mile High

Taponeel Mukherjee (Formerly at Citi & UBS, presently CEO of Development Tracks (https://www.developmenttracks.com/) , an India-focused advisory and investment business) took some time out to chat on India's recent infrastructure journey, his key takeaways from last five years wrt infra policy, capital, and execution, and everyone's favourite - potential lapses, reflections and areas of improvement for the future. A firm believer of the India story, Taponeel emphasizes the need for patience,...


36: Brand Power, Clean Slate, Human Element

Our podcast with Arjun Guleria (of Beam & Words (https://www.beamandwords.com/about/) , a Delhi-based brand communications & brand strategy firm) started with a conversation on Brands, but gradually changed course to reflect on his personal journey as an entrepreneur, the human element which is key for creative solutions, and the blessing that is his accountant! P.S. He also humoured our usual digressions towards AI/ML, the myriad evolutions of consumer tech, for better, and for worse! When...


35: Secrecy First, Immersive Power, Offline Works

We sip Coffee with Shreya Soni, CEO & Founder of Delhi Secret Supper Club (DSSC) (http://www.dssc.co/) - India’s first-of-its-kind platform with a vision to enable "like-minded people to get together without an agenda". More than 6 years since inception, DSSC is now a leading curator of immersive experiences for the country’s most exclusive member base. A former London-based Consultant, Shreya walks us through her journey as an Incognito (yes!) CEO and shares how Secrecy, even for herself,...


34: Legal Eagle, Value Chain, Business Ease

We chat with Kushan Chakraborty, as he gives us a crash course on India's dynamic but over-burdened Judicial System, and Legal Services at-large. Kushan is a Corporate Lawyer from Cornellia Chambers (a Gurgaon-based Law Firm), a product of Christ College Bangalore, a Podcast enthusiast, and most importantly a passionate proponent of the law's power to transform society. Today he gets candid on: His journey as a Lawyer i.e. The Why? The Question of Judicial Access The Legal Ease of Doing...


33: Hot Money, Self Fulfilling, Niche Credit

The cliffhanger unveils!!!! Too dramatic? So what's the long and short of it? For starters, our Podcast party just got bigger. All thanks to our very first guest for this Season. It was a real pleasure to chat with Mr. Anuj Dayal, a perpetual finance buff, former structured credit (Deutsche Bank, Och-Ziff - London) slash private equity professional (HPS - London), and all in all a great person to banter finance with. The agenda: * How hot private capital can skew Business Models (hint:...


32: Cash Burn, Mixed Signals, Robo Cab

Tracking the wide range of news & analysis out there, cross-sector and often cross-geography, is a fun albeit intense way to make a living. It's no wonder one gets even more excited going voice-borne, courtesy our Weekly Podcast i.e. LongShorts. Through a few data points, lots of insights, and even more banter...we typically aim to cover narratives and nuances which we "feel" are important. We started slow, but with 32 episodes and two seasons behind us, LongShorts has so far been a delight....


31: Jet Set, Too Rich, Hot Ticket

Saudi Aramco may buy part of Reliance. Reliance may buy Hamleys. Xbox no longer has discs :( All this and... * The Moral Questions Thrown by Jet Airways * Cred's Credible Valuation? * Does Hotstar's Success Validate the Power of Freemium?


30: Core, Offline, Portside

Today we get cynical. Bigly. The headers: * What Makes Ola Unique? * The Road from Online to Offline Retail * The Ubiquity of Reliance Industries _Reference: Read More on Differential Voting Rights in India by clicking [here](https://transfin.in/differential-voting-rights-sebi-regulations-shareholder-dividend-corporate-governance)._


29: Froth, Fame, First

We've diverted from our usual "process", with pressing engagements forcing us to record this one a day in advance. Hope we didn't miss too much: * How much of Sensex / Nifty's recent rally is noise? How much of it is Fundamental? * Saudi Aramco and The Way the Kingdom Does Business * IPO Season in the US: Lyft, Pinterest, Uber, Levis _Bonus: Watch out for the Up-to-Date "PULL" and "Snapper" Reference..._


28: Sandbox, Yield Flip, Apple Plus

Two of today's topics shriek "I Told You So!?". But let us describe them all: * Why RBI Finally Coming Around a Regulatory Sandbox is Good News! * The US Yield Curve is Inverted, Again. * Why Oprah Shouted "Apple!" this Week?