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Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.

Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.
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Quick, clear, and fun. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell filter out the noise to break down the daily digestible business stories you'll actually care about. Get informed (and enjoy it) in under 20 minutes with the MarketSnacks Daily.




Amazon wants Mark Cuban’s movie theater, Walmart’s best day ever, and MVMT sells for $100M

Walmart is cool (again?) after an earnings report worth worshiping. Rumor is Amazon’s got an itch to buy Mark Cuban’s indie movie theater chain Landmark to spread the joy of Prime. LA-edgy minimalist watch startup MVMT sells for a hefty $100M to old school Movado.


Big Beer invests in Big Weed, PetIQ has best day ever, and Pandora hooks up with T-Mobile

Corona owner Constellation brands is adding more pot to its liquor cabinet by investing $3.8B in Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth. Pandora and T-Mobile nailed down a partnership that explains why bundles are the new discounting. And PetIQ is going super boogie on fancy pet food -- and getting rewarded for it (Walmart likey).


Oscar snags $370M from Google, IBM patent trolls Groupon, and Home Depot’s Amazon-proofing

Google’s getting into healthcare mode by investing $370M in the Millennial-ish branded health insurance startup, Oscar. Home Depot’s living its best life right now with home prices rising and a new locker feature. And Groupon’s paying out millions to IBM because it used a IBM’s internet patent that it somehow patented in the ‘80s (before the internet was a thing).


Sharm movies & Hollywood-enomics, Wrangler Jeans get dumped, and Turkey’s crisis explained

Athleisurewear officially beat denim as Lee’s, Wrangler, and Republic are getting spun-off from VF Brands -- they’re focusing on The North Face and Vans instead. “The Meg” is a shark movie produced in the US and China, but it’s changing the future of Hollywood’s marketing strategies. And the Turkish lira is plummeting, so we break down why and how.


Know Before the IPO: Airbnb, Casper, Uber/Lyft

3 huge companies are going public in 2019 -- and all 3 just had huge updates that affect their future IPOs. Casper’s reverse-disrupted itself, Airbnb’s biz travel arm tripled in size, and Uber/Lyft got the kibosh in their biggest market.


Crocs is our “Comeback of the Day,” Samsung’s big news powered Spotify, and Planet Fitness surges

Planet Fitness is in better shape than most stocks you’ll ever see. Samsung introduced a huge new product, but Spotify is the real winner. And Crocs is our “Comeback of the Day” because it hates on itself (and it’s open about it).


Twinkie plummets 17%, Jimmy Choo makes Michael Kors look amazing, and China’s stock market’s been crushed 20% in 2018

Twinkie is an iconic gluttonous legend, but it’s at the mercy of one huge American retailer. Michael Kors has looked a little sloppy lately, but its fast growing shoe company has inspired it to get in shape and stop looking desperate. And headlines make you think China’s winning in everything, but its stock market has been destroyed by the trade war.


Tinder “U” just happened, Tesla’s craziest day ever, and $1B NewTV is our “Startup of the Day”

Twelve tweets from Elon Musk caused Tesla stock to literally stop trading -- so we interpret them for you. scared parents nationwide and thrilled investors with its new focus on college kids unveiling “Tinder U.” And Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman’s NewTV just raised $1 billion… in its seed round of funding (that’s insane -- we explain why).


Beer saved SeaWorld, Pepsi’s healthiest CEO ever, and Corporate Bullying 101 from GM

A unique beer situation down at SeaWorld is causing its waterpark attendance to surge. Pepsi’s losing its legendary CEO, Indra Nooyi, so we got some fascinating details on her life story, and how she transitioned into snacks that won’t kill you. And General Motors flexes its muscles to bully a local hospital into lower costs -- politics used to handle healthcare, but now companies do.


MoviePass: The 3 Things Killing It

MoviePass’ stock’s plummeted 92% in a week (shares are literally worth pennies). Plus, customers are quitting and it’s running out of cash. Fast. But movie theater companies still think it’s enemy #1. We’ll tell you how this “Netflix for movie theaters” subscription startup has changed the industry like Napster changed music -- and why it may not survive by the time you finish this episode.


Blue Apron plummets 25%, GoPro (finally) finds itself, and Disney de-gifts its Star Wars gift

Disney gave TBS and TNT the rights to Star Wars for 8 year -- a huge mistake it’s trying to undo. GoPro has stopped trying to do everything and started focusing on one, niche, hardcore user. Blue Apron’s just not satiating investors anymore (neither are any meal kit companies) even though their food’s pretty decent.


Ferrari crushed by 1 word, Google’s secret China project, and Square beating Venmo

An insane leak about Google going after the “Google of China” (Baidu) that may compromise its core values. Ferrari’s new CEO had a really bad first day because of a really bad word choice. And Square’s stock is up 90% this year because it’s focused on its best friend.


Apple’s awesome quarter, Sony vs. Nintendo showdown, and the unofficial end of self-driving car fun

Nintendo (G-rated games) & Sony (R-rated games) face off with video game earnings. A major (and bad) turning point just happened for autonomous vehicles and ride hailing. And Apple smacked down critics and showed what a tech company’s supposed to do with its best 2nd quarter in ever.


WeWork’s $14M side hustle, Fossil’s BMW hookup, and CBS’ non-decision decision

Fossil and BMW are teaming up for a smartwatch that’s crucial to Fossil’s 230% stock surge this year. WeWork’s got a separate biz that makes old school businesses Millennial-friendly. And CBS’s stock is plummeting as CEO Les Moonves gets investigated -- and we break down the terrible message they’re sending


The Potcast: 3 Cannabis Stocks Defining The Green Rush

Marijuana stocks are IPO’ing hard and fast. We did some MarketSnacks digging into the pot industry to break down the 3 companies leading its growth -- Production (Tilray), Retail (MedMen), and an everything-related-to-pot company (Aurora). We also break down the (il)legal situation and the some risks of Cannabis stocks.


23andMe’s our “Pivot of the Day,” Queso saved Chipotle, and Budweiser’s craft brew binge team

Budweiser’s got a secretive venture capital team and an actual business unit called “High End Company” that is growing its entire craft beer biz. Chipotle delivered a delicious quarter of improving sales thanks to lower avocado prices, higher queso devouring, and a legendary new CEO. And 23andMe is doing some freaky stuff with your genetic data after a new partnership with a pharmaceutical giant, and we get to the bottom of it.


Facebook loses $130B in minutes, ClassPass squeezes fitness studios, and Las Vegas Sands loves Japan’s Parliament

Facebook’s latest earnings report will go down in history as one of the craziest in history -- shares plummeted 25% during an insane conference call. Japan just OK’d casinos, so Las Vegas Sands is opening up shop since its Vegas locations just don’t bring in the money lately. And ClassPass bench-pressed $85 million in Series D funding for its expansion abroad (but we’ve got 1 problem with the company)


Choosy’s our (Instagrammable) “Startup of the Day,” Harley-Davidson shocked everyone, and Yelp’s freaky new hygiene feature

Yelp just revealed a crazy new way to figure out how many mice are also eating at your go-to Friday night restaurant. Harley-Davidson’s earnings report showed that it won’t be (totally) muscled around by tariffs, and Choosy is the Instagram-focused women’s clothing startup that’s making “fast fashion” less evil.


Aperol Spritz’s comeback fuels Italian stock, Tesla’s desperate memo, and Google’s CFO dominates earnings

The new summer drink all over your ‘Gram is Aperol Spritz -- and its strategic marketing push is powering Campari shares on Milan’s stock market. Google’s earnings were unfazed by that $5 billion fine, but their CFO Ruth Porat is the real hero. And the WSJ uncovered an awkward memo from Tesla to its suppliers basically asking for money to help it survive.


IPOs are waaaay too delayed: Eventbrite, Uber, and Airbnb show 3 groups who that’s hurting

The fact is small companies are going public 80% less today than 30 years ago and it’s 50% less for larger scaleups -- and 52 tech companies are 10+ years old, worth $1 billion or more, and still private. So we went in MarketSnacks style to break down how that hurts 3 key groups -- employees, early investors, and everyone else like regular investors who want to own some stock.