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This is the Makers of Our Future podcast. Join us at the crossroads of preeminent product design engineering, seal mastery, and supply chain excellence.

This is the Makers of Our Future podcast. Join us at the crossroads of preeminent product design engineering, seal mastery, and supply chain excellence.


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This is the Makers of Our Future podcast. Join us at the crossroads of preeminent product design engineering, seal mastery, and supply chain excellence.




Hitting launch deadlines across a broad product portfolio, with SRAM’s Tracy Gowler

Tracy Gowler is enjoying a successful career deploying her engineering skills to solve a broad variety of challenges. Tracy drives project management efficiency across a wide section of high-performance bicycle components manufactured by the fast-growing SRAM Corporation. Previously Tracy cut her engineering teeth at Motorola’s Mobile Products division contributing to the explosive early days of cell phones. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: In this episode… In this episode of Makers...


Putting the "Factory" in FOX Factory With Graham Sills

Graham Sills is the Vice President of Business Development in Asia Pacific at FOX Factory, a global leader in high performance suspension systems for ATVs, mountain bikes, motocross, and off-road vehicles. Prior to working with FOX, he oversaw Supplier Development for KOR Industrial Design and was an Account Manager for IC Star Industrial Co, LTD. In this episode… Is it possible to create a global brand presence that outperforms the competition? What are some solutions you can execute to...


The Value of Hands-on Experience With Steve Barton

Steve Barton is the Filtration Market Director at Darcoid, where he has worked for over seventeen years. He also supports Darcoid’s sister company, CrestTec, in the role of Sales Engineer. He has thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and process engineering industry and is an expert in product development, evaluation, compliance resolution, problem-solving, and more. Prior to his time with Darcoid, Steve was the President of SB Industries, the Director of Engineering and Technical...


Candor and Goodwill - Foundational to Thriving Business Relationships

Bruce Balthaser is the National Sales and Distribution Manager for the Engineered Materials Group at Parker Hannifin. He manages a team of five sales managers and 27 field sales specialists spanning North America. He is responsible for stewarding and growing Parker’s US network of value-add distribution partners: companies entrusted with the Parker brand. In this episode… How can distributor agreements continue to run smoothly after an acquisition? What can your company do against supply...


Supply Chain Risk Management for Seal Programs With Quality Guru Nand Patel

Nandkishore Patel is Director of New Business and Product Development at Darcoid. In this key role, Nand builds on his extensive experience and depth of knowledge in the seal industry and focuses on bringing new-to-market products, capabilities, and materials to its customers as their technical sealing needs evolve. Before moving into his current role, Nand spent the first 17 years of his career at Darcoid building out, developing, and directing Darcoid’s industry, leading quality assurance...


"A CamelBak Saved My Life” With Jeff Davies

Jeff Davies is enjoying a successful career in design engineering, which includes positions of increasing responsibility at small companies, startups, and Fortune 500 organizations like Korry Electronics, FrontRow, and Agilent. He is now the Design Engineering Manager at CamelBak, a leading manufacturer of hydration products, where he started as an individual contributor. Jeff has amassed considerable experience in aerospace, analytical equipment, acoustics, seals, and injection molded...


“I’ve seen Moore’s law in action… it still blows my mind”, with Craig Rosslee

Craig Rosslee is Technical Director at Lam Research, a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturing company. Lam Research Corporation is an international supplier of some of the most innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services for the semiconductor industry. Prior to his work with Lam Research, Craig was a Senior Process Engineer for Intel Corporation, the Technical Manager/IMEC Assignee for Sokudo Co. LLC., and Etch Senior Project Manager for Applied Materials. He graduated from...


Best Foot Forward: The Parker Hannifin Winning Formula for Developing Impactful Employees

Faith Hruska is a Territory Sales Manager with Parker EMG. Faith has already distinguished herself at Cleveland State University, where she is on her way to gaining her degree in mechanical engineering. She was noticed by the Parker Hannifin Corporation for standing out in her class and recently graduated from the company’s prestigious Technical Sales Development Program. In this episode… Parker Hannifin is a global Fortune 250 company and recognized leader in the industry. They’ve...


Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers With David Setton, Director of Engineering at Lam Research

David Setton is Director of Engineering at Lam Research, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing equipment companies. He has over 25 years of experience in product design and management. He specializes in complex electro-mechanical equipment and leading multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams for major engineering projects. Prior to his work at Lam Research, David ran his own company, Setton Consulting, and was the Engineering Manager and a Mechanical Engineer for Mattson...


Designing Rubber Seals: Top Tips and Tricks for Engineers

Darron Peddle is the Principal Engineer at WishBone Medical, a company that manufactures pediatric orthopedic products. He is an experienced seal industry veteran engineer with over 20 years of experience in the seal design field. Before joining WishBone, Darron was the Product and Engineering Manager at Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Materials Group, and the Senior Engineer at DePuy Synthes Companies. In this episode… New to seals? Engineered elastomer (rubber) can behave in surprisingly...


CamelBak, Taking An Innovative Approach to Product Development With Jeremy Galten

Jeremy Galten is the Founder and Product Development Executive Consultant at The Galten Group. He is a development leader with over 25 years of experience and success in the engineering and product design industry. He began his career as an intern for Acuson Corporation (now Siemens Ultrasound), where he gained valuable knowledge in manufacturing products and designs for different medical mechanisms. Through his career as the Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager for Fitch Inc.,...


Making Content to Connect With Industry Leaders

Bill Sharratt is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Darcoid, a complex seal supply solutions company. With over 25 years of experience in sales and business development for the seal industry, his vision implemented the buildout for Darcoid’s unique technical capabilities. Before his time at Darcoid, Bill was the Key Account Manager for Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal Company, Market Specialist in Microelectronics for Parker Hannifin, Vice President of Sales for Pacific Rubber and...