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FLASHBACK - The 2nd Deadly eCommerce Marketing Sin: Using a Price Point, not Propositions, Ep #25

There are some pieces of marketing advice that you should never tire of hearing about, and selling based on price points vs unique propositions is one of those pieces. For this 25th episode of Marketing For eCommerce we flashback to episode 2, where I shared the 2nd deadliest eCommerce marketing sin - price point-based selling vs. selling based on propositions. You’ll be reminded of the dangers of limiting your business to selling commodities, as well as hear about the 5 main propositions to...


These 3 Strategies for Education-Based Marketing Will Drive Engagement, Ep #24

Education-based marketing is a solid fundamental that you need to be leveraging in your business, and it’s so simple many people consider it an eCommerce hack. If you implement the 3 strategies I outline on this podcast, you’ll see higher engagement rates, more repeat buyers, and a stronger presence in your market. Don’t miss all the details on this great episode of Marketing For eCommerce. What is education-based marketing? You’ve heard of content marketing, but are you aware of...


Create a Swipe File Using These 3 Methods and Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Ep #23

No longer confined to the copywriting and journalism industries, a swipe file can lead to new avenues of creative marketing in your eCommerce business. Starting, maintaining, and referring to a swipe file can be a fun process, and I explain 3 methods to consider on this episode of Marketing For eCommerce. I promise it’ll inspire you to leverage new ways of marketing, and if you start today you’ll reap the benefits today. Be sure to check out this episode! What is a swipe file and why do you...


The Why and How Behind Targeted Sales Pages, Ep #22

No matter what type of eCommerce product you sell, you need to be marketing to your buyers through targeted sales pages. No matter who is buying your product, they’re all seeking for a variation of the same result, goal, or benefit. Take for example Hydro Flask bottles. No matter which type of buyer is consuming the product, the end result is the same - a bottle that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Throughout this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I use Hydro Flask bottles as a...


Follow These 4 Criteria to Find Your Best Niche Market, Ep #21

Finding your best niche market is the #1 thing you can do to increase your chances of success in eCommerce. The importance of honing in on your target market is even more important than focusing on your product’s features. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I reveal the top 4 criteria you need to consider when defining your best niche market. I walk you through the process of honing in on the people that will support your eCommerce venture for years to come, and it’s an episode not...


The 4 Mindset Strategies That Will Change Your Workflow Approach Forever, Part 2, Ep #20

On episode 19 of Marketing For eCommerce, I outlined the first 2 mindset strategies that have the power to change the way you approach your business. On this episode, I explain the final 2 strategies that, when combined with the others, give you an arsenal of tools to use throughout your eCommerce journey. I also give you actionable items that make adopting these mindset strategies easier than ever before. You don’t want to miss hearing about how simply shifting your mindset can give you...


These 4 Mindset Strategies Will Have an Immediate Impact on Your eCommerce Business, Part 1, Ep #19

These 4 mindset strategies are the keys to increased success within your eCommerce business. As entrepreneurs, we often fall prey to distractions, shiny new tools, and the Next Big Thing. But to stay focused and see an immediate impact on your business, you HAVE to follow these 4 strategies. I explain the first 2 on this episode, and you don’t want to miss part 2 of this conversation on the next episode of the Marketing For eCommerce podcast. I promise it’ll be worth your time. Here’s how I...


These 3 eCommerce Basics Need to Be Your Sole Focus, Ep #18

Far too many online sellers aren’t focusing on these 3 eCommerce basics. If you invest a few hours a week on these 3 pillars to success, you’ll crush your competition and end up converting more customers than ever before. I outline 3 basics that you need to focus on this episode of Marketing For eCommerce. Stop being distracted by the new shiny tools, figure out your business’s foundation, and watch the dollars roll in. Focus on these eCommerce basics and stop being distracted Success in...


Boost Your Revenue by Using These 2 eCommerce Retargeting Strategies, Ep #17

Utilizing an eCommerce retargeting strategy is the BEST way to boost revenue in your online business. It allows you to secure money that’s been left on the table and profit from customers that your competitors are ignoring. I have found that eCommerce professionals that use these 2 strategies earn more, sell more, and enjoy more success. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce I walk you through the retargeting strategies that will change the way you pursue customers and explain how...


A Quiz Funnel is the Marketing Tool You Never Knew You Needed, Ep #16

A quiz funnel is an engaging, personalized type of funnel that simply must be in your marketing process. Understanding WHY people want your product is key to eCommerce selling success, and a quiz funnel helps you understand your prospect's needs and wants. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain how a quiz funnel can be used in two major types of eCommerce scenarios. I also explain how to create a quiz funnel that gives you results and offer a call to action that can jumpstart...


Host-Beneficiary eCommerce Relationships Result in More Customers - Here’s Why! Ep #15

One of the most overlooked eCommerce strategies is the host-beneficiary relationship. These valuable connections are a low-cost way of acquiring more customers, and you NEED to hear how this strategy can encourage more conversions within your business. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain what a host-beneficiary relationship is and why they’re so successful. I also share with you 2 warnings to consider before diving into this marketing strategy. It’s an episode not to be...


Achieve Goal Setting Success Using the OKR Tool, Ep #14

On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I share with you the best system for achieving your goals - the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) tool. Success in entrepreneurship essentially comes down to 2 things: knowing what you need to be doing right now and staying focused on that one task. The OKR tool allows you to focus your time and energy appropriately. It works for me and my team, and I want YOU to benefit from this tool as well. Catch all the details on this podcast episode, and...


These 4 Tips Are the BEST Sales Promotion Tools, Ep 13

Using the best sales promotion tools are essential for eCommerce success. If you follow the 4 tips outlined in this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition. Watch the dollars roll in, see your engagement and click rates skyrocket, and strengthen your eCommerce business model. Listen now! #1 - The secret to running a great sales promotion is preparation Don’t fall into the trap of throwing together a sales promotion 2 days before a big event or...


Here’s How to Propel Your Career: Create a Short-Term Action Plan, Ep 12

What’s the secret behind most successful people? They have short-term action plans. They attack each day with focus and a goal, and that’s how they do more, achieve more, and earn more. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I share with you my own 90-day plan, tell you why marketing chatbots ARE the path for future digital marketing and explain why taking action early will set you apart from your competition. You don’t want to miss this one. 2 important reminders for all professionals...


Go Beyond Selling Products by Creating an Irresistible Offer, Ep 11

80% of eCommerce marketers sell based on price alone - they don’t create an irresistible offer! Focusing on a price-based approach to marketing isn’t sustainable. And if you only focus on price, then your product isn’t particularly valuable and you become just like everyone else. You can break out of this mold by focusing on creating an irresistible offer for your products. I explain why you need to create special offers and how you can make your sales conversion rates skyrocket on this...


Ramp Up Your Sales by Building a Better Digital Audience, Ep 10

Most digital sellers aren't taking advantage of their digital audience. A digital audience allows your eCommerce business to thrive and crush your competition. That’s because most eCommerce sellers stop focusing on their digital audience after their social media platforms have a considerable amount of followers. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain why having a strong digital audience beats mass desire selling, as well as how you can use your digital audience to capture more...


Increase Your Average Order Value with These 3 Successful Strategies! Ep 9

One main goal for every eCommerce seller should be to increase your buyer’s average order value. Everyone knows there are three basic ways to make more money from your business. You have to get more customers, get those customers to buy, and then get them to buy even more. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, we’re going to focus on getting those customers to spend more and increase their average order value by following 3 main strategies. These insights will change the way you sell...


Get Started in eCommerce By Dropshipping Products - Here’s How! Ep 8

eCommerce ventures require capital investments - plain and simple. But dropshipping products is a great way to get started in eCommerce with minimal capital and without being tied down by inventory. Learning the eCommerce process through dropshipping products will allow you to start your own brand or company more successfully and it can be done on a shoestring budget. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain why dropshipping is not a long-term business solution, the different...


Here’s How to Succeed Through Posting Ads on Facebook, Ep 7

Posting ads on Facebook is often seen as the holy grail for digital marketers and eCommerce professionals. Sadly, the vast majority of eCommerce marketers aren’t playing the Facebook marketing game the right way, simply because they don’t know the rules! On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain the #1 mistake everyone’s making in posting ads on Facebook and how YOU can start viewing Facebook ads as an investment into the future success of your business. Don’t miss this...


3 Reasons Why You Need to be Using a Marketing Chatbot in Your eCommerce Business, Ep 6

Here’s an insider eCommerce tip that will blow your competition out of the water: start using a marketing chatbot in Facebook Messenger. This technology is starting to explode and I want YOU to be one of the first eCommerce businesses that adopt this new way of communicating with your audience. Don’t be fooled, marketing chatbots such as ManyChat aren’t just a shiny new toy, they’re going to revolutionize the way we distribute content and sell products to consumers. The vast majority of...