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Bonus: Raj Balasundaram | How Software Made For Marketers Can Change Your Business and Life

Raj Balasundaram, VP of Solutions and Services, joins the show to share how Emarsys is revolutionizing and personalizing the marketer's experience. With a newly-unveiled platform re-designed to be geared, specifically, for marketers based on their industry and unique business objectives, Emarsys is answering the call – "empty software" just isn't cutting it! Raj explains why the right technology should work for you. Demand more from your software, not the other way around. Full...


033: Carol Meyers | Humanizing B2B Marketing

Key Takeaways: Regardless of what industry you’re in or what products you’re selling, it’s all about building valuable relationships, meaningful connections, and serving as a trusted guide for the buyer.Use storytelling to give your audience something to believe in. That comes down to content, brand messaging, how, when, why, and where you’re delivering value to your audience so that you position your brand as that helpful resource.Carol’s company, Rapid7, is all about cybersecurity for...


022: Denise Lee Yohn | Saving Your Retail Business: Using Tech to Create Personalized Customer Experiences

Key Takeaways: While tech can and should help us deliver to rising expectations, it cannot and should not be our strategy.When you’re considering purchasing a tech solution, ask yourself if you’re basing your decision on what your team actually needs or if you might be putting too much weight on what your competition is doing, what might simply be the convenient choice, or simply feeling like you need to jump on the bandwagon and try the latest cool thing.Whether you're in B2C or B2B,...


021: John Andrews | How to Navigate the Shift in Shopper Behavior from Physical Stores to Online

Key Takeaways: Just because you can market to someone, doesn’t mean you should. Is it the right person at the right time via the right channel with the right message? Or is it simply convenient for you to push something out to that individual – regardless of how they’ll receive it? Pause and think about what will actually be received and relevantGlobalization. Technology is making the world feel smaller and more connected. Regardless of what industry you’re in or how large or small your...


020: Jay Acunzo | Is Your Marketing Strategy Actually Working? Break the Wheel & Be Different

Key Takeaways: What is the “best way?” Is there any such thing as “the right answer?” What’s the right balance between being data-driven and guided by instinct? Finding best practices shouldn’t be the goal. Doing what’s best foryoushould be the goal.Magic, success, and really incredible stories started with marketers doing what we should all do more of – thinking critically and considering context. As Jay said, we tell ourselves that there's some magical solution for why innovators innovate...


019: Brian Massey | How to Convert Online Shoppers with Science, Strategy, & Style

Episode 019: Brian Massey | How to Convert Online Shoppers with Science, Strategy, & Style Key Takeaways: Use data to optimize your website for conversion. The five areas Brian identified to focus on include:value proposition and messaging, UX and layout, social proof, credibility and authority, and security.Go through your site and try to view it as a shopper would. How are you covering these five areas? What can you start doing this week, this month, this quarter to improve?Follow...


018: Douglas Karr | The Expanding MarTech Scene: Tech Stacks & Working with IT

Key Takeaways: Build relationships with IT – grow allies and partner with tech experts that can look at your tech stack through different lenses. IT can be a disabler or enabler. As enablers, IT will be your ally and friend – a secret weapon, even!Tech isn’t a strategy. Thought it seems tech will ease the pressures we face, don’t get so wrapped up in it that you ignore the risks, redundancies, or inefficiencies of solutions you’re considering. Douglas worked with a client who lost all their...


017: Matt Heinz | Is Marketing Automation Truly Serving Your Needs – or Are Your Serving it?

Key Takeaways: Technology is not a strategy. First, ask what problem you want to solve and what goals you want to achieve – and what experiences you’re trying to create. Then, leverage the right pieces of tech to make it happen, not the other way around.Think like this: Goal > strategy > tactics. So why are we so often starting with technology and working backward?No one needs an “AI strategy.” Think about the “why” behind it – what problem are you trying to solve? AI isn’t your strategy;...


016: Shep Hyken | Cornerstones of a Great CX: Convenience & Customization

Key Takeaways: Customer experience and convenience go hand-in-hand. A great CX doesn’t have to be the biggest, grandest, or most impressive moment – just consistently better than the average alternative.Embrace Shep’s 6 convenience principles: reduce friction, leverage technology, encourage self-service, use subscription models, offer delivery, provide easy accessAsk yourself what you can start doing today to make interacting with your brand more convenient for your customers and to be...


015: Robert Rose | How to Avoid Technical Debt and Build Audiences Post-GDPR

Key Takeaways: Customer data is your biggest asset. The GDPR doesn’t mean we should shy away from data collection — the opposite! Lean into it, treat data with care, and prove that you’ll use their information to serve them.Think of your content as a product. View everything as a means for creating customer experiences. Content establishes trust early in the buying process. It’s often what convinces customers that our product is the best answer to their needs. Approach content with the same...


014: Jamie Turner | Keeping up with Marketing Trends, Tools, & Technologies

Key Takeaways: There are three kinds of hype about AI: overstating its danger, overstating its impact, and misrepresenting product features. Don’t fall prey – and understand this is the result of people trying to make sense of it (or spin its benefits for their own good).Crowdsource your software decisions. Yes, there’s a ton of tech out there, but you don’t have to make decisions in a vacuum. Survey your peers, and ask lots of questions!DON’T BE AFRAID OF AI! Use AI as an opportunity to...


013: Magnus Unemyr | Data, Automation, & Artificial Intelligence

Key Takeaways: There are so many options available to marketers today – from tech vendors to tactics, to a plethora of channels. You don’t need to use everything to find success… use Magnus’ examples as inspiration to find what will help you deliver better customer experiences.Automation isn’t new, but data we’re constantly collecting about customers is. It’s up to you to use your customer data to fuel your automation platform – but to always set and control strategy.We live in a more...


012: Kyle Lacy | Lessonly’s “Lesson” on Account-Based Marketing & Mar-Tech

Lindsay's Key Takeaways: When implementing new tech and processes, don’t focus too much on the tech. The marketer is still the maestro at the epicenter — and that’s the way it should be.It’s not the human that should augment the tech — the tech should augment what humans can do. In a world with thousands of tech solutions all promising to solve problems, slow down and take on the right tech for your needs.Experience is everything and the only thing that matters. The only thing that drives...


011: Tim Kopp | CMO Lessons From An Accomplished Marketing Leader

Lindsay's key takeaways: Your internal team should be your primary audience. If they understand what you’re working on, and what’s in it for them, they’re more likely to get behind it. Culture is critical.Successful marketing leadership is situational. A CMOs role is constantly changing. An organization needs to seek out leaders who can understand goals, then use their innate genius to make those goals a reality.We’re all business-to-human marketers, first. A business doesn’t buy a product...


010: Brent Turner | Why Experiential Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever Before

Lindsay's key takeaways: Rebasing. Take a moment to think about the pillars of your marketing organization and your strategy. What is it built upon? Where is it shifting?How can you use live interactions to boost authenticity? It doesn’t matter your industry – offline experiences are an opportunity to break through.B2B or B2C, remember that your customers are human. Look for ways to leverage technology to deliver real, authentic, human value. Full...


009: Kath Pay | Using Email As The Core of Your Personalized Marketing

Lindsay's key takeaways: Email is not dead! Despite what you’ve heard, it email is very much alive and well. In fact, it’s at the center of most - if not all - of today’s successful omnichannel strategies. It has been and continues to be the channel that delivers the highest ROI of them all. So, as a marketer, don’t kill off your email efforts. Beyond that, don’t even settle for email status quo. It’s time for brands to lean in and invest more. Just think - if email is delivering the...


008: Phillip Jackson | E-Commerce Marketing: Past, Present, & Future

Lindsay's key takeaways: It wasn't long ago that there was debate over IF and HOW e-commerce transactions should be secure! And now, GDPR and other initiatives and regulations have been enacted to deliver greater protection to consumers and their privacy.The strategic purpose of marketing hasn't changed much: to deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place. But the methods and techniques we use to do that are changing lightning quick. Iterate, adapt and don't be afraid...


007: Paul Roetzer | Getting Started with AI Marketing

Lindsay's key takeaways: AI is here today, and here to stay. It still has a long way to go, but you interact with AI every time you log in to Netflix, shop on Amazon, search on Google, or interact with friends on FacebookIf you’re looking to adopt AI, don’t broadly look to “bring AI into your marketing efforts.” Look at your strategy, identify areas where AI could be impactful, then look for solutions to help.Don’t be intimidated of AI, and look at it as an opportunity. Humans retain...


006: Ted Rubin| Retail Relevancy and the Changing Digital Landscape

Lindsay's key takeaways: Use technology to help be better, faster, and scale. It’s not intended to replace us and it certainly shouldn’t. Only humans can deliver the empathy and relationships.Marketing tactics sometimes get a bad rap — retargeting, email personalization, spam, digital advertising, and more. When the customer feels valued, these tactics work. When used incorrectly, they can be destructive.You own (part of) the CX. Poor experiences can happen anywhere throughout the buyer...


005: Jay Baer | Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype

Lindsay’s key takeaways/questions: best brands in the world Full Shownotes: Resources and links discussed Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of MouthConvince & ConvertSocial Pros