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Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.

Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.
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Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.




Skechers record quarter, Venmo’s new debit card powers PayPal 9%, P&G is our “Comeback of the Day”

Venmo’s got a fancy new physical debit card that’s powered its best quarter ever for PayPal. Skecher’s enjoyed its best quarter yet thanks to a strategy of being anti-trend (in every way). And Procter & Gamble’s all over your parents’ bathroom -- and it’s our “Comeback of the Day” for getting growth back.


Unilever bets big on “healthy ice cream,” secretive Palantir preps for $40B IPO, and Square unveils sexiest product yet

From Ben & Jerry’s to Dove soap, Unilever owns everything in your house -- And to boost quarterly sales it’s going hard after “innovative” ice cream. Square just created the coolest looking payments product for every small business. And Palantir’s the secretive data firm that serves the CIA and FBI as clients -- now it’s prepping for a $40B IPO.


Beyond Meats vegan burgers preps IPO, Sears surges 57% on hope, and the Bonobos founder’s leading 2 lingeries acquisitions for Walmart

Bankrupt last week. Surging this week. Sears shares popped after a secret phone recording from the CEO’s town hall meeting. Beyond Meats is the first alt-meat, plant-based food to IPO, and it just announced which banks will lead it. And Bonobos’ founder is leading the acquisition of two direct-to-consumer lingerie brands for Walmart.


Uber IPO could have $120B valuation, Netflix earnings dominate with 137M users, and Goldman & Morgan Stanley stocks pop

Uber hosted a bunch of banks to chat about its 2019 IPO plans and valuation -- apparently its value’s jumped 67% to $120B. Netflix’s growth rate keeps growing, and it created a funky chart about its Instagram cred. And Goldman and Morgan Stanley stocks both popped because this summer's was big for tech IPOs, and these banks led them


Beer ingredients get hit, US deficit surges 17%, and Handy bought by Angie’s List for secret sum

Hold our beer. A new business and climate report shows that barley prices will get hit hard this century, and that’s even worse for brew-glomerates. The US government’s deficit jumped big (that’s not good) by 17% to $779 billion. And our acquisition of the day is Handy, the gig economy cleaning app, which got snagged by Angie’s List’s so it can own future Millennial homebuyers.


Millennials eradicate American cheese, JPMorgan dominates bank earnings, and Snap gets a prescription

Snap’s stock is down 65% since its IPO, so we’ve got a prescription for its 3 diagnoses. Big banks kicked off the 3rd quarter earnings season, so we check out why JPMorgan’s so hot right now. And Millennials aren’t killing American cheese -- we’re eradicating it. And that’s caused cheddar cheese prices to hit record lows.


Allbirds hits $1.4B, Walmart hooks up with PayPal to become a bank network, and why the Dow dropped 5% in 2 days

For 25M unbanked Americans, Walmart’s about to become their bank thanks to an epicly large new partnership with PayPal. Direct-to-consumer shoe phenom Allibrds raised $50M to hit a $1.4B valuation. And we break down the main reason stocks just dropped big: interest rates. We tell ya all about them.


Apple/Netflix/Snap/Costco/Walmart/AT&T all just dominated streaming video, “Unicorn of the Day” Smile Direct Club hits $3.2B, and 126-year-old Sears on the bankruptcy brink

No joke. This was the biggest day for the media industry all year -- Apple, Netflix, Snap, Walmart, Costco, AT&T, and a newbie all had disruptive news. Smile Direct Club’s valuation surged to $3.2B as it replaces your braces (and orthodontist). And after 126 years, Sears may be finally calling it quits.


Google’s new “Home Hub” and selfie phone, Starbucks’ $1B activist investment, and Papa John’s surges 10%

The finale of tech product season wrapped up -- Google’s got a camera-free mini-bot “Home Hub” for your home and a freaky new phone. Papa John’s surges 10% on rumors the hedge fund behind Wendy’s wants a piece. And Starbucks snags $1B from activist investor Bill Ackman because he’s got a thing for coffee.


Facebook’s video chat device/spy for your home, Birchbox snags Walgreens beauty investment, and Walmart’s new streaming service

Perfect timing. And by perfect we mean terrible. Just as it’s “recovering” from more data scandals, Facebook unveils a video chat device for your home. Drugstore chain Walgreens invested in Birchbox to get its beauty game up. And Walmart’s new streaming service wants to take over everywhere that’s not a city.


Toys ‘R’ Us’ ain’t dead yet, the best Jobless rate since ‘69, and a blockchain wine investment by Overstock

Cancel the auction -- Toys ‘R’ Us’ creditors cut the bankruptcy plans short and are relaunching the company instead. is so desperate that its venture arm just invested in a blockchain wine company to fix fake wine. And the September Jobs Report hit a record low unemployment rate that’s a wine for wages (and stocks).


China plants spy chips in US servers, Hershey’s innovates impulse chocolate, and Constellation Brands jumps 5% for crushing liquor

This one’s huge -- Reports revealed that China’s got a secret government unit embedding US servers with spy chips. Hershey’s online sales shockingly surged 30% thanks to 2 new innovations to get you splurging on chocolate online. And liquor legend Constellation Brands enjoyed double-digit sales growth along with its pot investments.


Tencent Music’s 800 million user IPO, Target’s biggest strategy move of 2018, and Microsoft’s non-event event

Tencent Music’s got nearly 1 billion users and wants to IPO in NYC -- We think Spotify could learn from its karaoke app. Target’s fighting the retail-pocalypse by partnering with the companies disrupting it. And Microsoft is our sad story of the day after its lame mid-week event didn’t impress. Anyone.


Apple Wallet replaces your college student ID, Blue Apron drops 5% on brutal partnership, and Amazon ups its minimum wage to $15

Blue Apron can’t figure life out, dropping 5% after revealing a partnership with Grubhub that was universally disliked. Amazon’s upping the pressure on competition by increasing its minimum wage 25% to $15. And Apple added student IDs to Apple Wallet yesterday to get everyone under 22 committed to Apple


GE fires its new-ish CEO, Stitch Fix’s 20% plummet, and the low-down on the new NAFTA

Clothing delivery site Stitch Fix has soared 76% this year -- But it’s still got one problem to fix. $100B GE used to be worth $600B and the CEO had no plan to get them back there. And the trade deal formerly known as NAFTA is now “USMCA” so we got everything you need to know about it.


Saturday night’s breaking Elon Musk Tesla update, BlackBerry’s (shockingly) back, and The Infatuation’s $30M fundraise is the future of media

After Tesla’s CEO got sued by the SEC, we were worried about the company and wished Elon had settled instead -- and at 8pm EST Saturday night he did. BlackBerry’s phone days are dead, but its new software biz is crushing life. And The Infatuation’s a food review website that just raised $30M because its future is the future of media.


H&M surges 13%, Stripe becomes the 6th most valuable US unicorn, and Compass and Opendoor each snag $400 million to disrupt real estate

80% of Americans use Stripe, the payment processor just raised $245M to reach a $20B valuation. Fast fashion icon H&M has $4.1B in unsold clothes, but it’s new store concept is saving the chain. And real estate disruptors Compass and Opendoor both just raised $400M… from the same venture capital firm.


SurveyMonkey surges 50% at IPO, TheKnot blissfully bought by WeddingWire, and Salesforce’s Dreamforce event becomes a cultural icon

The first day of trading for SurveyMonkey was awesome, but it shows the company left money on the table. The wedding industry is absurdly profitable and every couple uses The Knot (which just got bought). And DreamForce shut down San Francisco just like Salesforce software shuts down your brain


Nike’s earnings deserve an MVP, anti-kale drive-in Sonic bought for $2.3B, and the big deal with Insta’s co-founders leaving Facebook

The stock may have dipped, but Nike’s earnings last quarter deserve a starting spot after the performances of their top sponsored athletes. Arby’s owner dropped $2.3B for drive-in Sonic because Millennials can’t kill fast food. And Instagram’s co-founders left Facebook on awkward terms, and there's 1 big takeaway for Zuck.


SiriusXM buys Pandora for $3.5B, Michael Kors buys Versace for $2.4B, and airlines face a 1,200 page change

What companies didn’t get bought yesterday? The world’s biggest audio entertainment company is about to be created as SiriusXM buys Pandora for $3.5B. Michael Kors followed fashionably by acquiring Italian fashion house Versace for $2.4B. And a new Congressional bill hooks up fliers at the expense of airlines (no more lying about weather cancellations).