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007: Paul Roetzer | Getting Started with AI Marketing

Lindsay's key takeaways: AI is here today, and here to stay. It still has a long way to go, but you interact with AI every time you log in to Netflix, shop on Amazon, search on Google, or interact with friends on FacebookIf you’re looking to adopt AI, don’t broadly look to “bring AI into your marketing efforts.” Look at your strategy, identify areas where AI could be impactful, then look for solutions to help.Don’t be intimidated of AI, and look at it as an opportunity. Humans retain...


006: Ted Rubin| Retail Relevancy and the Changing Digital Landscape

Lindsay's key takeaways: Use technology to help be better, faster, and scale. It’s not intended to replace us and it certainly shouldn’t. Only humans can deliver the empathy and relationships.Marketing tactics sometimes get a bad rap — retargeting, email personalization, spam, digital advertising, and more. When the customer feels valued, these tactics work. When used incorrectly, they can be destructive.You own (part of) the CX. Poor experiences can happen anywhere throughout the buyer...


005: Jay Baer | Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype

Lindsay’s key takeaways/questions: best brands in the world Full Shownotes: Resources and links discussed Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of MouthConvince & ConvertSocial Pros


004: Andy Crestodina | Bringing the Human Element Back into Marketing

Lindsay’s key takeaways/questions: Use qualitative data from your website search bar and chat log to glean insights, pick topics, and create content.Use thank you or confirmation pages to continue the customer journey.The unexpected moments of inspiration and risk-taking experiences will always be made by you and not the machine/data -- continue being human! Full Shownotes: Resources and links...


003: Michael Brenner | The Future of Marketing is Culture, Empathy and Storytelling

Lindsay’s key takeaways Culture, empathy, storytelling will have a huge impact on our marketing teams and the extent to which we’re able to effectively connect with customers. Always ask: What’s in it for the customers?What’s in it for your colleagues?What’s in it for the company? Full Notes Resources and links discussed Visit Michael’s blog onMarketing...


002: Christopher Penn | AI Marketing and Predictive Analytics

Lindsay’s key takeaways As you look to incorporate AI and automation, look for the aspects of your role that require the most time or repetition. The machine can likely take on these tasks at a faster rate and more effective clip. This will allow you to focus on other elements the machine can’t.Manage the machine or it will manage you. While you may not be jumping to learn Python or go toe-to-toe on data analytics with Christopher, understand the technical capabilities available, as well...


001: Raj Choudhury | How Technology Enables the Art of Marketing

Lindsay’s key takeaways/questions Is your team leveraging technology to bring your creative ideas, strategies, and content to life? Or are you looking first to your technology and what it’s capable of -- and then building strategies, campaigns, and tactics around them?What secrets might you be keeping from your CIO or IT team? What’s in your tech stack that would come as a surprise to your IT team?When was the last time you really took a good look at email and asked if you’re using the...


000: Lindsay Tjepkema | Marketer + Machine: What's this all about?

On Marketer + Machine, you will get an in-depth look at the creative, strategic, and innovative ways marketing leaders from around the world are not only acquiring but also retaining customers in today’s uber-competitive marketplace. Each weekly episode features an interview with a marketing leader, as well as their actionable insights, innovative perspectives, and predictions for the future of marketing. We’ll learn how they are bridging the gap between the marketer and the machine to...