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Founder of Maria + Jane and GetPlanty, Jac Carly, chats with the world’s women in the cannabis. From founders to growers to bud-tenders to advocates, these are the women making it happen. The Maria + Jane podcast is here to educate, empower and inspire you to be the best you can be and rock it in the cannabis industry.

Founder of Maria + Jane and GetPlanty, Jac Carly, chats with the world’s women in the cannabis. From founders to growers to bud-tenders to advocates, these are the women making it happen. The Maria + Jane podcast is here to educate, empower and inspire you to be the best you can be and rock it in the cannabis industry.
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Founder of Maria + Jane and GetPlanty, Jac Carly, chats with the world’s women in the cannabis. From founders to growers to bud-tenders to advocates, these are the women making it happen. The Maria + Jane podcast is here to educate, empower and inspire you to be the best you can be and rock it in the cannabis industry.






Denise Biderman: Co-Founder & CEO of Mary's List talks cannabis freelance marketplace, carving out your niche and mental toughness

This week I’m talking to Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary's List. A former criminal attorney, Denise took her passion for helping people from the court rooms of New York City to the cannabis space. Mary's List is a freelance services marketplace for the cannabis community allowing businesses to hire freelancers and other service professionals on a project-to-project basis. It hopes to serve as a catalyst for normalizing work in the industry and bridge the gap for community...


Laura Beohner: Co-Founder of The Healing Rose Co talks cannabis entrepreneur life, R & D, product formulation, and keeping her company lean

This week I’m talking to Laura Beohner, Co-Fouder of The Healing Rose Co. Based in Massachusetts, The Healing Rose Co handcrafts hemp-derived CBD infused body care products in small batches using natural and organic ingredients. They combine organic herbs and essential oils with hemp-derived, 100% THC-Free Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil with only high quality organic butters & oils. All body care products are made with care in Andover, MA. In our chat, we dig into: The inspiration for...


Jamie Garzot: Founder of 530 Cannabis & Roots Consulting talks biggest trends for dispensary owners, customer trends in cannabis for 2019 and tips on connecting with local community

This week I’m talking to Jamie Garzot, Founder of 530 Cannabis and Roots Consulting, an agency designed to bridge the gap between canna-businesses and governments, communities, and other industries. Jamie draws from nine years of boots-on-the-ground experience as a compliant cannabis operator and an appointed city official. She understands complex cannabis-related policies because she has been actively engaged in the process, both at the state and local level. Jamie logged thousands of...


Naomi Granger: Co-Founder of Dope CFO talks state of cannabis business accounting today, common financial woes, protecting your business and how to become a canna accounting professional

This week I’m talking to Naomi Granger, Co-Founder of Dope CFO, a company that provides accounting services to legal marijuana businesses and educational tools for accountants & financial professionals (or anyone interested in becoming a cannabis accounting professional). Naomi has over 12 years of experience in both public accounting and industry accounting. She is very passionate about the rapidly growing cannabis industry and works with CEOs to help them navigate the ever-growing list...


Barbie Sommars: COO of Mary Jane University talks high end cannabis-infused dining, the intersection of art & science and the love of cannabis through adornment

This week I’m talking to Barbie Sommars, COO of Mary Jane University who brings over twenty years of corporate operations experience, with a background in high net-worth asset management. After a medical diagnosis in 2008, she sought alternative ways of healing and pain management and found cannabis. From patient to activist to educator, she now resides in the beautiful Mojave desert near Joshua Tree, CA and commits herself to a life of healing, activism, and education to restore this...


Robin & Chaos: Co-Founders of The Farmaceuticals Co talk Feminist principles as a guide for business, environmental sustainability in cannabis and the importance of whole-plant extraction

This week I’m talking to Robin & Chaos, Co-Founders of The Farmaceuticals Co., a women owned and operated healing company. Through their uniquely crafted tinctures, topical products, and edibles they provide access to lab tested, whole plant, organically grown cannabis medicine. They prioritize sourcing each element from local, women-owned farms and businesses. It is important to them to work with, source from and be in reciprocal, vibrant community with other women. In our chat, we dig...


Dusti Arab: Brand Strategist, CEO of Cannabis Bakeshop & Dir of Ops at Oov Mag talks content marketing, establishing brand guidelines and customer engagement

This week I’m talking to Dusti Arab. Dusti is a brand strategist specializing in content marketing for cannabis brands and creatives. An Amazon bestselling author, she is the CEO of Cannabis Bakeshop & Co. and serves as Director of Operations at Oov Magazine. In our chat, Dusti and I dig into her super cool mom’s work as a high-end cannabis chef; The twist and turns of taking edibles to market; The importance of content marketing for cannabis brands (and getting it right!); Not...


Gillian Levy: Co-Founder of Humboldt Apothecary talks effective customer messaging, the impact cultivation practices can have on environmental ecosystems and pivoting fast to meet changing regs while still serving your customer

This week I’m talking to Gillian Levy, Co-Founder of Humboldt Apothecary, a women-owned Cannabis tincture business in the heart of Humboldt County. She and her business partner, Susan Cleverdon, created Humboldt Apothecary with a vision of crafting Cannabis based products that could target and support healing and wellness for a variety of conditions. Gillian and Susan have used their love and knowledge of medicinal herbs to formulate blends of plants that synergize well with Cannabis to...


Lyna Thompson: Founder of the 420 Book Society talks the ups & downs of biz partnership, podcasting about cannabis and creating community online

This week I’m talking to Lyna Thompson, Founder of the 420 Book Society and co-host of the podcast Hitting the Window with Nick & Lyna. After working as a financial coordinator in the dental field for over 20 yrs and becoming a daily cannabis user, Lyna started exploring the cannabis plant on a deeper level. With all of this new found knowledge in hand, she couldn’t help but want to share this powerful information with others. This led to launching a podcast with her husband, Nick,...


Emma Chasen: Cannabis Educator & Industry Consultant talks relationship management, the problem with the indica/sativa binary and the new budtender & retail on-boarding training she's created

This week I’m talking to Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator and Industry Consultant. Emma is on a mission to educate people on the science of Cannabis so they can take charge of their own healing. Emma has degree in Medicinal Plant Research from Brown, has Coordinated Clinical Oncology trials with the Brown University Oncology Research Group, is formerly the General Manager & Director of Education for Farma and was named Portland’s Best Budtender of 2016. Emma also launched the Core Science...


Whitney Beatty: Founder & CEO of Apothecarry Brands talks career transition, taking a product from concept to market and why more investments need to go to cannabis companies led by women and people of color

This week I’m talking to Whitney Beatty, Founder & CEO of Apothecarry Brands. Inspired by a lack of stylish, safe cannabis storage systems and a disdain for storing medicine in a shoebox, Whitney is a successful entertainment industry exec turned cannabis storage designer. After meeting so many like minded cannabis users, who lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids & pets and who were tired of searching around for their stash only to...


Cynthia Villamizar: Founder of Cyntivee talks quitting Google, reeducating folks on CBD & Cannabis and building a business from scratch

This week I’m talking to Cynthia Villamizar, Founder of Cyntivee, an education platform that seeks to break down everything you thought you knew about cannabis and reintroduce it as a part of your wellness and fitness routine. Cyntivee is hoping to reeducate people on CBD and cannabis by addressing common misconceptions and by introducing the latest innovations via easy and fun tutorials and recipes. A former Fulbright Scholar and Googler, Cynthia also chronicles her new adventures as she...


Mary Pryor: Co-Founder of Cannaclusive talks chronic illness as a woman of color, the white-washing of cannabis, and de-stigmatizing cannabis in black & brown communities

This week I’m talking to Mary Pryor, Co-Founder of Cannaclusive. Mary is a passionate and vocal media expert currently based in Los Angeles and New York. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mary received exposure to automotive design, electrical engineering, music, digital arts and marketing at an early age. Today Mary is a powerful and accomplished Digital and Marketing Specialist who has worked for major brands such as Sony Music Group, Viacom, CBS News, Ebony Magazine, The Rolling Stones,...


Lisa Weinberger: Co-Founder of talks cannabis pricing, finding the consumer sweet spot and healing with CBD

This week I’m talking to Lisa Weinberger, co-founder of and owner of Her dual career consists of helping companies with their digital marketing strategy as a Chief Content Officer as well as teaching students how to write as a Professor. Believer of natural health, she began researching the benefits of cannabis and CBD which led to sharing consumer pricing on Publishing’s include,, One Main Financial, Fox...


Kristen Yoder: 13 year Cannabis Industry Vet & Founder of Soil to the Oil talks candidly about industry issues, market trends, and business best practices

This week I’m talking to Kristen Yoder, recently featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine’s 40 under 40 Rising Stars of Cannabis, is a 13 year California cannabis industry veteran and radio personality who has managed successful businesses in every sector of the industry, and now serves as a strategic advisor for entrepreneurs and investors entering the cannabis industry in California. She has a Meetup group, Soil to the Oil: Cannabis Science Classes, in Los Angeles, where she does monthly...


Anna Duckworth: Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Miss Grass talks writing, conscious cannabis consumption, fundraising and creating the go-to platform for the modern woman consumer

This week I’m talking to Anna Duckworth, a writer, editor and strategist from the Great White North (read: Toronto). Anna is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Miss Grass—an elevated magazine and e-comm platform for women and cannabis (which the media is calling the GOOP of cannabis). Anna is the Former Head of Content at cannabis brand dosist (once hmbldt) and Managing Editor of The Alpine Review magazine. She also writes a weekly newsletter with her buds called buckslip, which was called...


Holly Alberti: Head of Integrated Customer Experience, Flrish Marketing Team (Harborside Family of Companies) talks customer experience, business relationship building & how to amplify your cannabis brand

This week I’m talking to Holly Alberti. Holly heads up Integrated Customer Experience on the Flrish marketing team, supporting the Harborside Family of companies. She's a visionary, creator, and integrator - creating change, spreading inspiration & education through social entrepreneurship. Holly began her cannabis career on the East Coast working with local groups and crafting the vision for Healthy Headie Lifestyle. Later, she was asked to join the core team that worked to apply in the...


Cassandra Farrington: Co-Founder of Marijuana Business Daily talks entrepreneurship, core biz fundamentals for success, the growing role of tech & finance in cannabis and why women in the industry need to stay vocal

This week I’m talking to Cassandra Farrington. Cassandra heads up the cannabis industry leading daily news website Marijuana Business Daily and its family of content resources for the B2B cannabis marketplace, including the internationally recognized family of MJBizCon conferences. Previously a Vice President at Citi, she earned her MBA from the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. MjBizDaily was co-founded by Cassandra and her business partner in 2011. It is now the most...


Diane Czarkowski: Co-Founder of Canna Advisors talks current state of the cannabis industry, the beginning process for opening a dispensary, lobbying congress and advice for women entrepreneurs

This week I’m talking to Diane Czarkowski, one of the industry’s original cannabis entrepreneurs and Founding Partner at Canna Advisors. She has played an influential role in the cannabis market since its early stages, helping develop it into one of fastest growing industries in the United States.With decades of career success in high-tech and real estate, Diane’s business agility stems from working in industries that are rapidly growing and evolving. She was the founder of one of the...


Maureen McNamara: Founder of Cannabis Trainers talks safe cannabis retailing, setting yourself apart from the competition, common mistakes in cannabis-food safety and staying focused & positive in an uncertain industry

This week I’m talking to Maureen McNamara, Founder and Chief Facilitator with Cannabis Trainers™; a corporation founded to create and deliver training solutions for the Cannabis Industry. With 20+ years of professional training experience, Maureen has trained and certified 10,000+ employees, managers and owners in national certification (ANSI) programs. She has combined her skills and expertise with Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service into a comprehensive, engaging program to...