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Listen to marketing experts and insiders as they discuss the latest trends, marketing strategies and advanced marketing tips. Topics include authority marketing, SEO, personalized marketing, movement marketing and more.

Listen to marketing experts and insiders as they discuss the latest trends, marketing strategies and advanced marketing tips. Topics include authority marketing, SEO, personalized marketing, movement marketing and more.
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Listen to marketing experts and insiders as they discuss the latest trends, marketing strategies and advanced marketing tips. Topics include authority marketing, SEO, personalized marketing, movement marketing and more.




Influencer Marketing with IZEA

So often brands look to brand ambassadors and social influencers to promote their products and services. But what should you look for, follower numbers, social platforms, engagement, what? The KPIs are not muddy as some have learned how to game the social following numbers making the impact sketchy. I have had the chance to talk with Ryan Schram of IZEA about what brands should look at in measuring which influencers to leverage and what expectation you should have, realistically.


Digital Beer Cast - Review Episode

Reviews are the new word of mouth for businesses. But how do your business get customers to give reviews. Alton and Jeff talk about the important of getting reviews, how to get them and what is new with Google My Business.


Keeping Up With Amazon

Everyone is trying to keep up with Amazon. But trying to keep up with Amazon will shut your business down. See how to be the new Amazon that others follow.


Agressive Behaviors

Do you have to be rude or over aggressive to be successful in business



What are your customers saying about you. If nothing, you need to hear this so you can get positive reviews.



In order to succeed i n marketing your business, you must focus. How to avoid distractions in business.


Nurture clients

You should nurture clients to have higher conversion ratio. I talk about nurturing your audience to build loyal customers.



Do you hate spam? So do everyone else. But how can you use email marketing to those who do not know you without it. Hear how


Flooding Your Funnel Through Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing has been around for years, but with constantly evolving services and varying strategies, how do you select which one works for you the best? It’s an honor to have Delivra superstars on my show today – CEO Neil Berman and Client Success Team Manager Rachel Rewerts. Delivra is an email software that helps marketing teams collect more leads and drive more sales through effective drip marketing, so my guests are extremely adept at the complexities of this modern strategy! Tune in...


The Fastest Way to Get in the News

We’ve crunched knuckles and put in so much elbow grease just trying to get in the news and no one even knows how much press releases we’ve sent out in vain. There’s an easier way, according to Ed Morse, Founder of JournoRequests. Ed’s company flips the PR model upside down by sending you PR opportunities from Twitter straight to your inbox! Since journalists need experts to fuel their stories, Ed’s brilliant idea is to bring journalists to you instead of gruelingly sending out press...


Guarding Your Business Reputation

So many brilliant marketing strategies go to waste due to lack of execution, and who better to implement your strategies than, well, hardworking elves? On the show today is Scott Rogerson, Chief Executive Officer of Community Elf, a company that aims to help organizations win customers through execution and measurement of daily content marketing services across all stages of the customer journey. In this episode, we talk about how Scott Rogerson’s company handles the day to day marketing...


Personalized search with Bill Hunt

In this episode, we will go beyond traditional SEO. With search engines rendering search results based on personalized visitor behaviors, it is important to modify your SEO approach. It is not enough to rank in general. You now have to rank for location, device and behaviors. We talk about the proper approach to optimization and how to set up a multi-tiered search engine optimization plan. For more marketing tips, please visit


Marketing Through The Consious Approach

Today’s podcast is packed to the brim with powerful tips and impactful insights, thanks to self-made millionaire entrepreneur JV Crum III, Founder and CEO of , who shared with us tried and tested ways to take control of your marketing and reach your goals through a conscious approach. JV is a columnist at Huffington Post and the Amazon best-selling Author of Conscious Millionaire, and in today’s podcast he shows us the value of being determined to reach your goals...


Corporate Blogging For The Uneducated

Is it really time to chuck out old media and make your own community through blogging? I’ve got marketing technology superstar consultant and entrepreneur Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, on the show today with remarkable insights on how companies can efficiently utilize blogs to get their messages across. Corporations that do not personalize their content have messages that end up on deaf ears. Douglas shares with us how to make an impact in the blogging space and why...


Digital Beercast E2: Tracking the Sales

We’re on the second episode of Digital Beercast and I’ve got Anton Duderstadt II on the show once again to talk about the best modern marketing strategies. Armed with today’s local beer of choice, we’re shaking things up and talking about how to track your sales and handling your attributions. Amidst the vast spectrum of available channels, how do we track sales on all of them and what should we expect? How should we handle the sales funnel when it comes to digital marketing, and who gets...


Digital BeerCast EP3 How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump use Social Media in Politics

While the second US Presidential Debate is still the talk of the town, Searchology President Anton Duderstadt II and I would like to bring something relevant to the table in our third episode of Digital Beercast. This time, Anton and I are toasting brews over Social Media Politics – a timely topic for today’s social media generation. Obama has already proven that an exceptional social media presence can help win you the most important seat in the government. With the elections looming over...


6 Dimensions of Digital Maturity

Take holistic control of your digital marketing with tips from Kelly Kubrick, owner of Online Authority, a digital analytics services firm. I am honored to have her on the podcast today to share with us a goldmine of information about supercharging your digital marketing with her Six Dimensions for Digital Maturity. In an attempt to provide a solution to the amount of fragmentation in the digital landscape, Kelly has proposed six dimensions that are used to assess companies’ digital...


Digital Beer Cast - Content Still Sits on the Throne

Welcome everybody to my first Digital Beercast Session! Digital Beercast is a weekly or bi-monthly podcast where Alton Duderstadt II and I have a very engaging chit-chat about the many facets of digital marketing. From SEO to social media, paid search, or online privacy, everything is covered under the sun! The twist? We’ll be sipping on a featured beer of choice, and with the help of a little giggle juice, things are bound to get interesting! Today’s Digital Beercast is all about mastering...


SEO Magic Trick

I’ve got Sean Drayton, Founder and Managing Director of Top SEO pages on today’s podcast to show us some awesome SEO magic tricks that could get you on Google’s first page within minutes! It’s a quick fix that could boost your marketing campaigns and give you leverage when you most need it. In this screen-share podcast, Sean introduces us to the many tools one could leverage to optimize their websites and figure out its weak areas. He also shows us how a keyword, which we came up with on the...


Know Where Your Conversions Come From And Then Optimize Your Conversions

“If you don’t know what you’re getting out from your marketing, it’s really just an expense,” says the founder RYP Marketing, Adam Thompson. This highly informative podcast is all about figuring out where your conversions come from, how to optimize them, and how to make the most use of your marketing budget. In the case of employing multiple marketing campaigns in various channels, how do you figure out which conversions come from where? In this episode, Adam and I discuss the...