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Kate Hills is on a one-woman mission to save UK manufacturing. In this podcast she shines the light on British brands and manufacturers, and goes behind the scenes of their businesses. With tips, hints and tricks to help you manufacture in the UK and buy British. Never has there been a more critical time to get behind 'made in Britain'.

Kate Hills is on a one-woman mission to save UK manufacturing. In this podcast she shines the light on British brands and manufacturers, and goes behind the scenes of their businesses. With tips, hints and tricks to help you manufacture in the UK and buy British. Never has there been a more critical time to get behind 'made in Britain'.


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Kate Hills is on a one-woman mission to save UK manufacturing. In this podcast she shines the light on British brands and manufacturers, and goes behind the scenes of their businesses. With tips, hints and tricks to help you manufacture in the UK and buy British. Never has there been a more critical time to get behind 'made in Britain'.







Made in UK Day is taking place on 9 March 2021. In this episode, I explain why I've started an awareness day for UK makers, and how you can get involved! Follow #madeinukday on social media to keep up to date with the campaign. Find out more at


150 - 11 trends for 2021 and beyond

What will 2021 hold for businesses that make in the UK? In the last episode of 2020, and the last of series two, I look at some of the trends that I think will impact businesses that make in the UK in the coming 12 months. Listen to this episode to hear my predictions - and let me know if you think I've missed anything out! Here are my 11 trends for UK manufacturing and British-made brands in 2021: From Global to Local 128, Rob Law MBE, Trunki 122, Maria Grachvogel The Brexit...


149 - A look back on 2020

Today's episode is part one in a two part series where I'll be looking back on our year in 2020 and then looking forward to 2021. There is no doubt that 2020 has brought its share of challenges for everyone, but I am not going to dwell too much on the negative today. Instead, I take a look at what positives have come out of this most unusual year. Discover: Thinking of launching a brand that's made in the UK? Sign up to my How to launch a UK-made brand course. More Make it...


Ep148 - How to promote a UK-made brand

UK-made goods have huge value both at home and abroad. If you have a UK-made brand are you doing enough to shout about it? In this episode, I share my 7 foolproof tips you can action right now to shine a light on the products that you make. Discover: Download the slides that accompany this episode. Watch the webinar - 7 Proven ways to sell your UK-made brand. Join Make it British - become a member of our community Brilliantly British feature on Make it British members in The...


147 - Catherine Erdly, The Resilient Retail Club

Catherine Erdly is the founder of The Resilient Retail Club. She has a background in retail as a merchandiser for some of the best-known High Street retailers but now works exclusively with independent retailers and small businesses. In this episode, we discuss what went wrong at Debenhams and Arcadia, how the buying model of the big retailers is now becoming less relevant, and how now is a good time for small and independent businesses to thrive. Discover: More Make it British Work...


146 - LIVE: No Black Friday

This is a recording of an Instagram live that I did on the last Friday in November. A day often referred to in the retail calendar as Black Friday. I discussed why the heavy discounting from many stores at this time of year are not really deals at all, and why many UK-made brands don't do heavy discounting. Discover: - The tricks big retailers use on Black Friday - Why most UK-made brands don't take part in these 'deal days' - Some of the other ways that small businesses are 'giving...


145 - Revisited: James Eden, Private White V.C.

How do UK manufacturers and brands compete with huge overseas factories and the likes of Black Friday discounting? In this episode, I revisit an interview I did back in 2018 which is still very relevant today. It's a ‘no holds barred’ interview with James Eden, owner of Private White V.C. who tells me how he’s turned a clothing factory that solely manufactured for other brands, including Burberry, into one that makes 90% own-brand luxury clothing sold direct to the customer. Find out how...


144 - Revisited: The Making of Make it British

This week we've been spending time updating the About page on the Make it British website. It's still not finished yet so please don't look at the old one! It caused me to revisit the first-ever episode of this podcast when I talked about my background and why I set up Make it British. So I'm sharing that episode with you again today as it is two years ago since I first started recording this podcast and you may not know the back-story. Discover: Enjoy! Work with me - find out how we...


143 - Kath Whitworth, Celtic & Co

Based in Cornwall in the South West of England, Celtic & Co is the original sheepskin boot company. Kath Whitworth and her husband Nick bought the business 30 years ago and trademarked the UGG boot in the UK. In this episode, Kath tells the story of how the brand has evolved over the last three decades. Discover: * This episode was recorded before England went into its second lockdown Looking for UK-made gift inspiration? Browse through 100's of UK-made gifts in The Make it British...


142 - Julie Deane OBE, Cambridge Satchel Company

Julie Deane OBE, set up the Cambridge Satchel Company in 2008 with £600 and went on to make it a global, multi-million pound business. But behind the success story, there was a lot of hard work, including having to set up her own factory in Leicestershire almost overnight. In this interview, she tells the story behind the brand, and talks about how the business has evolved over the last 12 years. Discover: Shownotes More Cambridge Satchel...


141 - How to darn socks...and other ways to have a more sustainable wardrobe - Emma Mathews, Socko

Emma Mathews is the founder of sustainable sock brand Socko and the author of 'How to quit fast fashion; 100 expert tips for a sustainable wardrobe' In this episode, she talks about how she went from a career in advertising to launching a sock business, and why we should all learn the lost art of darning socks. Discover: - How Emma found her manufacturer and learnt the process of industrial sock manufacturing - Why the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own - Why we...


140 - Why UK manufacturing is more sustainable - Christopher Nieper OBE, David Nieper

Christopher Nieper OBE is the managing director of David Nieper, a womenswear business in Alfreton in Derbyshire. The firm was set up by Christopher's parents sixty years ago and is now one of the most vertical textile operations in the UK. Christopher recently invested in state-of-the-art digital printing equipment so that the factory can print it's own fabric onsite. David Nieper already prints all their own catalogues and produce their own knitwear in house, alongside the garment...


139 - Launching a luxury British childrenswear brand - Rachael Attwood, Britannical

Rachel Attwood is the founder of luxury childrenswear brand Britannical, and a long-standing member of Make it British. The business started life making outwear for babies and was originally called The Great British Baby Company. The brand is known for its coats, which are now made for children up to 12 years old, and an adults line is in development too. Britannical is an ethical brand with a strong commitment to sustainability, using British wool cloth for their coats. The brand has...


138 - You don't have to be a b*tch to succeed in fashion with Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Stiles is a straight-talking fashion buyer turned small business consultant. She helps fashion brands with their marketing, manufacturing and mindset, and has worked with clients such as Lucy & Yak and Olivia Rose. Discover: Mentioned in this episode: Film: Greed: Steve Coogan - about a billionaire fashion tycoon who runs a chain of high street stores that use cheap labour in low-cost countries Book: That will never work: The birth of Netflix by the first CEO and co-founder...


137 - Sketch Pad to Shopping Bag - The Future of Fashion Fulfilment

The second in our series of live panel discussions in association with Kornit Digital, manufacturers of advanced digital printing solutions. ‘Sketchpad to Shopping Bag: The Future of Fashion Production and Fulfilment’ continues the important debate around the future of the UK textile industry. I'm joined by panellists from education, design, manufacturing and retail, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer of Kornit Digital. We discuss: Panellists: Fiona Lambert Ex MD New Business...


136 - Working in retail as a textile designer - Davinder Madaher, Madaher

Davinder Madaher has been a textile and print designer in the fashion and homeware industry for 30 years. In this episode, he talks about his career - from working in print studios in New York to high street retailers in the UK. Davinder clearly loves what he does, and this enthusiasm and passion for the industry clearly comes across in this interview. His motto is 'Finding the creativity in the every day" Discover: Watch the video of this episode here. More about Davinder...


135 - How to grow a business in difficult times - Hedley Putnam, Putnams

Putnams is an award-winning homeware manufacturer based in Plymouth, Devon. The business was started over 40 years ago by Hedley Putnams' parents, and he and his sister Bubbles now run the business. Hedley had no intention of working in the family business but found that he loved working in manufacturing and employing people locally. Discover: The book about failure that Hedley talks about is Matthew Syed - Black Box Thinking About Putnams Putnams website Putnams YouTube...


134 - Should you move your manufacturing to the UK?

Are you currently making your product overseas but thinking about bringing it back to the UK? The pandemic has caused ongoing supply chain disruption and many businesses are now looking to make locally. In this episode, I look at what some of the pros and cons are of moving your manufacturing closer to home. I also give some tips for how to reshore your production as smoothly as possible if that's something you're looking to do. Discover: More about our virtual trade show Make it...


133 - The future of trade shows

How do you feel about virtual trade shows? 2020 has certainly changed the way the whole world works and does business, but if you are in the business of developing or sourcing products, how does that look for you? I can’t see that long haul buying trips will be happening in the way they used to. Far too risky that the whole team might end up quarantined for weeks after they get back, or worse still stuck somewhere and unable to get back. And what does this mean for trade shows, which...


132 - Can I label my product as 'Made in the UK'?

Do you find Made in the UK labelling confusing? Do you have a product and want to find out whether you can label it as 'Made in the UK?' In this recording of a live masterclass I set the record straight on what can and can't be labelled as made in the UK. You’ll find out… This masterclass is perfect for anyone who is selling goods that they want to label as made in the UK. I'll give you several examples of products and whether they can be called made in the UK – with a clear...