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107: Plan to Profit: A Financial Masterclass with Diana House

In today’s episode we’re excited to introduce you to Diana House. Diana is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur who’s obsessed with empowering other entrepreneurs around their business finances. She has been featured as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Canada by W100 and was also recognized as a Top 20 Under 40 Entrepreneur by Business London. She has built a highly profitable seven-figure company, done successful crowd-sourcing campaigns, as well as selling two businesses in the...


Luscious Bite 79: Top 3 Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid

“How do I run a successful Facebook ad?” We get asked this question all the time and in today’s episodes we are breaking down the top 3 misconceptions we hear about running sponsored posts on Facebook and how you can make your ads work for you. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: The difference between Facebook ads and a boosted post [3:22]An introduction to Facebook Business Manager [3:52]What you need to make your ad work for you [6:12]The #1 lesson we learned...


106: Entrepreneurial Growth Through the Lens of a Master Photographer with Raya Al-Hashmi

In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to our friend, and brand photographer, Raya Al-Hashmi. If a photo is worth 1000 words, then Raya truly is a master storyteller. Blending her background in journalism with her love of photography, Raya’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs showcase themselves so they can show up more effectively in the world. Today she is here helping us break down the importance of photos for your brand, what to look for when choosing a photographer, as well...


Luscious Bite 78: 5 Steps To Get More Engaged Instagram Followers

Instagram’s algorithm is all about engagement, which is a good thing, because real connection equals currency in your business. So today we’re laying down five steps to build an engaged tribe on Instagram. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: How attracting your ideal customer is like a cocktail party [ 1:47 ] How to rethink hashtags [ 4:00 ] The one feature on IG you need to use [ 5:36 ] How to share your unique self authentically [ 9:22 ] What is more important...


105: 2019 Money Mindset: Breaking Down the BS to Realize Success

Happy New Year, Luscious Hustlers! We’re kicking off 2019 by breaking down our bullshit excuses, otherwise known as limiting beliefs. Once we ditched our excuses, without judgment of our past selves, our business took off, and we want the same for you! Today we are sharing how to shift your mindset and shed the stories that are holding you back from success. We don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but we do want you to take stock of 2018 by answering three key questions, so you can...


Luscious Bite 77: How to Receive Abundance in Divine Feminine Flow

This year we’ve learned that everything is connected: your health, energy, thoughts, tools, and the dance between the divine feminine and masculine. Today we’re explaining what it looks like when you’re wrapped up in the masculine, and we’re teaching you how to lean into the divine feminine to receive with compassion and gratitude. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: Laura’s key takeaways on the yin and yang of facial reflexology [2:55] What happens when you get...


104: Ask Us Anything: Free Christmas Coaching

If you are listening as this releases on the 25th, Merry Christmas! Today is a special episode, as we answer questions from our Luscious Hustler Insiders. We’re channelling Oprah, and doling out free Christmas coaching for everyone! ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: How to define your unique message [1:44]How to stay high vibe when life throws you a curveball [5:57]The astounding connection between personal and business development [12:24]How to execute as a...


Luscious Bite 76: Top 3 Productivity Hacks for Luscious Hustlers

Energetic boundaries are everything in our business, but what does that practically look like? Today we’re laying out our top three productivity hacks that have optimized not only our energy, but also our bottom line. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: How to batch your work to increase productivity [ 1:36 ] The enemy of great work [ 4:34 ] What part of your day you should be optimizing [ 7:10 ] ============== Are you looking to take your business to the next...


103: Micro Actions & Mindset Shifts to Next Level Your Business with Naomi Mdudu

In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to Naomi Mdudu. Naomi is an international speaker, coach, and editor, as well as the founder and CEO of The Lifestyle Edit. After working for nine years in the editorial space with some of the world’s leading newspapers, and interviewing many of the world’s top designers and celebrities, Naomi saw an opportunity in the market she wanted to explore—the journeys and strategies entrepreneurs were using to achieve success. Fusing her love of...


Luscious Bite 75: How To Start a Business When You’re Broke

Today we are digging into a question we get all the time from our Luscious Hustlers, who want to start a business, build a course, or launch a blog, but don’t have any money. We’re sharing the practical steps we took to go from broke as a joke to a six-figure business in 12 months. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: What it actually means when you tell yourself you’re broke [ 3:53 ] How to stop feeling broke [ 8:13 ] Why it’s important to redefine what’s possible [...


102: Spiritual Work - Taking Action To Harness Chakra Energy with Amber-Lee Lyons

Amber-Lee Lyons is a chakra expert, crystal connoisseur, podcast host, and the founder of Chakra Girl Co., a company on a mission to make chakra balancing mainstream. Today she is here helping us dive into the incredible power of chakra energy, how you can use your chakras to align yourself with your higher purpose, and tips to get you started on your own healing journey today. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: What chakras are and how they affect us [ 6:01 ] The...


Luscious Bite 74: Top 5 Crystals That Every Luscious Hustler Needs

As you know, we use crystals every day in our business. They are powerful energy tools that every soulful entrepreneur should have in their arsenal. Today, we are laying out the five stones that you need in your business for abundance, manifesting, communication, and creativity. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: The two best crystals for abundance [ 1:56 ] The master manifesting crystal [ 4:26 ] The communication crystal [ 6:25 ] The crystal for the creative...


101: Redefining Sales - The Ultimate Success Plan with Bernadette Doyle

In today’s episode, we're excited to introduce you to Bernadette Doyle, a transformational expert and founder of Online Profits University, an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to create new income streams. Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 26, when she found herself overwhelmed in her corporate job and realized she was successfully trading her time for money, and not feeling satisfied with her success. By packaging her expertise into products and expanding into...


Luscious Bite 73: Find The Money - How To Pay For What You Actually Want

Today we are diving into how to shift your mindset from “I can’t afford it” to “how can I find the money?” It’s officially the holiday season, and as you’re buying gifts for everyone else and wrangling your money mindset demons, we want you to indulge a little. Want what you want, ditch the guilt, and spend some money on yourself. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: What a lack money mindset during the holidays looks like [ 3:18 ] How to challenge yourself to want...


100. Manifest Your Next Level: LIVE Luscious Hustler Q&A with Betsy and Laura

Today we are celebrating our 100th full-length episode with a very special Q&A session. It is a masterclass in manifesting and how to bust through some of the common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: Why personal development and business development go hand in hand [9:15] The biggest mistake we see new entrepreneurs making in their business [13:35] The secrets to successfully manifesting what you want [15:15] The...


Luscious Bite 72: Reframing Expenses - How To Ditch the Lack In Your Money Mindset

Today we’re discussing last week’s business news - the Calgary Olympic bid and Amazon’s new headquarters. We’re challenging ourselves, and our Luscious Hustlers, to go one level deeper and to examine the money mindsets behind the debate. Because identifying where there is a lack money mindset (in the news and in your business) is the first step to overcoming it. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: Why you need to get clear on your own beliefs around money [ 8:43...


99: Just Do It - The Truth Behind Massive Growth with Shannon Beekman

In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to Shannon Beekman, the founder and creative force behind Urban Waxx, a west-coast salon that solely focuses on waxing services. She is obsessed with providing unparalleled customer service, and creating an environment in her salons that not only supports her clients, but helps her employees grow and thrive as well. Today Shannon is here helping us break down how she identified a specific need in the spa market, elevated the waxing...


Luscious Bite 71: Wounded Healers - How To Heal While Building A Business

In today’s Luscious Bite we are diving into what it means to be a wounded healer, and why all entrepreneurs can relate. Healing is an action word and it means showing up every single day. We are dispelling the myths when it comes to healing yourself, finding your story and helping others as a lightworker in your business. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: What is a Wounded Healer [ 1:20 ] Our definition of an Entrepreneur [ 2:40 ] The one myth that we really want...


98: Human Design - How To Embrace Your Own Energy Type To Live and Work Better with Viola Hug

In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to our friend, Viola Hug. Viola is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, intuitive business coach and mentor, as well as host of the Abundant Babes podcast. Her mission is to help women step into the highest versions of themselves. She and her husband Nick live a location-independent lifestyle, travelling the world, while working online. Today she is here giving us insights into what it really means to live a laptop lifestyle, the abundance...


Luscious Bite 70: How to Take Massive Action to Transform Your Business By Year End

Today we are taking a big ol’ walk down memory lane to share with you just how much can happen in the last 60 days of the year. From November of 2017 to January of 2018, we went from broke as a joke to having 10k in the bank. We’re sharing exactly how you can take the same massive action in your business at the end of 2018 to set the stage for an epic 2019. ============= HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: What to do if you feel that you haven’t levelled up enough this year [ 5:39...