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Our crowdfunding podcast promotes crowdfunding projects to a targeted audience of investor and crowdfunding professionals to put your deal on the map!

Our crowdfunding podcast promotes crowdfunding projects to a targeted audience of investor and crowdfunding professionals to put your deal on the map!
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Our crowdfunding podcast promotes crowdfunding projects to a targeted audience of investor and crowdfunding professionals to put your deal on the map!








Tapping into Laser-Focused Meta-Data Helps Crowdfunding Issuers Market Their Offerings to the Right Investors

More Equity crowdfunding is great, but as stated many times on the Mapable USA podcast, you must be able to build your crowd first – and that takes money. Sometimes, a lot of money. A basic element of crowdfunding success includes setting aside a budget for marketing purposes. But as many companies have learned the hard way, marketing is not as easy as it looks. That’s why in this episode, we interviewed Caleb Huey, Vice-President of Creative Strategy at the Creative Direct...


National Real Estate Forum Founder Adam Gower Explains Real Estate Syndication and Crowdfunding

More Real estate is by far the most popular segment of the crowdfunding industry. The JOBS Act of 2012 fundamentally changed the way that real estate can and is being financed and marketed. Now real estate sponsors can advertise their deals online to raise both equity and debt, and investors can search those deals to directly invest in them. In this podcast, we spoke to Adam Gower, Ph.D of the National Real Estate Forum who talked about real estate syndications, how syndicators...


CEO Cliff Smith Explains How Cookie Club of America Is Using Equity Crowdfunding to Raise Capital on the StartEngine Portal

More One of the best things about Regulation A+ and Reg.CF crowdfunding is that just about any industry can take advantage of all the benefits the Jobs Act of 2012 offers in order to raise capital. In this episode, we spoke with Cliff Smith, the CEO and founder of the Cookie Club of America, who explained how his company is honoring military service on a national level by bringing exceptional purposeful and iconic cookies to the civilian and military markets. Listen as Mr. Smith...


CEO Brendon Lundberg Explains How Radiant Pain Relief Centres is Disrupting the Medical Industry with Regulation A+ Crowdfunding

More Who has pain? We all do. Pain is the single most common denominator of just about everyone on the planet, and unfortunately many suffer from pain that is chronic. Just like Uber disrupted transportation and AirBNB disrupted real estate, Radiant Pain Relief Centers is the latest example of a company seeing to utilize Regulation A+ crowdfunding to disrupt the way chronic pain is understood and treated. Listen to this podcast episode where Radiant Pain Relief CEO Brendon...


How to Crowdfund Projects With Cooperatives and Co-Op Investing

More Crowdfunding is all about cooperation, and cooperation is a great way to build a crowd! While most of the focus on crowdfunding has referenced the JOBS Act, Cooperatives (co ops) are a form of money raising that’s gone somewhat under the radar. Until now! Co ops are just another form of crowdfunding where people (or “members”) can share in the future profits of a company and enjoy the benefits of their membership. Listen to this podcast where Dr. Robert Needham and Ron...


Selling Real Estate, Stock, or Investments? How to Defer Your Capital Gains Tax with Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds

More “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. That phrase made famous by Ronald Reagan usually doesn’t seem to apply for everyday investors, but in the case of Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) , it may make sense. If you’re facing capital gains taxes, Investing in a QOZ Fund allows you to defer your taxable gains in an unprecedented manner. Listen to this podcast as attorney Mark Roderick from Flaster Greenberg explains the many intricacies of this IRS sanctioned...


Crowdfunding Portals Like Makes Investing in Crowdfunding Projects Easy

More For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can now invest in startups thanks to Title III of the Jobs Act of 2012. As a result, the industry has given rise to a number of Reg.A+ and Reg.CF crowdfunding portals that showcase these offerings. In this podcast episode, we spoke with Matt Melbourne from Republic who spoke about how his investment portal is making startup investing truly accessible in a selective and quality dealflow manner by democratizing...


Straight Talk About Crowdfunding - Sometimes It Takes Money to Make Money

More Just as more and more syndication sources are picking up the Mapable USA podcasts, many businesses are starting to see many other businesses being successful with crowdfunding and as such are looking for new and improved ways of targeting both accredited and non-accredited investors. Hollywood would like you believe that “if you build it, they will come”. But in reality, that’s not the case in the crowdfunding world. Why is that? Find out why and listen to this podcast to get...


How to Get Liquidity from Crowdfunding Investments with a “Split” Strategy of Preferred and Common Shares

More Liquidity is the biggest issue facing investors in today’s crowdfunding environment. Listen to this podcast to learn how the "Split" strategy from Simply Go Public can help solve the problem of liquidity in a simple, yet brilliant manner.


Tokenization: The Legal Take on Jobs Act Equity Crowdfunding and Security Token Offerings

More There are complicated rules associated with all aspects of crowdfunding, which is why it’s so important to have legal representation throughout all phases of the process. In this podcast episode, we interviewed crowdfunding attorney Mark Roderick from Flaster Greenberg who gave us many insights on crowdfunding in general, plus his take on tokenization and what security tokens can actually do for issuers and investors alike.


Why LinkedIn May Be the Best Social Media Platform to Help Build Your Crowd

More Social media is a huge component of building a crowd and should not be ignored if you want your crowdfunding efforts to succeed. The problem is that with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, and SO many other social media platforms, using social media effectively is really a full time job! Most business owners just don’t have the time to do it all and many times will have to hire marketing professionals to handle social media tasks for them!...


TokenIQ is the Compliant SaaS Platform to Create Your Security Token Offering (STO)

More You’ve probably heard the term "ICO" which stands for “Initial Coin Offering”. ICOs raised $3.8 billion in 2017. But already so far this year, companies have raised in excess of $12.4 billion. The problem is the unregistered nature of the product with respect to the Securities Exchange Commission that have left a number of ICO investors victims of fraud. There’s a better way, and they’re called “Security Token Offerings”which are gaining popularity as a means to...


Why Strong Business Financials and a Strong Pro-Forma Makes for a Strong Crowdfunding Offering

More Building your crowd is one thing, but your crowdfunding deal has to make sense for your potential investors on a financial level as well. Investors have to understand your offering and when the numbers work out and make sense, you’re more likely to have those investors write checks. Listen to this podcast epsiode as we speak with Chartered Financial Analyst Brandon Skidmore from Blackhat Consulting regarding his biggest tips on what to do (and what not to do) to create...


With the Latest Data Driven Technology, Any Crowdfunding Business Can Create An Audience of Loyal and Supportive Investors

More You may have the best business and the best product or service, but if no one knows you’re out there, your crowdfunding efforts probably won’t be too successful. Building and creating audiences is of utmost importance, and most business owners overlook this essential component of crowdfunding. Data driven technology such as “tailored location” across multiple platforms has made it possible to implement some really creative strategies. In this podcast, we brought on Kelly...


3 Stooges Distributor "Valorous TV" is a Home for Heros and is Crowdfunding Their Digital Streaming Service

More Getting people to know you exist is expensive – and as many companies seeking to raise money know, it’s a process that traditional banks don’t help you with. That’s where crowdfunding comes into play and that’s why companies must focus on building their own crowd and audience as their prime directive. On this podcast, listen to Earl Benjamin of C3 Entertainment explain how Valorus TV has taken to crowdfunding to tap into the tremendous marketplace for on-demand digital...


Crowdfunding Essentials: How CBD Company Canovis Health Created Their Crowd

More Crowdfunding applies to just about every industry, including the booming cannabis market. In this episode, we interviewed Canovis Health CEO Kathy Roberton and got her insights on how she’s creating the crowd for her CBD company and how’s she’s building a team for success that’s turning her customers into potential investors. Kathy’s story proves once again that you have to build your crowd first before you build your funding. And by offering a dividend, Canovis Health is...


The Fundamentals of Crowdfunding and How to Get Started

More The goal of the Mapable USA Podcast is to provide a resource to showcase and promote businesses and individuals seeking to raise money via equity crowdfunding. On our inaugural episode, we brought in Ron Sukenick and Dr. Robert Needham, principles of Simply Go Public to go over the fundamentals of crowdfunding and how using their consultative services can guide you step by step through the crowdfunding process. Crowdfunding sounds easy, but in reality, creating that crowd is...