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How to Be a Good Leader Everyday

David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products, defines what a leader is and the responsibilities that come with being a leader. Leaders must lead every day, not just some days. No matter what the task, or team, being a leader requires being engaged, having mutual respect, humility, and making sure things happen. David reviews 5 characteristics of a leader: 1. Leaders don't get to have bad days. Leaders set the standard for behavior and mood. 2. Leaders must define...


The Lawson Omega Gas Express Textile Dryer

This podcast discusses the highlights of the Lawson Omega Gas Express Textile dryer, a highly unique screen printing dryer that runs on standard 120 volt plug-in wiring. The Lawson Omega Gas Express is a compact gas dryer with a 24" or 36" belt width, and features Lawson's exclusive Arrow Belt Tracking System. This textile conveyor dryer uses a fuzzy logic digital temperature control, and features a fully insulated heat chamber with a hinge top for easy access to the inside chamber, and a...


The Lawson Encore Textile Conveyor Dryer

David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products, talks about the many benefits of the Lawson Encore Conveyor Dryer. First off, this this screen printing machine is small enough that it only requires two people to pick it up and carry it. It comes with a direct drive DC controlled drive motor on the conveyor system. The Encore unit is fully insulated and saves on energy. The top is removable without disconnecting any wires, and offers system 2 jet air in addition to...


The Lawson Econo and Super Flash Unit

Today's podcast discuss the affordable portables, otherwise known as the Lawson screen printing Flash Units. Both on the Econo and Super Flash contain locking floor castors, are easy to assemble, and ships via ground UPS or FEDEX. Both curing machines offer color-blind infrared panels, and adjustable height. The Lawson Super Flash has an adjustable temperature controller, easy swivel handle, adjustable angle control, and easily pivots. Not to mention it comes in a sleek and modern color...


The Lawson Digi-Star Universal Dryer

The Digi-Star Dryer, a universal dryer unlike any other t-shirt conveyor dryer. This screen printing machine will cure almost any object. Not only does it offer adjustable heating element control, but also adjustable jet air height control. A very powerful dryer that can cure plastisol inks, water-base inks, and combination or hybrid ink systems such as acrylic, latex, or water-base. It can cure conventional solvent ink systems like vinyl, poster, and enamels. The temperature can adjust up...


The Lawson QZE Quartz Shuttle Flash

Today we focus on the QZE Quartz Shuttle Flash. Best used with any Lawson automatic screen printing machine. Most popularly paired with Lawson mini-trooper, or trooper series. This independent free standing shuttle flash it can be used with manual equipment. It makes it easy to flash and print at the same time to save time! It is adjustable, it has cooling blowers to cool print after curing. It is a super thin quartz flashing station. Has a convenient hand crank and castors. Different...


Why Buy the Lawson Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press

David Landesman highlights the many excellent qualities of the Lawson Mini-Trooper automatic screen printing press in this podcast segment. If your looking to dramatically increase production and reduce cost, but keep a consistent print this is the screen printing equipment for you. The Lawson Mini-Trooper is intuitive, east to set up, and easy to maintain. This press is like a large press, but more compact and reasonably priced. The Lawson Mini-Trooper's modular design allows positioning...


Why Buy the Lawson Mini-Max Automatic Screen Printing Press

There are many great perks of the Lawson Mini-Max Automatic Screen Printing Press. David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products highlights some important features of this semi-automatic printing press. If you are tired of pains in your wrists and back then the Lawson Mini-Max is the press for you. It is almost completely automatic, with the exception of spinning the speed carousel into place which locks automatically. The Lawson Mini-Max Automatic Screen Printing...


Using a Section 179 Tax Deduction

David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products advises how a Section 179 Tax Deduction could help a business owner in the screen printing and digital imaging industry save money. Everyone likes to save money, so utilize the Section 179 Tax Deduction to achieve this. This deduction is used capitol expenditure, for example, screen printing equipment. As of 2017 the deduction limit is $500,000. A Lawson automatic screen printing press, a flash dryer unit, and a screen...


Lawson Screen and Digital's Mission Statement and Values

At Lawson, we like to build a trust among our customers so we have long lasting business relationships. How can we expect our customers and vendors to be repeat buyers if they know nothing about us. This podcast gives insight to Lawson's reason for existence and methods on how we achieve our vision. Lawson Screen and Digital Product's Mission Statement: Lawson serves the imaging community by helping people print better, work smarter and learn more Lawson's Core Values: 1. Serve with...


Is a CTS (Computer-To-Screen) Worth the Price

Do you find yourself asking if a CTS ( Computer to Screen) Machine worth the price? Is film no longer relevant? What does the future hold for film? David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products reviews the facts about CTS machines. CTS (Computer-To-Screen) machines initially cut the cost of film because film is unnecessary. Go straight from computer to a mesh screen printing frame. By removing the need for film, the image quality improves, and exposure times are...


Using A Screen Printing Dip Tank 101

David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products, discuses the advantages of a Dip Tank. Dip Tanks saves 75% of chemical usage, are less interactive, meaning they are safer, and the speed of reclaim is over 3x faster. Watch the emulsion melt away! Tune in to discover the secret of how dip tanks can increase your screen printing production. To Learn more about dip tanks visit the Lawson Poly-Pro Dip Tank page or go to or call us at 314-382-9300