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#44: 3 Perspectives on Account-Based Marketing w/ Mark Ogne

Some say ABM is old; some say it’s new. Our guest today, Mark Ogne, Founder of the ABM Consortium, can say he’s been around since ABM’s contemporary origins. Listen in as he shares his three perspectives on ABM As a marketing practitioner.As a marketing leader.As a researcher studying the practice.


#42: How Gainsight is Using Events to Spread the Word About Customer Success Management w/ Anthony Kennada

Anthony Kennada, the CMO at Gainsight, is hoping to see a Chief Customer Officer on every executive team in the nation. Anthony’s team members are experts at crafting industry events that promote engagement and provide valuable resources for customers long after the showroom floors have closed. In this episode of The Marketing Milestones Podcast, Paul and Anthony discuss the specifics of Customer Success Management, getting executives to buy into the concept, and how Gainsight came to...


#41: Interview with Joshua Shane

Our interview with Joshua Shane


#40: Why the SDR Function Deserves Your Full Attention w/ Adam New-Waterson

Technology is exploding around us. There are thousands upon thousands of technologies to choose from. Adam New-Waterson, Vice President of Demand Generation at RevJet, is well-versed in new technology. He’s learned to assess the needs of his business and seek out a technology that solves it. He’s got the process down to a science. In this episode, Adam shares how he chooses technology before moving on to discuss the critical role of SDRs—and why overlooking it is a major mistake.


#39: Implementing the Demand Unit Waterfall for ABM w/ Mollie Bodensteiner

Mollie Bodensteiner, Vice President of Marketing at FunnelWise, was one of the first people to take on the challenge of implementing the Demand Unit Waterfall. The Waterfall aligned well to FunnelWise’s ABM strategy, so Mollie went all in. She started doing research, and there wasn’t a lot out there about how to build it within your Salesforce and marketing automation platforms. That’s when she dove in and tried to identify what it meant for FunnelWise. Listen in as she shares her...


#38 How Philips is Succeeding in 17 Different Markets Through the Art of Listening to Local Feedback w/ Antonio Espinoza

Our guest today is Antonio Espinoza, Global Head of Digital and Marketing Communications at Philips. Once known for their televisions and light bulbs, Philips has made the full transition to focusing on healthcare products. Being 126 years old, Philips can often run into problems reacting slowly to market changes, but Antonio is looking to usher in a new era of pro-active solutions. This interview covers how Antonio has begun to right the ship in his department through researching which...


#37: Trustworthy Data, the ABM/Inbound Debate, and Why You Should Push Your Product Team w/ Zak Pines

Our guest today is Zak Pines, Vice President of Marketing at Bedrock Data and author of the “Stories from a Moneyball Marketer” blog. Zak explains that when sales and marketing have confidence in the data in front of them, a lot of good things happen—included the end of wasted meetings. He also covers why you should use your own product and push your product team as well as his take on the balance between outbound ABM and inbound efforts.


#36 w/ Shail Khiyara

In this episode, we interview Shail Khiyara from Blue Prism.


#35: How to Win Over Prospects Using a Personalization Platform w/ Andy Zimmerman

Personalization is such a huge piece of marketing, especially the account-based variety. It gives you a leg-up with your prospects. We’re swimming in data. More and more marketing has become data-driven. The challenge is, what do we do with it all? In this episode Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer at Evergage explains that we need to rely more on systems to help with personalization. You don’t want to totally turn over marketing to machines, but you absolutely need to take...


#34: The 3 Circles of the Bullseye Marketing Framework w/ Louis Gudema

A few years ago, Louis Gudema looked at 351 mid-market companies to see how much they were marketing. The results were shocking. Software companies were doing great with their marketing, and companies in every other industry were hardly marketing at all. He assumed that everyone knew about things like marketing automation and conversion optimization, but he was wrong. Louis is the President and Founder of revenue + associates and creator of the Bullseye Marketing Framework. In this...


#33: The Great Marketing Shift to Human Messaging w/ Mallory Blumer

So much of the trend in marketing these days is toward a more personal approach. We no longer accept “marketing speak” as readily; we want people who talk to people. You see user-generated content more in a B2C context, but it’s so powerful (Trip Advisor, Amazon reviews, etc.). On the B2B side, we have tools like G2 Crowd. The reason these are so powerful is because no matter what you’re selling, there is a human on the other side. In this episode Mallory Blumer, Head of Global...


#32: Business Intelligence: Why Everyone in Your Org Needs the Same Data w/ Jen Grant

Companies can only thrive when data is easily and consistently accessible across the organization. In this episode we interview Jen Grant, CMO at Looker, who explains what that means and the problems it solves. She covers what happens when you are able to eliminate data siloes. Sneak preview: the conversation becomes what to do with it rather than figuring out why everyone’s data is different.


#31: Sales and Marketing Alignment Isn’t Specific Enough w/ Scott Byhre

Business professionals are starting to have a good grasp on what sales and marketing alignment is. But there may be an even more important area where alignment needs to be in place. Today’s guest is Scott Byhre, Director of Multi-Channel Marketing Operations and Digital Demand at Nintex. Scott thinks the most important form of alignment is between sales and digital marketing. This is because it’s important to get the sales team involved in what’s going on digitally. At the end of the...


#30: Lessons From 15 Years of Marketing Parody Cartoons w/ Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne, Founder and CEO of Marketoonist, is releasing a book on Oct. 24—but it’s no ordinary book. It’s a collection of 200 or so of Tom’s cartoons from the last 15 years. It chronicles how what has evolved in marketing, what’s stayed the same, and how we as marketers have to not just adapt to new technologies that come along but update our mindset on marketing itself as we go along. Tom’s book, Your Ad Ignored Here, is available for pre-order on Amazon now.


#29: How to Fix Inauthentic B2B Marketing w/ Tim Kopp

In this episode Tim Kopp, General Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, claims that B2B marketing isn’t always authentic. If that’s the case, why? And how do we change it? When Tim joined B2B, he found it to be uninspired. But there are plenty of companies doing it right, or what Tim calls “marketing from the inside, out.” It’s where you get your employees fully engaged in what you’re doing so that they don’t just hear it but they internalize it and play it back out. If you take all...


28: Lessons from The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader w/ Thomas Barta

Today’s guest is Thomas Barta, world-renowned leadership researcher and consultant and co-author of the book The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. In this one we cover topics like why marketing leaders rarely ascend to the CEO role, how to discover what it is inside you that can make you a leader, and how marketing leaders should build their teams. Check out Thomas’s blog here.


#27: 3 Different New and Creative ABM Approaches w/ Ben Plomion

Ben Plomion, Chief Magic Officer at GumGum, has got a few different approaches to ABM that his team forms campaigns around—and they’re really exciting. At GumGum, they do low-touch ABM (what most marketers have adopted) and also high-touch ABM (much more highly customized). Get ready to hear some of their best campaign stories.


#26: Developing a Strategic, Scalable Content Engine w/ Micha Hershman

When Micha Hershman came on board as Senior Director of Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing at Eventbrite, they were very category-focused, but they weren’t growing at the rate he thought they could. So they kept the category focus but shifted the business away from a small group of marketers handling multiple verticals at every stage of the buyer’s journey to building out a specialized team. They developed an all-star content marketing team that only does content. In this episode...


#25: The Fundamentals of a Professional Marketer w/ Tim Matthews

Years ago, Tim Matthews was looking for a great marketing book. He had countless good books on his shelf, but they were all singularly focused, or very academic. There didn’t seem to be a compendium of all the fundamentals of what makes a marketer successful. So he wrote one. Tim is Vice President of Marketing at Imperva and author of the book The Professional Marketer. In this episode, he covers marketing planning, measurement in the context of executing a plan and establishing a...


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