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Invest In Yourself Ep. 18

As I said in Episode 18 "There's Comfort in not Knowing", it's okay that you might not have everything figured out by the time you graduate High School or College. I mean, it's rare that we'll know what we truly want when we're 20+ years into our careers. But what I really wanted to focus on in this episode is putting all the chips in when you do find that "one" thing, that you truly feel may be your calling in life. Like I said before, that time won't be the same for everyone, but I...


You Should Go And Love Yourself Ep. 16

This episode is straight fire, and truly comes from my belief in how we should view ourselves. Our Self-Image is the way we project ourselves to the world. So it's important that not only do we find happiness in our exterior image, but our interior image as well. You might be thinking, "what the hell is interior image?" It's very possible that I made this terminology up, I have no idea, but I explain exactly what I perceive it to be, and I truly believe it exists within all of us. - Loving...


Everyone Has a Story to Tell with Sarah Santora Ep. 15

I've known Sarah since I was in grade school, and she's always been a very supportive and caring person to me as I grew up. But what I didn't see was that she was also a writer, a mother, a volunteer, and an important part of our community. She does all these things outside of the environment I was so familiar seeing her in. It's people and stories like hers that inspires me to do the things that I do. If there's one thing that I wish everyone walks away with from this episode is that,...


Finding Your Three Hobbies Ep. 14

Once I came across this quote, "Find Three Hobbies you Love: One to make you Money. One to keep you in Shape. One to keep you Creative." It really resonated with me, and I wanted to elaborate more on my thoughts about it. I truly feel that this mindset is something that could help channel our lives to be more focused and happier. With all the obstacles and curve balls we are thrown, having our three hobbies we know we can go back to or escape to, can bring ease to our lives. I encourage...


Leaving your Comfort Zone, Taking Educated Risks, & Taking Your Own Advice Ep. 12

This is the kind of stuff that eats away at not only me, but everyone I have conversations with as well. It's hard sometimes to trust our better judgement, or to do what's best for us, because we know that we usually have to give something up to get where we really want to be. I share some of my own stories and give very relatable examples for why we have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, why we need to start challenging ourselves to do the things we really want to do,...


The Impact of being a Teacher and Fireman with Matt Heins Ep.11

In Ep. 11, I invited my good friend Matt Heins, to talk about the impact he has being a teacher and fireman, and why he chose to go down those paths. Something I've always been curious about is why Teacher's aren't compensated for the amount of work they perform throughout the school year, so I had to get Matt's insight on that. In this episode, was the beginning of a new segment that I've been meaning to start, pertaining more to the title of the show, and we hear from the man himself...


Pay It Forward Ep.10

What is going to be your Do Good of 2017? After a great discussion with one of my clients, it kinda hit home for me that I need to start being more "Giving" rather than "Receiving." Throughout my 25 years, I've been given a lot of love and support by those around me, and I now realize it's my turn to turn the tables, and be the one who goes out of their way to give back. We'll never be able to pay back what has been given to us, but tune in on this brain dump on how we all can begin to...


Trusting the Process and doing what you Love with Regis Pollard Ep. 8

In episode 8, Regis and I discuss about the various roads we've taken to get where we are. Despite us both have 4 years or more in further education, we both have jobs that don't exactly fall in line with what we went to school for. But that's OKAY! Tune in to hear some philosophical wisdom from Regis and I, as we chat about everything from finding your passion, to learning from the likes of Michael Jordan, and the impact of giving back to your community. I'd love to hear the feedback, and...


The Road to Success in the Music Industry with Conor Sullivan Ep. 7

This week, we've got one of my friends and fellow alum from Caledonia-Mumford, Conor Sullivan. He is the drummer for Ice Nine Kills, who are currently signed to Fearless Records. He has traveled across the country various times, and has toured in Europe. The definition of success in a band doesn't come without sacrifice, and I believe Conor knows this well, as he has been in the music industry for nearly 10 years. Conor and his band, has always had the DIY mindset when it comes to building...


Self - Acceptance and Focusing on your Strengths Ep. 6

What does self-acceptance mean to you? It can be interpreted many different ways, but the important thing is that you're able to love yourself for who you are, and embrace the hell out of it! We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, but what we forget to do is hone in on our strengths and put our weaknesses on the back burner. When we're able to realize those things that we're good at and focus in on them, we can complete and achieve so much more. I'd love to hear what you guys think...


Overcoming Career Setbacks and Moving Forward with Leah Hagstrom Ep. 5

This week on Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. we have Hair Stylist and Fitness Enthusiast, Leah Hagstrom. She's a good friend who graduated from Cal-Mum, as well as Shear Ego. Leading her on an adventurous path within the Hair Industry, coming across obstacles that made her want to give up and find a new passion. Have you ever faced an issue within your work environment that almost led you out the door? What did you do to resolve it, or which path did you end up going down? I'd love to hear...


Making your Passions become your Job with Elena Sanchez Ep. 4

In this Episode, I chat with good friend and fellow Oswego grad, Elena Sanchez, about how she managed to work her way to a position with Athleta, which perfectly captures her passion for fitness, community engagement, and business. Elena shares with us some of her setbacks that almost kept her sidelined, until she discovered a new love for self-development. Let me know what you think of the episodes, and I would greatly appreciate some feedback through the comments. Also if you guys could...


Career Change with Ricky Thomas Ep. 3

Special guest and friend, Ricky Thomas and I discuss following your passions and coming to terms with making a career change. Along with plenty of good laughs and tangents, this is a great episode that covers everything from: -Life in NYC -Trying to make it as a performing artist -What to think about when making a career change -Doing what makes you happy


Ep. 2 Following The Gut Instinct

Trusting those gut instincts we encounter throughout various situations in our lives, learning to follow them and see where they take you. -relationships -personal growth -sports references


Ep. 1 With Chris Pogue

This episode features Chris Pogue, a fellow Barber from Rochester, NY. He is a former musician turned barber/business owner. Creating Dappers Not Dead, which encompasses the lifestyle of traditional barber culture, tattooing, and the music industry all into one brand. Chris knows what it takes to be self-driven, and to trust your gut when it comes to something your passionate about, which led him to where he is today. www.dappersnotdead.com