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Welcome to Marcus Whitney's Audio Universe, hosted by entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, pro sports team owner and vlogger Marcus Whitney. On this podcast I'll mashup keynote speeches on innovation and entrepreneurship, segments from my video series (Marcus Whitney's Video Universe), mentor sessions, interviews, rants and more!

Welcome to Marcus Whitney's Audio Universe, hosted by entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, pro sports team owner and vlogger Marcus Whitney. On this podcast I'll mashup keynote speeches on innovation and entrepreneurship, segments from my video series (Marcus Whitney's Video Universe), mentor sessions, interviews, rants and more!
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Welcome to Marcus Whitney's Audio Universe, hosted by entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, pro sports team owner and vlogger Marcus Whitney. On this podcast I'll mashup keynote speeches on innovation and entrepreneurship, segments from my video series (Marcus Whitney's Video Universe), mentor sessions, interviews, rants and more!




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#CreativePower Hour #33:-Don Hardin

If you ask anyone about Nashville (or Austin, DC, NYC etc.), they immediately go to the cranes in the sky. Building is happening everywhere. But who are the people behind all this construction? And with all the money required to build all these buildings, what role does entrepreneurship play in all of this? My good friend and Nashville Power 100 lister, Don Hardin, takes us through his career that has led his company to work on some of the most important construction projects in the history...


#CreativePower Hour #32: Will Acuff

I met Will Acuff five years ago at the prompting of my good friend Nick Holland. We met to discuss his idea for a non profit that he and his wife Tiffany wanted to start to create infrastructure for the work they had already been doing in their neighborhood. Five years later and they have graduated hundreds of their neighbors through their "Academy", a 12 week entrepreneurship program, and have made an economic impact in their neighborhood over $3M dollars a year. This is a truly inspiring...


#CreativePower Hour #31: Matt Bodnar

Living in Nashville has a lot of surprises in terms of the people you befriend. I have to say that I didn't expect to become friends with maybe my favorite podcaster, but that's just how things turn out sometimes. Matt Bodnar is an exceptional thinker with maybe one of the fastest working brains I've ever encountered. He is a partner at Fresh Hospitality, home to incredible dining brands like Martin's BBQ, Taziki's Cafe, Greko Greek Street Food and Vui's Kitchen. Matt is also the host of The...


#CreativePower Hour #30: Mickey Guyton

There is only one Mickey Guyton, and we have her on the show this week. Mickey is an incredible talent, a genre bending revelation and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her story reminds me that the path less traveled is the one with all the breakthroughs. She's had hit records but she's also had a very difficult path as a Black female country artist. She found herself through that difficulty, and you can be the beneficiary of what she learned by just tuning in this week.


#CreativePower Hour #29: Maneet Chauhan

An absolute treat for you all this week. Maneet Chauhan is a dynamo, and Nashville hit the Jackpot when she and her husband Vivek decided to build their culinary empire here. You may have seen her on the Food Network as a regular judge on Chopped, but hearing her story will inspire you to believe in Creative Power and hopefully make a pilgrimage to one of her restaurants if you haven't already.


#CreativePower Hour #28: Newton Dominey

This week's podcast features my good friend Newton Dominey. Newton is the founder of Nashville's original climbing gym, The Crag, now with two locations and an incredible community that it supports. But that's not how Newton and I met. We met in the very early days of Nashville Soccer Club (then, Nashville Football Club). Newton is President of The Roadies, the firstborn supporters club of Nashville SC. I love this guy, and I'm happy to share this episode with you so you can see just why.


#CreativePower Hour #27: Mignon Francois

I've had some incredible moments in recording the #CreativePower Hour this year, but so far only one has left me absolutely speechless and on the verge of tears. It would be this episode with my sister in spirit, Mignon Francois. Mignon is the founder of The Cupcake Collection and the absolute embodiment of Creative Power, Faith and Purpose. Her story is so moving and inspiring.


#CreativePower Hour #26: Amanda Little

Amanda Little has been fascinated with how technology would impact society for more than thirty years, and has always been ahead of the mainstream story. Her latest book, The Fate of Food, found its roots in her search for how we were going to sustain the brave new world that we started building with the dot com boom in the nineties, and now asks hard questions with an optimistic view that innovation can continue to solve our biggest problems, even the ones we unintentionally created for...


#CreativePower Hour #25: Derrick Morgan

Every time I speak with Derrick Morgan, it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that he's only 30 years old. In his short time on Earth, he's been a top player in the NFL playing his entire career for the Tennessee Titans, earned his MBA, been inducted into the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame, launched an Opportunity Zone Fund and executive produced "The Game Changers", the best selling documentary OF ALL TIME on iTunes.


#CreativePower Hour #24: Joshua Mundy

I like to think that I hustle hard, but there are those people whos hustle makes me tired just thinking about it. Joshua Mundy is a believer in creativity, entrepreneurship, and hustle and has ridden that belief to a string of impactful businesses and an indelible place in the developing culture of New Nashville. Founder of Music City Cleaners, TheLab Nashville and most recently Pivot Technology School, Joshua is a prolific and impactful entrepreneur who finds needs and creates incredible...


#CreativePower Hour #23: Wu Fei

Being good at something is cool. Greatness seldom occurs. But mastery... most have not experienced it. My friend Wu Fei is a true virtuoso of the Guzheng, an ancient Chinese instrument with 21 strings. Her story of how her mastery was developed, what it was like being raised under the One Child Policy in China, and how hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time as a young adult changed her life is incredible. Fei is an amazing woman and you can learn all about her on the next episode of the...


Practicing Purpose Ep 10 "Caterpillar Soup"

Real change is soooo uncomfortable. Sometimes you don't even want to talk when you are going through it. So what happens when you are committed to writing and recording and sharing every week of your life? You get this episode of Practicing Purpose in which I tell Isaac all about Caterpiller Soup LOL.


#CreativePower Hour #22: Eric Holt

Stay in Nashville long enough and someone will tell you "this town isn't just Country Music City, it's Music City." That is true, but it wasn't easily true. A small group of hustlers worked tirelessly to make sure the live music scene in Nashville was as diverse as it's population. On that short list of people is my man, the next guest on the #CreativePower Hour, Eric Holt.


Practicing Purpose Ep 9 "You Can't Be Great and Skip Steps"

Technology has made us want everything immediately. Including success, competency, and even virtuosity. That's an illusion, building things still requires building a solid foundation first. Issac and I discuss on Episode 9 of Practicing Purpose.


#CreativePower Hour #21: Marcia Masulla

Marcia Masulla is a magical woman. I could stop there but I won't. She has brought amazing brands to Nashville like Yelp as an early employee and Nashville Fashion Week as a co-founder. She's a champion for animal rights. She's hilarious. She's a survivor. She's an inspiration & she's someone you can learn all about in episode 21 of the #CreativePower Hour.


Practicing Purpose Ep 8 "Choosing Greatness Over Safety"

‪When we are inspired to do something great and brave, what drives the fear that stops us? Speaking our truth, especially today, can be costly. But what’s worse, facing others or not being true to ourselves? In Ep. 8 of Practicing Purpose, @yaoaddae and I discuss‬ how to navigate the desire to do great things and the need to be safe and secure.


State of TN Human Resources Keynote

‪We often talk about companies getting disrupted, but what about the government being disrupted? In this keynote at the State of Tennessee's HR Conference, I talk about how innovation will impact the government's ability to hire the best talent.‬


Practicing Purpose Ep. 7 - "The Real Math of Long Term Commitments"

Today Issac and I discuss how we would benefit from a better equation on the effort and time long term commitments required to be successful. Whether romantic, business or civic, we often underestimate just how hard it will be to commit to something for the long haul.


Practicing Purpose Ep. 6 - "Make Space, Hold Space, Slow Down, Listen"

The benefit of hosting the #CreativePower Hour is that I get to provide a space for the "strong friends" to share their story in a relaxed, unrushed space. It has now shown me over and over how important it is for us to do this for each other. It's one of the greatest ways that we can serve. "Make Space, Hold Space, Slow Down, Listen."


Nashville Voice Conference Keynote

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant? Voice technologies are slowly figuring out how to make themselves indispensable in our lives. While they aren't there yet, they likely WILL get there, and when they do the way we work and live will likely change dramatically. In this keynote at the Nashville Voice Conference hosted by [Data Driven Design] I talk about the benefit of being an early adopter and leaning into innovation.